Oracle Messages

Id Message
AMD-00100 not found: string string
AMD-00101 cannot create string string; metadata entity already exists
AMD-00102 invalid metadata entity: string string
AMD-00103 string string does not have a string
AMD-00104 Level string cannot be added to the hierarchy; parent and child parameters represent the same level
AMD-00105 Level string cannot be added to the hierarchy; the specified parent level string is already the parent of string
AMD-00106 parent string string must be removed before child string string can be removed
AMD-00107 no root level in hierarchy: string
AMD-00108 Dimension string is improperly mapped; the dimension has string hierarchies mapped, but hierarchy level string has string columns mapped
AMD-00109 Parent metadata entity has too many child entities. string string has more than string string
AMD-00110 parameter string of string not valid
AMD-00111 PROCEDURE string, invalid directory: string
AMD-00112 PROCEDURE string, invalid mode
AMD-00113 PROCEDURE string, invalid operation
AMD-00114 PROCEDURE string, internal error
AMD-00115 PROCEDURE string, invalid file handle
AMD-00116 PROCEDURE string, read error
AMD-00117 input file string not found
AMD-00118 output file string already exists
AMD-00119 analytic workspace dimensions not specified in input
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