Note 414893 - Field Control for transport zone & Mode of Transport

Component : Marketing, Accounting and Pricing -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

write, tmodp entry, language, exists endif, already exists, entry already, successfully inserted, entry successfully, fauna t077d, t077d fausv, letter string, endif tmodp, tmodp fauna, fausv tmodp, tmodp modif, values tmodp, string which, germantmodp ftext, tmodp values, tmodo entry, msgno, write first, write second, msgv1, others, message, output, function conversion, isola input, input, exporting, exporting, input, input, importing, importing, output, tmodp, tmodp spras, spras, exceptions, exceptions, unknown, unknown language, others, specific isoil, train station

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