SAP Note 1946054 - SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition: Transaction codes and programs - Comparison to EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0

Component : Accounts Receivable - Overhead Cost Controlling

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
The SAP Note discusses changes in the SAP Simple Finance on-premise edition, specifically the removal and replacement of certain transaction codes, programs, and WebDynpro applications from EhP7 for SAP ERP 6.0. Notably, Classic Real Estate Management, Activity Based Costing using delta versions, general cost object and cost object hierarchies, as well as integration with the Lease Accounting Engine and business function JVA_GL_INTEGRATION, are no longer supported. Instead, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has replaced several planning functions. The document provides comprehensive lists of unsupported and replaced functionalities and emphasizes reading the SAP Simple Finance release scope information for broader context.

Key words :
activity inputs sap_sfin_acc_planning kp65 ta fcom_ip_cc_costelem01 webdyn create cost planning layout sap_sfin_acc_planning kp66 ta fcom_ip_cc_costelem01 webdyn change cost planning layout sap_sfin_acc_planning kp67 ta fcom_ip_cc_costelem01 webdyn display cost planning layout sap_sfin_acc_planning cj40 ta fcom_ip_proj_overall01 webdyn change project plan sap_sfin_acc_planning cj41 ta fcom_ip_proj_overall01 webdyn display project plan sap_sfin_acc_planning cj42 ta fcom_ip_proj_overall01 webdyn change project revenues sap_sfin_acc_planning cj43 ta fcom_ip_proj_overall01 webdyn display project revenues sap_sfin_acc_planning cjr2 ta fcom_ip_proj_costelem01 webdyn ps, internal orders sap_sfin_acc_planning kpg7 ta fcom_ip_ord_costelem01 webdyn display cost planning layout sap_sfin_acc_planning ck11 ta ck11n ta create product cost estimate ck13 ta ck13n ta display product cost estimate ck41 ta ck40n ta create costing run ck42 ta ck40n ta change costing run ck43 ta ck40n ta display costing run ck60 ta ck40n ta preselection, ach format rffom200 prog pmw international payment medium - swift format mt200 rffom202 prog pmw international payment medium - swift format mt202 rffom210 prog pmw international payment medium - swift format mt210 ragitt01 prog s_alr_87011990 tran asset history sheet fagl_fc_val ta fagl_fcv tran foreign currency valuation s_pl0_86000030  ta fis_fpm_grid_glacc_bal  webdyn, primary costs kb21 ta kb21n ta enter activity allocation kb31 ta kb31n ta enter statistical key figures kb33 ta kb33n ta display statistical key figures kb34 ta kb34n ta reverse statistical key figures kb51 ta kb51n ta enter activity posting ke21 ta ke21n ta create, -pa line item kke1 ta ckuc ta add base planning object kke2 ta ckuc ta change base planning object kke3 ta ckuc ta display base planning object kkec ta ckuc ta compare base object - unit cost est kked ta ckuc ta bom, -om overhead cost controllingco-pa profitability analysisco-pc product cost controllingfi-aa asset accountingfi-ap accounts payablefi-gl general ledger accountingfin-fscm-col collections managementfin-fscm-cr credit managementfin-fscm-dm dispute management priority correction, release ck68 ta ck40n ta release costing run ck74 ta ck74n ta create additive costs kb11 ta kb11n ta enter reposting, change activity input planning sap_sfin_acc_planning kpf6 ta fcom_ip_ord_costelem01 webdyn change celem/activity input planning sap_sfin_acc_planning kpf7 ta fcom_ip_ord_costelem01 webdyn display celem, account balances  sap_sfin_acc_closing s_pco_36000218  ta fcom_fis_ar_ovp webdyn receivables segment  sap_sfin_acc_closing s_pco_36000219  ta fcom_fis_ap_ovp webdyn payables segment  sap_sfin_acc_closing s_alr_87012326, activity inputs sap_sfin_acc_planning kp07 ta fcom_ip_cc_costelem01 webdyn display cost

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