Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSR-00508 Invalid message number number
CLSR-00509 Unable to initialize NLS
CLSR-00510 Unable to load NLS data
CLSR-00511 Error number encountered when handling incoming EVM message
CLSR-00512 Invalid CAA trigger event type [string]
CLSR-00513 Message file is not found
CLSR-00514 Unable to locate PMON [pid=string]
CLSR-00515 A service member is already running on this node
CLSR-00516 No service provider found at this node
CLSR-00517 Failed to register a service name
CLSR-00518 Failed to register a preconnect service name
CLSR-00519 No instance found
CLSR-00520 No service member found
CLSR-00521 Event string is rejected by EVM daemon
CLSR-00522 Resource string is not registered
CLSR-00523 Resource string is not enabled
CLSR-00524 Resource string is stopping, resource string cannot start
CLSR-00525 prsr initialization failed
CLSR-00526 Failed to retrieve database configuration in OCR
CLSR-00527 OCR operation failed
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