SAP Note 33582 - Transport dialog box when saving personnel planning data

Component : Organizational Management -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
In SAP systems, when saving personnel planning data in transactions such as PA40, a correction window is prompted due to the activation of the transport link in Customizing clients (table T000). To manage this, users can deactivate the transport requirement for specific or all personnel planning scenarios by adjusting settings in table T77S0 (TRSP CORR, TRSP ADMIN). For systems prior to Release 3.1I, manual initiation of transport through report RHMOVE30 is necessary when automatic links are disabled. Post Release 3.1I, using the 'T' setting in T77S0 automates the transport process, bypassing the correction window and using the RHMOVE50 report for final transport requisition.

Key words :
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