SAP Table T002 - Language Keys (Component BC-I18)

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
SPRAS X SPRAS LANG 0 1 0 T002 Language Key
LASPEZ LASPEZ CHAR 1 1 0 Language specifications
LAHQ LAHQ CHAR 2 1 0 Degree of Translation of Language
LAISO LAISO CHAR 3 2 0 Language according to ISO 639

1623008Incorrect language displayed for Profile Download
553750CFOP legal change 2003 (Ajuste SINIEF 07/01) 4.6C, 4.70
1326610Special Numbering for Cash Documents
546797FAQ Data Browser (SE16)
1416449Unknown language error for Unicode language after upgrade
895560Support for languages only available in Unicode systems
1364357Defined language for material master transfer
1315341Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE
1276856Invalid Translation Language Keys (LXE_MASTER)
1176806Language key for external IDoc processing using startrfc
1063535Admin UI - Language Independencies
980214DDIC changes: PIS / Cofins Tax Law and Tax Situation
997966Error messages during specification import and with ALE
920831RFC with inactive text language
886571RFC non-Unicode ./. Unicode with illegal text language
432272Transporting language data using tp/R3trans
39473locale and TCP0C
814598GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE after extending the language list
8856'Postfach' in address in incorrect language
588851SAP BP address usages: Various corrections
581643Performance optimization payment item
571316CFOP legal change 2003 (Ajuste SINIEF 07/01) 4.0B
546230Installation of SAP EH&S 2.7B / 4.6B R/3 Support Package 04
51621MSC: Posting of tax wage types evaluating C1 split