Note 387861 - Order of IS-OIL / IS-MINE 4.6C Notes (SAP_APPL)

Component : Please use component BC-UPG-ADDON - Upgrade Add-On Components (IS)SCM-APO-ANA-ATP Supply Chain I

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
IS-OIL / IS-MINE, Industry Solution, SAPSERV, IS-OIL / IS-MINEcorrection transports
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Related Notes :

899438TX-PR-Improper format in RRC Oil Lease Number
619411Archiving 'in-use' containers
516718Inconsistent stock tables
515197TX E-file- Authorization name missing
515099O4NC: header material disappeared after entering
514995Insert line on nomination deletes the header material
514733changes in the LA tax report
514689Collective Docu. for Post-4.6c/SP1 docu
514688Remove hard coded number range reference
514687Unit to Tract 'Copy' not working correctly
514675Tax free volume and value incorrect
514395Can't delete DOI Property/Owner Acc. Entry Override
514374Print MMS OGOR reports together
514373CheckWrite stopped prematurely in MP1
514347MMS-2014: Reporting Process Corrections
514344Icons need to be set to English currently in German
514283Remove Obsolete Revenue Objects
514276DNAP should allow non alloc. EP100/EP300 combination
514267Deleting pricing and condition Customizing
514101Issues regarding Colorado Form 7
514035Wyoming severance tax over-reporting problem
514022RWC rows deletion after final run of Texas P1/P2/P1-B
514000Missing table entries in tables OIGMME and OIIGMMES
513930change in the Texas Tax Report
513927Change in the New Mexico Tax Report
513919Enable Various Number Ranges For Revenue
513916CheckWrite is down - error on taxwhld count
513915New Mexico Royalty Report abends
513907Deletion of History and Funds recs on DOI refresh
513905Prod volumes are incorrect in Royalty Texas Oil report.
513904MMS-2014: PPA Processing Corrections
513880Change in Text from Subsystem to PRA Module
513860Net Out check type short dumps in owner check window
513847Error SV183 at SSR IMG Collective Printing
513804Valuation type and batch missing from x-dock packing
513679Measuremnt Unit field is not filled - OIUH_JE15
513554Royalty Texas UT reports in Smartforms
513542OIL: O4NC Event Log-not available in create mode for default
513521VL abends for documents with zero volumes
513513Combine button on Owner Request does not work.
513502change in the North Dakota Tax Report
513421Trans screens in Royalty Reporting (ok & WY) can not exit
513405Container with status 'deleted' allowed in the shipment
513315Cancel goods receipts with MIGO not on exchange statement
513259Wyoming tax reports data display problems
513195CO Sev Tax Withholding Rep generate no reports
513123Entity Code retrieval error during valuation.
513101Texas Crude Oil Report - Lease Types & County Number
513097MMS 2014 - Pend Roy Maint Add Does not contain all keys
513092Server group logic for VL/RD process
513089PPN function to be removed on WC Daily Pressures
513087WY Royalty Reports do not print correct values
513069OIL SSR Errors in filling table OIRADBT
513068OIL SSR Clearing House Settlement tries to re-reverse docs
513018Unit to Tract Fill of County
513003Format problems in Texas P1B report
512996Rename Integration Includes To FG Standards
512948Balance in transaction currency during VF01 (F5702)
512852Rejected Entries on Accepted Report
512846ProcID in PC & recon.upld, flags for SSP fee/CH disagio calc
512843Royalty Texas UT reports in Smartforms
512836Packing: Incorrect refresh after change of shipment
512796Interface Monitor Object Key search not working
512678Error message added for missing balancing account
512674Batch Numbers exhausted for Ownership Transfers
512672royalty history creation keeps running
512669Data Offset Negative Error Wyoming Form 2 report
512666OPSL Purge job takes very long time to complete
512640County not filled on Unit Property
512632A/R Price Exception Report
512625DN Measurement Group should be open for edit
512556o4_tiger, short dump in proc.mode "Tank G/L Analysis"
512517OIL: O4NV Need to change Shipper due is diplay only.
512268MMS OGOR A Action Code un-wanted for Well Status 14
512244changes in the New Mexico Tax Report
512239New Mexico Royalty Report abends
512225Subledger Purge Needs commits to reduce rollback segments
512216Invalid Well Class/Status Combo's Delivered
512194TYPE conflict in ...VALIDATE_MP_VOLS
512191Remove Obsolete Reporting Objects
512081IS-OIL / IS-MINE: CRTs 29-30 for SAP_APPL
511880Contract type is not being stored in DB -OIUH_JE05
511865Texas P1/P2/P1b Final Disks- Incorrect Volume
511864Oil Stmt Profile not handled in del/change mode
511844MMS PASR Report Discrepancies
511827VL post clean-up and VL fupro updates
511824Tax free 05 owner not processed in Tax Driver
511808Make Severance Tax Group Configurable
511803New Mexico Tax Report abends
511505OIL: Syntax error in TSW in 4.6C SOG/075 Application Test
511495Pressures & Volumes missing Colorado Form 7 report
511485Error while entering valid owner field in JE05
511401Settlement statement details not scrollable
511391Control files deleted in error
511390Payment Block not integrating for assigned BA
511389List Processing pgms export wrong format to Excel
511388Tax-exempt info not created
511381@AB3 - Invalid MP Types in OILD/T - AA, BB
511373Taxes calculate when tax free 05
511359tax calculation using wrong major product code
511340Not reducing load/transfer received correctly (PRD575)
511307Property field format on JE subledger query
511255Incorrect valuation for exchange receipts
511234Wrong values in delivery cost for HPM-materials
511228Collective Note for SSR Process Control and Invoicing
511102OIL SSR Clearing House Settlement/Transmission Errors
511073RD Combined Run - Incorrect Marketing Allocation to Owner
510985Utah Tax withholding Report-ABENDED
510975SKF RFC's errors inconsistent with Trans O3UPR_SKF
510956MMS-2014: Improved Previous Reported Reversals/Rebooks
510953Table entries for Suspense Reason Codes
510949changes in the Texas Tax Report
510946Add MP Types to Meter Specs on OIU_CM_MPTYPGRP
510945Regulatory Reporting - Finalized report not visible
510942Missing currency on the Oil Statements
510935Owner Funds Transfer creating invalid entries
510929IS-OIL PRA: 4.6C Dummy-Template
510914Missing Infomation in some reports
510887Fuel Sys Fatal 720 posting with MPAP VT a1-a5
510874Royalty history is not created for all leases
510867Change in the La Tax Rport
510818IMG Node Name Change From E&P To PRA
510809OIL SSR Enhancement of Meter Reading Entry Screen
510797Add new status to WC status codes definitions
510740No Combined Run Report produced when Reversal OOB happens
510709OIUH_VL10 - Error when entering a valid Property/DOI
510694Incorrect open delivery credit value (OLIKW) in S067
510681Pricing Time 00:00 was getting reset to System time.
510675OIL: Rename functionality changes entries in database
510616Colorado Severance Tax Withholding Rep-ABENDED
510548Update termination for duplicate in MP/WC CT XREF
510529To update VBKD-OITITLE when VBKD-INCO1 is changed.
510526OIL: Lock system does not work for O4TF
510518Add new well class/well status xref record
510514MMS OGOR E-file - missing total beg.inv. on t3 record
510504Change in Oklahama Tax report
510468Oil and Gas Report added density incorrectly
510382Missing parameter in OIO_PM_MOVE_RESBD_TO_EBAN
510295Short dump in case of one-step STO at loading confirmation
510292TD-FDI during PGI for contract related deliveries in O4H1
510183SKF Job submission posting errors using RFC's
510157PPA's not generating.
510079Incorrect PBA level reports in balancing
510056sales date is required for miscellaneous account types
510053Gross Volume probem on the Texas Tax Report
510040Incorrect check for calculated taxes in Tax Load
510031Reporting PPA deletions for Royalty reporting
509936Volume Allocation Fatal Error Nos 722 and 708
509860OIL SSR documentation for DBT aggregation data element
509821TX E-file- Address and Authorization names missing
509811Downhole Commingled eff date should be first day
509778Short dump in the Generic Sev Tax Report
509740Deleting PPN's with del indicator marked.
509736Archiving of billing doc. subj to volume-based rebates
509643MMS 2014 - UOM Dropped During Extract process
509621Changes to Curr/Amend. royalty reporting concept
509620The oil statement report totals are wrong
509604VL Post complete with inactive status
509437changes in The Texas Gas Tax Report
509361Incorrect PPN in MP/WC Trnsp to CT Xref Window
509301Quotations are cleared in PO when repricing is not possible
509279No FI postings when logical inventory is revalued
509275Royalty report for WY M2 prints incorrect vol/val
509272Unable to assign legal desc. fields
509261MPVL Does not verify Transporter
509234Incorrect error message causing CA not to close.
509226Change table OIURV_DOC_DTL_ZE - add field LINE_NO
509070SSR - Substitution of function OIRA_LOCATION_LIST
509056Problems in Manual Journal Batches Posting
508928Sorting in ALV, gives wrong line item(JE05)
508920MMS 2014 - Pend Roy Maint Add Does not contain all keys
508911Sett diversity: negative taxable vol/val
508909External details fields not getting updated in LIKP
508903Performance changes for tax load
508897Wrong owners selected in Create Mkt Grp Assignment
508890changes in Texas Oil Report
508878Document abend in Formula
508876Production close requied for CA Manual Unrestricted
508859Well Test Water volume/rate calculation error
508847change the begin stock for Texas UT Report
508817Add currency to oil tax update
508655OIL: With reference to note n°487703 - 2
508643University of Texas Royalty Reports
508600Material description not displayed in O3QCITEST
508537NGL/Residue allocation fails when Mkt Grp assumed
508525Error message while creating Carried Bearer group
508524Reg ID creation related issue
508511Contract end dating incorrectly updating/deleting data
508508Sales month format on JE detail window
508505When trying to save Marketing cost deduct an error appears
508504pra: je account category not formatted
508494No output on LA Inactive Well Report
508491Change of steps in VL Post
508470Changes to RJE Insert
508348Short dump in tax & royalty reports
508322TX P2 - incorrect repeated field name
508312Consideration for unlimited indicator LIPS-UEBTK in Delivery
508207IS-Oil buttons not working in billing doc after SP1 patch
508190Incorrect cumulative imbalances in reporting
508181No Reversals for Inventory transactions during PPA
508167CA picks Owners in wrong Date range for Unit venture
508160changes for New Mexco Tax Report
508150PPN not generated when End Date of ACR is changed
508145Column Heading Missing on Colorado Form 7
508142Invalid error message in Availability Change Window
508112Legal Description basic table entries.
508109O4F1 short dump in Document selection F4 due to W message
508105Gas Plant: Furthest Upstream Nodes Not Found
508102Performance improvements for DOI Reversal
508090Property field on Legal Suspense Subledger Query
508076Descriptions of 2 Result codes added to OIU_CM_RVWD table
508067IS-OIL PRA: Owner sliding scale
508061Out of Balance Document in Valuation
508060Tax type should combine state code and tax code
508059WC Daily Pressures Bapi does not create PPNs
508046Wyoming M2 royalty report shows zero royalty due
507880SKF Job submission posting errors
507735Add leading zeros in property/doi-OIUH_SRDA
507734change in the Generic Tax Report
507727jib_ba_no length should be (6) instead of (2)
507723Group Code 'T' Volume Incorrect
507721TOBIN/SAP: Interface Header Record Timestamp
507693ppn selections is not using doi summ for units
507689ABEND During PRA Contract Creation
507666Removed Unused Function Modules
507656Remove Obsolete Reporting Objects
507643Pricing Reject Problem
507607Error message OB 006 for ALE vendor
507586Performance Improvements for History Update
507579Short dump during one-step STO at loading confirmation
507453Wrong field in picking status check
507360PRA-UT3 report contains no data
507356Addition of available fields in report ROIRBALVLM1
507349Exchange rate defaulting in oil overview screen OIDX
507328Additional lines - RD05 & Del. Check Detail - CI02
507312Error creating Well Test Water Cut Percent
507300JE records reject on warning messages
507295FI errors not displayed on VL application log
507294change needed for Wyoming Tax Report
507292VA - Rounding tx extraction loss volume
507282Fix pressure base value for RD and JE
507266Create table OIURV_GASSTMTH
507262change in Wyoming Tax Report
507223Incorrect rejects on JE batches
507098Fee history inconsistencies for zero invoices
507052MEPO/ME22N:Wrong defaulting of the External Details
507020TOBIN/SAP: BC Log Transfer corrupting data
507017MIGO: HT disabled after displaying material document
506931Field PC Group now available in VF02/VF03
506924JE Edit incorrect for Sales Date and Network
506915AR Account level information not filled
506899Well Completion Search Field does not Reset
506892Preformula PVR form not pulling residue volumes
506883Some tax report abends at final run
506872JE Purge moved from Inbound to Outbound
506863Gas Balance Statements Corrections
506855change in the New Mexico Tax Report
506847Sliding scale override volume and value missing
506840Passed structure to the BAdI, transaction O4_TIGER
506826Owner Level Checkwrite Problem
506814Remove Obsolete Reporting Objects
506787Duplicate key error during SEV table insert
506761Property field on Tax payable subledger window
506706User settings for tank dips in transaction O4_TIGER
506608O4NA Short dump on Tank Strappings window
506575Error 03 453 for TDP only material in MIGO
506513MMS OGORs Contact Telephone Number improper
506487PRA-PPN Not generated for Marketing Group Delete
506418Rate Code Not Populated on Wyoming Tax report
506399Group code 't' volumes incorrect
506398LA R5D - no data return
506349Wyoming tax report sort routine condition was inverted.
506229WY Reg Id - Effective To date insertion
506207Responsibility Id needs Display ability-OIUH_SRDA
506140Error Message stacking Abends in JE Post
506127Settlement statement inactive with wrong unit.
506125Domain OIU_ME_GOR_SOURCE is missing
506124MMS 2014 JE amount does not agree with MMS payment
506123changes in the tax report
506109PRA template of Quantity Conversion and Measurement System
506104STS record formating error during tax load
506101Remove Obsolete Tax & Royalty Objects
506067Settlement Statement tax and marketing duplication
506059Gas Balance Statement-Alternate Address Corrections
506010Tax load program error
505973Invoice getting blocked on ERS or Invoice Verification.
505956MMS Regs - Can't BDC Data Tab on O3UREP_MASTER
505892Combined Run(o3urv_comb) Search Helps
505785OIL: Shortdump when Defining Nomination Relevances
505691IS-OIL-PRA: Incorrect PPNs on transfer
505673change in The Wyoming Tax report
505671Modify IMG for common PRA parameters
505656Long update times when setting OLM hold indicator
505573Change PRA Function Call To OIL Function Call
505563Store location cleared out on PS orders for BOM items
505389MP/WC Transporter-CT XREF saves blank Transporter
505346Incorrect PPN detail from WC Daily pressure window
505273Repeated address line & mixed case in the statement
505271Table class incorrect for table OIUREP_TEXT_XREF
505270Problem in viewing historical PPN details
505267Change status for Funds Delete Notification
505266Performance improvements to RDBQ872
505264Property-Level Checkwrite Problem
505263Fuel Marketing Costs doubled on MSSL
505261Tax issues: tax-exempt and marketing free
505249CA Edits incorrect for Measurement Point
505248WC Volumes PPN
505247VA - wrong uom for tx extr loss
505166New BADI methods for existing QCI BADI
505033Table control, double click to continue
505027Error 0K 541 Layout parameter program name is missing
505011PPN Not generated for Market Group Keep Whole
505003TOBIN:Log transfer RFC accepts any conn id
504889Wrong delivery costs proposed for invoice verification
504883CA should reject when owners mismatch in DOI & ROA
504880Correct wrong merge: 851/852 clear LGORT
504877Abend in Treasury Check Run(on GDG processing)
504871MMS-2014: Finalization BCD Field Overflow
504848Performance enhancements for Oil/Gas Statements
504832Restrict the change of tax class to Wyoming
504828Use TAXCONF tables for tax calc routines
504804Search Helps for Ownership Transfer screen
504791IS-OIL-PRA: PPNs Without reason code
504666Shipping DB repiar program ignores empty containers
504601Vehicle status change from 6 to 5 in O4L4.
504583Deletion capability in DOI Acc. override
504499Netting fails: financial document (BSEG) not found
504486Unable to use Property/DOI field on OIUH_JE19
504482Some tax report dumps at the new approach
504475Texas Gas Tax Report overstate the Gross Value
504472Table entries are being modified for right tax calculation
504464MMS-2014: Lease/Salestype Allocation Corrections
504437Overflow on arithmetical operation in VL
504420Quantity fields not initialized for Ad Valorem jobs
504418Package not created for cross-dock delivery
504397OIL SSR OIFPBL archiving performance
504385NM Tax Report - Not Reporting Settlement Statement Taxes
504280Nota-Fiscal-No. not updated in table BSIS
504112Wrong Royalty amount in New Mexico Roy Reports
504101Addition of rate code MAR in Wyoming report
504092Ad valorem- Venture/DOI defaults to trailing 0s
504069IS-OIL PRA: New Mexico Severence Tax & Conservation Report
504049Incorrect check during a read on RWC
504000Change the rate CD for Wyoming Tax Report
503983PRA: Inactive Status on Document in VL
503968Incorrect unit volumes and values on WY M2 report
503928Preformula pvr not working for MP transactions
503849Texas P1 amended not picking all wc's in the lease
503839OIL: Rename function in O4NC or O4NV
503828Error receiving deliveries with shipment receipt
503822OIL: Application test error on TSW
503686Combined Run Price & Value Problem
503674Zero Volume Wells not Appearing on Gen State Report
503655OIL:O4NC Event Log- not available in create mode for defaul
503643IS-OIL PRA: OKLAHOMA Monthly Gross Gas Production Tax report
503642Component Typification delete terminated
503641Generic Gas Report has no Final Selection
503639MMS-2014: Mulitple Lease Allocation Rounding Corrections
503638IS-OIL PRA: Wyoming Monthly severance tax & conservation RPT
503636IS-OIL PRA: Colorado UTAH Severance tax annual report
503628TX P1 Flash Form
503622JE Purge processing during funds integration
503613VA fail w/ error message E793
503607Foreign State Code field size in Integration
503578Begin stock not showing on Texas UT Report
503490Clean Up Common PRA Function Modules
503429Selection process using incorrect product code
503389Colorado & Utah witholding report
503351VA - no warning for mms rwc row creation
503218Volumetric PPNs - Problems with Deletion
503209Fix for reversal of Default & Override a/c codes in OIUHDO08
503201VA Alloc. Base for Downhole Commingle WC's incorrect
503197D-SCM-EX:Call off qty > schedule qty
503193VL inactive with error with zero gri percentage
503180Reassign Function Module to Common Function Group
503141report names in Revenue Report Viewer inconsistent
503136Subsequent split of cross-dock deliveries
503135PPN routine TODO Corrections
503056Centralizing Additional Function Modules
503022MMS OGOR B & C Report Data & Format Discrepancies
502886Incorrect logical inventory price for previous period
502823MP Volume allows changes when VL allocation running
502785changes for Wyoming Tax Report
502778Problem in Manual creation of RWC for Child WCs
502777Performance Improvement JE Post and Valuation
502770Replace PRA Specific Function Modules with OIL FMs
502769MMS-2014: JE Offset Correction Federal Owner-Tax
502765Record with out tier tax have a tax class
502692MMS-2014: Zero Sales Volume Override
502671QCI conversion fails if UoM group has more than 9 units
502650Already cleared fees shouldn't be displayed
502636Performamce improvements for tax load
502631MMS-2014: Journal Entry Offset Field in PRTM
502622Message no. OB 007 when calling off from purchase contract
502518API WC NO should be of format "Char Num Num"
502479Wrong Market Rep record selected in CA allocation
502455TD while Shipping notif assignment check goods mvmt status
502446Changing remittance level in MJE gives error
502366MMS B & C: Cannot Retrieve data on MPxRef tab
502356MMS-2014-Generate Deduct Trans Code in Report Generation
502347Void Check abends on Dummy Property
502337Performance enhancements for the tax load
502329MMS PASR no data found
502319Marketing Costs for CWI not allocated to WI
502317North dakota severance tax T-10 ( OIL )
502315MMS TIK Terminated flag use
502308Performance enhancements for tax load sum process
502307IS-OIL PRA: Wyoming annual AD valorem tax report ( OIL )
502300"COMPUTE_FLOAT_ZERODIVIDE" error in Well Test
502252IS OIL: short dump in transaction O3C2
502178Cannot pack delivery item with split valuation
502113Removal of Delete Functionality in OIUH_DO08
502002For the WY Ad Valorem Annual Tax Report
501982Formula change not possible
501971Texas P1 & P2 Amended Reg Submission
501959TRB475A-LA Cert Incapable and Stripper Wells report
501955Incorrect volumes and values on the Wy M4 report
501953Missing Info on Texas UT Report
501950Performance issue affecting tax load
501942Hierarchy error in WC, MP, and DN window
501940IS-OIL-PRA: Duplicate funds control error
501891Name Change From E&P to PRA for O5UCM_SN_NR
501871Keep the error report for Texas UT report
501830Run tickets not updated properly.
501792DO Accounting overide F4 and list display problems
501773Material Valuation Problem
501753Missing Service Agent during SCD creation
501656Texas P-1 amended report display vol. when no RWC
501595Problem in Automatic creation of RWC for Child WCs
501562Texas P2 Amended Reg Report does not return data
501561OIL: OIJNE-EVENT_NR - set to zero
501552Update terminated message in trans O3U_VCR6
501546Performance changes for RD processing
501545Mkt level Column on Formula Marketing tab not filled up.
501544Group code 'T' incorrect for multiple tax class
501539RD performance changes - RDBQ570
501536IS-OIL-PRA: Zero NRI Working & Royalty Owners
501530MMS-2014: Allow More Detailed Locking In PRTM
501529IS-OIL-PRA: Check working owner has GRI > 0
501528Changes in Louisiana Oil Tax Report
501520Valuation not handling tax tier
501518BAPI_MPVL_CHANGE Does not create PPN's
501516Insert the Reproduced Volume Sales Entries
501501WC should get all dispositions allocated to a MP
501494Legal Description Field attributes incorrect.
501325OIL: Application test error on TSW
501311OIL: IDOC Status not correct; displayed '53' even if errored
501276WY Reg Id - Injection source reqd when WC Injecting
501180Report Finalization problems & Collated printouts
501145OIL: External Details button disabled when posting via Idoc
501130Incorrect unit gross values for WY M4 royalty report
501125LA OGP - amended Report should show entire LUW
501111MMS-2014: Add Royalty Less Allowance Field
501110Change edits for pay fl = operator
501103Out of balance for Pay Code 8 tax difference
501055MMS-2014: Finalization - JE for Pay Codes
500915Fee copy rules cannot be maintained for SD documents
500759Texas P1/P2/P1B Electronic file format incorrect
500703PRA-Oil & Cond Prod/Roy Rpt (GLO) Texas - Abended
500697Effect of Conversion factor in Rundown Worklist
500694Exception Report For Texas UT Report
500685MMS-2014: Extraction - UOM Fields Populated
500684Wet Gas Balancing code incorrect for wet gas
500669Texas Report of Natural Gas - Abends
500668Outbound CDEX packed fields
500663DOI Accounting overrides the Acct. Override flag.
500636Delete the unnecessary files
500621Out of balance due to percent returned to lease
500619Report processing abends for Wy royalty
500612Escheat process needs modification
500499Bad performance of ROIAMMA3/ROIAMMAT if no documents found
500411Split invoicing adds up the invoiced quantity.
500249Incorrect Reporting Month on Header
500240CA Allocating to incorrect Owner
500226Changes in the oklahoma tax report
500220How to release accounts locked by netting processes
500211Problems in OIAFE with postings different years (LIV)
500123Netting might miss conditions added during billing/IV
499967O3UREP_ROY_BASEDATA doesn't save the new record
499925SSR Collective Note beginning 27.02.02
499883Maintenance of file usage history not needed
499874Marketing grp Assignment generating incorrect PPN's
499871Well Count report should show zero prd wl/wc when counted.
499861Texas Regulatory Report (E-File) abend
499860The purge key for royalty extract needs enhancement
499857LA Incapable Gas Wells Report abends
499848settlement statement cost center missing
499843Application log message confusing
499811system number problem
499733SSR DBT subsequent processes overwritten on upgrade
499590TPSL query optimization
499460Incorrect syntax in if statement in tax loader
499456PRA: Hard coded company code in OIUH_TRBT588
499454WY FORM 2 - API Gravity values calculated
499449OK Royalty report does not print correct gross val.
499441LA OGP - abend on amended reg
499427Volume Extraction for all WC volumes
499417OGOR-B requiring MMS Metering Point
499314VL inactive with zerovol reason
499158WC Downtime list processing browsing issue
499051MP Volumes using fuel usage specifications wrong
499008Recalculation of QCI parameters in o4_tiger
498977Dual Accounting Reports Missing in PRA
498971MMS-2014: Page Number Corrections on 2014 Form
498968MMS OGOR A, B and C Hardcopy Discrepancies
498960Information for AR is not filled for affiliated purchasers
498952Customize the JE Purge function for funds proc.
498951PRA: Cleanup the FILE directory (JEINTF files)
498949VL not getting entitlement volumes
498937Changes in the oklahoma tax report
498904Property field not formatted right on GL/AP query
498873Processing Change Pointers for vehicle and Rack meter data
498866Steps need to be added in the texas Gas Tax report
498853IS-OIL PRA: Generic Severance Tax Report
498814TRB475A-LA Cert Incapable and Stipper Wells Abend
498731IS-OIL: Excise duty revaluation(O4KT)
498689OIL: TSW Problems with RFC when using it as BAPI method
498688VCR list processing-Approval problem.
498663VPRS condition changes when saving sales order
498639MMS-2014: Report Indicator Corrections on 2014 Form
498617Deletion of contracts possible when VCRs exist.
498582Incorrect Wyoming Form 2 for Multiple Date Ranges
498544To transport the LA O&G Roy Reports.
498524Texas P1/P2/P1b Electronic file format incorrect
498517Message OIURVOW 051 Links to wrong transaction
498513Inventory Valuation incorrect
498508Transp No overwritten in MP/WC Transp CT XREF
498507Status handling in TD-Scheduling for zero quantity items
498506O4D2 batch input wrong exclusion of FCODE DELE
498498Marketing type missing on tier tax record
498497Volume extract fails to extract MP level volumes
498494Removed Unused Function Modules
498490CA Excessive Run times
498486Invalid PPNs are being created with WC Volumes
498472Add Steps for Wyoming Gas Tax Report
498131MMS-2014: Sales Volume Corrections on 2014 Form
498129Entitled Volume Inquiry not showing plant products for MP's
498126Spelling error on Combined Run Accounting header.
498122LSSL purge missing sales date in purge key
498104change in popuplate the gross value
498101PRA: Store Texas Royalty Report files in database
498098PRA: O3UH_REPEX- ND Severance Tax Program T-10
498094IS-OIL: VF01 using different curencies E-KE 476
498087Can not set up marketing costs for gathering contract
498084The tax extract unable to determine the seller
498083PRA: Cleanup the FILE directory
498079Changes in Contract Marketing costs not creating PPN
498077Texas Monthly Report Errors from Valuation
498069changes in populate the Gross Value
498052Manual JE doesn't allow correct BTU input
498026MMS-2014: Volumes and Amounts By Trans Corrections
498020Zero volume overflow on sequence number
498005Material Group in Load ID determination
497987MRP view is deleted after creating oil view and vice-versa
497980MR01 Invoice not bringing in all fee line items
497885Inactive & OOB settlement stmnt. document selection.
497867PRA: Basedata maintenance transaction corrections
497792Escheat Process Abended with COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW
497739Volume extraction excludes external volumes
497738Taxes on Severance Tax Transaction is zero
497736MMS-2014: Estimate Payment History Selection
497730change gross value and volume for tax Report
497729Missing table entries of delivery classes C and G
497728Operator field in DOI accounting window
497721OK tax report fails for certain contract types
497717Including Alternate address in Balancing Report
497709Alaska volume based tax is incorrect in RD
497704Monthly Processing Tabs not selectable
497569MMS-2014: MMS Transaction Codes Corrections
497520Tax Reimbursement Flag on Inappropriate Contracts
497441Disp Quantity zero in VA when WC Theo override used
497375Network selected to value getting Tax Calc error
497374Incorrect selection in MP/WC transporter to CT Xref window
497373Volume extraction for Royalty Rep. Framework fails
497366MMS-2014: Adjustment Reason Code Corrections
497363Change the data definition from view to database
497362VA - Incorrect usage of volume indicators for formulas
497356Deletion of shipments after loading - Warning Msg
497349Out-of-balance error is not shown on appl. log
497348Volumes Allocate should not allow invalid structures
497346Enabling JE Edits to Batch Type 40
497345Bad Paranthesis in rdbq563
497344changes in Wyoming Tax Report
497254Royalty Reporting - Texas UT-3 Report
497233Overflow of external marketing interest
497212MMS-2014: DOC ID Generation Corrections
497143No customizing for 'Handling type' and 'Vendor grp. Brazil'
497115LA Reg id - WC not blanked out after clearing
497085PRA: Purge file option in O3UH_REPEX transaction
497062Incorrect volume result for NGL product code.
497047Additional lines for CI batch control screen
497031GR conditions display at po history dumps
496960For the changes in the Common Table Maintenance.
496940Create WC theoretical override abends
496938Add steps in Wyoming Tax Report
496927SAP/TOBIN: Parser does not increment system fields in 01 lvl
496925LA OGP - Drip Points missing from report
496920Network inactive w/ system failure message
496917'Both' should be a valid option on Gas Processing
496880MMS-2014 Extraction Corrections
496837MMS-2014: Contract Required For Sales Type
496821MMS-2014: Report Generation Corrections
496601Tax Payable Subledger Query
496299Remitter Seq display issue in OIUH_JE05
496278Marketing group Assignment incorrect data displayed
496276Marketing Free Detail Ignored
496247OIL: Screen Config.Tool/ Addr. fields TAXJURCODE, REGIOGROUP
496155PRA-Wyoming Oil Severance tax report-Form 2002
496151MMS-2014: Extraction Change for No Records
496138WY Form2 Amended to delete RWC entries on final run
496127IS-OIL-PRA: Screen output without user
496124Changes for Texas Oil Tax Report
496118Code corrections
496115PR Alloc Wrong VT01 MPVL Not Equal WCDVL with MST
496104MMS-2014: Adjustment Reason Code Corrections
495860Entry of text id in configuration of TPI interface
495827Rate computed wrongly in F&A when Condition Update is set.
495823Update termination when creating netting document
495782TOBIN/SAP: Duplicate Funds Transfer Records
495774Price load batch calls PPN window in error
495771Sett Stmt error - acct period closed for batch
495770DNND - Saves w/o PPN / No PPN when revenue running.
495758Invalid PPN window for price posting
495739MMS-2014: Supplemental Report IMG Docuemntation
495735Change to Contract Mktg Cost does not generate PPN
495734MMS-2014: App Log Incorrect Total & Missing Message
495560Default heating value ignored for formula Id MP
495550Commingling fac no. not displaying on LA diskfile
495547BW, FI-SL, CO-PA and SIS quantities missing in SD invoices
495494WY FORM 2 - API Gravity for Oil Produced
495429Error calculating Unit GRI.Line item rejected(SS)
495417Oil Inventory Disb. Dec./Volume/Value Problem
495415Inconsistent query on Remitter/DOI Cross Ref.
495403WC Supply Source functionality missing
495402Incorrect PPN's from BAPI's - Down Time
495396Effective date logic in Bearer Group creation.
495388Ceiling incorrectly commented in formula process
495383LA OGP-Drip Points missing from report
495369Copying Common Table Entries
495356Reprint Owner check fails
495353Additional parameters for Settl. Stmt.
495352Incorrect gross volume/values on WY M4 Royalty Report
495265MMS-2014: Reset Table Control To Line 1
495263MMS-2014: Indian Recoupable Processing
495074Problems in Volumetric PPN Browsing
495064PRA: Oklahoma Gross Production Tax Report - Gas
495046Effective To date does not appear in oiuh_rr15
495029Tubing & Cassinghead Pressure Calculation - 2
495002change in the DD Master
494999MMS-2014: Product Code Cannot Be Blank Error
494993Remove unneeded reclassification entries
494991Batch cntl recs with status '03' but no JE recs.
494970Document Out of Balance in Valuation
494928Incorrect rounding for generated water
494876Wyoming Oil Tax Report Incorrect Volumes and Values
494874Company Code Config Missing Minimum Payment Amount
494832ERS with negative conditions ends with an error message
494738Update Availibility creating unnecessary revisions
494711SSR Meter readings - User event maintenance
494586Problems in Volumetric PPN Browsing
494567PRA-CI: allow editing for suspended lines on ci02
494563LA OGP-no rwc row created when vol changed
494559MMS-2014: Owner Allocation Logic Corrections
494558IS-OIL PRA: Wyoming annual AD VALOREM Tax report (Gas)
494557Spelling error on msg 650
494555Removed Unused Database Views
494552MMS-2014: Extraction App Log Totals
494540MMS-2014: Authorizations Not Fully Supported(PFCG)
494536change system number for tax report
494526Add internal marketing words for Oil materials
494495changes in New Mexico Tax Report
494454MMS-2014: MMS 2014 Form Corrections-Payors
494423Volume extraction error for group code processing
494411MMS-2014: No job log nor spool information found
494247QCI Calculator not working in CT quantities window
494195Contract Allocation errors for duplicate records
494191PRA-Change error message in MJE
494150Texas P-1 Amended Report not picking wc's data
494131Actual gross taxes are not calculated correctly
494128No warning when error exists on CI02
494127WY Form 2 Amended report returns no records
494121PRA: CI Batch Run needs 'process suspense' checkbox
494118MMS-2014: Incorrect MMS Product Code Selected
494117VA - abend with load oil (Follow up)
494115PRA: Batch Copy/Reversal should not copy suspense reason
494113PRA: Gross value is being calculated incorrectly.
494110Well Vols SKF not handling DHC correctly
494109Null indicator not set In PDX table (CI07 window)
494108Monthly Exception Report
494106MMS-2014: Authorization Check Error During Extract
494104MMS2014: Extraction, Generation Corrections
494101Texas H-10 Report
494093Tax allocation for units - sett stmt
494090Regulatory Reporting Warning for Rounding Adjustments
494082MMS-2014: Reporting Corrections-Payors
494075Carried WI allocation problem
494039Old RWC app ignores wc hierarchy in query
493882BAdI exit OIO_SHIPPING is not called from OLM packing
493790Valuation Document List-ALV Layout problem.
493701Incorrect Page Number in JE reports
493692Owner Level Checwrite - Batch Type 17 Doubled
493689Owner Override Acct table not deleted on CheckIn.
493682Incorrect gross volume/values on WY royalty M4 report
493638MMS-2014: Allow Multiple Companies Per Payor
493634MMS-2014: Remove INIT Flag From Non-Key Fields
493617MMS-2014: Make Reason Code XRef Configurable
493616Fix to the Oil report statement program.
493597Printing correct gross/royalty values on OK CLO109
493590IS-OIL-PRA: Transfer creates express document
493583Units - sett stmt tax and tax class/school dist.
493453Quotation details not displayed for future average period
493295OPSL query incorrect data on deductions
493291Tax free calculation using wrong field
493287Wrong DN/MP name in Contract volumes by Sales Point Screen
493286Settlement Stmt - Mult. Purchasers per Venture/DOI
493282OGOR-B showing extra Disposition 27 record
493267Remove two obsolete RD transactions
493214MMS2014: RT Hist Selection FM
493210Problem on New Mexico Tax Report
493185Some of the Oil statement fields populated incorrectly.
493056PRA: New Mexico Oil Tax Report - No Data Reported
493038Removing of inconsistencies from logical inventory table
492933Volume Allocation: formulas should not go negative
492900Common table maint.for volume type & prod code not allowed.
492894PO history incorrect after GR & IR for mult. acct assg
492882Include Louisiana OGP Report to Tax/Royalty list viewer
492873Improve/review BAPI performance
492871OGOR T3 Trailor record missing
492866Tax free table is getting abend on bcd-overflow
492858FIELD screen doesn't find Fields created by BAPI
492856MMS-2014: Additional MMS Sales Types required
492849Currency key not used when calculating MMSPROC
492844MMS-2014: MMS Lease Allocation Logic Corrections
492833Business Associate Alternate Addresses
492794Change for Wyoming Tax report
492785Carried WI allocation is not correct
492753Check Input Valuation gives incorrect values
492712Colorado tax is incorrect
492652Severance tax transaction related changes
492648Changes in LA OIL & Gas Roy Report.
492572Commingling Facility Number field length change
492546Missing delivery note in goods receipt document
492492Incorrect well status/class on Wyoming Form 2 report
492477Tubing & Cassinghead Pressure Calculations - 1
492454Utility to modify Check Purge flag in CIBI5001
492443Rounding error in Availibility Entitlement Volumes
492434ARSL query Performance improvement.
492417PRA- Ability to query by lease on Sev tax master
492412Print all amended values on OK royalty current report
492409Performance improvement to SAP PRA Sort
492407Formula not using currency information
492403DNAP - multiple products should not be allowed
492402Extend error message on VL app log
492384Set QCI/UoM Buffering Option
492383Tax information incorrect from Revenue Distribution
492375Regulatory Reporting - New Authorization profile added
492368VA - abend with load oil
492358MMS-2014: Master Data Matching for PPA Transactions
492350VA - WOR should not use ep103/ep303
492284Revenue Distribution program not ending correctly
492265Netting fails with O1 546 for cross-company code LIVs
492151VF04: Nota fiscal simulation does not consider BOM's
491995MMS OGOR C-efile shows adjustment code incorrectly
491994RD abending in OIURV_RDBQ568.
491991VA - abend with load oil
491990Combined Run header screen summation function error.
491983Negative Marketing cost dropped in Settlement Statement
491982Gross Tax is not calculated correctly
491981Blanchard allocation incorrect in RD
491980Heating value zero when MP volumes is zero in VA
491974Unnessary return code check
491972Out of Balance Report not displaying correctly
491966PVR volume calculation - add MP read
491964VL tax load - Incorrect PVR, Mkt and Exmp amts
491962Change of state tax configuration table structure
491952Marketing group assignment not working for venture 229999
491949Entitlement tax problems with tax free entries
491945Valuation abend for gas network
491929MMS-2014: Additional Reporting Process Corrections
491928SV tax is incorrect for non-burden owner
491913PRA Checkwrite: Memory issue prevents completion
491904Changes in Wyoming Tax Report
491903LA OGP-Incorrect report when >1 Parish in LUW
491877OGOR-C Adjustement showing 0042 not 42
491815IS-OIL / IS-MINE: CRTs 26-28 for SAP_APPL
491590Performance issue in VA01 with license data
491576BA Integration - Error Assigning Field symbol.
491575PPN Function: Generating incorrect ppn's
491574IS-OIL-PRA: Funds integration ignores customising
491570Incorrect Volume Allocation for Reproduced Material
491564Tax Exemption incorrect in Valuation
491541Volumes Allocate - confusing messages
491540ABAP Runtime Error on RR Mo. Exception Report
491538changes in the Texas Royalty UT report
491521OGOR-C Not showing largest Adjustment Code
491484Division by 100 is not needed when reserve word is MMSPROC.
491334Display JIB/OVRD JIB Indicator on RD Combined Run
491251Selection value default for goods mvmt status
491190SSR Collective Note beginning 31.01.02 for 4.6C only
491176RFC enable the module RFC_TSW_NOM_CHANGEFROMDATA
491165MMS-2014: Credit Adjustments Must Be Negative
491158Pricing results are incorrect in Valuation
491152Maximum number of lines on ci07
491151Dumps noticed in SAP/Tobin interface during store of trace
491086Screen Generation Errors in Interface Monitor
491037MIRO with negative taxes terminates with a (short) dump
491020Settlement Stmt Heading is incorrect
490899PRA-Sev tax master-Error in setting up well master.
490892New select options (goods mvmt status of del) in OLM packing
490854Inconsistencies due to deleted deliveries
490851Incorrect calculation of Texas extract loss in VA
490801O3AB: Fee repricing causes wrong formula description
490800Calculated rate is zero when "Per" of UOM is more than 1
490790Calculation rate is incorrect for change of surcharge curr.
490752Tax type being dropped in RD summarization
490736Sett Stmt - no cost center on Unit
490714MMS-2014: Effective Date Logic Incorrect
490702Changes in New Mexico Tax Report
490698Delete RD files after ValueVL process
490633MMS-2014: Process Logic Corrections
490518Division Order Sales method problem
490501Incorrect WOR and GOR during calculation of theoriticals
490419Error when processing Chemical Analysis
490388Volumes Allocate is missing load oil inventory
490387Entitled Volume incorrect for Producer Level Trans.
490379Exemptions not taken in tax calculations for texas actuals
490378Royalty Extraction Failed on Wyoming Royalty Report
490377OGOR B Not reporting Injection correctly
490375Error in Oil Run statement reports
490373Revised Owner Availability Window printing wrong error.
490367Improvements in batch handling for Funds process.
490359Change the length of system number
490357Error in Gas Run statement reports
490356Volume should not be 'Required' on Settlement Statement
490342MMS-2014: Help Program To Populate Currency Key
490332LA OGP-Sales not summed for same LUW
490236OIL: Message handling in transaction O3DEFAULTS
490200Avoid excise duty defaulting for product proposal
490024WY Form2 - need more details in error report
490006Generic State report:should display all wells.
489979PRA: Base master data maintenance transaction
489977Generic State report:missing fields
489963Error when reallocating multiple delivery networks
489958Formula Pricing limited by run ticket volume
489956IS-OIL-PRA: User name and time stamp missing
489931Can not select transporter by Network
489928Settlement Statement not finding Tax Rate
489915CI batch canceling b/c of gross value error
489906Wyoming Oil Severance Tax Report Generation Fails
489894MIRO Invoice Repricing uses incorrect pricing date
489773Incorrect Exemptions From Tax Load
489715Clear button not working in OIUH_CI07, OIUH_CI06
489694Short dump when running ERS with invoice filter
489648PRA: ABAP runtime error on tax transaction screen.
489604Maintenence of table OIU_CM_MKCT_TX not possible.
489595Regulatory Reporting output functionality
489594SB 1048 processing
489591Reprint displays invalid BA Name
489584Mktg Group Assignment Eff To dates not updating on window
489580Incomplete PPN generation when changing WC Dated
489560MMS-2014: Transportation Allowance >= 1.00
489559Special ledger drill back to FI doc.from PRA fails
489544CA Allocation Performance
489497VL status inactive - Invalid table Index
489303Account Rule config not allowing to add new record
489198Marketing type code wrong in tables
489191Marketing exempt Flag for owner does not work
489189Company code check while adding owner to DOI/Owner transfer
489183DN, WC, and MP change receive update terminate messages
489182Well Vols SKF not handling DHC correctly
489181IS-OIL-PRA: Owners must be defined for DOI company
489172LA OGP Reg-Missing Transporter
489164Account Category 0015 entries can not be explained
489140Oil/Gas Statement Profile Help Request Problem
489046Tax / Royalty report list viewer
489034Set Screen error while creating sales order from a contract
488822MMS-2014: Send Notification Recipient Fix
488821Changes in Wyoming Tax Report
488816CA residue volume not fully allocated
488800IS-OIL PRA:Screen change to comply with the TODO validations
488785IS-OIL-PRA: Ownership Check-In Error
488780Settlement Statement Reject Unclear
488778Data Dictionary change
488764AR Write-Off Approval issue; AR JE Generation job log item
488740MMS-2014: Set Row Selector Active At All Times
488667Error on create of doi cross reference
488574Error calculating Unit GRI.Line item rejected (SS)
488559Netting proposal not selecting all documents
488493MRRS is dumping due to fiscal year issue
488481Incorrect LA OGP Disk file Format
488479Logical inventory is also updated on buy/sell exchanges
488437Transaction o4_tiger generates a short dump.
488365OGOR-A API Grouping error
488363Settlement Statement last line duplication
488362Entitled Volume Missing from Valuation
488354Delete VL pricing workarea after posting
488329Material document type 701 - Fi documents
488316Gravity Scale Adjustment for Oil & Condensate.
488302MMS-2014: Combine Extraction Reports
488263CA Error with No DOI Accounting Record
488255Reallocation after final reg report not creating RWCs
488238Disclaimer for Report Activation
488197Already cleared fees are proposed during MR01
488169PRA:Updation of JE line items causes out of balance
488163One OIGSM; Cancel ASTM; Batch in 851
488091Error: LVCC set with SOCSEG ID <NR> already exists
487997Duplicate Records Rejected in Div order sales
487980Error in Saving Settlement statement.
487973Performance problem in material master - Oil view
487951Address data not always populated in BA Create.
487943Invalid calculation of marketing reimb
487939Rounding error in Measurement System
487933MMS-2014: Extend Credit From Document Number
487910MMS-2014: Add History Update Capability
487783Ship-to party validation on 'Create returns doc' screen
487609DOI Create by Reference copies incorrect data.
487608New Mexico C115 - Downhole Commingled Well
487600Severance Tax Calculation Problem
487598MMS-2014: Extract App Log Errors as Info Messages
487597IS-OIL-PRA: No Funds Delete Notification
487595Gravity on Okalahoma Royalty Report not correct
487574Create Availability unable to handle units
487570Incorrect PPN's from BAPI's
487530VL status inactive - Invalid table Index
487520VL documents not created for reject transactions
487516Check Input UOM for NGL should be UGL
487470Wrong Time Range Definition for G/l Analysis in o4_tiger
487468SSR Corrections beginning 17.01.02 for 4.6B and 4.6C
487370Short dump at O4G1-Balance Loading after loading correction
487362Poor performance in invoice creation
487328UOM conversion not drawn from the MM contract or info record
487243Update of MBEW during gain/loss does not occur
487224Unable to invoice deliveries with 0 delivered quantity
487211MMS-2014: Venture/Sales Type-Total Allocation
487193PPN for current VA not needed
487189MMS-2014: Adj Reasons 42 & 47 in Report Generation
487188State Xref table changed to allow foreign BA's
487187OIU_CM_CTTYPGRP table update for purchase contracts
487174Lock Entry when creating Internally Assigned BA's
487169Print Control Changes for Gas BAL Statement
487130Change to Contract Mktg Cost does not generate PPN
487031Quantity conversion interface(QCI): enhancements&corrections
487009Packing of issued deliveries with OLM
486965WY FORM 2 - API Gravity values missing
486939Additional quantities not imported from external application
486898Incorrect PPN generation when changing WC downtime
486891Shipping file inconsistencies after abend in OLM packing
486830OGOR B - Add Inventory Indicator
486828Dialog mainline driver for Valuation
486825Clean up sytem table OIU_CM_FUPRO
486823Tax Class at unit level not working.
486816Void/Manual Check not handling next accounting prd.
486776MMS-2014: Format Extract Reports
486558SSR CORE Corrections 15/01/02 for 4.6C only
486549Incorrect Volume Allocation for Reproduced Material
486535Settlement statement giving dupe error incorrectly
486514PRA-OGOR B/C Cannot view or print hardcopy reports
486488WY Form2 - need more details in error report
486471Inactive status in VL for condensate or oil mtrl.
486447Turn Off Production/Valuation integration
486446IS-OIL-PRA: PPA Flag in chain of title
486444Account Category 0015 entries can not be explained
486439Remitter Sequence not getting cleared in OIUH_CI02
486438PRA - Performance improvement for OPSL ledger
486436Cannot delete material doc (GR) in MIGO - Error M7 064
486434Mkt Cost result words not used as factors
486429Incorrect purchase code on Louisiana Oil report
486417Regulatory Report Inventory Selection
486404Cross company code ownership transfers.
486390CW: Owner Severance Taxes missing online
486322PRA performance changes - RD summarization
486135IS-OIL: Stock transfer with MEPO/ME21N and tracking number
486076Display accounting doc.: weird text on push button
486033Information Texas Gas Royalty Report is not right
486011Reject reason missing on CDEX Rejected Checks Report
486007MMS-2014: Duplicate entries in credit adjustment
485979Venture (Unit) name missing on DOI cross-reference
485965Invalid volume types
485963PRA Unapproved Contracts check for Production
485948IS-OIL-PRA: SAP/Tobin DOI group assign error
485940Performance Improvements for O3A7 with Posting Date
485876Performance of Report ROIB_COPY_DEF
485680Incorrect Values in Exchange Statement with Credit Memos
485651Update Termination only when Changing Fees in the PO
485621No acctg entries generated for inventories
485590LA R5D Report Text Incorrect
485559Error Messages in CA with Successful Allocation
485525Settlement statement set-up errors
485359Fixes for TSW Interfaces
485202MMS-2014: Supplemental reports have long selection screen
485194Amended MMS report fails with OIUREP_RRST_DET error
485183Check Detail table control needs more input lines
485178MMS-2014: Add Document Credits to Printed MMS 2014
485169Values Okalahoma Oil Royalty Report are not right
485162MMS 2014: Reporting Logic Corrections
485159Escheat Data is not updated in the BA window
485158MMS OGOR reports T1 Trailer issues for output files
485150Reject Reason non descriptive in VL
485137QCI Failure calling MP Vols for gas
485111CA Results inconsistent with Current Ownership
485030Error M8 100 - Table T685T: entry EN A M does not exist
485016Quantity in Base UoM Calculated Incorrectly
484959Error in PM-order when material supply process changed II
484924OGOR IMG - Remove "Blank" Labelled Column
484874Incorrect Producing Well Count in LA OGP Report.
484852Incorrect error in Subcontracting Subsequent Adjustment
484804Unapproved contract check
484803Writing Off Suspended Entries cause corrupted data
484802Take In Kind Taxes not updated correctly
484767Intercompany clearing accounts
484762North Dakota Tax Report Short abends
484747Major Product code Validation for Unit to Tract
484707Creation of New Document is Failing
484461IS-OIL: Stock transfer order checking issuing valuation
484458Unable to post gain/loss to a G/L Account (MIRO)
484432IMG - Production Month Accting Offset not working
484421WY Form2 - Gas Prod Vol not to contain Residue Gas
484399PRA- Texas Royalty Master query Correction.
484386IS-OIL: Creating a nomination with reference
484371MMS 2014: Add Reconc. Report to Make Final
484362Reallocation after final reg report not creating RWCs
484356OIU_PR_VLTYP - Invalid volume type
484350OIUH_AFPRTMPBYQBE called incorrectly
484328Add warning message to Regulatory Reports
484287Delete obsolete OGOR transaction
484284State Tax Configuration issues
484275WC search field does not default state code
484214PRA-OGOR A - format discrepencies
484200Rounding Problem in O3QCITEST, MIGO
483988MMS OGOR Contact Info is Blank
483969VA - dep check for vols should not check vs
483967LA OGP - Reporting of drip point
483949MMS-2014: Extraction - Extract Logic
483900i36 - ogor b btu factor (heating value) incorrect
483799Updation capability needed for Revised Owner Availibility
483738OGOR B - Report one product per line
483736Oil Run Statement Profile Owner Problem
483729LA Reg ID - WC Search Help Missing
483728change in the new royalty report
483718WY Form 2 - should print wells not in Delivery N/Ws.
483714OGOR B - API Gravity/BTU rounding error
483712JIB net/CWI entries summarized at property level
483696Reselect in Document Worklist takes too long
483654CA should reject when Ownership changes due to Transfer
483617Checkwrite abends with COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW
483610Incorrect release of cross-dock delivery
483550MMS 2014 Agreement number not printing correctly
483461LIA item amount changes when using some currencies
483446Upstream Graphics: Synchronize change of E&P to PRA
483435CDEX Inbound cannot handle record type 7's and 8's
483416Manual PPN Screen does not display production date
483412MMS-2014: Add security check to Master Data Setup Tab
483405Data element OIU_POS_NO causing table convert
483374Owner allocation for alaska was incorrect
483325Far East license tracking and transfer movements
483315Regulatory Reporting History data not refreshed
483308Changes in Report Driver tables
483291Error in PM-order when material supply process changed
482561Resposibility ID dropdown incorrect (OIUH_SRDA)
482555Historical PPN should not change user id & time
482554CDEX job getting cancelled
482546Incorrect Producing Well Count and Format in LA OGP Report
482517Correct report header from E&P to PRA
482512PPN Browse not limiting by application
482511Remove RR13 from SAP menu
482490MMS-2014: Primary Geo Location Missing in Report
482457OIEXGNUM lost in table VKDFS in billing due list run
482422OGOR-B Disposition volumes displayed Incorrectly
482391New code added to FRML window to set ENQ_SEL_FLAG
482384Remove WC oil vol & WC gas vol from menu
482379Edit check for unapproved contracts in CA Allocation
482378Add missing reserved words for PVR volume
482369PPN missing for closing inventory
482323Wrong quantity in the QS after rejecting a sales order
482244PRA: Disclaimer transaction for non-reg reports
482221Error in master data selection for royalty report
482218IS_OIL: OIJNOMI_DOCITM default only contracts with plants
482213IPT - Error in Formula Calculated Volumes
482209Wyoming Severance tax report format error
482204Incorrect entries in M_VMCFA for differential invoices
482188O4F4-Deletion of shipment not possible in batch mode.
482175Reject-receivable balance entries-wrong date format
482124PRA JEINTF Loader-Job Status OK inspite of failure
482111MMS OGOR-A Not erroring for missing Action Code
482098IPT - PR Reject 321 in Chained Plant Network
482082GLO Oil Royalty Rpt-missing gross volume etc.
482073Error message on o3u_vlfr1 not descriptive enough
482070MMS OGORs - Volumes not reported on correct pressure base
482054generic not returning any volumes for colorado
482052Silo/Tank Management Screen Enhancements
481903Deletion of quantity conversion default data sets
481814MMS-2014: Extraction Corrections for Master Data
481799Regulatory Report New Mexico C115 - missing POD
481787PRA JE Posting to FI integration
481786VL scheduling/processing - more improvements
481772reporting of residue glg on p1
481759Contract PO# changes not propagated to all tables
481675Dlvy qty changed;Rounding;VBRP-CHARG;O9 340;QCI temperat.
481652Add UoM for G/l Analysis Proc. Mode in Transaction O4_tiger
481508NM C115 E-file Format Problems
481379LIV ERS not create fee credit memo for prior year (part2)
481354LA OGP - Reporting of drip points
481353Statistical Entries with different posting key
481342IMG Documentation State Interest Rates
481341RD allocation for taxes is incorrect
481336MMS-2014: Printable 2014 Form Errors->No Lease
481334Generic Severance Tax Gas Report Abends
481331JE Batch Control - Update Error
481330VL Document workist not clearing fields
481320Gas Royalty Report Missing Information
481318Regulatory Rpt - Reporting Non-allocated Wells
481312Create volumes missing document number and year
481255Unable to set up Non resident royalty rate
481139OLM hold flag not set for maintenance plan
481062SDP Billing:Problems with settlement interest calculation
481059SDP Billing:Interest rates not saved with contract
480995Error when creating Tax and Royalty Reimbursement
480893Wyoming severance tax & conservation rpt abends
480884Reg Rptg Column Rules not selecting Override Group correctly
480882Incorrect Message Text for Production Fatal Error 631
480881Interface Monitor Enhancements - General Note
480874Fix/SU22, incompl. maint. author. transaction
480873problems w/ intra/inter-state code from CT spot sale table
480872Record Type field incorrectly populated
480871Contract Allocation processed Water
480865CLO109-OK Gas Royalty Report-(Smartform correction)
480859Pricing reserved words used as factor 1
480855O3UCP_MKT_CST0, unable to add oil marketing costs
480854generic reg abends for colorado
480842Business Associate screen flow - General Note.
480841Entitled and Actual vol in the combined run report.
480838MMS 2014: Added fields to JE for purge
480826Void Manual Batch to FUPRO process
480775generic reg showing incorrect producing days
480737Getting a bad return code from oiurv_rdbq578_driver
480717Writing to PI queue from IS-Oil EXG in update task
480639IS-OIL: Incorrect stock qty/value in material master
480399MMS-2014: ASCII File To Include Credit Adjustments
480378IS-OIL-PRA Accounting Period Close abends sometimes
480377RD reports move to doc worklist window
480368Valuation Formuals - Alternates flag
480355NM C115 - year displayed as 1 vs 2001
480347IS-OIL PRA to FI integration Error msg not returned
480248Sliding scale for settlement diversity
480247PRA contracts can be unapproved
480246New Mexico C115 - BTU/API Gravity for POD volume only.
480245Unit Venture Inconsistently displays tract data
480242Drop down box on 03U_CT3 didn't pull everything
480192MMS-2014: Add monthly credit adjustment function
460670RD performance improvements
460667MP production extract for generic VT missing
460665Louisiana tax calc not correct for trans cost
460654Smartform,Program Changes for prod vol,lease txt-CLO108
460573Exchange Abstract: Sort fees alphabetically
460540Zero quantity line items in material movements
460443IS-OIL PRA: Hardcopies for Reg. Reports, and minor issues
460325OIISOCTSM table updation doesn't include the update history
460278External Details not copied in Inb. Delivery(VL34)
460272Select Query not functioning properly (OIUH_RD04)
460266Incorrect Oil Sales Valuation - Gravity Adjustment
460264LA OGP - Missing details in e-file
460259LA OGP - Collective changes to OGP Report
460258The tax load update for reprt type 2 is incorrect
460256IS-OIL PRA: Volume extraction for original/re-classified mat
460252No validation for the override group field
460251JE batch control window: batch out of balance
460211IS-OIL PRA: clear funciton not working
460150Filenames for report files are fixed
460144TBLCM010 Volume Type Common Table Inconsistencies
460116Derivation of cross-dock store location
460032Movement based netting: financial document not found
459951Autom. compartment allocation before exchange assignment
459944Entitled volume Missing from Valuation
459810MMS-2014 :Primary Geological Location missing
459805JIB Netting and Stat. Entries incorrect in FI doc
459802Updating PPN records for Batch processing in CA
459801IS-OIL PRA: Customizing (IMG) documentation
459800OLM Tracking - error in sample exit
459799IS-OIL PRA: Zero interest Royalty Owner
459796MMS-2014: ASCII File Download Not Working
459785Louisiana tax calculation incorrect for transportation costs
459769Valuation document scheduling and processing
459758MMS-2014: 2014 ASCII File Net Payment Incorrect
459646OIL:Inconsistency between tables MARDO1 and MARDHO1
459644EXIT_SAPLEINR_400: more information required
459563Rounding problem in O3QCITEST, transaction MIGO
459556LIV ERS not create fee credit memo for prior year
459348PPN missing when ratios are used
459346Wyoming Regulatory report discrepancies
459317MMS-2014:Change ASCII file name-Delete Trial
459313IS-OIL PRA: New Mexico C115 Reg API Gravity missing
459306generic reg not looking at frequency for vols
458903ME21N -Oil specific fields for Gain Posting for STO
458893Incorrect Bearer group to date processing
458892LA OGP - Reporting of drip points incorrect volume
458891Set buffering options for various Production tables
458889OOB status indication.
458883IS-OIL PRA: Texas Royalty report abends
458880Access to o3urep_common & short dumps viewing files
458879Error in settlement statement window in create mode.
458827IS-OIL PRA: Generic Tax Report failed
458800Transaction MB04: Subcontracting Goods Movement error O3 357
458705IS-OIL: VPRS Re-Determination when non TDP material
458475Well Vols SKF not handling DHC correctly
458473OGOR IMG - Misspelled MMS Well Statuses
458472IS-OIL PRA:JE post abends if no UNIT Property set up
458471unit to tract potential allocation error
458466MMS-2014: Enhance Copy Functionality
458303Commercial format (°C) for temperature
458242ALE for Customer Master / IS/Oil Data (OILDEB)
458229Delivery qty is greater than target qty for IS-Oil material
458217BCD Overflow error Tax Calculation - Alaska/Crude
458144Selection lost on scroll in Exchange contract copy
458098Chech write: Cost center error and no table entries
458097IS-OIL PRA: OGOR-C Current and Prev Inventory = 0
458096Validation for Override Group missing
458095Accepted Journal Entry Report format
458094IS-OIL PRA: Royalty report value doubled
458091MMS-2014: Add ASCII File Download Functionality
458090MMS-2014: Heading changes to Supplemental Report
458086Bad Escheat Check Number
458084IS-OIL PRA: Louisiana Oil Tax Report shows no data
458080Contract type missing in PVR Calculation
458015PPN - Changes not prevented when VL is running
458001LISTVIEWER - Can't Download 2014 from LIst Viewer
457669Missing State and County Combination
457667Gas Balancing Report Does Not Print In Background
457664IS-OIL PRA: PRA-FI integration UOM not set if qty=0
457663MP/WC Contract Xref search ability
457660IS-OIL PRA:JE Batch Load & Posting
457655MMS-2014: Add Authorization Checks
457653Abend during settlement statements creation
457636MMS-2014: Where to find Extract Audit Report
457626Error incorrect on o3uvl_str0
457301Wrong formula description in exchange abstract
457262IS-OIL PRA: DOI integ.funds scenarios
457255La BA Xref - wrong ordering in list box
457254IS-OIL PRA:Report Id is not available
457252Last day of a month, in Tax calculation module.
457250La Reg ID - WC Search Help Missing
457246State tax configuration view issues
457245Incorrect warning message in CA
457242IS-OIL PRA: OGOR C Incorrectly Recording Inventory
457239IS-OIL PRA: Reg Rpt CA OG110 & CO FORM7 setup
457238IS-OIL PRA: Reg Rpt Override Group Drop-downs
457237IS-OIL PRA: New Mex C115 not finding WC Dated
457236Severance Tax Report-Incorrect Reporting on NGL's
457226MMS-2014: Reject Report Needs to Display Currency
457214Operator field defualty functionality O3U_CT (DDEW)
457210MMS 2014: Revisions: Make Final JE Posting
457205IS-OIL PRA:Different Posting keys for Stat entries from PRA
457198Wyoming Regulatory Report - Field/Reservoirs missing.
457196Combined Run Report for InBalance & OutOfBal headers.
457195IS-OIL PRA: Corrections for Ready to Run interface
457194PE (Conservation Excise Tax Type) Oklahoma
457193IS-OIL PRA:JE Post no error for warnings in FI Post
457191IS-OIL PRA: DOI history timestamp
457167IS-OIL PRA: QCI error message in report excution O3UH_REPEX
457148NGL contract type check in valuation
456819MIGO - Error when posting with final transfer indicator set
456808Handling of CA PPN for BDC interface
456806IS-OIL PRA:Miss Information in the Texas Gas Report
456805MMS-2014: Add Empty Finalization Warning
456804(OBSOLETE)DNND node creation process issuing Circular Ref Ms
456802Wyoming Regulatory Report - Incorrect sorting.
456798ListViewer Abends include file not found
456787MMS-2014: Printable form for Mfg Allowance
456784Check Input: remitter/DOI cross reference window
456710Clear button doesn't work on Remitter Layout window
456305Well Count SKF not handling DHC & Not finding incative wells
456302IS-Oil PRA: Report activation issues
456296Clear button & detail err line nos for CI/JE
456292Correct fill of product code for call to rdbq950
456181Fix problem with I/C entries in checkwrite
455945TSW : Location Tree Report dumps
455932Movement based netting improvement
455924LA OGP - Reporting of Drip Points
455918Changes in Transaction O3UREP_MASTER after 4.6C SPI
455914Gross Value understated on Oklahoma tax report
455912BAPI's do not perform error checking on the UOM
455911Inactive Status Royalty Percent Allow Message
455902Alaska Tax Calculation Corrections
455839LA OGP - Collective changes to OGP Report
455631O3B3 Exg doesn't get sender address
455526i2-Double Reversal for Steelhead on rje
455523Well Test allows incorrect volume and rate
455520Settlement Statement/Check Input Corrections
455515JE Batch Control only copies header, not detail
455512BAPI_MPVL_CREATE does not save standard volumes
455510IS-OIL : Incorrect Well Count in LA OGP Report
455509No message from PPN window when VL running
455489Problem with fix for message 451144 - Cost centre assign
455479OB 029 in transaction vl01
455454ABAP Runtime error when allocating in CA
455417Org hier's pull into wrong fields
455317Wrong cursor position in the OIL 40B SO overview screen
455239Performance enhancements for component PRA (former E&P)
455166Rounding 2step;Abend MSEGO2;Don't change temp;Wrong sign G/L
455111SSR Collective Note 4.6B and 4.6c starting 28.11.2001
455099Cumulative Imbalance Inquiry: Decimals should total to one.
455091Logic Correction for intercompany Affiliate acct
455090OSS65818 TX P1 Commingling Permit Number Truncated
455069Int.Cat.Code not being populated in Owner Maint.
454885Additional selection fields for conversion program
454870Silo/Tank management screen enhancements
454392Correction of change pointers creation for master data dist.
454302VA01 input validation error
454294Cannot post MIGO due to X_MARCO1 inconsistency with core
454030Wrong text on Txns O4P7 and O4P8
453627Formula and average prices disappear in VFX3
453446Using document type to look-up OIH03 in MIGO
453200Different company codes in exchange statement report
452130OIL: Char. derivation for OIFPBL, OIFWE does not work
452122Nota fiscal compl. does not consider user condition types
452059Wrong quantity conversion on netting detail statement
452031Corrections in goods movements: stock transfer
451626SAP modification to delivery VL01N not consistent with VL01
451521Support extended IDOCs during IDOC creation
451483Exchange number is cleared when changing material document
451394Fees in delivery multiplied by thousand
450966Cancel goods issue not on exchange statement report
450659Err in work prcss log: CuaSubstitute OIFE/RM06EHBE
450485Incorrect Delivery Qty for Batch managed HPM Material
450440Error messages during MIGO
450220Missing items caused by LIA Move Balance Function
449413Fees tab greyed out while trying to change PO using ME22N
449167OIL:Empty MARC fields after ALE transfer of IS-OIL materials
448908OIL: Goods movements with zero quantity
448892Bad performance on delete movement based netting transaction
448734Movement based netting document selection
448452Tank material assignment check and O4_TIGER analysis display
448155Copying picked quantity to delivered quantity not working
448147Quantity conversion error when movement w/o PO item
448020Double update of IDOCS in parallel inbound & Idoc locking
447778Missing delivery note and bill of loading in a material doc.
447773Short dump during GI for Batch Managed ED Material
447701Message handling add.qties check in MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT
447299Movement based netting update termination
447077Wrong ILIPS-TABIX value results in dump in Delivery update
447012OIL:Change tkt with same name as deleted tkt/NOMIT not displ
446599Not all LIA accounting documents are displayed immediately
446535Problems with F&A reference date exit & invoice re-pricing
446350External Details in the goods movement 301, 309 and 311.
446038Program termination during BW contract data upload
445840MFBF: Backflush and HPM materials: Quantity conversion error
445790B/L Exchange: Material value zero in purchase order history
445741Report Find Shipments
445150Unable to change pricing date on fee screen in billing
444173O3QCITEST:no effect of density and thermal expansion coeff.
444155OLM packing of deliveries without batch
444141Trees are duplicated after refresh on packing screens
444129Isolated Stock Report not working
444090Performance of report ROIB_DIP_ANALYSIS
443889IW42 "Screen output area too small"
443792IS-OIL / IS-MINE: Service Pack 1 (CRTs 22-25 for SAP_APPL)
443575Excise duty balance calc incorrect when gain/loss
443421Archiving of shipments
443280Manually entered qty in ASTM are reset in VL02N
443264Short dump during GI with excise license
443243Converting density units of measure
443103Error with exchange agreement with an ext. number assignment
442950Movement based netting condition counter
442918o4k_license allows record to save with no key fields
442822Incorrect posting date used for actualization
442674Document flow in Nomination does not show the correct ticket
442659Movement based netting: BTCI session errors
442657Wrong german texts in sales documents
442440Credit Management: S067-OLIKW not correct w/o delivery
442437Shortcut for material does not work in Sales Overview
442328Autom. Batch Determ. for Oil Material doubles quantities
442303Billing index update problems
441966VA01 External details validation shouldn't take place
441942Volume consistency error between MSEG/MSEGO2 - MIGO
441786Display Error in SAPMOIGS-3200 when calling from 3700
441767Error 03 167 occurs when executing transaction me2o
441719Incorrect Delivered Qty in Schedule Line
441681Wrong display of assigned materials to a rack meter in O4R2
441648OIL: TSW Gross quantity not used in Idoc Process
441419Archive of TDshipment not possible if costing relevant
441399Vehicle master does not allow more than one user screen
441312Supplying plant empty in req's if no fixed vendor
441195TSW events: Default document numbers in event screen
441022Fees not repriced when pricing date changed on sales order
441011Wrong sheduling line when proposal from Quantity schedule
440892Error Message V0102 when displaying item ext detls in VL33N
440831Gen. container loc. TA doesn't display current loc.
440821Display problems with F&A conditions in invoice
440799Purchase orders without any costs can't be processed via ERS
440796Return code not checked for goods issue posting
440347Cancel goods issue: Sales order number in OIAQB missing
440284Error messages O1 315 and O1 546 in exchange statement
440264O4NA - Single Material assignment check functions
439270IS-Oil: Short dump when creating delivery
439065Excise Duty details in ME31 when field masks changed
439036BW wrong load; delete OIGSM; load interface; delete dcmt.
438955Incorrect re-pricing of F&A Conditions
438918Problems with formula & average pricing conditions
438767Invoice print performance and memory problem
438549Fee copy controls missing in billing to order copy control
438522IS Oil : MIGO consolidated corrections
437922Database locks for OLM requisition conversion
437817QVM3-Error msg MM 108 No alternative unit of measure ...
437685Ending material assignment in O4NA when tank dips exist
437593Parallel processing for returns delivery
437526Error displaying external details for material doc. item
437268Exchange billing: Feerepricing not possible
437057Batch input and enhancement QCI defaults transaction
437034OIL-TSW: Nomtk not getting exported from Ticketing Display
436867OIL: TSW Event Log Text is not carried over from 3.1H
436699LIAs are not properly deriving Profit Center
436345Balance handling in movement based netting
436342Update termination in OIK_TAS_DATA_POST
436222Navigation in license screen when called from sales order
436202Shipment cost type not displayed correctly
436192MIGO - GR before GI for Stock Transport Orders
436009Inventory batch input
435729Ticket change does not consider nom item
435539Update termination when creating tickets
435400Tax emeption licenses display from sales order
435299OIL: Missing QCI parameters in O4_TIGER
435157MIGO Error message posting GR for subcontract PO
435142Plant can be changed in PM/PS Order for OLM 'Stock' items
435047Excise Duty details in ME32 when field masks changed
435024Incoterms resets in sales order
434900Error message O1 315 and O1 546 in exchange statement
434858Supplying plant empty in requisistions from network orders
434809Runtime error during overflow check in LOICQF0R
434398header tktsubrc not updated like item tktsubrc
434292Selection issues in movements-based netting
434127Fees duplicated in contract/po/so when pricing redetermind
433963Wrong timestamp in table MSEG when using MIGO or CO13
433876Goods Recipient field is disabled in MIGO transaction
433867Double delivery items for Stock Transport Orders
433834Internal work areas defined in RVINVB00, RVINVB10 are small.
433519Exchange Header (O3A2/O3A3) exchange number not validated
433428Exchange rate not calculated on Sales Order Header.
433058Missing oil changes in view VV_T685a_va maintain condition
432655Redetermination of OIDRC fields for Sales order.
432574Quantity schedule on a purchase order is wrong (TD related)
432363Error Message OB 007 No valid entry in table OI001
431993Oil requisition fields erased by ME52N
431985Document validation does not take place for Book Nomination
431827Shipment receipt - Handling unit groups are copied
431701Header external details not copied from reference document
431684List of subsequent docs. disappears after save
431682Invalid value in pop-up for returns subsq. document.
431614PO item dates in MT reports
431589Screen SAPMV45A 4301
431515SSR Collective Note 4.6B and 4.6C starting 30.08.2001
431467Tickets deletion functionality in TSW
431271Blank fields not available for input in returns document
431207QCI-error, G-SVMQ1INT; ASTM error after mvmt o brd
431173Short dump in VA02
431050Returns not Updating License Quantity Tracking
431044Dump in planning engine with Planning proposal routine "CP"
431035Exceed 300 Items with LIA Move and Clear Balance Function
431027QCI Calculator accessible on delivery header
430925Material tracking statuses for POs are inconsistent
430922Net Weight and Volume not updated on BOM main item
430918Incorrect processing of no-influence items in tracking
430881QCI Defaults not copied into MIGO
430800Abend posting cross-dock GRN with downstream material
430515Item category redetermination not working
430489OIL: TSW Ticket search criteria used for Selection
430475MIRO-performance in repricing/fees (posting part)
430472OIL: Corrections in goods movements and QCI
430287Rate-based F&A pricing causes UOM Conversion error
430272QCI error during rundown generation
430271Error in MEPO coding in TSW details
430076Cross-dock errors not reported to MIGO goods receipt
429997Descriptions not filled in holding reports
429764IS-OIL: RM07MADE runs for very long periods of time
429549GI for X-docking delivery not possible for IS-OIL material
429511OIL: Silo/Tank management Screen enhancements
429325Netting fails for zero amount invoices
429282Error B1 070 in creation of IDOC for customer master
429234OLM requisition fields erased by ME52N
429059Short dump when creating Call-off against Contract
429002CO-PA charact. OIFWE: not filled properly in Invoice
428996Multiple goods receipts - delivery costs wrong
428627SSR/Retail Store - Start Report-Tree in Retail-System fails
428558LIA payment term check fails for multiple items
428442Error when displaying 3.1H purchase order-external details
428350OIL: TSW Ticket search criteria used for Selection
428275KE4S fails when loading invoice with fee total condition
428229Screen error in Document flow from Nomination
428001MIGO: OLM Delivery posted without GR item
427929Netting fails: financial document (BSEG) not found
427899Wrong qty conversion in billing condition
427869OLM tr. req. conversion log not updated
427847Wrong fee copy at good receipt cancellation
427845Configuration of Return dynpros not allowed not used by tr.req. conversion program
427650Delivery Note and Bill of Lading not Appearing in MB01....
427517IS OIL: Collection of goods movement corrections
427368VF06 Does Not Allow For Billing ByExchange Number only
427316ROIABVF6 Batch Invoice programs dumping
426588Shortdump in a sales order with no line items.
426567SSR/MRN update classification table entries in TCLT
426277GL account not set when importing task list to PM order
426243Selection limit for O3O_SC01
425648IS-OIL / IS-MINE: CRTs 15-21 for SAP_APPL Support Packages
425471IS OIL: Incorrect plant level data in stock overview
425420OIL - TSW : Worklist caused errors
425216Batch missing; Vehicle balance; BW /0; Abend mvmt o b; OIGSH
425214Txn QVM3 - unable to peform UD on IS-OIL material
425176Missing GOHEAD-FRBNR in MIGO for movement type 309.
424940Split invoicing: Fees wrongly included
424900Service Station Retailing: Additional obj. in Retail system
424571Returns document descriptions not copied to sbs documents
424517Default value: Time of delivery in online planning
424515MIGO : Error O3 167, while doing GR in MIGO
424514Returns worklist displays wrong values
424405LIA: warning-message O1607 instead of error-message
424163Cancel goods issue: no entry in OIAQB created
424159Special foot display logic for Silo UoM
423816Wrong user displayed when container is locked
423809Print functionality for Returns documents
423698O4F4 - Flow Control Error V0 102 during shipment deletion
423687OLM locks not released when packing reversed
423668STSI Load Confirmation posts additional qtys for TDP matl
423643Missing PSPNR in MR21 posting
423603Quantity Conversion incorrect in Exchange Statement printing
423369Shortdump while changing sales order with no line items.
423313GR Number and Year not displayed on initial OLM GR report
423293IS-OIL-DS-TSW : Shortdump in Planning Engine
423260'Back' button on ALV report screen ends whole Transaction
423125O3O_PACK05 title text
423098New OLM Tracking Object Type
422957QM Inspection Lot on OLM GR report
422804No components listed for orders in O3O_HD02
422491No check of target for held deliveries using blue arrows
422241Duplicate PM equipment container in OLM Packing
421494Alternative origin validation for purchase order
421463O4TG Display mode invalid GUI functions active on ticket
421388Additional UOM not saved at ticket create
421325Wrong document displayed in O3O_GRSD
420877Commit work is causing errors in batch mode
420415OIO 240 'Delivery ref. to T/O & could not be posted'
420245Check dates: Container certification and rental dates
420095IS-OIL TDP GI for delivery note missing OIVBELN + OIPOSNR
420078Clear/refesh OIl-fields/tables at begin of transact. MIGO
420039SSR Collective Note for 4.6B and 4.6C starting 16.07.01
419992QCI: manually entered amounts disappear for delivery items
419988Missing fields/mapping in material tracking report
419887Impossible to change exchange starting date
419829MIGO : Error performing a GR against PO with components
419771Deletion indicator not checked for material batch
419590Unable to assign PM equipment container using tcode VT02N
419586O3O_CT03 search help error: 'Container type X not found'
419505Standard configuration for returns subsequent documents
419373Divide by 0 in goods receipt for sub-contract PO
419329Goods receipt not possible for delivery - M7 865
419078Dump/missleading message using batch to batch transfer
419061Dynamic Product Proposal: Qty disappeared
418818Ticket display, change, delete; nomination pop-up
418763Handling cancelled tank dip deletion in O4_TIGER
418672851/852 for real batch; STO VBFA; batch in conversion; Lov=0
418414Use additional posting keys for MM fee account determination
418090Short dump when creating delivery
418056O4TE: Incorrect Additional Units in Material Document
418004Toggle function on Returns document not working properly
417914External details not copied from PO to Inbound Delivery
417764External details screen not ready for input
417688IS OIL: Missing language-dependent entries in reading group
417679Handling type disappears when PO changed
417345Additional application log
417277Short dump & BDC error with netting document & BTCI
417113O4PO: new created delivery w/o tank id entries in oik37
416942T_YOIK01 and T_YOIK01D missing in EXIT_SAPLOIK9_400
416839Performance improvement loading and delivery confirmation
416681Error when displaying alternative quantities in delivery
416570Validation against Scheduled material in Nomination
416227Validation of Nomination against Ship-to Party
415815F4 Search Help - Ticket Display
415743Errors in transaction O3AI: Move and Clear Exchange Balance
415636Issuing tank number not displayed in mat. doc. details
415614OLM Tracking - Wrong GI documents are shown
415400Notes in returns document not displayed in O3O_RT03
415356Shipment Cost Worklist: Option to navigate to O4L4.
415212Sales Hours Set in Site control parameters(SCP)
415153VA01-TPI Missing validation if tank is blocked or expired
415121Rundown list error with GET_BOOK function
415094Location Partner field not always defaulted
415005data element OIG_AEDTMF field labels are wrong
414989Enable internal flag in ticket screen
414893Field Control for transport zone & Mode of Transport
414866TSW ticket create allowed to proceed without selection
414782RM07MMAT does not consider fields EXTBOL/MISCDL
414778Create LIA balance adjustm. doesn't validate exchange number
414645Wrong number of material documents
414427No Shipment Receipt after previous different action in MIGO
414363MIGO : Incorrect error message for M3 351
414289O5NX Batch input error due to LEAVE TO TRANSACTION statement
414197O5NG batch input error due to LEAVE TO TRANSACTION statement
414185SKF Well Count not finding inactive wells
414156Deleted status passed up tracking hierarchy
414119GR -> OLM packing, 'refresh' finds additional shipments
414082Data initialization at TSW Ticket IDoc
414054Trans. MI01: Stock table appendices -O1 not found!
413942Short dump in shipment detail report
413799Error message when delivery is not relevant for picking
413748Redetermine Sold-to party when creating new SD contract
413635Manual pricing conditions are repriced for oil BoM
413508OIL Performance problem in transaction O4G1
413507global variables not being cleared for tickets
413457SSR Collective Note beginning 20.06.01 for 46B and 46C
413451Authority check in Nomination program
412896Inconsistencies in O4NA - material assignment to tank
412858IS OIL: Vendor consignment stock displayed only in base UoM
412732MAP: Gross/Net Determination based on rules
412652OIL: Redetermination of QCI defaults after date/time change
412619In MIGO, defaults for batch-managed items not determined
412571Additional warning message for g/l analysis
412543Oil vers. of note 410014: No check of pricing ref. material
412530Exchange Fee Repricing at goods receipt / transac. MIGO/MB01
412512Empty items created in returns document
412509Existing PReqs converted to TReqs in PM Order
412506Containers missing from tracking report
412491Shipment status incorrect in Tracking Reports
412485OLM Tracking - Hold onshore icon not displayed
412480MAP : Substitution of formula & average condition type
412233No decimal display for dimension-less parameter in O4_TIGER
412104ED revaluation and account postings
412076OIL: Update termination when changing events aren't copied at cred-memo creation/cancel.
411995Create LIA transaction does not validate exchange number
411979Field Supply Process on external/internal component screen
411967QCI defaults not refreshed in delivery
411905O4_tiger Hydrometer Corr ind. not copied from O3defaults
411748Incorrect conversion of additional quantities
411713Wrong Parameter Type in TSW Ticketing User Exit
411413VA01 errors when removing tank assignment
410902ME21N: message 06 078 for PO for external services
410499Quantity in SKU not updated in phys. inventory
410309QCI conversion parameters incomplete in method call
410180Returns document not locked while being processed by user
410135Alt. quantity cannot be changed for oil BoM subitem
410066OLM - Hold flag mandatory in ME51
410037Slight rounding error in MIRO, even when balance is 0,00
409942OLM Material tracking - Wrong documents shown
409941No output when releasing delivery from PM order
409937Handling Type pop-up in process orders
409928Tank assignement not done when capacity compare not poss.
409918Two-step transfer: Tracking status and number generation
409758F4 Help for Handling type in Contract
409698OLM - Packing flag not set on shipment header
409269F&A Formula is not deleted to the customizing table
408943Error FF805 when releasing billing document to FI
408921Missing / incorrect flow control entries for SAPMV50A
408812Flow Control: Entry SAPMV45B, PO, OIH updated to OIHL
408614MCOE: No Validation for ship. point and route on order entry
408602Negative net value in ML81N with CATS returns
408577QCI conversion in batch mode
408547IS-Oil: Short dump when creating delivery
408461MKPF-TCODE2 is used instead of MKPF-TCODE - Msg 208803/2001
408440Display LIA negotiated payment data not functioning
408019Unable to select multiple container items in OLM Return
408011Entry in field 'External ID' changeable on VT03N
407992Exchanges fields missing in Line Layout
407858Message OIURVOW 067 in Vendor/Customer master
407855SKF - Well Count / Well Volumes
407845Onshore receipt not displayed in cross-docking list
407630SSR Collective Note beginning 23.05.01 for 46B and 46C
407488Incorrect navigation from transport to purchase reqn
407463OLM returns items not saved.
407200Realtime rundown fixes
407197Billed order appears again in VF04
407118OLM - Incorrect tracking from requisition to order
407038Display LIA (O3BU) accounting doc. flow control error
406291Pricing type 'T' in document copy control KNPRS
406285Requisition created for stock item after tasklist import
406181Missing icon for deleted PO/TO items
406068OLM tracking report does not display batch split delivery
406047Mvt type 851/852-LIS, no value; VL09; QCI in mining
405998Order matchcode missing from OLM returns initial screen
403703Update of CMETH on VBFA for billing
403310Batch-specific material units of measure and IS-OIL/IS-MINE
403275Shortdump when posting netting document with many items
403030After implementation of 392231 inbound process short dumps
402962Returns document text not displayed
402824Invalid supply details converting transfer reqn.
402673PM Order hold flag available for input
402671OLM packing displays quantity for shipping units
402669Stock transfer reqn cannot be converted after error
402664Wrong container location is shown
402654Error OIO-098 when amending a shipping unit
402605Transaction O3UI7 warning message cannot save
402596Incorrect default shipping details - store level detn.
402561Error in sales order for more then one item in TAS
402461Correction Default Copy Report
402326Exchange Fee Repricing doesn't work with ME21N
402296Error occurs in LIA account determination
402177Shortdmp "Field symbol not assigned" when leaving fee dialog
401916Problem creating PM order component at onshore plant
401810Error V0010 occur after repeat the allocation step in O3A2
401593IS-OIL / Euro: Ensure that OIH01 buffer is reset
401341Zero quantity line is not calculated during delivery
401237Customs excise tax licenses using O4K_LICENSE
401147OLM Packing selection by container id and location
401061QM Inspection Lot on OLM GR report
401010Store location input on stock transfer order ENJOY
400863OIL: Problems deleting E&P Hierarchies
400655Termination message O1702 at LIA transaction O3AI
400635SSR Collective Note beginning 03.05.01 for 46B and 46C
400525Incorrect store location during shipment receipt
400431Tank/Silo Management: O4NA: Calibration history display
400419Formula Maintenance ends in duplicate record
400341SSR Collective Note beginning 02.05.01 46C only
400049BADI OII_DIP_CALCULATION in transaction O4_TIGER
400040Various problems with VOFM, O5F5, O54R (IS-Oil vers. 385067)
400019In MIGO the QCI defaults are not recalculated
399862No entries in OICQ7,8 and 9 for some invoices
399825Exclude items from ERS is not correct
399796Released containers are displayed in OLM packing
399783OIL: Poor performance in Billing doc/Pamnt Card Handling
399691Set actual time when shipment status is changed
399607Volumes Allocate ends with a BDC_FIELD_OVERFLOW
399467Conversion problems : rate based formula & average
399384Oil: BW content objects (OSOD DataSource) missing
399277Problems transferring deliveries to/from unlisted cntnrs
399274Returns container items not completed after import
399273Abend after selecting containers in returns document
399019TD Travel time fields not filled from shimpent
398955ISO conversion leads to blank unit of measures
398909Store location cleared during import of tasklist
398907BOM store loc. pop-up not required with CNEX0027
398764Incorrect weights and volumes in delivery
398747No error at O4PO if delivery is assigned to shipment
398428IS-Oil: Short dump in delivery processing
398263Warning when 'cross-dock deliveries' not invoked
398090SSR Collective note #2 for 4.6B and 4.6C
397887Cross-dock report shows wrong orig.doc. for onshore
397885T.Req. conversion program ignores 'closed' indicator
397767MRRL Duplicate error messages in the ERS run output
397701WBS element field does not appear for goods movements
397649Inclusion of entries in OILD46CMCO
397615No ALPHA conversion of OIJ_NOMNR at domain level
397551External details problems in MEPO
397535Mapping ship-to party from item to delivery header
397534Hold indicator on PM order during create with ref.
397377Additional User Exits (BADIs) for TSW
397219Requisition created when importing BOM with category 'L'
397101IS-Oil: Error in rebate agreement with zero document
397003IS OIL: negative quantity entry in HPM dialog box
396857'Enter a valid value' during returns document change
396628Warning:O5 118: Excise Duty Validation Error in line 000000
396582LIA: tax code/ payment terms not valid
396450SSR Collective note #1 for 4.6B and 4.6C
396428Billing cond. item screen w/o horizontal scroll bar
396381Store location input on stock transfer order
396311Status Handling for Vehicles in TD Scheduling
396242Dump in TD bulk shp in OIB2_TD_GET_MAT_TEMP by NO_RECORD exc
396238Incorrect cross-dock quantity on over-receipt
396117Error Message O9 343 in TD Loading Confirmation.
395885OIL: SSR Field conversions retrieves wrong value
395820Update external details also for Sales return orders
395752Updating the Document Base Table
395716SSR Invoicing - update OIRADTLT
395468Avoid processing old stock transfer requisitions
395194OIL: Process Control enhancements
395051Field mapping in cross-docking report
394959Drag-drop behaviour of held deliveries
394791Shipment Receipt - copy existing container details
394774OLM Goods Receipt -> Shipment Packing
394696OIL: Customer extensions in the Payment Card Upload
394654Incorrect database structure with CATS return
394340OIL: Selection of tanks from user worklist
394330IS-OIL: Small corrections in stock overview
394201Tracking number change when using ME22N
394010IS OIL SSR FUELS - Collective Note starting 02.04.2001
393987IS-OIL: Clear sales office and group in SO entry
393947OIL: Check report before 4.6c CRT14 table conversion
393394OTWS error on SCP screen of Business Location
393362OIL: Authorization of location address datasection
392893ABAP/4 Raise_Exception in Volumes Allocate
392867SD-billing document: Performance problems reading partners
392597Impossible to change exchange starting date
392567Reading Type rounding error
392391Missing gain/loss posting at goods receipt/issue
392236ISO conversion leads to blank unit of measures
392231No error at O4PO if delivery is assigned to shipment
392228MSEG struct. not passed on to Tank assignment check function
392082Wrong data format in forwarded Idoc OILLDD & OILLDC
391987GR Repricing does not reprice exchange fees
391576Silo Management: Tank Dip tx Does Not Display Material Name
391477Invoice split assgnmt
391448Create acc. doc. w/ BTCI: no exchange no. field
391383Flow ctrl entry SAPMV45B, OIDE, FL, *, *, * missing in T185
390711Cancelling invoice passes wrong quantity to LIS
388602Incorrect Repricing in Invoice Correction Request
388558IS-OIL: CO57 and CO54 do not update Oil appendices properly
387892IS-OIL / IS-MINE: CRTs 09-14 for SAP_APPL Support Packages
387863Order of IS-OIL / IS-MINE 4.6C Notes (SAP_ABA)
387854Order of IS-OIL / IS-MINE 4.6C Notes (SAP_BASIS)
387637Incorrect Gain/Loss Calculation in MIGO
386232OIL: No update of net weight after availability check
385519OLM GR-created Delivery not on MD04 Stock/Requirements
381462F4 help on shipment workbench shows all drivers
367828Problem with fees visualization
365418G_OIKIMPORT struct not populated in SD_SALES_ITEM_MAINTAIN
364919Inbound shipment interface abends on delivery create error
361254Partner det. in call-off from ship-to with SAP/TAS interfa
360220Doc date, posting date resulting from ticket incorrect
351931Abend O1 544 on Delivery confirmation
337560Credit memo request with reference to invoice.
332654IS-OIL / IS-MINE / IS-CWM: Overview of SAP Notes
331989IS OIL: no QCI pop-up window within PP confirmations
215608Error Handling in TAS Inbound Process
212707Reports to analyze and correct stock qties in IS-Oil systems
140295EDI ORDCHG: Enhancement of customer function '007'
100083Config. of delivery item categories (ld.balancing)
93571Sequence of corrections - IS-Oil / IS-MINE Policy
53136Support Packages and IS-Oil / IS-MINE / IS-CWM - information
47531IS-OIL / IS-MINE / IS-CWM correction guideline