SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
rspo/to_host/datafile Spool Name of file to send to host spooler
rstr/accept_remote_trace Systrace SAP trace: pass trace to RFC server
rstr/buffer_size_kB Systrace Size of trace internal buffer
rstr/filename Systrace Basic name of the tracefiles
rstr/max_files Systrace Maximum number of trace files
rstr/max_filesize_MB Systrace Maximum size of one trace file (MB)
rstr/max_lock_try Systrace Internal use only
rstr/stacksize Systrace Internal use only
rsts/ccc/cache07 Abap Size of cache for long multibyte characters
rsts/ccc/cachesize TemSe rsts/ccc/cachesize
rsts/dd_mismatch/action TemSe Define action for data dictionary checks in TemSe
rsts/filename TemSe Rule for creation of TemSe directory and filename
rsts/files/root/G TemSe Rule for building TemSe file names
rsts/files/root/L TemSe Rule for building TemSe file names
rsts/files/root/T TemSe Rule for building TemSe file names
rtbb/buffer_length Database Size of single key buffer (partial buffer)
rtbb/frame_length Database Size of Table Buffer Memory Frames
rtbb/max_tables Database Directory entries in single key buffer (partial buffer)
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/memory_size_MB ICM Size of memory resident ICM server cache
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/ufo_expiration ICM Expiration time for UFO entries in ICM Cache
RZ11_DOKUMENTATION System RZ11 transaction documentation
sapgui/user_scripting_force_notification Gui Prevent users from disabling the SAP GUI Scripting notifications.
SAPARGC System number of arguments passed to the programm
SAPARGV System argument string passed to the programm
SAPDBHOST System missing
SAPDIAHOST System missing
SAPGLOBALHOST System missing
sapgui/signature_color Gui Set the SAP GUI signature color to be used with this system
sapgui/theme Gui Set the SAP GUI theme to be used with this system
sapgui/user_scripting Gui Enable or disable user scripting on the frontend.
sapgui/user_scripting_per_user Gui Check user priviledges to determine if user scripting should be enabled.
saphelp System missing
saphelptype System missing
SAPLICENSE System license
SAPLOCALHOST System missing
SAPMSHOST System Hostname where message server is located
SAPon System identifier for operating system
SAPPROFILE System missing
SAPSYSTEM System Number to identify a SAP system
SAPSYSTEMNAME System Identifier for SAP system
saptemu/ArchiveLogfile Gui missing
saptemu/ArchiveProfile Gui missing
saptemu/BigFixFont Gui missing
saptemu/BigPropFont Gui missing
saptemu/CharSet Gui missing
saptemu/Codepage Gui missing
saptemu/ConnectTimeout Gui missing
saptemu/FixFontMask Gui missing
saptemu/IPCTimeout Gui missing
saptemu/MenuTimeout Gui missing
saptemu/PropFontMask Gui missing
saptemu/R2Client Gui missing
saptemu/R2Codepage Gui missing
saptemu/R2ConnectMode Gui missing
saptemu/R2CuaBufferSize Gui missing
saptemu/R2DecimalFormat Gui missing
saptemu/R2Destination Gui missing
saptemu/R2DynproBufferSize Gui missing
saptemu/R2Language Gui missing
saptemu/R2Password Gui missing
saptemu/R2SecurityLogon Gui missing
saptemu/R2StatusBufferEntry Gui missing
saptemu/R2StatusBufferSize Gui missing
saptemu/R2Userid Gui missing
saptemu/R2UseStatusBuffer Gui missing
saptemu/RPCTimeout Gui missing
saptemu/SmallFixFont Gui missing
saptemu/SmallPropFont Gui missing
saptemu/UseInputMethod Gui missing
SAPTRANSHOST Trans central host for transports
SAPUC2_ID1 System Kernel description: non-Unicode or Unicode
SAPUC2_ID2 System Kernel description: compare SAP_UC and wchar_t
SAPUC2_ID3 System Kernel description: SAP_UC
SAPUC2_ID4 System Kernel description: compare wchar_t and Unicode
SAPUC2_ID5 System Kernel description: size of wchar_t
sap/bufdir_count_limit System missing
sap/bufdir_entries System missing
sap/buf_shared System missing
SAP_Parameter System System profile parameters
rscp/transcribe/list/underscore Abap Use underscore to indicate transcriptions
scsa/autocreate Scsa create missing SCSA automatically
scsa/create_daemon/exe_file Scsa program to allocate SCSA
scsa/shm/file Scsa Identifier for Shared Common System Area
scsa/shm/key Scsa Identifier for Shared Common System Area
scsa/shm/size Scsa Shared Common System Area Size
scsa/shm/start Scsa Start address for Shared Common System Area
sds/comment MsgServer short description of the domain server
sds/domain MsgServer Domain name for domain server
sds/domain_tab MsgServer file with domain description
sds/listen MsgServer port to listen
sds/route_in MsgServer route to own domain
sds/route_out MsgServer route out from own domain
sds/server_tab MsgServer file with message server descriptions
sec/dsakeylengthdefault System Default keylength of DSA-PSEs
sec/libsapsecu System complete path and filename for SAPSECULIB
sec/ral_enabled_for_rfc Abap Read Access Logging for RFC
sec/rsakeylengthdefault System Default keylength of RSA-PSEs
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/max_name_len ICM Maximum character length of ICM cache keys
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