SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
abap/aab_log_field_size_limit Abap maximum log size for individual fields in ASSERT-Log (in Bytes)
abap/aciinternal Abap Internal settings for "ACI" module of ABAP runtime
abap/alvgrid/size_nodod_MB Gui Restricts the size of grid data send to the frontend
abap/atrapath Abap Laufzeitanalyse: Generischer Meßdatendateiname
abap/atrasizequota Abap Laufzeitanalyse: Warnung bei dieser Speicherlimit
abap/authority_to_catch_for_debugging Abap how to check the authority for catching a process for debugging
abap/buffersize Abap Program Buffer Size
abap/cache_area Abap Size of Cachebuffer (EXPORT TO CACHE)
abap/deferred_generation Abap Enables/Disables deferred generation within ABAP generation
abap/dumponerror Abap Generate Dump on Error Message
abap/dyn_abap_log Abap Dynamisches ABAP: Modus fuer die Detailaufzeichnung festlegen
abap/dyn_abap_log_deletion_rows Abap Dynamic ABAP: Number of Rows that are deleted at a Time
abap/dyn_abap_log_storage_days Abap Dynamic ABAP: Retention Time of the Logs in Number of Days
abap/editor_file Abap Generic Pathname for Editor
abap/enable_ro_check Abap Enable write check into field-symbol assigned to a read only table
abap/extrsyn Abap External RSYN (for interal use only)
abap/ext_debugging_possible Abap To restrict the usage of extern/HTTP debugging
abap/fieldexit Abap Customer only: Exit on dynpro fields allowed
abap/force_local_update_task Abap Redirect asynchronous update task to local update task
abap/format Abap missing
abap/functiontrace Abap missing
abap/heaplimit Abap if this limit is reached, wp will be killed at next chance
abap/heap_area_dia ExtMemory Limit of heap memory per dialog work process
abap/heap_area_nondia Abap limit of heap memory per non dialog work process
abap/heap_area_total Abap limit of heap on Appl.Server
abap/hostname_for_sapgui Abap Host name of an appl. server for SAPGUI-Logon
abap/ignore_icc Abap ABAP/4 Consistency Check
abap/import_char_conversion Abap Automatic conversion in ABAP-statement IMPORT
abap/initrc_degree Abap determines the degree of the initial record compression
abap/list/listparser Abap Enabling of parsing list structure
abap/list/printQuickInfos Spool Print Quickinfos
abap/locale_all/needed System reactivate old coding: setlocale(LC_ALL,.) for Japan
abap/locale_ctype Abap Character Set for the SAP System
abap/max_imode Abap Obsolete: Maximum size of an internal mode
abap/memory_inspector_file Abap prefix for filename
abap/message_output Abap Developer Traces (SAP Internal Use)
abap/no_dsql95 Abap Switches version of Native-SQL Interface
abap/no_sapgui_rfc Abap missing
abap/NTfmode Abap missing
abap/objmgr/disable_gc Abap Object Manager: Disable Garbage Collection
abap/objmgr/gcspeed Abap ABAP Objects Garbage Collector Speed (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)
abap/objmgr/msmode_sequential Abap Object Manager: Garbage collector in sequential mode
abap/objmgr/nodeletemode Abap Object Manager: no-delete mode (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)
abap/objmgr/overalloc_frac Abap Object Manager: Overallocation Fraction (percent) (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)
abap/objmgr/tracelevel Abap ABAP Objects Object Manager Trace Level
abap/objmgr/triggerspace Abap ABAP Object Manager: Garbage Collection Trigger Space
abap/oo_warn Abap Temporär: Verschäfung der Syntaxanforderen ab ABAP-OO
abap/programs Abap missing
abap/protfile Abap missing
abap/pxa Abap Mode of Operation of Program Buffer
abap/pxaclients Abap missing
abap/p_a_type Abap P_A-Optimization Level in ABAP-Interpreter
abap/rabax_no_debug Abap Disallow debugging in case of a short dump
abap/rfcstx Abap Ein und Aus-Schalten der Ausgabe der RFC-Statistik
abap/rsyntextln Abap Buffer Size for ABAP/4 Compiler
abap/saptrap Abap missing
abap/set_text_env_at_new_mode Abap Set text environment when starting new internal mode
abap/shared_objects_size_MB Abap Size of Shared Objects Memory in MB
abap/sourcedir Abap missing
abap/sqlm/main_switch Abap Main switch of SqlMonitor inside kernel
abap/string_sharing Abap Switch on/off ABAP SHM String Sharing
abap/super Abap missing
abap/swap_reserve Abap reserve on Appl.Server
abap/table_sharing Abap Enables sharing of internal tables
abap/test_generation Abap Handling of test code during the load generation
abap/time Abap Time Synchronization
abap/timeout Abap missing
abap/unicode_check Abap Unicode check for ABAP programs
abap/use_max_bcd Abap missing
abap/use_paging Abap activation switch
abap/warn2error_release Abap Set syntax check release compatibility for warnings
abap/warnings Abap Reaction to Runtime Warnings
ACL-Syntax System Syntax of ACL file
Activating_Workload_Statistics System Activating Workload Statistics documentation
alert/ALERTS Alert CCMS Monitoring Architecture: filename for intermediate storage of alerts
alert/cache/size_MB Alert CCMS Monitoring: size in MB of central cache for monitoring data
alert/GREEN_ALERTS Alert Generation of green alerts in CCMS
alert/IGNORE_FIRST_PERF Alert missing
alert/max_mtes_per_autoabap_run Alert Maximum MTEs processed in one autoabap run (0 ... no restriction)
alert/MONI_SEGM_SIZE Alert number of bytes for CCMS monitoring infrastructure (in shm key 13)
alert/MTTREE Alert CCMS Monitoring Architecture: filename for intermediate storage of treestructure
alert/param_file Alert missing
alert/PERFHIST Alert CCMS Monitoring Architecture: 24 hour history of performance monitor attributes
alert/TRACE Alert missing
abap/activate_precompiled_header Abap Mode of Operation of Precompiled Header Usage
as4/cmd_out_file Ipc file for output redirection of an OS/400 command
as4/cmd_out_stream System path name to output file
as4/dbmon/central_collector Database Use central database performance collector for IBM i
as4/dbmon/classic Database switch between classic DB monitor and plan cache dump
as4/dbmon/enable System dbmon functionality enabled ?
as4/dbmon/library System Name der Bibliothek, die die DBMON Daten aufnimmt
as4/dbmon/memory_size System Größe des Speicherbereiches für DBMON
as4/dbmon/output_schema Database Schema with database performance data for IBM i
as4/dtaq_name System data queue for work process
as4/evistage2support Database Enable the EVI stage 2 support
as4/outq_name System output queue for current work process
as4/wrk_context System working context for R/3 instance
auth/authorization_trace Auth Trace every authority-check once for authorization proposals
auth/auth_number_in_userbuffer Auth Maximum number of authorizations in user buffer (obsolete)
auth/new_buffering Auth Method of storing authorizations in user buffer
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