Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSS-02203 unable to access voting device: string
CLSS-02204 voting device not configured. [string] [string]
CLSS-02205 remote node string signaled our eviction via voting device: cause string
CLSS-02206 local node evicted by vendor node monitor
CLSS-02207 error string getting status from vendor node monitor
CLSS-03000 reconfiguration successful, incarnation string with string nodes
CLSS-03001 local node number string, master node number string
CLSS-03200 timed out waiting on nested reconfiguration
CLSS-03201 An attempt to begin a nested reconfiguration failed.
CLSS-03202 out of sync with master: [string] [string] [string] [string]
CLST-01101 assigning default private interconnect name string for node string
CLST-01102 assigning default host name string for node string
CLST-01103 existing configuration version (string) detected
CLST-01104 successfully determined required configuration for all components
CLST-01105 An existing configuration was detected. It was not overwritten.
CLST-01301 successfully deleted string of string configuration values
CLST-01302 successfully deleted string of string configuration keys
CLST-01303 successfully rolled back delete operation
CLST-01304 node deletion successful
CLST-01401 formatting voting device: string
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