SAP Note 19466 - Downloading SAP kernel patches

Component : SAP Support Portal - Software Distribution Center -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
This SAP Note guides users on downloading kernel patches from the SAP Service Marketplace. Essential for system updates, these patches can be accessed via the Software Distribution Center. Users should enter the product-specific navigation or use the general search feature by typing “SAP Kernel” to locate relevant patches. It's crucial to download both database-independent and database-specific patches to ensure comprehensive kernel updates. For regular maintenance, importing Support Package Stacks, which include advanced kernel patches, is recommended. Details of package content, dependency on operating systems, and specific navigation information are readily available online, ensuring an effective update process.

Key words :
\usr\sap<sapsid>sys\exe\uc\<plattform>, \usr\sap<sapsid>sys\exe\nuc\<platform>, /usr/sap/<sapsid>/sys/exe/run   nt, /usr/sap/<sapsid>/sys/exe/run/car, \usr\sap\<sapsid>\sys\exe\runif, applying kernel patches stack kernel / support package stacks, <patchname>_<patchlevel>-<sap-internal-guid-, lib_dbslsupport package stacks solution downloading, sap service marketplace software distribution center, /usr/sap/<sapsid>/<instance

Related Notes :

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1790896ITS Up/down: webgui steals focus of document window
1782832ITS Up/Down: open a folder with execute method
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1781791Solution Manager und MaxDB 7.3
1781592Signal 11 in der DBSL nach Speicherengpass
1781382ITS Up/Down: icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB = -1
1778350Support Package modifies TDDAT entries
1774740ITS ToolBar: Buttons disappear in zoom mode
1772026SQL-Fehler -3008 beim R3loadctl Tabelle DDSTORAGE1
1771461ITS Textedit: control keeps focus
1761697Record-Count beim ADBC Bulk Insert setzen
1761693weitere CONNECT Optionen für HANA
1746289tp: alte Semaphore führt zu DB_Sperre auf TPALOGHDR
1746172ITS Up/Down: ITS's own applet pse
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1714234Fehlende Löschung beim Import
1695819ITS TextEdit: text disappears after import of text
1692560TH Callback wird beim Cancel nicht aufgerufen
1690510OTR: Customer-specific texts deleted during upgrade
1687173IBM i: Collection of notes about the 7.20 kernel
1682028ITS Up/Down: custom path for SSF API external library
1678130Absturz im DBA Cockpit beim SELECT EDITOR
1677088ITS UpDown: open url in new security applet
1665940Installing/Updating SAP CTS Plug-In 2.0
1664157ITS UpDown: Texts in dialogs not translated
1661740ITS UpDown: moved applet into kernel for urgui
1646764Transporting enhancements
1635202Control level processing with AT and field symbols
1632755IBM i: Description of command APYSIDKRN
1630559ITS Textedit: cursor position wrong, if keyboard is used
1629511ITS Calendar: focus changed on selection
1626591Closing locators at the end of transaction
1622681DBSL hints for SAP HANA
1621799ITS Toolbar: Missing right border of the rightmost button
1619504R3szchk: Unknown table name __TABLE_SIZES__
1606260R3szchk does not use the file directory counter
1605140SAP HANA 1.0: Central Note - SAP LT Replication Server
1604046ITS HTML Viewer: bibs css error for firefox
1600066Available DBSL patches for NewDB
1597627SAP HANA connection
1596921Parallel import: Error in 'autorepeat'
1595058ITS TextEdit: resize icon inside textarea in FF4
1589811ITS TextEdit: javascript error in IE in theme 99
1586898ITS TextEdit: Unspecified Script Error
1586053ITS Up/Down: fix for new security applet
1584921Update statistic with SAPSYSTEMNAME longer than 3 characters
1580502Log file of update statistic not found
1567948Core while generating programs with nested DDIC itabs
1566056READ TABLE .. INTO, with STRUCTURE typed TABLES parameter
1558267langdeletions = auto
1556166Core occurs when unsharing of itab with SORTED secondary key
1556022Incorrect line sequence after INSERT LINES OF .. USING KEY
1556015DELETE TABLE .. WITH TABLE KEY .. deletes incorrect row
1553844No effect of deletion of an enhancement implementation
1552785Termination when importing deletions in wide tables
1552367ITS Calendar: datepicker and ime editor
1541334Database connect takes two minutes
1530969Invalid DBSL data type 111
1529003DBSL PERM block trailer is defective
1523839Missing itab LOOP optimization
1509705Handling blank string for NUMC, DATE and TIME
1502444ITS Toolbar: scrollable toolbar on MacOs
1502104FAQ: GL Account Determination, FI Validation
1500391ITS: Incorrect button design in tree control
1499650ITS Up/down: no confirmation popup during download
1491837ITS Up/Down: applet not running in ITS context
1491290Missing synchronization after importing include deletions
1486831ITS: Key navigation improvements in tree control
1486695ITS: Status line is wrapped in Firefox
1486451ITS HtmlViewer: session token added
1485418ITS: Tree icons are framed in blue
1484221Software Certification: Portugal
1476726ITS Calendar: dump in calendar popup F4 search help
1476117ITS: Elements of a tree control line displayed several times
1473896ITS: Clicking tree control header without result
1469610Fehlende ABAP-Programme nach "Downtime minimized import"
1468464Access to non-existing tables DD43L and DD43T
1466271Number of open SAPDB connections (32) exceeded
1463054MSSQL: R3trans import fails with SQL error 0
1462882Error with addtobuffer: Illegal umode '3' specified
1462695CTS+ in NetWeaver 7.0 EhP 1 SP9 / EhP 2 SP7
1460214ITS UpDown: printing in frontend services
1457637ITS: Hidden nodes are displayed in tree control
1457293ITS Up/Down: opening a html page on windows client
1455908ITS: Script error with hidden tree controls on tabstrips
1454536Deadlock auf Tabelle REPOSRC beim Import ins laufende System
1449610tp terminates in function 'tp_search_buffer_entry'
1447663SQL error -4005 for dbdd_get_size (MaxDB 7.8)
1447096ITS Up/Down: hardcopy functionality missing
1446219ITS: Tree control displays too many columns
1441091JavaScript error during drag and drop in tree control
1441001Performance when importing report variants
1437804SQL error -4 005 during explain (MaxDB 7.7)
1435408Specifically transporting TDDAT, TVDIR, and TVIMF entries
1434959R3trans terminates with: Input Buffer ... bytes too short
1432276ITS Up/down: filedialog default extension error
1428618Tree control: Node colorings are not displayed
1428617Wrong sort order after "INSERT LINES OF"
1427975R3trans terminates with signal 6
1418794ITS: System core dump for list trees with header line
1417583Tree control does not use available container height
1417505Incomplete import of (ABAP Dictionary) objects
1410451ITS: Tree control event onselectionchange is ignored
1394165R3trans terminates with signal 10 on SunOS
1391337SCOV: API not available
1386088Loading MaxDB DBSL (dbsdbslib.o) on AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.x
1383763ITS: Tree items invisible after assignment to another column
1379949Syntax warnings for internal table keys
1377688ITS: Incorrect context menu after right-clicking tree item
1376935ITS: Column selection does not work reliably
1374373ITS: Internal name of tree control is not unique
1372301Handling unconfirmed transport requests
1364945ITS: Internal ID not set correctly in tree control
1357431ITS: Search help hit list contains truncated entries
1357074Access to Hash Tables with Data References in the Table Key
1354591ITS: RFC table processing is improved for offset gaps
1346246Option "- Import all requests again" for "import all"
1344589ITS: Selection in tree control improved
1343935Error during import: Invalid interface parameter ESCAPE
1340617Enhancement for MaxDB bridge
1333251"import all" with umode 1 causes overshooter problem
1331604Content of DATE/TIME fields changed from blank to 000000
1318878Incomplete transport of deletions
1315666Error when accessing the MaxDB LOB locators
1315090Termination due to deadlock during upgrade
1310037SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11: Installation notes
1310023CTS+: tp hangs during file system deployment
1309166Performance: Incremental secondary key changes
1309061Unintended sharing of two SORTED tables
1308455ITS: Certain items are missing in tree control
1303222R3trans terminates in the upgrade phase DDIC_UPG
1298409R3trans import deletes enhancement objects
1286275Syntax check: Termination when evaluating func. expression
1280771Memory management is optimized for LOB locators
1271937Tree control: Additional correction for vertical scroll bar
1269714Tree control: Node display without hierarchy elements
1267841SQL error -3014 during CREATE INDEX SERIAL
1267634Unexpected ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY for a non-unique secondary key
1265469Support Package deletes customer screen texts
1264893Duplicate index entries for standard tables
1262799R3load receives error 27 (DBSL_ERR_CONVERSION)
1262245Signal 6 in the R3trans
1258806Health checks for internal tables
1256862Calling database procedure from another schema
1253644Static MOVE-CORRESPONDING: Nested structure wrong offset
1251300Error in upgrade phase TABIM_UPG: e071.lockflag set to '7'
1250950Termination in upgrade phase PMVNTAB_VIEW
1246418SQLDBC delivers incorrect stream data package
1245770Stream compression cannot be activated/deactivated in DBSL
1243944Obscured scroll bar beneath a tree control
1239758Javascript error with its_treeManager in IACs/EWTs
1236593Long wait times when processing large trees
1236294tp import error with CTC=1 and umode 1
1233809R3trans termination: "invalid offset 0 for placeholder 16"
1233401Illegal access of interface CLASS-DATA
1232551Dynamic LOOP WHERE - Interface constants cannot be accessed
1231636Imprecise reproduction of column widths in tree
1227890TopNodeKey value may not be initialized after roundtrip
1227527Type error for generic itab types with secondary keys
1225668DBSTATC with DB type "SAP DB"
1224836Type conflicts with internal table parameters
1224166Invalid menu texts after import
1179504Alert handling in TMS and alert display in the CCMS monitor
1173828Unjustified type conflict for DDIC int. tables with ALIAS
1173582Error occurs during export: invalid value '...' in E071.LANG
1173174DB2/400: Import terminates w/o warning after main import
1172906XML parser returns incorrect values for empty fields
1168961640 EXT-2 DBSL for SCM
1167655Unjustified type conflict for internal tables with ALIAS
1164122DBSL truncation warning with trace level 2
1163555ITS Tree control: Javascript file size optimized
1162379After Support Package imp: Syntax errors due to ENQUEUE FMs
1154924Crash during statistics update with 640 EXT-2 kernel
1153085Error with automatic column widths in tree control
1143249STRING_BAD_REF: Actual parameter is illegal PXA string ref.
1140770FAQ: F4-Help Cost Assignment
1135374Tree control: AutoWidth calculation for individual columns
1132805ABAP_ASSERT for AT NEW / END OF a->b
1131073Incorrect display of list trees (SU53,SU56)
1130891ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY after SORT of itab with UNIQUE keys
1130854Commit after update statistics using DBSL
1130853SQL error -10416 when reading DECFLOAT_DEC
1129638ITS Tree Control: Javascript error in Firefox 3
1129593Coredump after TIME_OUT during selection screen generation
1129477STRING_BAD_REF: Illegal PXA strings in dyn. WHERE condition
1126337MaxDB 7.7 support
1126164Transporting inactive translations/Switch Framework
1121860Static MOVE-CORRESPONDING: Data loss
1120973SAPGUI terminates w/o error message during connection test
1119628Optional display of status bar message in dialog box
1117945ITS tree control: Incorrect sequence of node items
1115001Termination in upgrade phase Shadow_Import_UPG1
1113226EXPORT/IMPORT: UC converter for R3TRANS
1112697Tree control: JavaScript error for treeMetaColumnLeftCell
1111752Missing statement coverage for tests in ABAP Unit Favorites
1110690Deadlock when importing Support Package
1109102Platform-dependent calculation of source hashes
1108909ITS tree control: Improved inclusion of MIME files
1108907ITS Tree Control: Javascript error after subtractions
1097930No readable password for SQLOPT in developer trace
1096387Update statistics (PREPARE) runtime optimization
1095575Update statistics logging
1092566R3trans SPRX: Export error for table SPROXHDR
1088922Improvement: Starting RFC servers
1086430Update statistics (PREPARE) considers number of lines
1084953Correct code page when receiving MDMP tables using RFC
1084757RFC Patch Collection 33 2007
1081277Single record DELETE with secondary key from deep table
1077619R3trans deletes table entries protected by TRESC
1074030R3trans: "Duplicate key" composite SAP note (as of Rel 6.10)
1069417Generation and syntax check of programs after transport
1060088Long runtime for workflow-controlled imports
1059989COLLECT/SUM: Overflow handling for types I and INT2
1048303Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x: Installation and upgrade
1041547Return value 100 in update statistics run
1040925Syntax error not issued for the CREATE DATA itab
1040924Problems with the alignment of decfloat34 etc.
1040759Itab Patch Collection 01/2007
1020550Session termination during SORT
1014270MaxDB DBSL patch collection 1 2007
1013658New Informix 11.50 and 10.00.xC7 Jumbo versions
1008058Performance of individual imports
1004035R3trans terminates with TOUCH_REPORT
991258MaxDB DBSL patch collection 3 2006
987453Data inconsistencies on MS SQL Server
984406MaxDB DBSL patch collection 2 2006
982723Transport of tables with String key fields
981165Downport dataset reader/writer
978742MaxDB FIRST_ROWS hint for UP TO n ROWS
970967Termination in the SHADOW_IMPORT_INC phase with rc=12
970473SAPGUI uses 32-bit RFC library on 64-bit WIN XP
967081Improved performance during BW upgrade
962708MaxDB DBSL patch collection 1 2006
958253SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10: Installation notes
955030Missing registrations in LOOP
955028Poor performance after changes to COLLECT table
954973SRM 5.0 SP-Stack 05 (07/2006) (SAPKIBKT05): Release/Info Not
952534Incorrect termination with decompression error EOSDE
939406System Copy 4.0B - 4.6C to Linux x86_64
939104Logical cluster tables in the namespace
937535ABAP Debugger: Jump over LOOP ... WHERE
936522Exporting add-ons and Support Packages with TRESC conflicts
934196DB50 - PERM block defect
933641SAP CRM 4.0 Installation on RedFlag Linux
932516Signal 11 with explain
931129Deactivating the command field during RFC debugging
930901Enhancements for FSPM 3.10 NW04s installations
930736RTAB: invalid cursor after initial rollback
925337ADBC : If cursor is used with HOLD, incorrect data is read
923564READ with key with deep structure
923561Trigger garbage collector at READ ... REFERENCE INTO
920743Signal 11 when you create a BIA index
917891MVCO: Incorrect syntax message for CLIKE and SIMPLE operands
912676Upgrade to SAP_BASIS 700 terminates in DIFFEXP* phase
910935SELECT ... APPENDNING to a hash table
908602MaxDB DBSL patch collection 2 2005
907288Error message "key field ENHOBJ-ENHOBJTYPE missing"
906008Missing method implementation after Support Package import
904977iSeries: Support Package stacks for SAP Kernel 6.40
904017Error behavior in VMC callback
902817Inconsistencies in cluster tables (log vs phys field name)
901576SQL error -4008 with the Unicode Connect to Livecache
901244Front-end printing w/access method 'G' from update process
896400Upgrade your integrated IGS 7.x installation
891596Upgrade to SAP_BASIS 640 stops in the PRODCHK_UPG phase
889264Activating industry or Enterprise add-ons by transport req
889262EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 22 (11/2005) Release & Information Note
888595R3trans deletes too much data during the import
887051Overlapping field symbols when changing table entries
883555Download Center: New Operating System Names
882788LiveCache code page problem with Solution Manager
882287R3trans terminates during the TR_MODACT_IMP upgrade phase
879817Additional info about installing FSPM 3.00 WEB/ACE R/3 6.40
878803R3check does not report failed name tab access
871945Fallback Code Page for Zn Languages in Unicode/nonU RFC
871851GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED as of patch level 84
870327Optimizing update statistics
869322RFC Error with Language Z4 (internal key: ",")
868622Short dump VMIT_MEASUREMENT_ERROR (Overflow in Extri Stack)
866639Core dump when unsharing a HASHED TABLE in a LOOP
863354Using the "VM container" component
860635R3szchk error: BegModify for write_ddloadd failed
860304Syntax warning MODIFY 020 and 021
858033For All Entries fails on large IN clauses
857506Correction of STRING fields after EXPORT/IMPORT with R3load
854170Activating the component "VM Container"
854073Core dump in ab_BtreeBlockDelete() on Linux IA64
854044Front-end printing with control technology does not work
853479Duplication of tp import with umode 1 where ctc=true
852036INSERT to a shared HASHED TABLE in a LOOP
851455R3check ends prematurely
850827R3load: Length of STRING fields is incorrect (Unicode)
85082632-bit SAPDB DBSL for NTAMD64
849483Corrections for BR*Tools Version 7.00
847616Update statistics: Table SDBUPDEXCL
846524tp addtobuffer/import terminates with signal 11
844193CRM 4.0 SP Stack 09 (07/2005) Release & Info. Note
844191EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 21 (05/2005) Release & Information Note
841997Mode termination after SORT within a LOOP statement
839691Performance: Comparison of shared internal tables
835291ABAP debugger: Go to statement during LOOP
834807Memory consumption of a SORTED TABLE after IMPORT
825670READ optimization for over-specific key specifications
819443Memory problem in MSS DBSL
816997No import after QA approval
814162Sessions of the plug-in HTTP type are not closed
813367R3load: cluster nametabs appear to have shrunk
811918Installing MaxDB 7.5 for SAP products in Basis 46D
809279RFC non-Unicode to Unicode with unknown text language
809001SAP SRM Server 5.0 SR1 ABAP Installation on UNIX
808860SHO: Changing priv. inst. attr. under shared lock, core dump
808719iSeries: APYR3FIX terminates because of missing program
808634Upgrade to Basis Release 6.20/6.40 deletes screens
807933Upgrade stops in phase DIFFEXP*
807218No minimum release check for the second connection
807216Incorrect number of records with Native SQL in ST05
795666SHO: ABAP_ASSERT with ASSIGING during update lock
793879Incorrect transport sequence after preliminary import
793099Enhancement to installation FSPM 2.00 WEB/AS R/3 6.20
792317EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 11/2004 (SAPKU30020): Release&Info.Note
788658Current DBSL patch level not displayed
787347Import terminates: Internal storage of source not possible
786540DB6: dmdb6rdi 4.6D patch 18/6.NN patch 12
785921SAP Web AS 6.40 SR1 Installation on UNIX: Oracle
783870Memory bottleneck despite deletion of large internal tables
783184Core Dump with R3trans -d
781331MARS Support for SQL Server 2005
780318Incomplete import although the return code is 8 or lower
780238No SESSION ABORT after SQL error -810
778958Repeat import without umode 1
777132DB6: dmdb6srp,dmdb6rts Changed Table Size Calculation
776568$DBCC problems
776052No forwarding during import into Unicode system
775134MDM 2.00 SP07: Release/information note (SAPK-20007INMDM)
775068Obsolete screen disrupted after transport from Unicode syste
774703TABLE_LINE with offset or length specifications
774616tp: Return code 0 in spite of empty import
774396Old screens are not deleted during import
773018Information of SAP R/3 4.6C SP Stack 09/2004
772576tp: No forwarding after inter-domain transport
771398Transport of modification information for LANG objects
770755SQL error -3017 during EXPLAIN in transaction ST05
769949Transport buffer defective after EBCDIC/ASCII codepage conv.
768817DB6: dmdb6rdi 4.6D Patch 17/6.NN Patch 11
768552Reconnect problems
767597Comparison with a LOOP reference
766876Implicit casting with ASSIGNING variants
766330Runtime error DYN_COMP_ILLEGAL for CREATE DATA
761170tp terminates due to error in function Utf8nToUcnOverlap_2
761167Nonsense error message referring truncated NUMC field
754819GetNextMsst1 error when running 6.40 executables on 6.20
754723CRM 4.0 SP Stack 9/2004 Support Release 1: Release Note
753384MDM 2.00 SP06:Release and information note (SAPK-20006INMDM)
750052NT: Unexpected SQL-410/-349/-255xx terminations with AS
749082Shared objects - deleting a local internal table
749075Inserting a LOOP reference in an HASHED TABLE
748297DB6: ST04 "No systems are enabled or configured"
747299EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 06/2004 (SAPKU30019): Release&Info.Note
747155Static interface attributes in asXML
746476Export with 'client=all': Data does not arrive
745464DB6: dmdb6bkp terminates with error SQL2036N
743291CRM 4.0 SP Stack 6/2004 (SAPKU40006): Release & Info. Note
742683Semantics of the SUM statement
739825Core dump at tt:copy during deserialization
733079Core at INSERT after a SORT statement
732506DB6: dmdb6rdi 4.6D Patch 16/6.NN Patch 10
732453IBM i: Support Package Stacks for SAP Kernel 4.6D
730157Incorrect behavior in the Web after kernel patch
726657Redundant MOVEs in table operations
725720READ ... BINARY for SORTED TABLE with attribute key
722273Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.x, 4.x: Installation and Upgrade
721190ABAP_ASSERT for DETACH_COMMIT in the Garbage Collector
720343DBSL error 21 in DbSlLobGetPiece
7200836.20 Basis Support Package 38 requires SAP kernel patch
716353Syntax error in the VERI STRUCTINFO statement
716342Additional info on installation FSPM 1.00 R/3 WEB/AS 6.20
713242Dialog is not cancelled
712739Shared objects: Update for initial table
709921CRM 4.0 SP Stack 4/2004 (SAPKU40005): Release & Info. Note
709038SAP Integrated ITS
708625SQL error -3005 or -4005 with UPDSTAT (SAP DB 7.4 or higher)
708201CHECKPOINT NOWAIT is no longer required
706908Support of MySQL MaxDB 7.5
704121EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 02/2004 (SAPKU30018): Release&Info.Note
703397Memory leak with LOOP ... WHERE
702544LOOP on a referenced internal table (2)
702442RUNT_ILLEGAL_SWITCH during garbage collection
700146Optional table parameters not supplied
699411INSERT LINES insertion not stable
696689Update statistics of a table without log file
696262CRM 4.0 SP Stack 1/2004 (SAPKU40004): Release & Info. Note
692188SQL error -8006 with the explain
690154Importing kernel patches before and during the upgrade
686580tp: Restart after error in request-independent step
685929READ ... TRANSPORTING overwrites key fields
683842CRM 3.1 SP Stack 12/2003 (SAPKU31007): Release & Info. Note
682808MDM 2.00 SP05: Release and info note (SAPK-20005INMDM)
680591SQL error -3008/-3017 during the explain (UNICODE system)
680586SQL error -4005 during explain (MaxDB 7.5)
680046Corrections in BR*Tools Version 6.40
677456SAPKU40003: Support Package 03 for CRM 4.0
677061LOOP at a referenced internal table
674065Using non supported SAPDB precompiler runtime
673666Code page migration of cluster tables (add fields)
672471EBP/CRM 3.0 SP Stack 11/2003 (SAPKU30017): Release&Info.Note
668858Transporting transactions does not delete any authorizations
668370R3trans termination with SQL error 99999 table E071
664679Installing 6.40 kernel in SAP WEB AS 6.10/6.20
663180Support Release 01 for CRM 3.1
662479DB6: dmdb6srp,dmdb6rts changed default Runstats Level
661420Install. SAP Systems with EXT Kernel on Windows / SAP DB
661419Install. SAP Systems with EXT Kernel on UNIX / SAP DB
661417Install. SAP Systems with EXT Kernel on UNIX / Informix 7.3x
656881READ: core for structured attribute key
656248Core at CALL METHOD parameter transfer
655379Performance: FROM MODIFY itab <wa><
655018Input parameters for SQL statements increased
653691SAPKU31006: Support Package 06 for CRM 3.1
652899Update statistics with tables without key and index
651612ASSIGNING with unsuccessful operation
651069SAPKU40002: Support Package 02 for CRM 4.0
651018Incorrect syntax check warning for method named OBJECT
650745Set UPDATE and DELETE do not process all records
650413Core with CREATE DATA for internal table
648692Core with repeated access to corrupt cluster record
646661SAPKU30016: Support Package 16 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
645922CREATE DATA patch collection I
643960ABAP_ASSERT with READ with empty dynamic key specification
640082Statement length for Update statistics command
640049All statements are active in the statement cache
638251tp: Termination during the import into Unicode systems
638100ST05 Explain: Error in external DB interface QXDA
634869SAPKU40001: Support Package 01 for CRM 4.0
633062Core dump in LOOP on a hashed table
632838DB6: 'dmdb6bkp' setting the block size of the tape
632323DB6: db2db6 Setting the block size of the tape
628397SAPKU30015: Support Package 15 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
626179Screen destroyed after transport
624930dbs/ada/connect_delay profile parameter (internal)
622675R3trans termination with signal 11
622164Incorrect syntax error with CREATE DATA
621334"invalid interface parameter 0" with cluster access
619428DB6: dmdb6bkp error when importing parameters
618431AddOn-Upgrade:XPRAs are not executed
618400Support Package 01 for SRM 3.0
617505Runtime error DSTEP_WRONG_PROGRAM when exiting a transaction
616545DB6: History "Table and Indexes" is empty
616516Syntax error with MESSAGE string_or_ref
615583SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED in Workbench, navigation, syntax check
612140ITAB_ILLEGAL_ORDER runtime error
611264New INTO addition for CLEANUP
611229Short dump EXCP_INTERNAL_ERROR with watchpoints
611212Syntax error with MESSAGE with objects except for exceptions
611147SUBMIT and LEAVE not allowed in CLEANUP
610994SAPKU31004: Support Package 04 for CRM 3.1
609353SAPKU30014: Support Package 14 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
609071Mode termination with MODIFY with index specification
608811ABAP 'UP TO N ROWS' option
607740SQL error 200 during the statistics update
607354DB6: db6clp new parameter -db2clprc and SQL0104N
604447SAPDB: Performance problem with the DB connect
601846Additional info about installation of SAP Insurance 4.71
600094BSP fragment not current after transport
599461Table exchange after READ/LOOP ... ASSIGNING
599414Core dump with CREATE DATA for internal tables
596802ABAP runtime error HTTP_NO_HANDLE
596298DB6: ST04 error message "C-CALL GET_DBPARMS failed" (II)
594650VARY/VARYING and OO attributes
594640Support Package 06 for SRM 2.0
594353DB6: dmdb6bkp - Avoiding SQL1035N
593881DB6: dmdb6srp,dmdb6rts - improved table and index sizes
593677Debugger function "Go to statement using LOOPs
588924SOAP inbox ignores IMPORTING parameter
588809ABAP_ASSERT in LOOP processing
588568SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0: Patch procedure
587218SAPKU31003: Support Package 03 for CRM 3.1
586766Error during conversion with mktime()
586135SAPDB connection terminated after an SQL error -71
585223LOOP ... WHERE with attribute keys
584452Initial fields after transporting R3TRVDAT
583452Memory consumption display for internal tables (2)
583424Potential core dumps in ABTSV shift
583402Missing syntax warning message for CREATE
582724DB6: dmdb6rdi fails with SQL0443N "Cannot close the pipe"
582586SAPKU30013: Support Package 13 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
581255Dictionary (SE11) initial line count for internal tables
580670DB6: db6clp "user is not allowed to use Security Services"
580348Restricting liveCache connections
578949Signal 11 when closing an unopened cursor
578387Large tokens in dynamic WHERE clause
578336Signal 11 with client copy
578324Make and release information for MaxDB DBSL
578059Cursor handling via 2 connections
577652Syslog message R19: Initialization of alerts failed
577109Known errors: Installing SAP Systems with SAP DB 7.3
576836ShmGet: Ill. Size Key=1, Size=1616
575784Type check for generic table parameters
572538ABAP program -> liveCache Connect
571735RTM test for writing to write-protected tables
571465R3trans terminates when you export LIMU MESS
570951READ...BINARY SEARCH in Unicode systems
569649Support Package 05 for SRM 2.0
569417Syntax error with DELETE dbtab FROM wa
568000IN predicate with more than 254 values in the values list
567422"Object locked by upgrade" error message
566474Defective ABAP class after upgrade
565640SAPKU31002: Support Package 02 for CRM 3.1
565190Memory consumption display for internal tables
564992Deleted table entries after a language import
564395DB4, Windows: Applying Application Server Kernel Patches
564161Transport profile parameter 'dropstatistics'
563784Crash during initialization of the DBADASLIB
563721Defective function group after upgrade with add-ons
561987SAPKU30012: Support Package 12 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
561459Accessing cluster tables with kernel 46D PL 1009-1303
559614Use of SELECT INTO for single-line resulting set
559048Support Package 04/Service Release 01 for SRM 2.0
558377READ with a structured key
556886DB6: DB12 does not show any updated user exit logs data
556837DB6: dmdb6srp,dmdb6rts CLI0109E String data right truncation
556734FAQ Transport: Setup and further information
555861Work process terminates after SET ISOLATION LEVEL
554845ADO import fails on DB400A (AS400/ASCII)
554772String fields are truncated for INSERT quantity
553233Upgrade 3.1->4.6 stops in phase SHADOW_IMPORT_REP
552708DB error does not stop update
550941Upgrade 3.1 -> Basis 6.20 termination in DIFFEXP*
549764Core in wa_check_longfld
549598Data inconsistencies on MSSQL 2000 (4.6* and 6.20)
549423Core dump when logical cluster table with INT field accessed
549053Restarting after deadlock: Objects not imported
547844Performance: Unicode STRUCTURE parameter transfer
547725Support Package 03 for SRM 2.0
547705SAPKU31001: Support Package 01 for CRM 3.1
546310Long runtimes during DELETE
546291DBSL memory usage in RSDBBUFF
545939Data references and calling the garbage collector
545852Upgrade to Basis Release 6.20 SHADOW_IMPORT_*
545613SAPKU30011: Support Package 11 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
545134DB6: No version data for kernel programs in RZ20
544881Composite SAP note: Time-driven jobs do not run
542697Memory leak in syntax check
542605MODIFY SCREEN: REQUIRED attribute depends on INPUT
539378DB6: dmdb6rdi support for node configuration
539334DB6: DB12 Does not display all brarchive log files
538727Crash (core) and signal 11 when you exit R/3
538177R3trans terminates when importing variants
538119Missing alignment checks for casting operations
538014Type mismatch for text symbols
536068tp clearold: Termination with long transport request names
535882SAPKU30010: Support Package 10 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
535115DB2/390: tp - error in signal handling -> CEEDUMP
534491SQL error -810 (Connection already in use)
534476Exception during disconnect from SAPDB
534417Enterprise Buyer 3.5 Server installation/upgrade Asia
532976Upgrade phase TOOLIMP* or XCNV_DUMP with source Rel.<= 4.5
532186R3trans: Logging 'S' type Customizing objects
532039SAP BW 3.0B Server installation/upgrade Asia
532030Write protection with REFERENCE INTO
527777Statement cache for EXEC SQL calls
527047SAP Web AS 6.20 server installation/upgrade Asia
526600tp terminates with RC=234 ("uncaught internal error")
525751Installation of the SNC SAPRouter as NT Service
525502GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in functional method call (module)
525406Screen Compress: Box in screen overwrites fields
525065ABAP generation: core dump in initial record compression
524570Upgrade terminates in phase TP_ACTION_CP2STAB
524202DB6: dmdb6srp,dmdb6rts "Support for dbstatc-optio Vxxxx".
523435Batch input: Short dump processing with CALL DIALOG USING
520562SHARE lock after using DB_SET_ISOLATION_LEVEL
517746Problems after termination of SQL command
517611SQL error (-709, -821) with disconnect of the liveCache
517100DB6: ST04 displays incorrect value for Package Cache Size
516750Export terminates due to invalid objects
516675UPDATE/DELETE operations terminate with subquery
516513Incomplete transport of CDAT objects
514205Corrections in BR*Tools version 6.20
514054LIKE does not find any records on a NUMC field
513486DB6: dmdb6rdi fails with SQL0444 reason code "4"
511323DB6: brdb6brt -Installing the latest redirected restore tool
508795DB6: DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR runtime error in DB6_PM_SQLCACHE
508216Import terminates due to int. tw_get_type_conversion error
507237SAPKU30009: Support Package 9 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
506634DB6:dmdb6srp prog. terminates at -t <tabname> without schema
505771Incorrect import status in the STMS transaction
503229tp terminates with signal 4 (Compaq True64 5.1A)
501866Garbage collector deletes live event handler objects
500435R3trans hangs in a high availability environment
500363Import not possible as type X cannot be converted to type B
500306Batch input: Authorization for deleting transactions
500280Select returns random results despite null value in DB
498091CREATE DATA for text elements
497065DB6: dmdb6rdi SQL5066W database config parameter truncated
495625Transliteration of non-Latin1 texts while importing
494901SAPKU30008: Support Package 8 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
494875FATAL ERROR: Transport profile not correctly maintained
494348Corrections for the MDX parser
493870Exception in R3load when creating a table
490553DB6: dmdb6bkp Incorrect "location" in DB2 History File
490482Add. info on upgrading to SAP Web AS 6.20 MS SQL Server
489868Import damages function groups and deletes screens
489522Error during LOB update
488377DB6: dmdb6rdi CLI0111E Numeric value out of range
486631imports in transport groups
486561Faulty transport of an unsorted transport request
485479R3trans: 2EETW152 Cannot open file "/usr/sap/trans/tmp/..."
484699DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR runtime error in DB6_PM_SQLCACHE
481685DB6: dmdb6srp and dmdb6rts ignore dbstatc-activ='I'
481228DB6: dmdb6rdi support for incremental and delta backups
481162DB6: dmdb6rdi extension for 6.10 DBA Cockpit
480610Coinciding cluster time stamp
458338HR-NO: Legal changes Norwegian tax programs
457011Trace and plausibility check on valid spaptr in dyrlalim()
456925SAPDB : Rollback before each disconnect
455684DB6: db6clp does not work with option " -tvf <sqlfile>"
455506DB6: Installing the Latest 6NN DB2 Admin Tools
453242Forms/styles deleted by Support Package
453189DB6: dmdb6bkp always returns return code zero (0)
452710duplicate record with RSMPTEXTS/EUDB table
452342Application terminates with message -602 or -8006
452109Obsolete or missing texts in menus after transport
451953SQL error 807 during the Disconnect of the liveCache
450605MSSQL/ADABAS: incomplete export of ABAP classes
450366SAPKU30007: Support Package 7 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
450049DB6: dmdb6tbs ends with "GET TBS STAT.SQLCODE: 290"
449999Changing a table in the ABAP debugger
447862TMS: Source client cannot be displayed in the import queue
445462Incorrect patch level for dbadaslib
444578Core in dyrlalim as a result of IMC
444045Views after import/upgrade without join conditions
442193sap_dext called with msgnr """32""" in SHADOW_IMPORT_ALL
442127Error in table DDTYPET_4G, field AS4LOCAL does not exist
440547Inactive import logs are not displayed
438511Memory overwritten for "LOOP ... INTO <fs>"
437284SAPKU30005: Support Package 5 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
434861DB6: Usage text of program sddb6his is incomprehensible
433032SAPKU30004: Support Package 4 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
432272Transporting language data using tp/R3trans
431913DB6: sddb6mir hangs
431450Core dump for COLLECT with components of STRING type
430411Memory consumption display for hash tables in debugger
429474Transport CHAR->NUMC incorrect
429186Deleting recently imported DD entries
427031Coredump when generating in cg_iloop()
426523SAPFTP: Commands cannot be executed
426060Error in the upgrade on Basis 6.10 (Phase SHADOW_IMPORT_ALL)
425502ASCII data in cluster tables after EBCDIC conversion
425192SMDL transport after SPAU compar. of func. modules
424986Middleware HOTFIX for Mobile Clients: CRM 2.0C
424330SQL error -4005 with statistics update (UPD_COND)
424198SAPKU30002: Support Package 2 for EBP 3.0/CRM 3.0
422615SLIN: Warning with REFRESH in the OO context
422593'Import all' terminates with RC 234.
422289Incorrect order after 'INSERT LINES OF' ...'
421554R3load: Problems when converting cluster tables
421121Transaction SICK reports AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 as unsupported
420223EXEC SQL CANCEL via the DBSL
420122Too many results during import with MINOR-ID add-on
419918INST: SAP Basis 4.6D SR1 Installation on UNIX
419783MOVE_DREF_NOT_COMPATIBLE with CREATE for internal table
416950Installation R/3 4.5B under Oracle 8.1*
415811Old selection screens are active after transport
413899C core when accessing logical cluster table
413750Decompression error CsIni not recognized by R3check
412891TMS QA and several transport groups
412872TMS No status change for imported requests
412357Status "RFC error when sending logging data" in sm58
411961Incorrect QA approval of client-depend. transport request
411829Middleware HOTFIX for Mobile Clients: CRM 2.0B
410485OCS: Import stops although no errors occurred
410209Upgrade 46D DIFFEXPCUST: R3trans termin. sap_dext...
410175SELECT SINGLE with SY-SUBRC=4: Changed Workarea
409175READ TABLE for tables of the kind SORTED TABLE (II)
409087Importing the 64-bit 45B SAP kernel on HP/UX-SAP DB
408265Comma as a language ID for the R3TR TEXT object
407123INST: SAP Web AS 6.10 - Hom. + Het. System Copy
403706Corrections in BR*Tools Version 6.10
403142R3trans destroys documentation objects with more than 65535
402375Buffer synchronization of VARIS during transport
402255Table code definition with offset/length
400818Information about the R/3 database library
400627Ugrade with 4.6D kernel: tp terminates with signal
400516Core dump with READ with attribute access
400216Forcing minimum patch level of the database library
399966Latest EXE for RBE 2.0
395326Collective Note: MarketSet 2.0 Patch Installation
393378Garbage collection beyond 600MB
393055DBEXPORT: Problems with R3SZCHK_IND_INF (R3szchk)
393032DB6: dmdb6srp: get uid, get password failed rc= 19
391944Statement cache for COM routines
390062Additional information about upgrading to 4.6C SR2
389530INST: R/3 4.6C SR2 - Homogeneous System Copy
387074INST: R/3 4.6C SR2 Installation on UNIX
384570Upgrade 4.6D: Terminate in Phase DIFFEXPDDIV
383498CCMS Support for SAPDB V7.2
383473CRM installations with firewalls - configuration guidelines
383380R3trans leaves behind obsolete E071K entries
381968DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST for log. cluster tables
379231Informix client versions
378313R3trans: termination in "postlanguageimport"
378103INST: 4.0B SR1 + 40B_COM Kernel - Hom. System Copy
376707Cannot find Function "XAB_RE..." in SMQ1/SMQ2/SM58
376214getspacerequirements for split R3trans files
375576Performance when exiting interactive planning
375562R3trans MSSQL: missing documentation for R3TR SOBJ
375307tp: New feature "dropbuffer" for SPAM
375182INST: 4.0B SR1 + 40B_COM Kernel R/3 on UNIX
374799Correction for the parameter STOPIMMEDIATELY
374449Write transport logs into subdirectories
373138SAPKU20C02: Support Package 2 for EBP 2.0/CRM 2.0C
373137SAPKU20C01: Support Package 1 for EBP 2.0/CRM 2.0C
373126SAPKU20B09: Support Package 9 for BBP / CRM 2.0B
373078Importing r3trans language transport in Release <= 45B
372581R3trans: recclient does not work on Windows
371716SAPKU20B08: Support Package 8 for BBP / CRM 2.0B
370601Composite SAP note: APO 3.0 and 3.1 performance
370485Upgrade 4.6D: Termination in phase TABIM_UPG
366436ABAP runtime error PERFORM_NOT_FOUND for RFC
365539R3trans selects too many languages for LIMU CUAD
365506Version administration displays incorrect transport request
365017Error 204 when importing the SPAM update
363632Problems with IDS Version 7.31[UTF]C7
363086tp termination in showbuffer only during RFC call
361735Inactive import of reports
361244R3load terminates during cluster access on AS/400
360822DB6: core dump in program dmdb6bkp
359764tp imports to client 000 by mistake
357693Redundancy avoidance in Easy Access
357365SQL statement with more than 290 host variables
357341Installation of notes
357054ST04: Tremination w/ error 270 'C-Call GET_DBPARMS failed'
356804tp does not import the first request of a list
355730CSC-ABPL: Asian Best Practice Library 600
355714Sy-SubRc 8 if SELECT SINGLE on log. cluster table
355415R3trans: Add-On installation deletes DD texts
353681Unexpected portability warnings from enhanced program check
353110Installation 64-bit SAP 4.6D Kernel for Solaris
352651DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST f.very old cluster records
352269Spool kernel patches (collective note)
351685Screen objects resized incorrectly when window is enlarged
339898DB6: db6clp cannot execute several commands
339756tp leaves entry HEADER/D in table TRBAT
339299DB6: Prog.dmdb6rdi terminates with SQL1403N for CLP commands
339270Table statements for table view controls
339092DB MultiConnect with Oracle as secondary database
338968ICNV in the upgrade - cluster tables
338500CBU: additnal informatn on the Export/Upgrade, 46C SR2
337516tp/tms: import for request .. already running
337224R3trans: No deletion in language-specific table
337107Core when importing transport profile under LINUX
336496Incremental conversion of cluster tables
336241TP/TMS: import subset with ctc=0 ignores client
335455R3trans: duplicate key error for key with _
334777DB6: Missing user-defined functions
334412Faster import of R3TR FORM on DB2/390
333878Transactional RFC is not executed
333534R3trans: Performance during import of table with INT fields
333525R3trans: Transport with % in key deletes too many entries
333097INST: 4.6C / 4.6C SR R/3 on UNIX/Oracle - Het. System Copy
332320R3trans: Data not visible in buffered views
330793Downloading patches
330378All errors are not displayed in the import history TMS
330267Transports between Basis Releases 4.6* and 6.*
328596Problems when calling the Control Center Extension
327290Upgrade 46B/46C:R3trans termintn phase PATCH_CMDIMP
326774DB6: Incorrect DB2_STRTTM column contents in table db6pmsm
326487Connect error : non-supported SAPDB version
325771Exception in storage management
325713DB6: Calling transaction ST04 terminates with SQL0302N.
325402dbadaslib/dbsdbslib: How do I apply a patch?
324490Double messages in the batch input log
323228Tp requires dbtype in transport file
323061Order lost in batch input after F4 help
322849SAPKU20B04: Support Package 4 for BBP / CRM 2.0B
321115TP: many rfc*.trc files in the work directory
321018Corrections in BR programs Version 4.6D
319961Core dump at INSERT LINES OF it1 INTO it2
3197834.5B SP 13/16: DSYS_LOHEAD_E_CI/T156F entries are missing
319440E- and W-messages from subscreens run incorrectly
318846Installing the 4.6D kernel in 4.6A/B/C SAP systems
318533R3trans: Transport of classes/interfaces w/o docu
316355INST: 4.6D SAP Basis - Homogeneous System Copy
316353INST: 4.6D SAP Basis - Heterogeneous System Copy
315352Install. Instlltn of 4.6D DB2 admin tools fr 4.0B/4.5Bsystms
314159Language transport overwrites EUDB entries
313879Error message concerning table class during SP import
313866Deleted texts table DSYAT after LCP import
313111SAP Software on UNIX: OS Dependencies 4.6C SR1
313110INST: 4.6C SR1 R/3 Inst. on UNIX - Oracle
313107INST: 4.6C SR1 R/3 Installation on UNIX
313003R3trans term. in dbdocu.c (CI_WRITE_LINE)
311409Short dump CNTL_ERROR after RFC into source system
311309SAP Software on UNIX: OS Dependencies 4.6D
311308INST: 4.6D SAP Basis Inst. on UNIX - Oracle
311305INST: 4.6D SAP Basis Installation on UNIX
311147R3trans refuses import of a physical cluster
310777tp/TMS asyn. import in client 000 instead of export client
309587tp: test import does not work for target groups
309583Tp: Termination in SPAM/SAINT phase report AFTER PUT
308257SAP service SAP<SID>_## exits itself
308061CCMS monitor architecture: Monitor 3x systems
307965R3 trans: Additional data element docu. not transported
306885DB6: Incorrect column contents table db6pmcm2-spm_lgpath
306096R3trans: Message class with underscore in the name
304547SICK error on Tru64 5.x
304444R3trans: Incomplete transport R3TR TOBJ
304238SAP BW 2.0B Installation on UNIX
303289tp: Transport request too long although nbufform=1
302617R3trans: Table logging of views
302542No subarea assigned
302352FCS/FPC for mySAP on Windows Server 64-Bit
301749Problems with LDBAS when including packages
300828DB6: DBA Cockpit and Remote Monitoring for Releases < 6.10
217262Runtime error text for TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
216901SHD0: dialog box for inputting values is not displayed
216704UPDATE dbtab FROM TABLE itab - wrong Returncode
216321Corrections in BR programs with version 4.6C
214434TP impsync: no stop although transport is required
214097Upgrade 4.6C FCS: Termination in phase SHADOW_IMPORT*
212876The new archiving tool SAPCAR
212597SPAU/SE95: Incorrect names for indexes, messages
212569Error with list entry fields in batch input
210790DB6: Perfrmnc montr does not display current values
210033-2010 after table copy
209652Buffer synchronization - tp locksys or tp unlocksys
208919CC-INFO: Performance as of Release 4.6
207474TP termination if target system group entries > 50
207404CSC-ABPL: Asian Best Practice Library 5.0.0
206168R3trans termination in upgrade phase DIFFEXPDOCU
205467-1002 during access to liveCache, Tru64 -> WIN-NT
205074Installation SAP R/3 64-bit kernel for AIX
204493DB6: Program termination of dmdb6rdi
203881SAPKU20A05: Support Package 5 for BBP 2.0A/CRM1.2
202639Work process terminates during access to cluster table
201816Addtobuffer does not terminate for tasks
201149INST: 4.6C/4.6C SR1 R/3 Inst. - Homogeneous System Copy
201147INST: 4.6C R/3 Inst. on UNIX - Oracle
200647R3trans: Different processing of requests
200504R3load hangs during import
198890tp: error in export if nbufform=0
198659Release 4.6A/B: Recovering corrupted CDCLS data
1986044.6A/B: Deletion of corrupt CDCLS data
198216R3trans: R3TR FUGX deleted although screens exist
197746Maint. strategy: Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
197742R3trans: Message documentation with _ in name
197714Upgr. 4.6B: Termination phase SHADOWIMP or DIFFEXP*
194483R3trans(CSI=1): does not delete table entries
193745R3trans: Transport of 120 characters table key
192386SAPDBA: Missing CBO Statistics in check after Year 2000
191300BDC log: date / time always 01/Jan/1970 1:00
191137tp: Error when importing with CTC=1 and unmode 0
189841'TP clearold' deletes nothing
189101R3check "ignores" incorrect cluster record
188733tp: SPAM starts the main import in scenario 'T'
188730TP: TMS indicates many requests as already imported
188592Upgrade Release 4.6B: Termination in the case of inactive RE
187645Corrections in BR programs version 4.6B
185998SELECT SINGLE on a logical cluster table
185908Incomplete transport of function modules
185709ORA-903 during import in table w. namespce prefix
185317tp:ERR:Not exactly 1 SYNCMARK set;buffer unchanged
184857tp clearold:ERROR: tpdelsapnentry: unexpected error
183504tp forgets unconditional mode for "import some"
183367Measurement of concurrent users: no RFCs
182667READ/LOOP on SORTED TABLE type tables
180743Missing DDTYPES entries after transport
179139INST: 4.6B R/3 Inst. on UNIX - Oracle
178233tp stops on signal 11 during Main Import with CTC=1
177735TP mvstopmark creates unremovable STOPMARK
176669Mode termination for "DESCRIBE FIELD f INTO td"
176426Using CAR for extracting archives on AIX
174309DB12: Incorrect Alert: Redo logs not saved
174110tp check> sapname file .. contains invalid data
174108tp: couldn't locate TA-info in .../cofiles
173993Cluster: System settings during Euro LC changeover
173814OCS: Known problems with Support Packages for Release 4.6
173330Conversion of tables EDIDOC & CDCLS Release 4.6
172032New processing of transport objects ISFS and ISMP
170297SAP DB release upgrade to 6.2
169536TP changed ORA_NLS33 to a wrong value
169399Corrections in BR programs 4.6A version
169326Incorrect bind list when accessing cluster tables
168175tp check/clearold problems
16533246A FCS tp appendbuffer deletes SYNCMARKs
164628Syntax error in the LOOP during a table exchange
163694R3trans: Logging table changes
163639Transaction processed in spite of error
163538Type conflicts f.internal tables creatd dynamically
163149translated titles are not accessible
162696R3trans generates INF-360 when import. W. CSI=1
162395Upgrade 4.0B, TABIMP: duplicate key error T51T3
158709Installation SAP R/3 64 bit kernel ReliantUNIX
158306DB2/390: New CCMS functions for 4.0B spt rel 1
15692940B / kernel patch level 404 - generation error
156314Upgrade to 4.5B: Termination in phase DIFFEXP*
156084ORA-1023 after Reconnect
155580Creating report loads after transport
155560tp: No delivery of target groups
155350A syntax description of tp version numbers
155328ERROR: SETSYNCMARK is not supported with CTC=TRUE
155261Signal 11 when printing Hebrew or Arabic
154988INF391 during table import using tp
154912Year 2000 information for 3.1I and 4.0B kernels
154382R3trans: Missing documentation for R3TR SOBJ
153440PF4/OCX: Deadlock after PF4/PF1 in subscreen
153229APO liveCache patch for Support Package 1
152502tp createcofile: R3trans termin. wth return code 16
152059tp: Extnded trnsprt ctrl -> Import in source system
149686Known problems when applying BW patches (rel. 1.2x)
146773PANIC: creation of shadow class XX failed with rc 0
146248Installation SAP R/3 4.0B-64bit kernel
145777SAPDBA/BR* call fails: liboraclnt/libclntsh is missing
145039Table delivery class L contents do not arrive
144892Corrections in BR programs version 4.5B
144487Missing lines in logical cluster tables
144326Corrections in the SAPDBA Version 4.6B
144325Corrections in the SAPDBA Version 4.6A
144323Corrections in SAPDBA Version 4.5B
144062R3trans generates INF-201 during import with CSI=1
143708ABAP runtime error during batch input
143665Multiple returns order from an extension request
143589Solaris 7 : Inst. Japanese 3.0D and later version
143288SAPDBA: Super collective note
143047INST: 4.5B R/3 Inst. on UNIX - Adabas Database
142996INST: 4.5B R/3 Inst. on UNIX - Oracle Database
142427DB_SETGET delivers incorrect return code
142268R3trans: E070C-TARCLIENT is not filled
141465Conversion of tables EDIDOC & CDCLS, Release 4.5
140547Adjust line length in the TST03 database
138806Asterisk(*) not working for balancing journal entry
138704Provision of patches for kernel releases
138625Cluster buffer "shrunk"
138201R3trans:segmentation fault core dumped HP-UX 11.0
136708tp ends with return code 222
136649R3trans: Selective language import
136482Missing documents when updating in batch input
135224DB2/390: JCL submission - process hangs
135090CAD/RFC 4.5A Version of the CAD interface
134478CAD - DVA via SapRouter
133970R3trans & BW: Treatment of objects ISMT ISTS ISTT RSIC
133168Menus not active after transport
132536Improved semaphore mechanism in tp
132383Tp terminates if it is started by SPAM
131372CBO: Tuning of expensive SQL statements
131093Possible problems with Informix EXEC SQL interface
130883R3trans: Constant MAX_STATUS_CNT is too short
128908Transporting report variants
128834Order release reports RFCIO_ERROR_NOHANDLE
128589Upgrade to 4.0B/4.5A destroys customer variants
127582CBO: UPGRADE 4.0/4.5 (reduction of runtime)
127300Screen standard size during batch input
126776Transports between Releases 4.5 and 4.6
126765Import logs after parallel import in the background
126294Reworking in SQLServer7 Beta systems
125589Corrections in SAPDBA Version 4.5A
125588Corrections in SAPDBA version 4.0B
125587Corrections in SAPDBA Version 3.1I
124608Corrections in BR programs version 4.5A
124607Corrections in BR programs version 4.0B
124606Corrections in BR programs version 3.1I
124430CAD - Shared libraries
123996tp/R3trans: Database trace is written to stdout
123694DB6: dmdb6srp ends with memory protection violation
123370SAPDBA: sapdba -check reports REDOLOG_NOT_MIRRORED
123307R3trans RC=13 for CREATECOFILE
123089Status MEN of the user interface MENU is missing
122548"@2V@CD Rel. 3.1I/4.0B, SAP KERNEL PATCH" Oct '98
121998ABAP runtime error: CALL_FUNCTION_WAIT_ERROR
121551Field <name> (is not an input field)
121245System settings for local currency changeover to euro
121120Termination of SAPgui when displ. table controls
121105Duplicate records in table logging
120151Transports between Release 4.0 and 4.5
119617Termination with queue error in batch input
119350Problems during the local update
119207Phase DBCHK in the 45A BW upgrade fails
119204tp: STOPMARKs are deleted with import all U0
118956Syslog: No active link, CMSEND(A)
118582R3trans: Transport of R3TRPROG deletes variants
117859Non-represent.charact. after INSERT in intern.table
117197R3trans: RC 13 during export (R3TR, CDAT...)
116768R3trans: Termin. "use devclass", devclass > 4
116577Problems after transporting area menus
115841Transaction is unknown in Session Manager
115372Patches forwarded by mistake to target system
114564No table logging for R3trans
114077CAD interface under NT Alpha
114075tp cannot be started via RFC
113739DB14: No LOG-INFO available for various DBA ops.
112498SAPDBA: -checkopt PSAP% does not store new tables in DBSTATC
112357CAD/RFC CadRfcGetDmsData no return values
112196"@2V@CD Rel. 3.1I/4.0B, SAP KERNEL PATCH" Aug '98
111341tp: buffer file corrupt
110989Problems in matchcode selection in background-input
110968SAPgui character problems after 3.1I upgrade
110934SAP BW Support Packages
109705tp: Import is not repeated in spite of umode 1
109059Customer-specific matchcodes destroyed after 4.0B upgrade
108995tp does not supply all supply systems
108576Additions upgrade from 2.2x to 4.0B ADABAS
107434Field <name> is not available in the <screen>
106412Conversion of tables EDIDOC & CDCLS, Release 4.0B
105959SAPDBA: Message "Opt. Statistics for Views"
105475@3B@Documentation LCP Collections to 3.1I
105474@3B@Documentation Hot Package Collections to 3.1I
104348DB2/390: Abort handling Jcl submission service.
104215DB13-DB24: CPIC communication error
104128@3B@Documentation LCP Collections to 4.0B
104127@3B@Documentation Hot Package Collections to 4.0B
10359231I tp does not perform buffer synchronization
103562R3trans: 'twrtab memory limit reached' then term.
103305Upgrade 4.0A/4.0B error in a DIFFEXP* phase
102645Upgrade 4.0A->4.0B: termination in DIFFEXP* phases
102333R3trans: Incomplete export of function group
102236tp: Defective import buffer after Hot Package
1022333.1X/4.0A: Short dump when calling ST04
102034R3trans: Control of the COMMIT intervals
101854R3trans: SQL-302 during import of DD30T entries
101735Solaris2.6: Inst. Japanese 3.0D and later version
101573Internet Mail Gateway: Versions
101464SAPDBA: Statistic flag(s) ... not reset
101437tp imports transports into incorrect clients
101365Connection error NIECONN_PENDING
100974SAPDBA: Prg. ex. after func. 'Create missing stats'
100189DB2/390: Applying kernel patches
98787@2V@Release 3.1H, SAP KERNEL PATCH, March '98
98287New IMG is missing after upgrade to Release 4.0A
97630OCS: Familiar problems with patches 3.1H-4.0B
97629OCS: Known problems with patches Rel. 4.5
97461DB2/390: CCMS enhancements
96885Downloading front end patches
96296CC-ERROR: Database problem in client copy
96272SAPDBA: Error with -analyze during reorganization
96227Problems with dialog boxes for exiting or deleting
94911Batch input: Double documents after update RC 255
93452Impossible to delete transport request in TMS
93096Upgrade 4.0A: Termin. in phase NTACT_PREMV/NTACT_MV
92665Upgrade to 4.0A/B: screen texts are deleted
92482Spool kernel patches (collective note)
91934SAPDBA: -analyze DBSTATCO delivers Returncode>0
91704Inst: 4.0A R/3 Installation on Windows NT: ORACLE
91383tp exits with return code 224
91382trfunction 'W': object type LIMUVARX not allowed
90961SAPDBA: ORA-01403 for SAPDBA analysis
90369RUNT_ILLEGAL_SWITCH in ab_tgetupd()
90356Message in dialog box with flow of a batch input
90323Display of RFC logon screen in SM51
90039work process termination on Windows NT
88656R3trans: Duplicate key composite SAP note (Release 4.0-4.6)
88401@2V@CD "Release 3.1H, SAP KERNEL PATCH" (12/97)
86926DB2/390: R3INST reports "faulty TBLSPACE.PFL"
86879DB2/390: 3.1H addition for service and support
86859INST: 4.0A/B R/3 Inst. - Homogeneous System Copy
86537Right to left (Hebrew) printing for AS/400 and NT
85985dbst_enter_exec_stmt: illegal operation type 3
84967Incorrect values in transactions ST03,STAT,SM50
84656Batch input, 3.1H kernel and runtime error
84639R3trans warning for import (table E071KF)
84276DB2/390: Export does not find file SAP0000.STR
840083.1H/I R3up terminates in HP-UX 10.20 with core
82818No possible entries pushbutton
82708R3trans converts report texts incompletely
82546R3trans does not take all INCLUDEs from FUGR
82343RStrans:EM during exprt 'TW135 illegal selection..'
81950Time zones: local date in dialog and in RFC
81451Processing batch input: endless loop.
80727Transporting non-LATIN-1 texts
80475Terms: Release, Support Package, kernel patch
80212Inst: 3.1H R/3 Inst. on Windows NT: DB2/CS
78795Advance installation CATT Recording from 3.1H
78448Advance installation of batch input recording
77622Right to left (Hebrew) printing does not work 3.0F
77589DB2/390: tp profile parameters in TPPARAM
76948R3trans: Assertion failed (twglobal.c, 545)
76604Additional Info: Upgrading to 3.1H
76181R3trans signal 11 in DISASSEMBLE_PATCH
75270R3trans: unexpected return code 16 on INS call
74809Check in/out with dialog user (dialog interface)
74411APQI entries only visible after COMMIT
73782DBCOPY: 3.1G DBCOPY on UNIX - Informix Database
729593.1G R3INST: Homogeneous migration of an Informix db
729583.0F R3INST: Homogeneous migrtn of an Informix db
72612Compatibility Batch Input Release 3.1 with 3.0
71307Error after kernel change to 3.0F
71251Gateway : Versions of dplib are different
70982No new connections possible to the message server
70626DBCOPY: 3.0F DBCOPY on UNIX - Informix Database
67706DBCOPY: 3.0E DBCOPY on UNIX - Informix Database
67452Duplicated postings and terminations !!!!!!!!!!!
66456Test import in source instead of target system
65878Language support under windows NT
63505Program termination in material master / materials created t
63297sapservx: Installation/DBCOPY/Migration tools
62427Bad performance of SELECT .. IN <itab>
61994INST: 3.1G R/3 Inst. on Windows NT ORACLE DB
61166CONVT_NO_NUMBER in SQL trace display
61042Elimination of a minimal incompatibility
60928Transports between Release 3.0 or 3.1 and Release 4.0
53211Windows NT appears to hang, SAP Service problems
51724SAPDBA: Recovery of a off-line file
507730x5c (ASCII '\') is Default Escape Character
50036SAPDBA: Splitting large export dumps with R3chop
49365iSeries: Applying a patch
47968SAPDBA: Export/import error after restart on NT
45928SAPDBA: Reorg. run on NT (missing table contents)
45782Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ALLOC for LOOP (extract)
45548Transporting language-dependent objects
44460DBIF_REPO_NO_MEMORY in transaction KEA0
44395SAPDBA: Missing indexes after reorg run terminates
40815Single or Double byte installed ? (nls_check)
329263.0 Upgrade: Customer rpt. wth new d. of change
29053saplicense problems after 2.1l/2.2F/3.0A upgrade
28913LOOP in batch-input
18236R3trans: Export to tape / Splitting the export
12741Current versions of BR*Tools and SAPDBA
6591Resetting dunning data after printing
6588R3trans: Memory allocation failed