SAP Table T005 - Countries

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
LAND1 X LAND1 CHAR 3 3 0 T005 Country Key
LANDK LANDK CHAR 6 3 0 Vehicle country key
LNPLZ LNPLZ_005 NUMC 9 2 0 Postal code length
PRPLZ PRUEF_005 CHAR 11 1 0 Rule for the postal code field check
ADDRS ADDRS_005 CHAR 12 3 0 T005A Formatting routine key for printing addresses
XPLZS XPLZS_005 CHAR 15 1 0 Flag: Street address postal code required entry?
XPLPF XPLPF_005 CHAR 16 1 0 Flag: PO Box postal code required?
SPRAS SPRAS LANG 17 1 0 T002 Language Key
XLAND XLAND_005 CHAR 18 1 0 Country version flag
XADDR XADDR_005 CHAR 19 1 0 Flag: Print country name in foreign addresses?
NMFMT NMFMT_005 CHAR 20 2 0 T005N Standard name format
XREGS XREGS_005 CHAR 22 1 0 Flag: City file address check
XPLST XPLST_005 CHAR 23 1 0 Flag: Street-specific postal code? (City file)
INTCA INTCA CHAR 24 2 0 Country ISO code
INTCA3 INTCA3 CHAR 26 3 0 ISO country code 3 char
INTCN3 INTCN3 NUMC 29 3 0 ISO Country Code Numeric 3-Characters
XEGLD XEGLD CHAR 32 1 0 Indicator: European Union Member?
XSKFN XSKFN CHAR 33 1 0 Indicator: Discount base amount is the net value
XMWSN XMWSN CHAR 34 1 0 Indicator: Base amount for tax is net of discount ?
LNBKN LNBKN_005 NUMC 35 2 0 Bank account number length
PRBKN PRBKN_005 CHAR 37 1 0 Rule for checking bank account number field
LNBLZ LNBLZ_005 NUMC 38 2 0 Bank number length
PRBLZ PRBLZ_005 CHAR 40 1 0 Rule for checking bank number field
LNPSK LNPSK_005 NUMC 41 2 0 Post office bank current account number length
PRPSK PRPSK_005 CHAR 43 1 0 Rule for checking postal check account number field
XPRBK XPRBK_005 CHAR 44 1 0 Indicator: Use check module for bank fields ?
BNKEY BNKEY CHAR 45 1 0 Name of the bank key
LNBKS LNBKS_005 NUMC 46 2 0 Length of Bank Key
PRBKS PRBKS_005 CHAR 48 1 0 Rule for checking bank key field
XPRSO XPRSO_005 CHAR 49 1 0 Indicator: Use check module for tax fields etc. ?
PRUIN PRUIN_005 CHAR 50 1 0 Rule for checking VAT registration number field
UINLN UINLN NUMC 51 2 0 VAT registration number length
LNST1 LNST1_005 NUMC 53 2 0 Permitted Input Length for Tax Numbre 1
PRST1 PRST1_005 CHAR 55 1 0 Rule for checking tax code 1 field
LNST2 LNST2_005 NUMC 56 2 0 Permitted Input Length for Tax Number 2
PRST2 PRST2_005 CHAR 58 1 0 Rule for checking tax code 2 field
LANDD DUSTA CHAR 59 3 0 DUEVO: Nationality
KALSM KALSM_D CHAR 62 6 0 T683 Procedure (Pricing, Output Control, Acct. Det., Costing,...)
LANDA LANDA CHAR 68 3 0 Alternative Country Key
WECHF WECHF NUMC 71 3 0 Payment period for bill of exchange
LKVRZ LKVRZ CHAR 74 7 0 Short Name for Foreign Trade Statistics
INTCN INTCN NUMC 81 3 0 Intrastat Code
XDEZP XDEZP CHAR 84 1 0 Decimal point format
DATFM DATFM CHAR 85 1 0 Date Format
CURIN CURIN CUKY 86 5 0 TCURC Currency Key of the Index-Based Currency
CURHA CURHA CUKY 91 5 0 TCURC Currency Key of the Hard Currency
WAERS WAERS_005 CUKY 96 5 0 TCURC Country currency
KURST KURST_005 CHAR 101 4 0 TCURV Exchange Rate Type for Translation into Country Currency
AFAPL AFAPL CHAR 105 4 0 T096 Chart of depreciaton for asset valuation
GWGWRT GWGWRT CURR 109 13 2 Maximum low-value asset amount
UMRWRT UMRWRT CURR 116 13 2 Net book value for changeover of depreciation method
KZRBWB KZRBWB CHAR 123 1 0 Indicator post net book value for retirement
XANZUM XANZUM CHAR 124 1 0 Indicator transfer down payments from previous years
CTNCONCEPT CTNCONCEPT CHAR 125 4 0 Withholding tax certificate numbering: Concepts
KZSRV KZSRV CHAR 129 1 0 Taxes at individual service level
XXINVE XXINVE CHAR 130 1 0 Indicator: Display Capital Goods Indicator?
SUREG PRQ_SUREG CHAR 131 8 0 TBKS Super region per country
LANDGRP_VP LANDGRP_VP CHAR 139 2 0 Country grouping for shipping schedule

1677815HRALX: Ctry w/o ISO code generates error for creation (BP)
1649507HRALX: Error 'Country xx has no ISO Code'
1644797HRALXSYNC: Error 'Country key is not defined' (AM214)
386182Postal code as required entry field; from Release 4.6
1026865How to modify Business Transaction Event BTE 2051
109589General information about bank account number checks
1402070Geocoding-Survival guide
1506533RFASLD20: Warning message FR 539 issued by mistake
1062517Tax customizing for Serbia
1443880DEUEV: Changes for determining license plate country code
851487Tax customizing for Romania - delivery
886711Tax customizing for Bulgaria - delivery
942592SRM Brazil:Tax Jur code determination and Download object
882132Plants abroad: Release notes, tax base, cash discount base
1399051Regions for AE and SA
1367331IBAN: Error message BF00 013 when generating bank data
1010307ELSTER: Time-dependent key figures using tax group version
1270213Switzerland: Tax amt in CHF automatically w/ own exch rate
1111540Update France Territories Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin
1164216T005, T005S Content
1263024BP-Integration in ERP: HR-nameformat 00 replaced by space
974619FF 802: An exchange rate type is not defined for country
1223973HRALX: HR-nameformat 00 replaced by space in BP-nameformat
593699Creating a business partner fails
1081933FOTV: EC sales list: Error adding new entries
603152Country Codes for Serbia and Montenegro
605537Transporting tax codes or deleted tax codes
829645ELSTER with country key not = 'DE' for Germany
1056310Note 730466: Incorr exchange rate type for reporting country
1032896Migration: Transferring object addresses
1035668BG VAT report - legislative requirement for none EU members
916547Problems with language fields in MDMP R/3 backend systems
942462Korrekturen zur Systemprüfung 2006
908207Table T005: Problems with Unicode systems, RFC
204693Missing countries in Customizing (table T005)
850816YE05: Mag. Media submissions to MRQ in XML format.
873254HR-CIS 46C Service Pack 49 (SAPK-46C50INHRCIS)
821029Format of Japanese postal codes
807508Input help for "Country" field in PC-UI displays no text
785758YE04: Additional checks introduced for RPCYERK0.
680283YE04: Mag. Media submissions to CRA in XML format.
784080Formatting switches Irish address lines 3 and 4
757601Banking validation done even if switched off in CRM server
705164INTRASTAT EU2004: Cockpit ENPA - program enhancements
711219Ignore Non-Relevant Tax Codes in Program J_1B_CBT_CONSIST
673119Guidelines for installation of CRT SAPK-46C28INHRCIS
659067Incorrect download of country data from R/3 Release 4.7
549851Guidelines for installation of CRT SAPK-46C10INHRCIS
607560Maintenance View of the Business Place in Logistics
607503Maintenance view For Migration table of VAT
594329Guidelines for installation of SAPK-46C15INHRCIS (patch 14)
12905Field check and field texts in condition tables
507861MRRL, MRIS, MRKO: Printing tax no. (§14 Sect. 1 Sls Tax Law)
433523Address validation NL for Werving and Selectie
430024Coupling of GBA interface and Central Address Management
432781Address validation Netherlands for infotype Address (0006)
483945SAP Country Codes Not SSA Compliant
201753ABN: Australian business number
399851Address in remuneration statement
98050Adress checks, city file, regional structure
411174Turkey not defined as standard country in table T005
152939HR-CA-ALE: Error in the code_sap_to_iso subprogram
162594Missing Customizing entries
16242EU95: New membrs of the Europ.Union as of 01/01/95