SAP Note 28958 - Link to follow-on documents is lost

Component : Financial Accounting - Accounting Interface

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
This SAP Note highlights issues in MM and SD where accounting documents are not displayed and FI reversals result in error due to changes in the logical system assignment in the T000 table. The change prevents navigation to documents posted under old logical system values and failures in document processing. Solution-wise, a conversion of logical systems in document headers across various applications such as BKPF, cost accounting, and more, is necessary. Due diligence in adjusting logical systems in the new General Ledger from Release 5.00 upwards is also recommended. No standard solution exists; a case-specific advanced analysis and customized fix are essential.

Key words :
system issues error message f5 203, update termination b1 004 occurs, bkpf-awsys remains empty, classic profit center accounting, field awsys/logsys, special purpose ledgers, fee-based consulting, general ledger accounting, field t000-logsys, separate logical system

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