SAP Note 513489 - Message SG105: "Enter rate..."

Component : Cost Element Accounting - Reconciliation CO-FI

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
When attempting to post documents in Financial Accounting or Controlling, error SG105 may be encountered, prompting for exchange rates in system settings despite the irrelevance of the mentioned currency for the user. This issue occurs because the reconciliation ledger, if active, mandates management of all amounts in the group currency (currency yyy), necessitating currency conversion. There's no functionality to disable this currency management within the reconciliation ledger directly, but it may be possible to deactivate the reconciliation ledger using Transaction KALB. Deactivation could affect report displays related to reconciliation in CO/FI, as these will no longer show data. The default exchange rate type used by the system for the reconciliation ledger is 'M', though exceptions like activity allocations may use other types specified in CO plan versions. Implement provided program corrections if consistent use of type 'M' is needed for reconciliation ledger updates, despite different settings in CO plan versions.

Key words :
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