SAP Table T005S - Taxes: Region (Province) Key

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
LAND1 X LAND1 CHAR 3 3 0 T005 Country Key
BLAND X REGIO CHAR 6 3 0 T005S Region (State, Province, County)
FPRCD FPRCD CHAR 9 3 0 Provincial tax code
HERBL HERBL CHAR 12 2 0 State of manufacture

1375438Globalization Collection Note
1376185TR regions added to table V_T005/S
1641607Update region codes for Ireland according to 3166-2
1399051Regions for AE and SA
433168Intrastat Belgium: Legal changes as of January 1st, 2002
1164216T005, T005S Content
596110CRM Brazil:Tax jurisdiction code determination in BP
568942Corrections to CFOP Change 2003 4.6C, 4.7
527730CONV: Newf. & Labr. prov. abbrev. change from NF to NL.
568341MSC: Incorrect provincial/territorial designations.
541324CONV: Data conversion of address-related infotypes.
31986Brazil address: Incorrect format
162594Missing Customizing entries