SAP Notes

Note Title Component Hits
1131380 MLCCS_STARTUP: Incorr cost component struct in prior period Actual Costing/Material Ledger 1393
104139 IW38: Orders with incorrect status are selected Maintenance Orders 1295
317096 Migration Key Generation for ABAP Systems DB/OS Migrations 759
722513 Desktop Office Integration: Maintenance information SAP Desktop Office Integration 748
2144370 Error in SUM phase MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHDIMP/SHADOW_IMPORT_INC Support package tools for ABAP 738
1275351 SSH connection to customer systems Problems with remote access from SAP to Customer system 737
765763 Setting the Upload/Download codepage for a SAPGUI connection Graphical User Interface 735
517673 Flexible Real Estate: Features and release restrictions Flexible Real Estate Management 734
1920525 SAPBWNews BW 7.40 ABAP SP 06 Documentation 731
818080 MS Word in SAPscript/Smart Forms: Template not found SAPscript 725
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