SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
gw/cpic_security Gateway Send CPIC security calls
gw/cpic_timeout Gateway Max. waiting time to establish connections
gw/deallocate_timeout Gateway timeout for deallocate and socket close
gw/export_trace_level Gateway Export trace level to external clients, gateways, ...
gw/external_trace_level Gateway Tracelevel for programs started from the gateway
gw/gwwp_connect_timeout Gateway Timeout for connect from gateway workprocess
gw/gwwp_long_polling_time Gateway Long polling time for gateway work processes
gw/gwwp_restart Gateway Time between two work process restarts
gw/gwwp_short_polling_time Gateway Short polling time
gw/gw_disconnect Gateway Timeout to cancel inactive gateway connections
gw/ims_max_send_length Gateway Max packet size for IMS
gw/ims_signon Gateway SIGN ON for IMS Systems
gw/ims_signon_cmd Gateway IMS SIGN ON command
gw/internal_timeout Gateway Timeout for read/write calls
gw/keepalive Gateway Timer for check unused connections
gw/keep_process Gateway Start gateway workprocesses on demand or not
gw/local_addr Gateway use local address for connections
gw/max_conn Gateway Maximum number of active connections
gw/max_conn_per_wp Gateway Maximum number of connections for gateway workprocess
gw/max_overflow_size Gateway Size of local memory area for SAP gateway
gw/max_overflow_usage Gateway Percentage of overflow area
gw/max_shm_req Gateway Maximum number of requests put into shared memory
gw/max_shm_req_per_conn Gateway Maximum number of requests put into shared memory per connection
gw/max_short_poll_no Gateway Number of short pollings before long polling
gw/max_sleep Gateway Timeout for gateway reader for select
gw/max_sockets Gateway max number of sockets for gateway
gw/max_sys Gateway Maximum number of gateway clients
gw/max_wp Gateway Maximum number of gateway work processes
gw/monitor Gateway Enables or disables monitor commands
gw/netstat Gateway Command to get the own host adresses
gw/netstat_once Gateway Get own IP addresses only during startup
gw/nibuf_max Gateway number of entries in network hostname buffer
gw/nibuf_retry Gateway timeout for 'invalid' entries in hostname buffer
gw/nifragtest Gateway flag to test work fragmentation
gw/nitrace Gateway enable/disable tracing for network layer (NI)
gw/non_conversational Gateway Converational mode (communication with R/2)
gw/receive_immediate Gateway Receive type for gateway workprocesses
gw/reg_info Gateway External security filename for gateway
gw/reg_keepalive Gateway timer for check waiting registered server programs
gw/reg_lb_default Gateway Default value for load
gw/reg_lb_ip Gateway Define load value for specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses
gw/reg_lb_level Gateway Load balancing level for registered programs
gw/reg_no_conn_info Gateway Setzen von Security Leveln für sec- und reg_info
gw/reg_timeout Gateway Timeout to allocate registererd programs
gw/remsh Gateway Remote shell command
gw/rem_start Gateway How to start remote executables
gw/req_stack_size Gateway Number of stacks for CPI-C communication
gw/resolve_timeout Gateway Timeout for net lookup calls
gw/sec_info Gateway External security filename for gateway
gw/side_info Gateway Sideinfo file
gw/sim_mode Gateway Startet den Simulations Modus für reg_info und sec_info
gw/so_keepalive Gateway Enable/disable socket option SO_KEEPALIVE
gw/ssh Gateway Secure shell command
gw/stack_size Gateway Gateway stack size for internal communication
gw/startup Gateway File read during startup to start external server
gw/stat Gateway Statistic switch
gw/tcp_security Gateway Protect start of external programs
gw/timeout Gateway Timeout for connect to other gateways
gw/use_udp Gateway enable/disable UDP port
icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_issuer ICM trust client with a certificate signed by this issuer
http/security_context_cache_size Login size (number of entries) of the HTTP security session context cache
http/security_session_timeout Login (Inactivity) Timeout for Http Security Sessions [in seconds]
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/size_MB ICM Sze of ICM server cache
i18n/bidi/logic Spool BIDI logic during printing
icf/option_list Abap Optionsliste für ICF
icf/set_HTTPonly_flag_on_cookies Abap Set HTTPonly-Flag for Cookies
icf/shared_memory_cache_off Abap switch the ICF memory cache on/off
icf/user_recheck System Recheck user by following requests in stateful HTTP communication
icm/accept_remote_trace_level ICM Accept external switch of trace level
icm/authfile ICM Path and name of ICM authentication file
icm/cancel_strategy ICM Cancel strategy of ICM
icm/ccms_monitoring ICM Switch on / off CCMS monitoring of ICM
icm/ccms_refresh_rate ICM Time interval (sec.) for CCMS alerting information of ICM
icm/conn_timeout ICM Timeout for outgoing connections
icm/dpj2ee Dispatcher run system with standalone j2ee dispatcher dpj2ee
icm/host_name_full ICM Full qualified host name
icm/HTTPS/context_quota ICM Quota (in percent) for number of contexts in backend system
icm/HTTPS/verify_client ICM SSL Client Certificate required?
icm/HTTP/admin_ ICM Specify web based administration in ICM
icm/HTTP/auth_ ICM Access Restrictions in the ICM and SAP Web Dispatcher
icm/HTTP/context_quota ICM Quota (in percent) for number of contexts in backend system
icm/HTTP/error_templ_path ICM Description where the error templates can be found
icm/HTTP/file_access_ ICM Static file access specification
icm/HTTP/j2ee_ ICM Specification of communication with J2EE Server
icm/HTTP/logging_ ICM Specify HTTP logging in ICM
icm/HTTP/logging_client_ ICM Specify HTTP client logging in ICM
icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB ICM Maximum size of HTTP-request which is accepted by ICM
icm/HTTP/redirect_ ICM HTTP redirect specification
icm/HTTP/server_cache_ ICM Specifies URL prefix and file system root of ICM/HTTP server cache
icm/keep_alive_timeout ICM Keep alive timeout for inactive connections
icm/listen_queue_len ICM Maximum number of requests in state waiting for connection
icm/log_level ICM Level for syslog writing
icm/max_conn ICM Maximum number of open connections at one time
icm/max_services ICM maximum number of ICM services (port/protocol)
icm/max_sleep ICM Maximum sleep between network operations
icm/max_sockets ICM Maximum numer of sockets to use
icm/max_threads ICM Maximum number of worker threads of ICM
icm/min_spare_threads ICM Number of worker threads ICM tries to keep free
icm/min_threads ICM Minimum number of threads of ICM
icm/req_queue_len ICM Maximum number of requests waiting for processing
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