SAP Parameters

Parameter Group Text
rdisp/TRACE_SEARCH_LIST System List of trace file types for automatic search
rdisp/traffic_control Dispatcher Connection timeout for clients
rdisp/update_max_attempt_no Update Number of retries after DB errors in update task
rdisp/use_rfc_dest_lookup System Enable lookup of RFC destination for backward GUI connection
rdisp/vb2_context Update Mode of update dispatching for V2 updates
rdisp/vbdelete Update Delete old update requests
rdisp/vbmail Update Send mail in case of an update error
rdisp/vbname Update Name of the Update Server
rdisp/vbreorg Update Delete uncomplete update requests
rdisp/vbstart Update Perform initial update requests after start-up
rdisp/vb_auto_sync Update Auto sync after specified number of updates
rdisp/vb_context Update Mode of update dispatching for V1 updates
rdisp/vb_dispatching Update Switch to activate/deactivate update dispatching
rdisp/vb_factor Update Load balancing for Update Servers
rdisp/vb_included_server Update List of the update server used for dispatching
rdisp/vb_key_comp Perf Verbuchungskey: Reihenfolge der Key-Komponenten
rdisp/vb_lock_mode Update Handling of SAP enqueues after update error
rdisp/vb_mail_user_list Update List of users to receive mails in case of update errors
rdisp/vb_refresh_info Update Elapsed time for refreshing update server info
rdisp/vb_stop_active Update Make the update deactivation impossible
rdisp/vb_v2_auto_sync Update Auto sync for V2 update requests?
rdisp/vb_v2_start Update Start v2 update requests automatically?
rdisp/verbose_level System Verbose level (for short dumps, system log, ..)
rdisp/vmc_timeout_prio VMC Configure priority for VMC timeouts
rdisp/vm_alarm_time System alarm timer for vm container
rdisp/wait_after_deadlock Dispatcher Wait time for dead lock situations
rdisp/workdir Dispatcher Name of working directory
rdisp/wpdbug_max_no Dispatcher Max. number of work processes in SAP debug mode
rdisp/wppriv_max_no Dispatcher Maximum number of work processes in PRIV mode
rdisp/wp_abap_restart System Automatic work process restart
rdisp/wp_auto_restart System Automatic work process restart
rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no Dispatcher Work Process Communication Blocks
rdisp/wp_max_no Dispatcher maximum number of startable work processes
rdisp/wp_no_btc Dispatcher Number of background work processes
rdisp/wp_no_dia Dispatcher number of dialog work processes
rdisp/wp_no_enq Dispatcher Number of Enqueue work processes
rdisp/wp_no_restricted Dispatcher Number of restricted work processes
rdisp/wp_no_spo Dispatcher Number of spool work processes
rdisp/wp_no_spo_Fro_max Spool Maximum number of spool workprocesses used for frontend printing
rdisp/wp_no_vb Dispatcher Number of update work processes
rdisp/wp_no_vb2 Dispatcher Number of update work processes for V2
rdisp/wp_restart_interval Dispatcher Configure workprocess restart time
rec/client Database Activate/Deactivate table auditing
reorg/file Database Pathname for Archive Files
rfc/callback_security_method Abap Reject RFC callbacks using whitelist
rfc/cp_convert/conversion_char Abap default conversion character in case rfc/cp_convert/ignore_error = 1
rfc/cp_convert/ignore_error Abap default whether rfc character conversion errors are ignored
rfc/ext_debugging Abap Activate HTTP-Debugging for RFC
rfc/option_list Abap Optionsliste für RFC
rfc/prefer_rfcdes Abap forces the use of the tables rfcdes contend instead of resolving the destinaton
rfc/reduce_tracelevel Systrace reduces the RFC-information which is written into the WP and RFC-Traces
rfc/reject_callback Abap Reject RFC callback
rfc/set_standard_destination Abap for internal use only
rfc/signon_error_log Abap Ausgabe von Informationen bzgl. misslungener RFC-Anmeldung
rsau/enable System Enable Security Audit
rsau/max_diskspace/local System Maximum space for security audit file
rsau/max_diskspace/per_day System Maximum size of all security audit files per day
rsau/max_diskspace/per_file System Maximum size of one single security audit file
rsau/selection_slots System Number of selection slots for security audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/filename System Pattern for the Filenames of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/filesize System Maximum Size of a File of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/logdir System Directory for the Files of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/switch System Switch for the SQL Audit
rsau/user_selection System Defines the user selection method used inside kernel functions
rscp/codepage/as/display/ Abap Code page to be used to convert display-only data
rscp/codepage/as/frontin/ Abap code page to convert keyboard imput data
rscp/codepage/as/propose/ Abap Code page used to convert proposals for input fields
rscp/fillkey/TCP0C System (old) Fill key fields of TCP0C if they are empty.
rscp/mbc_copy System How to handle missing double-byte characters
rscp/mbc_in_sbcs System Asian multibyte characters in singlebyte codepages
rscp/TCP0B System Still use old table TCP0B?
rscp/transcribe/1/codepage System intermediate code page to handle transcription
rscp/transcribe/2/codepage System 2nd intermediate code page to handle transcription
rscp/transcribe/dynp/intensify Abap Use highlightning to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/dynp/matchcode Abap Use matchcode identification to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/list/blinking Abap Use blinking to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/list/reverse Abap Use reverse video to indicate transcriptions
rsdb/cua/buffersize Database CUA Buffer Size
rsdb/cua/mutex_n System Number of mutexes in CUA Buffer
rsdb/db2jcl_library System Full path name of library for JCL submission service
rsdb/db2ps_library System Full path name of DB2/390 Performance Monitor Library
rsdb/db2_host_standby Database Standby Database Host
rsdb/db2_port_standby Database Standby Portnumber for Database Connect with ICLI
rsdb/dbhost Database database host
rsdb/dbid Database SID of the Database Server
rsdb/esm/buffersize_kb System Size of 'export to/import from shared memory'-(ESM)-buffer [kB]
rsdb/esm/large_object_size System Expected size of the largest objects in ESM buffer
rsdb/esm/max_objects System Maximum number of objects in ESM buffer
rsdb/esm/mutex_n System Number of mutexes in ESM-Buffer
rsdb/icli_library System Full path name of ICLI client shared library
rsdb/max_blocking_factor Database Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries
rsdb/max_in_blocking_factor Database Max. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (IN opt)
rsdb/MB_CUR_MAX Database Maximum bytes per character of the DBMS characterset
rsdb/min_blocking_factor Database Min. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries
rsdb/min_in_blocking_factor Database Min. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (IN opt)
rsdb/mssql/tsp_cache_size Database size of name cache for temporary stored procedures
rsdb/notopt_gele_to_between Database switch off transformation of GE AND LE to BETWEEN
rsdb/ntab/entrycount Database number of nametabentries administrated
rsdb/ntab/ftabsize Database data area size for field description buffer
rsdb/ntab/irbdsize Database data area size for Initial records buffer
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