SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
icm/HTTP/server_cache_/ufo_codelist ICM List of HTTP error codes to be handled as UFOs
rslg/collect_daemon/listen_port Syslog Log Collector Listen Port
slic/buffer_entries_dig_sig System Number of entries in buffer for digitally signed license keys
slic/high_available System Activate high available SAPlicense
slic/license_type System License check message server/database
slic/netid_servers MsgServer Network ID servers for flexible license mechanism
slic/use_buffer Login Saplicense-Puffer benutzen
smc/mcon System Switch on/off synchroneous matchode writing
snc/accept_insecure_cpic SNC Accept insecure CPIC-connections to SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_gui SNC Accept insecure SAPGUI logins to SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_r3int_rfc SNC Accept insecure internal RFCs on SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_rfc SNC Accept insecure RFC-connections to SNC-enabled Server
snc/data_protection/max SNC Limit for data protection of Secure Network Comm.
snc/data_protection/min SNC Min. required data protection for incoming connections
snc/data_protection/use SNC Level of data protection for R/3 initiated connections
snc/enable SNC Enable SNC-Module (Secure Network Communications)
snc/extid_login_diag SNC Enable login with external identity (DIAG)
snc/extid_login_rfc SNC Enable login with external identity (RFC)
snc/force_login_screen SNC Display login screen for each SNC-protected login
snc/gssapi_lib SNC Filename for external GSS-API shared library
snc/identity/as SNC Name of application server for external Security Syst.
snc/only_encrypted_gui SNC Enforce encrypted SAPGUI connections
snc/only_encrypted_rfc SNC Enforce encrypted RFC connections
snc/permit_insecure_start SNC Permit to start insecure programs when SNC is enabled
snc/r3int_rfc_qop SNC Quality of protection for internal RFCs with SNC
snc/r3int_rfc_secure SNC Use SNC for internal RFC-Communications
spfl_formatter Abap Parameter is used by transaction SPFL_FORMATTER
spnego/construct_SNC_name Login Construct SNC name for given Kerberos User Name
spnego/enable Login Enable SPNego Module
spnego/krbspnego_lib Login Filename for Kerberos/SPNego library
rspo/host_spool/print_answer_id Spool Identification string for host job ID
wdisp/HTTPS/max_client_ip_entries WebDisp HTTPS: max. number of different client addresses for load balancing
itsp/Traces/SAPplugin/TraceLevel System SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, itsp plugin
SRZL_WPNO_BTC_A Batch Background Work Processes Reserved for Job Class A
ssf2/name System Name of the 2nd external SSF security toolkit
ssf2/ssfapi_lib System complete path and filename for 2nd SSF API external library
ssf2/ssf_md_alg System Message Digest Algorithm for 2nd SSF toolkit
ssf2/ssf_symencr_alg System Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for 2nd SSF toolkit
ssf3/name System Name of the third external SSF security toolkit
ssf3/ssfapi_lib System complete path and filename for third SSF API external library
ssf3/ssf_md_alg System Message Digest Algorithm for 3nd SSF toolkit
ssf3/ssf_symencr_alg System Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for third SSF toolkit
ssf/name System Name of the external SSF security toolkit
ssf/ssfapi_lib System complete path and filename for SSF API external library
ssf/ssf_md_alg System Message Digest Algorithm for SSF
ssf/ssf_symencr_alg System Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for SSF
ssl/client_cache_lifetime SNC Max. lifetime of a session in SSL client cache
ssl/client_cache_size SNC Max. number of session in the SSL client cache
ssl/client_pse SNC Filename of default PSE for SSL Client sessions
ssl/server_cache_lifetime SNC Max. lifetime of a session in SSL server cache
ssl/server_cache_size SNC Max. number of session in the SSL server cache
ssl/server_pse SNC Filename of default PSE for SSL Server sessions
ssl/ssl_lib SNC Filename for external SSL shared library
login/password_downwards_compatibility Login password downwards compatibility (8 / 40 characters, case-sensitivity)
install/codepage/MNLS_CONVERSION Abap Don't translate Japanese characters to upper case
start_menu System missing
Start_Program_ System Starts a SAP R/3 executable
stat/adrec Perf Max. number of ad statistic records, created for one statistic record
stat/as_bufsize Perf Anwendungsstatistik: Groesse des SHM-Puffers
stat/as_collect Perf Anwendungsstatistik-Saetze sammeln
stat/as_file Perf Anwendungsstatistik: Filename
stat/as_level Perf Anwendungsstatistik: Schalter ein/aus
stat/as_max_files Perf Number of astat-Files which can be held at a time
stat/as_max_init Perf Anwendungsstatistik: max. Anzahl INITS (parallel)
stat/btcrec Perf Max. number of btc step statistic records for one statistic record
stat/bufsize Perf Size of the work process specific statistic buffer
stat/checks System Activate runtime checks for SAP statistic
stat/clock System Clock for SAP statistic
stat/compression Perf compress statistic records
stat/dbconrec Perf Maximum number of DB connection statistic-records
stat/dbprocrec Perf Max. number of db procedure statistic records, created
stat/file Perf Name of the statistic file
stat/index Perf Write additional index(file) for statistics
stat/ind_file Perf Filename for statistic-index file
stat/level Perf level of the sap statistics
stat/max_files Perf Number of stat-Files which can be held at a time
stat/normal_clock Perf Welche Uhr wird fuer die Performancemessung benutzt
stat/recno Perf Number of statistical records buffered
stat/rfcrec Perf Max. number of rfc statistic records for one statistic record
stat/round_factor Perf Rundungswert des Time-factors der Statistik
stat/runtime_clock System SAP runtime clock
stat/sporec Perf Max. number of spool statistic records created for one statistic record
stat/tabrec Perf Max. number of table statistic records, created for one statistic record
stat/tabrec_tcode_ Perf transaction code for table statistic
stat/umask Perf Permission umask for stat-files
stat/version Perf version of statistic information
stat/vmcrec Perf Max. number of vmc statistic records created for one statistic record
stat/webservicerec Perf Max. number of webservice statistic records for one statistic record
Stop_Program_ System Commands to be executed during shutdown
system/description System Verbal description of the system
system/uuid System Universal Unique Identifier of the System
dbs/db2/icli_trusted_connections SNC specifies the use of a secure connection
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_deadlock_time Database DB6: DbSl trace deadlock detection interval (seconds)
es/disclaim_coasting_time_alloc ExtMemory Control EM usage against operating system
install/codepage/FRONT_CONVERSION Dynp Screen input field data upper case translation
term/tm_class Gui missing
Activating_Background_Processing Batch Activating Background Processing documentation
transport/during_upgrade Trans Flag for Transportsystem to work upgrade-specific
transport/systemtype Trans System class (SAP or CUSTOMER)
transport/tp_logging Trans Usage of interface to transport program is logged in the database (table TPLOG).
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