Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSD-02004 error number encountered when sending messages to string
CLSD-02005 timed out when waiting for response from number
CLSD-02006 failed to get response from number
CLSD-02007 invalid component key name used
CLSD-02008 invalid message type used
CLSD-02009 unable to get authentication for user string
CLSR-00001 Oracle error number encountered
CLSR-00002 Oracle error encountered while executing string
CLSR-00003 ORACLE_HOME environment variable not set
CLSR-00004 Error encountered at string, category=number, operation=string, OS error=number
CLSR-00005 Error encountered during memory allocation
CLSR-00006 Error encountered when writing file string
CLSR-00007 Error encountered when reading file string
CLSR-00501 Error number encountered when connecting to EVM daemon
CLSR-00502 Error number encountered when subscribing an EVM event
CLSR-00503 Error number encountered when creating an EVM event
CLSR-00504 Error number encountered when posting an EVM event
CLSR-00505 Empty event type is specified
CLSR-00506 Unmatched resource name prefix string is specified
CLSR-00507 The length of the facility name string exceeds the limit (number)
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