SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
rsdb/ntab/sntabsize Database data area size for Short NTAB buffer
rsdb/obj/buffersize System Size of export/import buffer [kB]
rsdb/obj/large_object_size System Expected size of the largest objects in export / import buffer
rsdb/obj/max_objects System Maximum number of objects in export / import buffer
rsdb/obj/mutex_n System Number of mutexes in Export/Import-Buffer
rsdb/oracle_host Database Hostname of the Oracle Database Server
rsdb/oracle_host_standby Database Hostname of a Standby Database Host
rsdb/oracle_sid Database SID of an Oracle RDBMS
rsdb/oracle_sid_standby Database Oracle SID of a Standby Database Instance
rsdb/otr/buffersize_kb System Size of Online Text Repository Buffer [kB]
rsdb/otr/max_objects System Maximum number of objects in Online Text Repository Buffer
rsdb/otr/mutex_n System Number of mutexes in Online Text Repository Buffer
rsdb/prefer_fix_blocking Database Set if fix blocking for FOR ALL ENTRIES is desired
rsdb/prefer_in_itab_opt Database set if IN (...) shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES (if possible).
rsdb/prefer_join Database set if JOIN shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES
rsdb/prefer_union_all Database set if UNION ALL shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES
rsdb/rclu/opt_level Database Set optimistic cluster level
rsdb/reco_add_error_codes Database add or remove DB error codes that lead to DB reconnect
rsdb/reco_ping_cmd Database Syntax of the ping command
rsdb/reco_sleep_time Database Influence the Sleeptime between two DB-Reconnect Attempts
rsdb/reco_sosw_for_db Database Activation of a Database-Reconnect feature for Switch Over Software
rsdb/reco_sync_all_server Database Activation of the Synchronisation of all AppServer during the Database-Reconnect
rsdb/reco_tcp_service Database TCP-Service-Name
rsdb/reco_trials Database Activation of the Database-Reconnect without Restart of the Workprocess
rsdb/rep/fast_touch Perf accelerate touch by not locking source before updating time stamp
rsdb/staton Database Activate Extended Table Statistics
rsdb/stattime Database Table Access Times in Extended Statistics
rsdb/trace_modules Database Database Interface Trace Options
rsec/securestorage/keyfile System Path to file with key for the secure storage
rsec/ssfs_datapath System Directory for the data files of the Secure Storage in the File System (ABAP)
rsec/ssfs_keypath System Directory for the key files of the Secure Storage in the File System (ABAP)
rslg/alert_filter_params Syslog missing
rslg/append/lock Syslog missing
rslg/central/file Syslog Central Log File
rslg/central/old_file Syslog Central Log Switch File
rslg/collect_daemon/exe_file Syslog Log Collector Executable
rslg/collect_daemon/host Syslog Central Log Host
rslg/collect_daemon/pid_file Syslog File containg the pid of the running collector process
rslg/collect_daemon/talk_port Syslog Log Collector Talk Port
rslg/local/file Syslog Local Log File Name
rslg/local/old_file Syslog missing
rslg/max_diskspace/central Syslog maximum diskspace used for the central syslog file(s)
rslg/max_diskspace/local Syslog maximum size of the local syslog file
rslg/messages/flat_file Syslog File to store or read syslog messages for SE92
rslg/send_daemon/autostart Syslog flag for auto start of sender process
rslg/send_daemon/exe_file Syslog Log Sender Executable
rslg/send_daemon/listen_port Syslog Log Sender Listen Port
rslg/send_daemon/pid_file Syslog pid file of sender process
rslg/send_daemon/status_file Syslog statusfile of syslog sender
rslg/send_daemon/talk_port Syslog Log Sender Talk Port
rslg/swap_daemon/exe_file Syslog executable name for swap daemon
rslg/swap/lock Syslog internal syslog use
rslg/write_sync_disk Syslog synchronous write to disk of syslog messages
rspo/rspoget2_daemon/tcp_block_size Spool Maximum packet size for access method U
rspo/AIX_a/print Spool Default print command: AIX
rspo/AIX_b/print Spool Sample print command: AIX
rspo/AIX_c/print Spool Sample print command: AIX
rspo/archive_format Spool Format for output data for the ArchiveLink archiver
rspo/auth/pagelimit Spool Activation of page limit check for spool devices
rspo/check_memory Spool Activate internal memory checking
rspo/default_archiver Spool Default device for ArchiveLink requests
rspo/devinit/datafile Spool Pathname for file containing device initialization
rspo/global_shm/action_list Spool Startup-Größe für Spool-Aktions-Liste
rspo/global_shm/job_list Spool Number of entries in spool system's request queue
rspo/global_shm/printer_list Spool Anzahl Einträge in einem Shared-Memory-Cache des R/3 Spool Systems
rspo/global_shm/server_list Spool Startup cache size for spool server cache
rspo/host_spool/answer_format Spool No longer used
rspo/host_spool/print Spool Print command for host system (access method L)
rspo/host_spool/print_answer Spool No longer used
rspo/host_spool/print_method Spool Not used
rspo/host_spool/query Spool Command to request the status of the print job
rspo/HPUX_a/print Spool Default print command: HP-UX
rspo/HPUX_b/print Spool Sample print command: HP-UX
rspo/local_print/server Spool Server used for frontend printing
rspo/log/level Spool not used
rspo/log/level_A Spool Not used
rspo/log/maxerror Spool Not used
rspo/lpq/retries Spool Number of query retries until jobs go to problem state
rspo/lpq/temp_disable_slow Spool Inactivation threshold for slow printers
rspo/lpq/temp_disable_time Spool Inactivation period for slow printers
rspo/lpq/warn_time Spool Warning threshold for slow printers
rspo/novell_modifier Spool Not used
rspo/req_lifetime Spool Not used
rspo/rspoget2_daemon/exe_file Spool Not used anymore
rspo/spool_id/chunk Spool Determines the number of spool IDs reserved at one time
rspo/spool_id/fill_on_commit Spool Not used
rspo/spool_id/loopbreak Spool Maximum loopcount for spool ID check
rspo/spool_id/max_number Spool Upper limit of spool ID number range
rspo/spool_id/use_tskh Spool Controls the allocation of spool numbers
rspo/stat/jobs Spool Write statistic data for printjobs into TSPJSTAT
rspo/stat/query Spool Write statistic data for printer queues into TSPQSTAT
rspo/store_location Spool Controls where TemSe stores data from R/3 spool
rspo/tcp/relay/enable Spool Not used
rspo/tcp/relay/hostname Spool Not used
rspo/tcp/relay/portnumber Spool Not used
rspo/tcp/retries Spool Number of attempts to connect to remote printer
rspo/tcp/retrytime Spool Delay between attempts to establish LPD communication
rspo/tcp/timeout/connect Spool Connect timeout
rspo/tcp/timeout/read Spool Read timeout
rspo/tcp/timeout/write Spool Write timeout
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