SAP Table T683 - Pricing procedures

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
KVEWE X KVEWE CHAR 3 1 0 T681V Usage of the condition table
KAPPL X KAPPL CHAR 4 2 0 T681A Application
KALSM X KALSM_D CHAR 6 6 0 T683 Procedure (Pricing, Output Control, Acct. Det., Costing,...)
AUSVF AUSVF CHAR 12 1 0 Exclusion procedure
BONSM FKISM CHAR 13 1 0 Transaction-specific pricing procedure
KNPRS_V KNPRS CHAR 14 1 0 Pricing type
PRODUCTIVE PRODUCTIVE CHAR 15 1 0 Pricing procedure productive

1516322SAP Sourcing: Transfer of service contracts
217012Missing pricing Customzing after upgrade
650291Condition technique: Data lost after upgrade to SAP SCM 4.0
650310XPRA /SAPCN1/CUST_INDX_TO_CN1 did not convert any data
607368Delivery error in the condition technique for APO 4.0
213567Analysis of the down payments in SD
484073Customizing download of cross-client tables