SAP Note 781498 - MIR4: Missing follow-on documents

Component : Entry MIRO -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
When using transaction MIR4 in SAP to view logistic invoices, the error 'No subsequent document found in Accounting' (RW011) may appear when selecting 'Follow-on documents'. This typically indicates an issue with the linkage to follow-on documents in financial accounting due to changes in the logical system settings. Users should verify the LOGSYS field in table RBKP and check the consistency of the logical system data for the client in table T000. If discrepancies arise, consulting SAP Note 28958 and related notes is recommended for restoring the correct link settings.

Key words :
check logical system maintained, transaction 'display invoice document', subsequent document found, enter document number, logical system, logistic invoice, transaction se16, button 'follow-, terms mir4, logsys solution

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