Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSR-00528 RACGONS: host and port number already configured in OCR
CLSR-00529 RACGONS: host and port number to be removed does not exist
CLSR-00530 Can not get user name
CLSR-00531 Can not get primary group name
CLSR-01001 Unsupported open mode number is specified
CLSR-01002 Unable to process instance startup
CLSR-01003 Error number encountered during mounting database
CLSR-01004 Failed to mount database
CLSR-01005 Error number encountered during altering database open mode
CLSR-01006 Unable to process instance shutdown
CLSR-01007 Connection to database was not established
CLSR-01008 Error number encountered during querying for PMON status
CLSR-01009 database management module failed to start
CLSR-01010 Unable to record PMON pid to string
CLSR-01011 Invalid instance startup mode [string] is specified
CLSR-01012 Invalid instance stop mode [string] is specified
CLSR-06500 Invalid input arguments
CLSR-06501 Exceeds maximum number of arguments
CLSR-06502 Failed to connect to database string as user string
CLSR-06503 Service name already registered
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