SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
em/global_area_MB ExtMemory Size of the extended global memory area (EG) im MB
em/initial_size_MB ExtMemory Initial size of extended memory pool
em/max_size_MB ExtMemory Maximum size of extended memory pool
em/mm_diagmode ExtMemory Dagnostic options for internal memory management
em/stat_log_size_MB ExtMemory Insert into history buffer over MB used
em/stat_log_timeout System Write buffer onto disk all ... minutes
EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB ExtMemory Quota for maximum consumption of extended memory on that server
em/use_sema_lock ExtMemory Select locking method in extended memory administration
enque/async_req_max Enqueue Max. number of subsequent asynchronous requests
enque/backup_disabled Enqueue Disables writing the backup file
enque/backup_file Enqueue Name (full path) of the backup file
enque/con_retries Enqueue Number of connect retries to standalone enqueue server
enque/con_timeout Enqueue Timeout for connect establishment to standalone enqueue server
enque/delay_jitter Enqueue Offset for enqueue/wait operations
enque/delay_log_level Enqueue Log level for delays
enque/delay_log_time Enqueue Log time for delays
enque/delay_max Enqueue Number of retries if enqueue request is rejected
enque/delay_max_refine Enqueue Maximum refine for Enqueue/wait operations
enque/deque_wait_answer Enqueue Dequeue: wait for answer of enqueue server?
enque/disable_replication Enqueue Disables the enqueue replication system
enque/fast_table Enqueue Select fast or slow enqueue table implementation
enque/logging Enqueue Switch enqueue logging on/off
enque/log_file Enqueue enqueue related logfiles for all workprocesses (path)
enque/process_location Enqueue Communication between work process and Enqueue Server
enque/replication_dll Enqueue Name of the shared library for the enque replication
enque/replication_failed_cmd Enqueue Command string to be executed when repl. reload fails
enque/server/acl_file Enqueue ACL (access control list) file of the enqueue server port
enque/snapshot_timeout Enqueue Timeout of query snapshots
enque/statistics_file Enqueue Statistics file for Enqueue (full path)
enque/table_size Enqueue Size of Enqueue Table
enque/top_list_length Enqueue Length of the top lists in case of table overflows
enque/use_pfclock2 Enqueue Use pfclock2 to measure times in enqueue processing
sapgui/user_scripting_disable_recording Gui Disable the recording capabilities of SAP GUI Scripting
es2/blocksize_KB ExtMemory Block size for extended memory
es2/initial_size_MB ExtMemory Initial size of extended memory pool
es/blockdisclaimsize_KB ExtMemory Threshold for releasing memory within an EM block
es/disclaim_coasting_time_free ExtMemory Control EM usage against operating system
es/disclaim_threshold_MB ExtMemory EM Memory beyond threshold will be released against OS
es/freelist_compactor ExtMemory Use more efficient usage of EM blocks
es/implementation ExtMemory Defines implementation of MM on UNIX based OS
ES/SHM_BASE_ADDR ExtMemory Base virtual address to start allocating segments
ES/SHM_DISC_BLK_MAX ExtMemory Max blocks to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_BLK_MIN ExtMemory Min Blocks to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_BLOCK_PER_SEG ExtMemory Number of blocks per seg to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_SEGMENTS ExtMemory Number of segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_INIT_CNT ExtMemory # of seg operations before averaged disclaim starts
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_MAX ExtMemory Max segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_MIN ExtMemory Min number of segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_FLAGS ExtMemory Internal SHM Segs settings
ES/SHM_IDLE_SEGMENT ExtMemory Min segments in use to continue averaging
ES/SHM_MAX_PRIV_SEGS ExtMemory Max segments for private context usage
ES/SHM_MAX_SHARED_SEGS ExtMemory Max segemnts used for shared contexts
ES/SHM_PROC_SEG_COUNT ExtMemory Number of segments to use for each work process
ES/SHM_SEG_COUNT ExtMemory Maximum number of segments to use for ES
ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE ExtMemory Segment size in MBytes
ES/SHM_SYS_FREE_MAX ExtMemory Max num of unused seg's before returned to system
ES/SHM_SYS_INIT_SEGS ExtMemory Initial number of seg's to allocate from system
ES/SHM_USER_COUNT ExtMemory Number of ES users to support
ES/TABLE ExtMemory Selection of ES implementation
es/use_shared_memory ExtMemory Use shared memory based ext. memory (instead mmap)
eu/controlled_modification Abap Customizing modifications on repository Objects
eu/filename Abap missing
eu/iwb/help_type Gui Info Workbench: Type of Extended Help (format/access)
eu/iwb/installed_languages Gui Info Workbench: Installed Help Languages
eu/iwb/path_mac Gui Info Workbench: File path for Help on Mac Platforms
eu/iwb/path_os2 Gui Info Workbench: File path for Help on OS/2 platforms
eu/iwb/path_unix Gui Info Workbench: File path for Help on UNIX platforms
eu/iwb/path_win16 Gui Info Workbench: File path for Help on Win16 platforms
eu/iwb/path_win32 Gui Info Workbench: File path for Help on Win32 platforms
eu/iwb/server_mac Gui Info Workbench: HTTP server for Help on Mac platforms
eu/iwb/server_os2 Gui Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on OS/2 platforms
eu/iwb/server_unix Gui Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on UNIX platforms
eu/iwb/server_win16 Gui Info Workbench: HTTP server for Help on Win16 platforms
eu/iwb/server_win32 Gui Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on Win32 platforms
Execute_ System Command to be executed during startup
Execute_Program_ System Command to be executed during startup
EXETYPE System missing
exe/alpha_term Gui missing
exe/centralprgm System missing
exe/check System missing
exe/clock System missing
exe/disp+work Dispatcher Name of dispatcher executable
exe/gbmat Graphic missing
exe/gbusg Graphic missing
exe/ggant Graphic missing
exe/ghier Graphic missing
exe/ghpgl Graphic missing
exe/gmenu Graphic missing
exe/gscld Graphic missing
exe/gwrd Gateway Name of gateway executable
exe/gwwp Gateway Name of gateway workprocess executable
exe/icman ICM Name of Internet Communication Manager (ICM) executable
exe/icmbnd ICM Name of external binding executable for ports
exe/j2ee Dispatcher name of SAP J2EE Engine executable or batch file
exe/localprgm System missing
exe/log_server System missing
exe/os_collector System missing
exe/saposcol System missing
exe/saptemu Gui missing
exe/spool_server Spool missing
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