SAP Table T006 - Units of Measurement

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
MSEHI X MSEHI UNIT 3 3 0 T006 Unit of Measurement
KZEX3 KZEX3 CHAR 6 1 0 3-char indicator for external unit of measurement
KZEX6 KZEX6 CHAR 7 1 0 6-char. ID for external unit of measurement
ANDEC ANDEC INT2 8 5 0 No. of decimal places to which rounding should be performed
KZKEH KZKEH CHAR 10 1 0 Commercial measurement unit ID
KZWOB KZWOB CHAR 11 1 0 Value-based commitment indicator
KZ1EH KZ1EH CHAR 12 1 0 Indicator (1) unit (indicator not yet defined)
KZ2EH KZ2EH CHAR 13 1 0 Indicator (2) unit (indicator not yet defined)
DIMID DIMID CHAR 14 6 0 T006D Dimension key
ZAEHL DZAEHL INT4 20 10 0 Numerator for conversion to SI unit
NENNR NENNR INT4 24 10 0 Denominator for conversion into SI unit
EXP10 EXP10 INT2 28 5 0 base ten exponent for conversion to SI unit
ADDKO ADDKO DEC 30 9 6 Additive constant for conversion to SI unit
EXPON EXPON INT2 36 5 0 Base ten exponent for floating-point display
DECAN DECAN INT2 38 5 0 Number of decimal places for number display
ISOCODE ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 40 3 0 ISO code for unit of measurement
PRIMARY ISOCD_MARK CHAR 43 1 0 Selection field for conversion from ISO code to int. code
TEMP_VALUE TEMP_VALUE FLTP 48 16 16 Temperature
TEMP_UNIT TEMP_UNIT UNIT 56 3 0 T006 Temperature unit
FAMUNIT FAMUNIT CHAR 59 1 0 Unit of measurement family
PRESS_VAL PRESS_VAL FLTP 64 16 16 Pressure Value
PRESS_UNIT PRESS_UNIT UNIT 72 3 0 T006 Unit of Pressure

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