SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
exe/tcp_client System missing
exe/tcp_server System missing
exe/work_process Dispatcher path of work processes
rfc/enable_trfc_dbg_user_switch Abap Enable tRFC/qRFC user switch for debugging
FN_ABAPPROT Abap Filename for List of ABAP-warnings
FN_ALALERTS Alert generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture alerts
FN_ALFILTER Alert syslog filter parameters for alert generation
FN_ALMTTREE Alert generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture MTE tree structure
FN_ALPARAMS Alert limits, high-water-marks alert data
FN_ALPERFHI Alert generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture 24 hour performance history
FN_ASTAT Perf Filename der Anwendungsstatistk Datei
FN_ATRAPATH Abap Laufzeitanalyse: Generischer Meßdatendateiname
FN_AUDIT System Name of security audit file
FN_BATALTLOG Batch File name for old batch logfile
FN_BATLOG Batch File name for joblog file
FN_BDCALTLOG BatchInput File name for old batch input logfile
FN_BDCLOG BatchInput File name for batch input logfile
FN_CHECK System File name for program sapcheck
FN_DBMS Database File name for database
FN_DBPASSWD Database File name for database password file
FN_DW Dispatcher File name for dispatcher process
FN_EDITOR System Generic Filename fo ABAP-Editor Backup-File
FN_ENQBCK Enqueue File name for enqueue backup file
FN_ENQLOG Enqueue File name for enqueue log file
FN_ENQRPT Enqueue File name for enqueue reporting file
FN_ENQSTAT Enqueue File name for enqueue statistic file
FN_EUFILE Abap Generic filename for development environment
FN_EXTRACT System file name mask for extract file
FN_GBMAT Graphic File name for graphic executable
FN_GBUSG Graphic File name for graphic executable
FN_GEN_PRGM Graphic Generic file name for executable
FN_GGANT Graphic File name for graphic executable
FN_GHELP Graphic File name for graphic executable
FN_GHIER Graphic File name for graphic executable
FN_GHPGL Graphic missing
FN_GLANG System missing
FN_GMENU Graphic missing
FN_GSCLD Graphic missing
FN_GUCFG System missing
FN_GWRD Gateway File name for gateway process
FN_GWSTARTUP Gateway file name for gateway startup file
FN_GWWP Gateway File file for gateway work process
FN_ICMAN InterCM File name for Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
FN_MSCSAEXE Scsa File name for executable sapmscsa
FN_OSCOL Dispatcher File name for system collector
FN_PAGE Dispatcher missing
FN_Parameters System file names used by SAP
FN_REORG Database missing
FN_ROLL Dispatcher missing
FN_RSYN Abap missing
FN_SAPTRAP Abap missing
FN_SCSASHM Scsa missing
FN_SEC_INFO Gateway File name for security file
FN_SIDE_INFO Gateway File name for sideinfo file
FN_SLCOLEXE Syslog missing
FN_SLCOLPID Syslog missing
FN_SLFLMSG Syslog missing
FN_SLOG Syslog missing
FN_SLOGJOI Syslog missing
FN_SLOGJOIO Syslog missing
FN_SLOGO Syslog missing
FN_SLSNDEXE Syslog missing
FN_SLSNDPID Syslog missing
FN_SLSNDSTAT Syslog missing
FN_SLSWEXE Syslog missing
FN_SORT_FILE System missing
FN_SPOOLDIH Spool Dateinamen-Maske für Geräteinitialisierungsdateien
FN_SPOOLDTH Spool missing
FN_SPOOLEXE Spool missing
FN_STAT Perf missing
FN_STATIND Perf Variable for stat/ind_file(Substitution)
FN_TEMU Gui missing
FN_TP Trans missing
FN_TRACE Database missing
FT_AUDIT System File extension for audit log files (not supported)
FT_BIN System File extension for binary files
FT_DAT System File extension for data files
FT_DBE System File extension for database files
FT_EXE System File extension for executables
FT_LOG System File extension for log files
FT_Parameters System file specifications used by SAP
FT_PID System File extension for pid files
FT_STA System File extension for statistics file
icf/accept_client_recorder_level Abap accept client switch of recorder level for internet communication framework
icf/accept_remote_recorder_level Abap accept external switch of recorder level for internet communication framework
icf/set_HTTPonly_flag_on_cookies Abap Set HTTPonly-Flag for Cookies
GetDsSpecCtrl System get dataset specification for operating system
login/certificate_request_ca_url Login URL of the certificate authority (for certificate requests)
GLOBALHOSTPATH System UNC Path to global \usr\sap directory
graph/help Graphic missing
graph/lang Graphic missing
gw/accept_remote_trace_level Gateway CPIC and RFC: adopt remote trace level?
gw/acl_file Gateway ACL (access control list) file of the gateway
gw/acl_mode Gateway Mode for non existing ACL file
gw/alternative_hostnames Gateway Alternative hostnames for localhost
gw/auto_disconnect Gateway Timeout for disconnect inactive SNA connections
gw/close_routes Gateway Timer to close inactive routes between gateways
gw/compatibility Gateway Compatible to version older than 3.0
gw/conn_disconnect Gateway Timeout to remove connections in state DISCONNECT
gw/conn_pending Gateway timeout for pending connections
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