SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
login/min_password_lng Login Minimum Password Length
login/min_password_lowercase Login minimum number of lower-case characters in passwords
login/min_password_specials Login min. number of special characters in passwords
login/min_password_uppercase Login minimum number of upper-case characters in passwords
login/multi_login_users Login list of exceptional users: multiple logon allowed
login/password_change_for_SSO Login Handling of password change enforcements in Single Sign-On situations
login/password_change_waittime Login Password change possible after # days (since last change)
login/password_charset Login character set used for passwords
login/password_expiration_time Login Dates until password must be changed
login/password_hash_algorithm Login encoding and hash algorithm used for new passwords
login/password_history_size Login Number of records to be stored in the password history
login/password_logon_usergroup Login users of this group can still logon with passwords
login/server_logon_restriction Login Server Logon Restriction
login/show_detailed_errors Login show detailed login error messages
login/system_client Login System default client
login/ticketcache_entries_max Login maximim number of entries for the SAP Logon Ticket cache
login/ticketcache_off Login switch off caching for the SAP Logon Ticket
login/ticket_expiration_time Login login/ticket_expiration_time
login/ticket_only_by_https Login generate ticket that will only be sent via https
login/ticket_only_to_host Login ticket will only be sent back to creating host
login/update_logon_timestamp Login update frequency / accuracy of logon timestamp
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/listenport VMC Line to define the listen port for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/strat_jars VMC Line to define the strategy jars for the Java Debug Proxy
mdm/network_timeout Abap Sets the timeout value of the MDM ABAP API communication
mpi/buffer_size System Buffer size for memory pipes (MPI)
mpi/total_size_MB System Total memory size in MB used for MPI
ms/acl_file_admin MsgServer ACL (access control list) file of the message server admin port
ms/acl_file_ext MsgServer ACL (access control list) file of the external message server port
ms/acl_file_extbnd MsgServer ACL (access control list) file of the message server ext. bind port
ms/acl_file_int MsgServer ACL (access control list) file of the internal message server port
ms/acl_info MsgServer File with access control list for message server
ms/admin_port MsgServer Administration port for external clients
ms/audit MsgServer Option to trace events into trace file
ms/comment MsgServer Short description of message server
ms/conn_timeout MsgServer Connection timeout for clients
ms/domain_max_delay MsgServer Maximum delay between two connections tries
ms/domain_max_try MsgServer Connection to domain server: max. number of tries
ms/domain_server MsgServer List of domain server
ms/https_port MsgServer Port where HTTPS requests arrive
ms/http_bufferln MsgServer Maximum buffer length for HTTP requests
ms/http_domain MsgServer Use client's domain for redirect requests
ms/http_enable_handler MsgServer Enable/disable HTTP handler routines called by message server
ms/http_logging MsgServer dynamically change HTTP logging
ms/HTTP/logging_0 MsgServer Specify HTTP logging in message server
ms/http_lookup MsgServer Lookup for SAP specific URL attributes
ms/http_max_clients MsgServer Maximum number of HTTP clients
ms/http_max_ports MsgServer Maximum number of listening HTTP ports
ms/http_port MsgServer Port where HTTP requests arrive
ms/http_timeout MsgServer Timeout for HTTP and HTTPS requests
ms/http_was_required MsgServer SAP Web AS with ABAP stack required for dispatching requests
ms/icf_info_server MsgServer name of the application to load icf information for loadbalancing
ms/keepalive MsgServer Timer for check of unused connections
ms/max_clients MsgServer Number of clients
ms/max_open_requests MsgServer Number of open requests
ms/max_sleep MsgServer Timeout for message server for select
ms/max_vhost MsgServer maximum number of virtual hosts
ms/monitor MsgServer Enable/disable external monitor
ms/nitrace MsgServer enable/disable tracing for network layer (NI)
ms/redirect_version MsgServer status code for redirect requests
ms/server_port_ MsgServer Message Server port specification
ms/timeout MsgServer Timeout for read/write calls
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/clear ICM Option: clear ICM cache after restart
Nametab Database Nametab buffers
net/timeout System Network timeout
nobuf/max_attempts System Maximum number of attempts to get the number range buffer semaphore
nobuf/max_no_buffer_entries System Number Range Buffer Size
nobuf/server System Name of Number Range Server
login/password_max_idle_productive Login maximum #days a password (set by the user) can be unused (idle)
rspo/rspoget2_daemon/saplpd_block_size Spool Maximum packet size for saplpd
login/no_automatic_user_sapstar Login Control of the automatic login user SAP*
login/password_max_idle_initial Login maximum #days a password (set by the admin) can be unused (idle)
vmcj/option/jit/sharedCodeCacheSize VMC shared code cache size for the VMC
rspo/host_spool/print_answer_ignore1 Spool Discard insignificant message from host spooler
rspo/host_spool/print_answer_ignore2 Spool Discard insignificant message from host spooler
rspo/host_spool/print_answer_ignore3 Spool Discard insignificant message from host spooler
rspo/host_spool/print_answer_ignore4 Spool Discard insignificant message from host spooler
rspo/host_spool/dfA_with_hostname Spool Use instance and not host name in control file names
PHYS_MEMSIZE System Available main memory for SAP instance
abap/collation/icu_sortkey_factor Abap size of internal ICU sortkeys
rdisp/no_rfc_commit_in_update_task Dispatcher no rfc commit in update task
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/max_entries ICM Maximum number of ICM cache entries
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/expiration ICM Default expiration time for ICM cache entries
rdisp/acl_file Dispatcher Access Control List for SAP GUI connections
rdisp/appc_ca_blk_no Dispatcher Buffer Size for CPI-C Communications
rdisp/async_dialog_timeout Dispatcher timeout for asynchronous dialog RFCs
rdisp/atp_server System List of the ATP server names
rdisp/autoabaptime Dispatcher Specifies the time cycle in seconds SAPMSSY6 is running
rdisp/autoabapuser Dispatcher Specifies the user for automatic SAPMSSY6 processing
rdisp/autojavatime Dispatcher Specifies the time cycle in seconds autojava is running
rdisp/autothtime System Time cycle for periodical taskhandler checks
rdisp/auto_vb_stop Update DB errors will stop update task automatically
rdisp/btcname Batch Name of application server that processes events
rdisp/btctime Dispatcher Start Interval for Background Scheduler
rdisp/bufrefmode Dispatcher Buffer Refresh Mode
rdisp/bufreftime Dispatcher Refresh Interval in Distributed Systems
rdisp/call_system Abap switch on/off CALL 'SYSTEM'
rdisp/context_pool_size System Configure maximum number of pooled contexts
rdisp/debug_jvm_startup System debug java vm startup
rdisp/delayed_call_interval Dispatcher Time cycle for invoke of delayed functions
rdisp/delete_ddlog Dispatcher Cyclic Refresh of Table DDLOG
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