SAP Table T000 - Clients

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
MTEXT MTEXT_D CHAR 3 25 0 Client name
ORT01 ORT01 CHAR 28 25 0 City
MWAER MWAER CUKY 53 5 0 TCURC Standard currency throughout client
ADRNR CHAR10 CHAR 58 10 0 Character Field Length = 10
CCCATEGORY CCCATEGORY CHAR 68 1 0 Client control: Role of client (production, test,...)
CCCORACTIV CCCORACTIV CHAR 69 1 0 Changes and transports for client-specific objects
CCNOCLIIND CCNOCLIIND CHAR 70 1 0 Maintenance authorization for objects in all clients
CCCOPYLOCK CCCOPYLOCK CHAR 71 1 0 Protection reg. client copy program and comparison tools
CCNOCASCAD CCNOCASCAD CHAR 72 1 0 Client control: No client cascade for upgrade import
CCSOFTLOCK CCSOFTLOCK CHAR 73 1 0 Client control: Soft Lock Required (Planned for 4.0)
CCORIGCONT CCORIGCONT CHAR 74 1 0 Recording Client for Switch BC Sets
CCIMAILDIS CCIMAILDIS CHAR 75 1 0 Client Control: CATT und eCATT Authorization
CCTEMPLOCK CCTEMPLOCK CHAR 76 1 0 Client control: Indicator that client is temporarily locked
CHANGEUSER AS4USER CHAR 77 12 0 Last Changed by
CHANGEDATE AS4DATE DATS 89 8 0 Date of Last Change
LOGSYS LOGSYS CHAR 97 10 0 Logical system

33582Transport dialog box when saving personnel planning data
781498MIR4: Missing follow-on documents
28958Link to follow-on documents is lost
1527525XPRA Terminated due to Condition BDoc in Ghost Client
1508163SXMB_MONI dumps with AC_SYSTEM_FLUSH
588777Material group maintenance no longer possible from IMG
1426283RFC destination changes after to system copy or BI changes
1170885Multiple queries about transport request when saving
1398802Various problems if nametab buffer is too small
1277847SPAM Import of HR SP's: avoid performance problems
121240Alloctns/post.w/ordrs:incor.ttls recds
1069413Reversing documents with AWTYP = 'BKPFF'
519858Setting Up SAP Systems to Use eCATT
184754Procedure after BW database copy
747317Maintaining VOE2 and VOE4 from Release 46B onwards
682070EEW: SAP GUI: User defined fields are not visible
913723P30: P7: SDL: Init request and check for QS LOGSYS name
110970Transport of tax code/system has status ?not changeable?
881278field LOGSYS of product master data is not filled properly
184322Procedure after DB copy of BW source systems
734506LSO3.00 - FAQ
855010Error message during saving of current settings
369758BDLS: New functions and better performance
741311Error ORA-01740 or INF-282 during Phase TR_CMDIMPORT_PREPARE
588364Prerequisites for activating extensions
445195CC ADMIN: Remote copy with cross-client Customizing
605796PRCC_TRACE_COND_PP checks incorrect client
662644Composite SAP Note: ORA-00942
530932Sending business objects
428856Accounting document is not displayed in the document flow
447303INT: HR <-> FI Remittance acknowledgment update enhancement
633473SapMigration: Problems on Workset migration
390317VA02: Double/incorrect planned revenues after client copy
607503Maintenance view For Migration table of VAT
109577Changing FS version although client not changeable
39533Check table for cus.-def. accnt assignment fields
513489Message SG105: "Enter rate..."
184586System change option and BW
418886Download: Products not found or not changeable
400212URL generation in a non-Workplace Server system
489349Localization Brazil fixes after SP1
363097How to setup Logical Destination for Action Box RFC
312546Changes in R/3 concerning changes to order in CRM
28148Table category processing during language import
378937IBASE (serial and material #) owner enhancement
392286RAABST01: Local logical system not defined
352817MPGD_MASS: field MATNR does not have a foreign key
78329Current settings cannot be maintained
40672System changeability and client control
196171Required table entries f. workplace server system