Note 1319517 - Unicode Collection Note

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Unicode; Unicode Conversion
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1314039Logon to BEX in Vietnamese and other languages does not work
1313947SUMG Manual Repair: repair of INDX Log uses wrong rowid
1310720Collection Note for Unicode Systems with different endianess
1309804SDBI_CLUSTER_CHECK: Operation and error messages
1309728SDBI_CLUSTER_CHECK: Operating instructions
1307982Unicode nametab entries cannot be created
1302042Cleanup for table INDX(KU)
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1265171KE1x-Short dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X KG 385 in RKE_BP_VARIANT_READ
1261426Texts from non-Unicode are incorrect in Unicode
1258722LTR Includes in RTL SAPScript/Smartforms documents
1255556Unicode conversion preparation: Container table DBTABLOG
1255030SUMG: Reprocess Log is not displayed
1252407Cyrillic code pages like KOI8-R or KOI8-U ?
1247334Performance of SUMG Repair Hints
1244353Authorization check in UM4_/UMG_ FINISH_PREPARATION
1236565NW RFC SDK: Logging on with non-ISO-Latin-1 user or password
1232987Preceding and succeeding blank characters for include
1232373Problem with Unicode conversion for UPS object /ISDFPS/FR
1179067Language dependent tables in CU&UC procedure
1178671Conversion of Views from non-Unicode to Unicode
1177899Huge amount of R3load Log(XML files) during Unicode export
1176806Language key for external IDoc processing using startrfc
1173054SAPscript, Smart Forms: Incorrect character width in Unicode
1164883RFDOPR10/RFDSLD00/RFKSLD00: Variants with special characters
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1149411Support of GB 18030-2005 (SAP-8402)
1146910Hong Kong Chinese in Unicode Systems
1146480Unicode Conversion or File I/O "break" Japanese U+3231
1145959SWINCF: Alignment of BASIC LATIN Text in CJK ABAP lists
1145203RFC connections MDMP R/3 system 4.5B or lower
1143116Special language keys are missing in default language vector
1142573Reuse of language assignments in SPUM4 and SPUMG
1142572Classification of notes of the Unicode conversion tools
1141801SBWP: Euro character disappears after Unicode conversion
1141788Useful fonts for Unicode PDF conversion (PDFUC)
1141769Reading old DART extract with the corresponding code page
1139642Hardware Requirements in Unicode Systems
1139325Procedures and tools to enable ABAP programs for Unicode
1138099Cascading fonts: Support of Surrogate Pairs
1136946Private Use Area (PUA) in Interactive Forms by Adobe
1134557Language-independent search in Unicode system
1134257VAT Return (Russia): Corrections for Unicode Systems
1130255East Asian Character Width in the Unicode PUA
1129173Special SPUMG vocabulary used in CU&UC procedure
1128673Additional post conversion step UMG_ADJUST_I18N_SETTINGS
1128672Report UMG_CHECK_STXL
1128457Additional post conversion program UMG_SAVE_HISTORY
1125797RW: Report output, double byte characters and Unicode
1118230SAP CRM 4.0 Non-Unicode Mobile clients to Unicode
1114085Tutorial: Manual Maintenance of the System Vocabulary
1114037SAPGOF in Unicode: Problems with missing font metrics
1112206Converting the workflow destination to Unicode
1109643PBWW, PB60 - Problems w/ long texts from non-Unicode systems
1108855Mixing non Latin 1 and ASCII (English) content
1100672RADNTLANG as a tool for checking the text language indicator
1097990List of Printer Vendor Wizard Notes
1096903Tutorial: "Table splitting in SPUMG or SPUM4"
1095975SCU3 Restriction: # character in List Display of logs
1088362Corrupted table T002T in Unicode systems
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1055820Proposal Pool Conversion
1055588Upgrade to SCM 5.X or SCM 7.0 and Unicode conversion
1055585Texts on dynpros are displayed in the wrong language.
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1043380Efficient Table Splitting for Oracle Databases
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1040674R3ta in combination with unsorted unload
1040014Importing Unicode CSV from XMII into Microsoft Excel 2003
1039256New 4.0 SP12 Unicode Mobile client - post installation steps
1038413Unicode SAPWIN device type for CJK font
1037613Concept of an MDMP -> Unicode conversion
1036341Unicode executables and corrupt UTF-8 in input files
1034188SPUMG: Table fields for language determination
1032589Unicode upgrade Note for SAP CRM Mobile client 4.0 SP12
1027088Incorrect SAPscript output after Unicode conversion
1024253Matchcode regeneration in Unicode systems
1023337Unicode-Umstellung "CatManSuite"
1022548Graphics with restricted Unicode support
1021586Unicode conversion of non-Latin-1 Single Codepage System
1021459Conversion behavior of the RFC library
1021395Restrictions of language activation on SAP Unicode systems
1019362Very long run times during SPUMG scans
1017138Correcting Customizing texts after Unicode conversion
1017101Encoding Problems with ABAP XML Processing
1017064Incorrect SAPscript transport Unicode->Non-Unicode/PBWW
1013433Restrictions on usage of ANDALE_x fonts
1012025MDMP to Unicode conversion: Restart of R3load export
1010237Growth of DYNPSOURCE table after Unicode migration
1007073Misalignment in Asian files written from a Unicode system
1002845Graphic Layout Editor in Unicode systems (II)
1001383Distribution Monitor - Known problems and fixes
999712PDF conversion for Unicode
996990Exception List for transactions SPUMG and SPUM4
994909UMG_SUMG_VERIFY_R3LOAD_XML : What to do?
992956Duplicate keys in table UMGPMDIT after Unicode conversion
991763IDoc communication between Unicode and MDMP systems
991572Code page settings for external RFC programs
991481Database is using UTF-8 and not UTF-16 ?
991262FAQ on Unicode enabled Mobile client 4.0
989338RFASLDPC: Character set conversion
989116Distribution Monitor: Troubleshooting Guide
987914Adjusting variants, Unicode problem
985296Sending multiple address vesions from MDMP to other systems
978244CU&UC and NameTab errors for pools or clusters
977372Dependencies corrupt after unicode conversion
975996Problems with applic. area C## during conversion to Unicode
975768Deprecation of Java features with non-Unicode Backend
970892Unicode: Specifying the codepage in RFFO* programs
961026EH&S WWI: Errors in Unicode mode
959874Sending HTML e-mails in E-Recruiting
959698Twin Upgrade & Unicode Conversion FAQ
956921IDES ERP 2005 ECC 6.0
954268Optimization of export: Unsorted unloading
952625SORT AS TEXT: What does the collation sequence depend on?
952514Using the table splitting feature
952050LATIN fonts in CJK SmartStyles
948691LIST_TO_ASCI from a Unicode system
948563E-mail for notification in Unicode systems
945255SUMG reports on DOKTL during Unicode conversion
944778SAPGOF format from Unicode systems: ST command
940429Language independent printing in Smart Forms
939691SPUMG: INDX scan fails for client dependent INDX tables
938738Syslog CP6: still using ambiguous blended code page
938374Additional tools for MDMP --> Unicode conversion preparation
936441Oracle settings for R3load based system copy
935239Adjusting TMS RFC destination after Unicode conversion
932779Unicode conversion - analysis of nametab problems
931856Spreadsheet download in a Unicode system
928909Repair table data in SUMG in Unicode systems
928729Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion (CU&UC)
926816ITS Up/Download: ascii files in UTF-8 after up/download
926450Short dump with error -4025 during connect to ASCII database
925170Web Application Designer NW04s: Saving: Non-Unicode ABAP
923012IPC standalone and unicode
922783Rescue language files for DE / EN
920831RFC with inactive text language
920085Additional languages for countries without SAP translation
918614ICU functions
914966Database enlargement due to Unicode migration
911190PMW: Entering the code page when writing and downloading
910300GridView:Truncation of text in Unicode systems.
906031Information about cascading fonts device types
902083Unicode Collection Note for CRM 4.0
901004Conversion of ABAP spool requests to Unicode.
899376EH&S WWI and Unicode for mySAP ERP
896144SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade for R/3 or ERP MDMP Customers
895560Support for languages only available in Unicode systems
890302SAP E-Recruiting for single code page systems only
888210NW 7.**: System copy (supplementary note)
887654Unicode conversion
886571RFC non-Unicode ./. Unicode with illegal text language
885441Common Migration Errors
885343SAP System Landscape Copy
882865CCR: Incorrect results when using parallel processing
881879Unicode conversion for table O2HTMLATTR
881781Unicode/non-Unicode RFC language and code page assignment
881048F4 Help: Unicode conversion for table DDSHPVAL50
879479IDoc file interface in Unicode system
875712Unicode conversion and planning logs
873789Non XML data to mobile clients from Unicode CRM servers
873239Unicode: Support for cascading fonts when printing
871945Fallback Code Page for Zn Languages in Unicode/nonU RFC
871541Frequently used text patterns
867193ABAP and kernel patches for CU&UC in 46C
858869Desupport of multibyte character sets as of Oracle 10g
858242Upgrade to Unicode: Required actions for ITS 6.20
857081Unicode conversion: downtime estimate
856557INDX-type table with UC data but non-UC code page info
855841Payment medium in a Unicode system
855772Distribution Monitor
853569Problems with allowed characters in 0UNIT (for example µ)
852235Release Restrictions for SAP ERP 6.0
846194OCI/OPI: Code pages and system language
845233Use of Input Method Editors (IME) in Unicode System
844760UCCP for Smart Forms
842767Problems with old spool requests after Unicode conversion
838402Problems within non-Unicode system landscapes
837748RFASLDPC: Incorrect processing under Unicode
837327SAP GUI for Windows: Side-effects of "Unicode OFF"
837184Report Writer and Unicode conversion
837173RADCUCNT in Unicode Conversion: Collective Note
834125HTML Viewer: Incorrect Umlauts in Performance Assistant
833946Splitting of STR files
831959Integrated ITS, problems with character conversion
828554Incorrect BW MDMP check when upgrading to Basis 6.40
827999Error during transfer to MDMP tables with tRFC
827289Generation of Unicode runtime objects
823110GTS: UNICODE and Multi Display Multi Processing (MDMP)
822634RTL SAPScript/Smartforms printing with embedded LTR texts
821971Co-operation between RADCUCNT and R3load
819426MDMP implementation not supported for mySAP SRM
818374Unicode Conversion of a Blended Code Page System
817010FB03/FBV3/FB01/JavaGUI/WebGUI: Problems with documt overview
814707Troubleshooting for RFC connections Unicode/non-Unicode
813445Documentation of the report UMG_POOL_TABLE
812821Cascading Font settings
811431Informix: dbcodepage and Unicode conversion
809279RFC non-Unicode to Unicode with unknown text language
809034Support for Arabic with SAPWIN
808505Secondary connections to Oracle database
808019Ldg master data from non-Unicode OLTP to Unicode BW
806554FAQ: I/O-intensive database operations
801949Mobile Clients Sync Performance - Unicode servers
801416Activation of MIC content and extraction -problems and hints
799639IDES - General Information about the usage of IDES systems
795871Conversion of the enqueue key of the TLOCK* tables
794411Supported codepages of SAP Java Connector 2.1 and 6.x
793847ALE system group (Unicode) with subsystem (non-Unicode)
793546CRM Server Unicode Migration: Mobile Client Text Tables
793113FAQ: Oracle I/O configuration
791199Default editor changed to MSWord in SAPscript and SmartForms
790485RFC Problem Single Code Page, non-Unicode to Unicode System
790099R/3 Parameter Settings for Unicode conversion
788449Byte-order Marks in UTF-8 Files
788239Which language is used to run an RFC on the target system
785848Hom./Het.System Copy SAP Web AS 6.40 SR1 Java
785564Device types for SAPconnect
785091SAPConsole: language support for Unicode systems
784118System Copy Java Tools
783299Problems with new language keys in the TR SMLT
778662Check and correction report for CDCLS table
778209Cluster records with missing PAGENO 0 in table CDCLS
776507SAPscript/SmartForms: Which fonts for which languages?
775189XBP interface and Unicode
775114Problems during transport into a Unicode system
771333Encoding isn't recognized in HTML control
771209NetWeaver 04: System copy (supplementary note)
766703FAQ: Credit card encryption in R/3 systems
765763Setting the Upload/Download codepage for a SAPGUI connection
765543SAP BW Unicode and Staging BAPI - release information
765475Unicode Conversion: Troubleshooting
765439Collection Note for Unicode - CRM Middleware
764480SAP WinGUI I18N Trouble Shooting
758870Account statement: Character set when the file is uploaded
756535SAP Vocabulary for Vocabulary Maintenance for SPUMG & SPUM4
756534Automatic Assignment of Languages with Character Statistics
754311National special characters are not displayed properly.
753381Classification of character damage
753334Unicode Conversion: Problem in Japanese device types
752859sapiconv - a tool for converting the encoding of files
752835Usage of the file interfaces in Unicode systems
750219Unicode UTF-8 printing with HP printers
747615Tool for converting files from one code page to another
747036mySAP ERP 2004 Upgrade for R/3 MDMP Customers
745030MDMP - Unicode Interfaces: Solution Overview
742662MS Word as Editor in SAPscript and Smart Forms
741821Release limitations concerning SAP ERP 2004
740863RADCUCNT: Objects that cannot be generated.
738858R3load for Unicode conversion
734325Table comparison: MDMP and Unicode
733416EH&S WWI and Unicode
729348Unicode change for units of measure
728743Series z: Release of DB2 V8 for SAP Components
726954Private Use Areas in Unicode Systems
722193RFC legacy non-Unicode clients and Unicode servers
721477UCCHECK does not check any ZX* customer Includes
718324Support restrictions for MDMP implementations of mySAP CRM
717776Text transformation between Unicode and non-Unicode systems
716200Can characters disappear during code page conversion
712958Dumps when processing personal value list
710994Layout of lists printed with LEXUT8 Unicode printer
710720SAP GUI for Windows 6.40: Delivery and new functions
709019Inconsistency with table types after Unicode migration
708442Incorrect generated programs in Unicode systems
706528Changing Unicode setting for connection type "L"
705447Size of archive files
697625ALE: Transport problems for Customizing data
695196Error in the export for Unicode migration
691585CRM Unicode / R3 MDMP Connection: User Exits
691407No enhancements in SAPoffice
689951Release upgrade from 6.20 to 6.40 for customer programs
688089SYSLOG: unreadable characters after change to UNICODE
686898Data exchange with R/3 back end that uses several code pages
684332Unicode system: Populating the TRDIR-RLOAD language key
682783Default Unicode conversion code page for HR tables
680695Unicode conversion in tables LFA1, KNA1 and KNVK
679821Check of kernel compilation mode (Unicode/Non-Unicode)
679456Reducing data volume before Unicode Conversion
674882Upgrade: Syntax error in program RKE5XXXX
674371Replicating application components in Unicode BW
673941Unicode conversion for address tables (ADRC, ADRP)
673533Alignmnt problem during extraction into/from Unicode systems
672835Textflags could cause problems during Unicode conversion
669902Setting the national character set to UTF8
665142Reducing the check quantity in UCCHECK
663089RFC bit options in transaction SM59
662215SPUMG and SUMG in Basis Release 6.20, 6.40 and 7.0X
658095R3load: Unicode conversion of cluster tables
656350Master Data Transfer UNICODE <==> MDMP Systems with ALE
651497Code page problems during Unicode->nonUnicode communication
651229MDMP Restrictions
647495RFC for Unicode ./. non-Unicode Connections
643813Composite SAP note - BW Unicode
638844SAP Query: EIS on Unicode systems
638357Transport between Unicode systems and non-Unicode systems
634839Text language for address versions
633265SMTP PlugIn: Multi-codepage ability
632357Backing up liveCache data for SCM 4.0 or higher
627764Unicode migration: table pools inconsistent after conversion
624498Downloading of lists in Unicode system
621740Updating the TCPUC and TCPUCATTR tables
620253Problems when you transport Customizing addresses (6.20)
617472Unicode system + EH&S + permitted languages
617444Separate SCHEMA ID for database schema and tablespace name
615864Excel output: Umlauts are not displayed correctly
615746Incorrect HTML data at front end against Unicode R/3
614550Troubleshooting BC-I18
613389ALE SAP system group with Unicode systems
609054Extractors: Deleting generated programs before the upgrade
606359FAQ: Oracle National Language Support (NLS)
600560CPICSDK restrictions with Unicode
594356Function modules ws_upload and ws_download are obsolete
589701Known errors in BW 3.1 Content Unicode
589159Incorrect entries in matchcode fields in ADRC and ADRP
588480Release restrictions for Unicode in SAP BW 3.x
587150Support of Arabic-script languages
583546Unicode demo programs
573044Unicode conversion for HR application
567048INST: Unicode SAP R/3 Enterprise on IBM eServer iSeries
564142Composite Unicode SAP note (Smart Forms and SAPscript)
563975BW and MDMP/BW and blended code pages not supported
563417Unicode indicator for BOR object type programs
558746Better Oracle Data Dictionary BW Performance
553110User Exits: Behavior within non-Unicode R/3 Enterprise
552612Differences between MS and SAP Code Pages
552464What is Big Endian / Little Endian? What Endian do I have?
551344Unicode Conversion Documentation
549143Searching for User-Exits which need Unicode-enabling
548016Conversion to Unicode
547444RFC Enhancement for Unicode ./. non-Unicode Connections
547314FAQ: System Copy procedure
545923FAQ: Tech. restrictions/customer namespace/permitted chars
544942OCX Controls: Connection to Unicode backend
544623New Installation of Unicode SAP systems
543715BW Migrations and System Copies for BW 2.0B / 2.1 Content
541299Incorrect column layout on lists in Unicode systems
540911Unicode restrictions for R/3 Enterprise, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0
531617ITS 6.20 Release Notes
520991Release strategy for the SAP CORE CEE add-on
514967Table logging following change in the code page
513435Windows code page setup for non-Unicode text files
510882Alignment correction for structured data in containers
509898BAPI enhancement concept and Unicode
497850Condition maintenance reports and Unicode
493387Potential effects of table- and structure - extensions
483715Unicode support in DART
480671The Text Language Flag of LANG Fields
455195R3load: Use of TSK files
453182Error in Unicode Program & Unicode Flag
449918Reading archived data in Unicode systems
449891Temporary database objects in BW 3.x
447596Euro sign/Trademark sign: processing
447519Kernel patches for code pages, languages and locales
427561Transaction SPUMG
423003Printers and Asian/Eastern European fonts/languages
413708Current RFC library
382285Some characters are converted to '#' in SAP WinGUI
379940Unicode based mySAP availability
367676Release upgrade from 4.6 to 6.10 for customer programs
355771Oracle: Explanation of the new tablespace layout
330267Transports between Basis Releases 4.6* and 6.*
323736Restrictions with "PDF print" through spooler
314676Tips for processing data (UTF-8, Japanese)
308138Truncated double byte characters in pop-up screens.
215015Unicode UTF-8 printing with a Lexmark printer
197617Roll conversion partner functions
190669Sending lists using SAPconnect
173255Language problems in the BW System
173241Allowed characters in the BW System
158774Incorrect case mappings in some locales
147519Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI
136649R3trans: Selective language import
129581Euro sign: printing
112065Using customer language 'Z1'
99507Update terminations after upgrade/client copy
89384Checking cluster tables with R3check
83502Printing Support for Native Languages
80727Transporting non-LATIN-1 texts
79991Multi-Language and Unicode support of SAP applications
73606Supported Languages and Code Pages
45548Transporting language-dependent objects
44788How character sets are set up
42305RSCPINST (I18N configuration tool)
24860Replacement of a matchcode ID by a search help function
9385What to do with QCM tables (conversion tables)
3992Purpose of the table INDX