Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSR-06504 Service name not in SERVICE_NAMES
CLSR-06505 SERVICE_NAMES found null and fixed
CLSR-06506 Error number encountered when executing string
CLSR-06507 Cannot add to SERVICE_NAMES, SERVICE_NAMES will be too long
CLSS-00001 skgxn not active
CLSS-00002 unable to determine local node number. type string
CLSS-00003 unable to determine cluster name. type string
CLSS-00004 unable to allocate memory resources
CLSS-00099 logfile open failed for string, err string
CLSS-00100 configuration data access failed for key string
CLSS-00101 Oracle Cluster Repository mismatch with node string. (string != string)
CLSS-00102 initialization failure: [string] [string] [string] [string] [string] [string]
CLSS-00103 unable to read configuration information for node string
CLSS-00200 local node string not listed in configuration
CLSS-01200 skgxn errror: category string, operation string, loc string
CLSS-02000 reconfiguration successful, incarnation string with string nodes
CLSS-02001 local node number string, master node number string
CLSS-02200 Received node deletion request for active node string.
CLSS-02201 endpoint already in use: string
CLSS-02202 voting device access took an excessive amount of time. (string sec)
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