Oracle Messages

Id Message
CLSD-01001 The OCR was formatted using version number.
CLSD-01002 The OCR was restored from string.
CLSD-01003 The OCR format was downgraded to version number.
CLSD-01004 The OCR was imported from string.
CLSD-01005 The OCR upgrade was completed. Version has changed from number to number. Details in string.
CLSD-01006 The OCR location string is inaccessible. Details in string.
CLSD-01007 The OCR/OCR mirror location was replaced by string.
CLSD-01008 Node string is not responding to OCR requests. Details in string.
CLSD-01009 The OCR configuration is invalid. Details in string.
CLSD-01010 The OCR mirror location string was removed.
CLSD-01011 OCR cannot determine that the OCR content contains the latest updates. Details in string.
CLSD-01012 The OCR service started on node string.
CLSD-01013 The OCR at string was successfully formatted using version number. Ignore earlier CRS-1006 messages if any.
CLSD-01201 CRSD started on node string.
CLSD-01202 CRSD aborted on node string. Error [string]. Details in string.
CLSD-01203 Failover failed for the CRS resource string. Details in string.
CLSD-01204 Recovering CRS resources for node string.
CLSD-01205 Auto-start failed for the CRS resource string. Details in string.
CLSD-01206 Resource string went into an UNKNOWN state. Force stop the resource using the crs_stop -f command and restart string.
CLSD-01207 There are no more restart attempts left for resource string. Restart the resource manually using the crs_start command.
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