Note 1260071 - SAPBINews NW 7.10 BI ABAP Support Package 08

Component : SAP Business Information Warehouse - Basis System and Installation

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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support package

Related Notes :

1502393Subsequent correction to Note 1356638
1440827Hier. in BIA: Incorrect determination of SVER for HINT objs
1434206711 SP05: Short dump during activation of request in DSO
1426987Excel as a data source for transformation operations
1418865Termination for query gen.:CL_RSR and form GET_CHANMID-01-
1418610P24: DTP: Regenerating processing list
1418576BW7.11(SP05): Dump occurs when transferring content
1418099Replacement path variable with a prequery returns no data
1417882BRAIN 449 after changing reusable Filter in Query Designer
1417746Problem with the variables for request status
1417620P24:DTP:ERRORHANDER:Deleting RSBERRORLOG:Very large dataset
1417555RSBBS: Navigation to BW 3.x Web template does not work
1417508ABAP termination: ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT
1417366Filter selection of characteristics do not work in RSH1
1417169P24:DS:Manage: 'Display All' button in DS administration
1417057P24: Dump: BRAIN 299: RSM_DATASTATE_CHECK -5-
1416944Error 'key attribute is not part of attribute definitions'
1416932Corrections mass maintenance 4
1416918MDX: InfoObject 0INFOPROV is not available in version A
1416737Performance optimization for query change/generation (2)
1416650RSBBS:Selection->Mapping with compounded characteristic PERF
1416390Exception condition "INCOMPATIBLE_TOBJS" was triggered
1416351Checkman errors: RSDM* Try and Catch warnings
1416072Syst. reads data again when you activate local crcy trans.
1415787Hierarchy Auth-Variable error when TempHierJoin (THJ)
1415757Termination during deletion of InfoObjects
1415622MDX: Empty cells in calculated measure and structure
1415007X299 BRAIN in SAPLRRK0; form LRECH_01-01-
1414463P24:SDL:PC:Loading process and parallel execution in PC
1414422P24:DTP:Simulation does not fill h-timestamp/selection empty
1414126DUPREC during insert into validity table
1414105BW7.0 (SP24) Rule type change is incorrect
1414059Missing authorization check in a BW report
1414004Duplicated messages in BEx Analyzer
1413933Improved handling of default properties of query elements
1413389Subsequent corr. for Note 1292531: Error with NHA and THJ
1413272Health check does not include check for very long runtime
1413248Personalization of variable values
1413183Problems during DTP transport in complex landscapes
1413021BIA: CSS message for query errors
1412808Database deadlock in the table RSZCOMPDIR
1412732MDX: Ascendants function does not return member
1412492LISTCUBE report does not check the program name
1412414(SP24) Content is not generated/transport errors
1412351P24:DTP: Transporting batch manager settings with DTP
1411933Incorrect data under special circumstances
1411849P24:DTP: Batch manager settings for DTP not converted
1411787Expanding hierarchies (symmetrical) changes totals
1411735RSEC: Enhancement for wizard for Polstar - Inters.of author.
1411491MDX: bXML flattening in transac. MDXTEST: Selecting packages
1411484MDX: BEx query without key figures is not supported in MDX
1410995P24: DTP: After import of DTPs: Deletion/usage
1410946Correction mass maintenance 3
1410621RDA/Web service: Error due to daemon when request is closed
1410551P24:DTP:Copy program for missing RSBKCMD entry
1410492BW-IP: Hierarchy selection in the delta buffer
1410393THJ: Query with different filters shows no data.
1410268Query object IP/!IP is not available for transport
1410242MDX: Performance of LAG() and LEAD()functions
1410071P24:PC:PSA process: Internal table overflow: Too many logs
1409945SP24: Enabling debugging during insertion of data in PSA
1409851Problems with package size in the case of DTPs with grouping
1409362BW temporary 06 tables not released
1409331P24: Autom. functions: Time stamp changed in InfoCube/query
1409262No authorization when you have filter on hierarchy nodes
1409034Selection option of reference characteristic not handled
1408959Data missing from hierarchy node for active delta cache
1408826Missing data for Non-Cumulatives and Virtual Time Hierarchy
1408740RSEC: Correction log SID_Problem 1
1408611RSEC: Correction mass maintenance 2
1408491Display error in transaction RSDD_LTIP
1408442CX_RS_SQL_ERROR error occurs when executing query in JAVA
1408317RSEC: Corrections to user interface of RSECAUTH02 01
1408161Program for transformation activation
1408083Correction: CSV files with leading blanks
1408037RSRT: Termination when you call technical information
1407607MDX: IS operator does not recognize equality
1407606MDX: Get members for InfoSets -> incorrect values returned
1407053Unassigned node is not updated during budgeting
1406664MDX: Extracting MDX commands from RSTT traces
1406514P24:SDL:Long request creation time for flat file/third-party
1406184MDX: How to make bXML data available for RSTT
1405676Master data provider reads too much data
1405592P24:SDL: Srce syst. del.:IPAK:$TMP-TADIR entries not deleted
1405524Empty slicer is not retained when bookmark executed again
1405430Bookmark after RRI in portal does not retain changed values
1405234Subsequent corrections for Note 1335226
1404939No grouping for serial processing in dialog process
14048167.01SP7:Short dump in maintaining Changelog deletion Variant
1404328MDX: bXML flattening and PROPERTIES: Columns overwritten
1404041SP23:DTP: Creation of ref. from error DTP if std DTP deleted
1403829P23:DSO:WO DSO:Deleting large no. of requests takes too long
1403770Num. var. with replacement from attrib. or hierarchy attrib.
1403473DataSource should not be inactive (INA)
1403455BW:Selective deletion: No. of deteleted records is incorrect
1403366DataSource: CONTREL is missing in D version
1403320Creating new rows in planning query not possible
1403247F4 mode D terminates on a fast search provider
1403222BI Content LM: Data is not deleted
1403153Correction:Unclear msg if RFC error occurs during activation
1403111Correction: Hierarchy interval in PSA more than once
1402674MDX: Descendants delivers incorrect results for NON EMPTY
1402426F4 help for interrupt process ends with a runtime error.
1402410P23:Manage:Inaccurate quick info in rebulding tab page
1402307Incorrect cache filled in BAPI_MDPROVIDER_GET_CUBES
1402255Very large/slow SQL for multiple EXCLUDING conditions
1402253SP24:Incorrect results when part of selection includes SPACE
1402234P23:MON:Request turns green too early - not all DPs checked
1401966SP23: DTP requests not processed in parallel (after import)
1401786DB6: Texts in popup window
1401520Correction: Requests that were deleted logically extracted
1401329NW BW 7.0 (SP23) Missing refresh
1401025Unnecessary lock for sychronous execution
1400996P23:PSA:Poor performance RSSTATMAN_GET_PARTTAB_PSA and DB6
1400670AND process is removed even when the changes are not saved.
1400574Corr: Delta field remains filled even if no delta is wanted
1400493Correction: PC_ACTIVE masks actual run for health check
1400411Correction: Dump instead of error msg. for duplicate process
1400238SP24: Performance Improvement in Master data update
1399994Kernel based zipping in broadcaster
1399817NW BW 7.0 (SP23): Field names not checked for third-party
1399807Archiving Auth-Logs: Dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC
1399717P23:PSA: PSA admin. update flag when there are 2 DTPs
1399686MDX: bXML flattening returns incorrect column values
1399684MDX: Flattening returns incorrectly formatted data
1399475ORA-00904: invalid identifier CX_RS_SQL_ERROR_SILENT
1399466RRI: Fields not filled when you navigate to transaction
1399368Authorization check stops due to missing authorizations
1399351Fiscal period text cannot be obtained from the to-year
1399294Error in MultiProvider in case of duplicate assignment
1399123Consulting: Shared use of Transfer Structure
1399074URL prefix gets truncated if there is a trailing '/'
1398868Process chains not continued after repair
1398358Error:CL_RSDM_READ_MASTER_DATA and form __FILL_ATTR_INFO-06-
1398268RRI: Incorrect resorting in transaction RSBBS
1397781BBS: Fields are not filled when you jump to R/3 report
1397529DB6: Correction of wrong message translation
1397360BW aggregate check: Various improvements
1397283MDX: Ascendants function returns direct ancestor twice
1397192DB6: Migration adjustment of DataStore object indexes
1396908Formula variable with a replacement path does not work
1396485Performance optimization for query check/save
139642170SP23: Short dump DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND
1396417Correction: Status "Red" if request does not exist yet
1395929System error in program CL_RSR and form GET_CHANMID-01-
1395737bookmark: value of variables of prequery lost or incorrect
1395476Wrong attribute values for time characteristic
1395307MDX: Retrieving axis data takes an extremely long time
1395240RRI:Filter not passed for Characteristics in defualt filters
1395214Performance when loading data to InfoCube is optimized
1394944Too many calculations in a formula (&1). Maximum &2 allowed
1394894BW InfoSet context menu in link maintenance has no function
1394561DataSource: Replication with dump in source system
1394554BPS Web: Error handling in budgeting
1394389APD: Termination occurs when using formula transformation
139418770SP23: Problems with grouping (2)
13939277.01SP6:Authority Issue/Popup in maintaining PSA del variant
1392935Correction: Dereferencing of the NULL reference during DTP
1392762RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC does not aggregate usg.InfoProviders
1392631MDX: Subsequent correction to Note 1383354
1392552Texts for hierarchy nodes not displayed
1392369MDX DEV: Crystal Reports and multi-structure BW query
1392193MDX: Subsequent correction for 1390371: Sorting is too slow
1392147Hierarchies in BIA: LCT corrections
1392086Correction: Wrong message when shadow objects are missing
1391870Correction: Status J in the case of synchronous execution
1391793Transactional InfoCube RSM_DATASTATE_CHECK-8-
1391680No text for InfoObjects displayed in an InfoProvider query
1391586Decimal places in multiplication with integer
1391583Query Designer: SwitchId error message after opening query
1391240Correction: Assistant evaluates CRT loads incorrectly
1391221Char. relationship check for nav. attrib. is not carried out
1390771DataSource: Unexpected messages during replication
1390647"Variables Allowed" indicator in RSPLF1 is not saved
1390591DB6: Corrections InfoCube statistics check (real-time stats)
1390588DB6: Corrections for MDC and Reclustering
1390528SP25:Structure alignment during data transfer in 3.X loading
1390515Obsolete transport object TOBJ RSBWREMOTE
1390371MDX: Sorting is very slow
1390349Correction: Restoring not possible due to deleted DTPs
1390290SP23:Short dump in Master data Maintenanace
1390223Duplicate records when RDA loading process is stopped
1390065MDX: Accelerating bXML
1390052P23:PSA:DTP:Request is yellow due to PSA proc.;no DTP update
1389908NW BI 7.0 (Support Package 23): Routines are not deleted
1389756P23: DTP: Slow selects on the view RSBKREQUEST_V
1389556RRI Hierarchy leaf jump - parameters lost
1389066P23:MON: Green too soon/long runtime -> sts calc. -> timeout
1388843Hide (Can Be Shown) incorrect when all key figures hidden
1388713P23:BATCH:External parallelism cannot be overridden in code
1388671Remove inconsistent entries in the archived data.
1388509HIER: Dummy root leads to termination in planning sequence
1388310Correction: RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST not in the background
1388171P23:MON:Incorrect start time 31.12.9999 in REQU load monitor
1388170BI 7.0 (SP23): Content is not generated correctly
1387612P23:Complete deletion does not write appl. log for each req.
1387593Performance optimization for query change/generation
1387300P23:DTP:Performance improvements w/large no of data packages
1387140Char. relationship check not carried out for initial value
1387073Strange Informational Message when Maintaining Aggregates
1386822Dump/Incorrect behaviour when using replacement path var
1386756P23:SDL:PC: Switching InfoPackage with routine/variable
1386712P23:DTP:PSA: PSA request that was last loaded not updated
1386291P23:MON:WO-DSO:Unnecessary node activation/red traffic light
1386234MDX: Unauthorized hierarchy node causes error
1386037RSBBS Jump to R3 does not pass parameters correct.
1385747Replacing from (compounded) variable
1385540X299 BRAIN in program SAPLRRI2; form FEMZ_CRANGE_03-03-
1385372Correction: Non-existent chain can be added to trans. RSPCM
1385368Correction: Wrong message for inactive objects
1385320Error Handling in Consistency Check for DB Vs BIA - Updated
1385197Deleting inconsistent DTP requests during upgrade
1384942Numeric variable with replacement from KEY intensified
1384924No authorization using hierarchy with intervals and patterns
1384723Error in FB RRK_KID_SET
1384550Correction:Too many requests during init load cause SQL dump
1384251Fixed Value on Navigational Attribute for Aggregate Dumps
1384103DB6: Improve performance of RSDU_DATA_EXISTS_TABLE_DB6
1383737Replacement path variable filled by variable not refreshing
13837117.11 SP4 RSAR_PSA_NEWDS_MAPPING_CHECK for A1S customers
1383605Check sum is incorrect for BIA-only InfoCubes
1383593MDX: Improving the performance of some MDX functions
1383579Subsequent correction to Note 1370037
1383525Correction: InfoPackage has incorrect target after migration
1383354MDX: Very long runtime -- too many KIDs read
1383233SAP_NOT_NULL_REPAIR_ORACLE generates invalid SQL statement
1383223Concurrent LTR and RTL language support for BEx Web Analyzer
1383086Correction: Menu option "Run-Time Statistics" does not work
1382969Correction: Incorrect text for message RSDS 030
1382852Corrections: Before Export error when deleting
1382767Integrated planning: BAdI for logging
1382702P23:DTP: Too much time specified in extraction step log
1382303MDX: Axes do not contain all dimensions
1382207InfoProvider displayed even though not authorized
1381687P23:DTP:DM: Data mart pointers in sources are not reset
1381638Subsequent corrections for Note 1358049
1381562Error in F4 when searched by the text of a reference iobj
1381388Problems with SP grouping mode 3
1381311P23:DTP:Dump in template if source system renamed using BDLS
1380753Search for display attributes in F4 returns incorrect values
1380430DB6: Statistics collection extensions
1380273P23:AWB:DWWB:RSA1OLD:DTP: Perf. improvement for PSA tree
1379804Optimizing performance in the read class for master data
1379672SELDR_INTERSECT explodes node: Subsequent corr. to 1370037
1379661"CONVT_NO_NUMBER" occurs using formula variable
1379550N - Error when Delta determining field is Date
1379544LISTCUBE problem if only 0REQUID is used on DSO
1379404DataSource: Initial separator and escape in file hierarchy
1379403Hieid as initial entry in an auth variable
1379397Wrong data in query on MultiProvider with Virtual Cube
1379360P23:DTP:DSO: RSBODSLOG not written if DTP overtakes
1379260DB6: Add BW query name as comment to SQL statements
1379079P23:SDL:MON:IDocs with status 64 are read again
1378974Sequence in key figure structure with hierarchy is incorrect
1378885BI-IP: Correction to inverse formulas (%GT)
1378832P23:DTP:DSO:WO-DSO:DM active, set, parallel loading
1378477P23:RSSM_AUTODEL_REQU_MASTER_TEXT deletes recent requests
1378474P23:DTP: Dump occurs when switching between M and A versions
1378429X299 Brain in CL_RSR_RRK0_SELECTION; _GET_SLICER_BFLK-01-
1378064MDX:Flattening, packaging,and restriction to 1 million cells
1377643Query views can be created with invalid technical name
1377274Obselete PSA for new segmented datasource
1377199Error when intervals are checked
1377113Wait situations on table RSMDATASTATE
1377066System error in program SAPLRRSI form EXIT_INVERS_FOR_FISC
1376966zu Archivieren
1376897OIP: Selection text is initial
1376885Time-dependent hierarchy displayed on wrong key date
1376813DB6: Database consistency checks after BW migration
1376670Change run terminates with Warning RH227
1376374P23:DTP:PC: Endless loop when inserting InfoPackage or DTP
1376132BWGIS: The legend is not correct when GENERATE_BREAKS is set
1375505P23:DTP:SDL:Variable selection does not check if var. exists
1375482x299 BRAIN in program SAPLRRK0; form RGC_PFLEGEN_08-01-
1375477Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in SAPLRRK0 <G_S_SET>
1375456SP23:Enabling edit of erreneous records in PSA maintenance
1375220Data Federator access to BW MultiProviders with InfoSets
1375105Result set is empty after you set filter for hierarchy
1374799Explorer: No texts for time dependency
1374732X299 BRAIN in class CL_RSR; form GET_CHANM-03-
1374270Aggregate setup fails
1373767'Calculating result as...' on hierarchical structures
1373765CONVERSION_EXIT_TIMES_INPUT clears the output for 00:00:00
1373682P23:Manage:STATMAN:DSO:Performance problem with ODSACTIVATE
1373280P23:PC:REQUDEL:DTP: Checking overlapping requests is slow
1373242"NumberFormatException" in Data Federator facade
1373184BI-IP: READ_CELL-01- when generating a query
1373099Transport of RRI assignments terminates
1373040P23:DSO:Complete deletion holds enqueue too long
1372931Correction: RSPCM runtime analysis too slow
1372843P23:BATCH:Slow select/delete accesses to table RSBATCHDATA
1372574BI-IP: Command REFRESH leads to CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL
1372414RDA: Data loss for multiple targets with filter
1372316BI Java statistics: Number of transported data cells
1372156P23:DTP:REQUDEL:PC:Automatic deletion and transf. by request
1371850Correction: No report to check for correct clients
1371487BIA: Several problems related to BIA and change run
1371356P23 :DTP: Content import sets too many locks
1371225No report for finding jobs without program variant
1371201System error in program SAPLRRK0 & form RGC_PFLEGEN_06-01-
137088370SP23:Source & Target symbols at DTP creation are incorrect
1370848New Master Data Deletion - Information
1370719Termination SAPLRRK0; RGC_PLEGEN_07
1370575MDX: CROSSJOIN runs on exception (BRAIN892)
1370260P23:DSO: Activation always requires selection of requests
1370204P23:CUBE: Incomplete deletion keeps enqueue too long
1370138P23:DTP: Determining srce sys. for DTP that no longer exists
1370135P23:BATCH: Default batch group & improved round robin
1370037MDX: No data when complicated filter is used
1369999MDX: Filling authorization check w/ maximum of 40 characters
1369943Correction: Dialog box for update of chain displayed again
1369898BOX accelerated: Corrections based on 7.01 Support Package 5
1369820Analysis authorizations: Select concept
1369536RSRT: Tech info "Access Type for Result Values: Master Data"
1369365Subsequent correction to 1288439
1368956Subsequent correction: Unassigned elements in hierarchy
1368374BEx Analyzer: error launching document browser
1368202MDX optimization: Reading minimal set of key figures
1367725Exact percentages not displayed for BW Oracle statistics
136762370SP22: Activating a DTP using a content user
1367407P23:DSO:DTP: Request list has unnecessary texts
136711470SP22: MESSAGE_TYPE_X in if_rsbm_log_comp_runtime~add_child
1366703Correction: Remote hierarchies can be selected for file
136666670SP22: Active DTP fails when executed in process chain
1366576Accessibilty of Documents from Bex Analyzer
1366344P23:STATMAN:Manage: Poor performance if there are no texts
1366071The Refresh function does not work for input-ready queries
1365977Authorization log: No authorization for InfoProvider
136597670SP22:Transport of deletion and activation of DTPs
1365955Correction: CCMS tree filled although data collector is off
1365904Sequence of Variables is wrongly displayed in Broadcasting
1365901P23:DSO:DTP: Activation step checks long DTP requests
1365881Misleading error messages during interval check
1365780DB6:Missing DBDIFF entries for unique index on E fact tables
1365514CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS error opening executing query
1365505Variable when used in the upper limit of filter is ignored
1365502P23:BATCH: Servers always reserved in alphabetic sort order
1365456Correction: CSV parameter cannot be changed for hierarchies
1365450Texts in wrong language in SBO Explorer
1365322P22:DSO:DTP:IPAK:Scheduler:Generated InfoPackage always del.
1365321P22:SDL:IPAK: Delta InfoPackage receives init sels. too late
1365245MDX: Termination due to default key figure that is not found
1365084Error handling of SQL errors when data is read
1364717MDX: No data for NON EMPTY in combination with NULL in CM
1364715MDX: Authorization check of BEx queries
1364273720: Screen field scrollable despite space behind field
1364190DB6: User-defined views invalid after InfoCube data deletion
1364081P22: MON: Calling the load monitor from InfoProvider DWB
1364037Corr.: DB connect DataSources cannot be delivered as Content
1364020P22:DTP: Delta DTP is executed twice - duplicate data
1364016P22:PSA:DTP: More than 100 PSA requests not transferred
1363954Query with temporal hierarchy join displays incorrect data
1363928P22:SDL: Syntax errors if hierarchy routine not sorted
1363705Subsequent correction for exception aggregations NHA and NGA
1363526SP23:Insertion of records in PSA table made more secured
1363058P22: No delete authorization check/selective deletion
1362805SP22: Enabling file upload from different environments
1362437No authorization and no error message in the log
1362129MDX: bXML-WebI: Number of returned lines is 0
1362110caching of time-dependant navigational attributes
1361967P22:REQARCH:Automatic start of the delete program
1361794BW Server Error: "No InfoProvider exists with name"
1361471'Publish in Portal' does not work in Query Designer 3.x
1361256Correction: Dump occurs in transation RSB_RELEASE for TBDLS
136103670SP22: Exclusive lock on table NRIV & DDFTX during upload
1361012Refreshing query after creating document takes a long time
1360460Error in forecast function
1360381REPARTITIONING: Shadow tables are not deleted
1360222P22: DTP: Performance improvement for select in constructor
1360085DB6: Correction RSRV InfoCube index check
1360047P22:PSA: Incorrect completeness check: PSA requests
1360031HIER: Too little data or incorrect data due to THJ hierarchy
1359771Error message BRAIN 605 during Business Content activation
1359710P22: DTP: Transport of full DTPs
1359576BW-IP: Compression not optimal
1359397P22:PC:REQUDEL:Switching full variant to deleting delta DTPs
1359318Error when MultiProvider hints are processed
1358899P22:SDL:New DS and file name routine execution
1358770Correction: Error deleting orphaned jobs
1358706Incorrect data when KIDSEL and delta cache are used
1358694Time-dependent text not displayed correct in variable screen
1358619Small corrections to AUTH protocol
1358613P22: DTP: Dump for RSBKFIND_DTP_WITHOUT_PSA (remote DTPs)
1358612BI-IP:Ready-for-input status for 0infoprov in struc. element
1358280Unauthorized locks on key figures
1358278Dump in RSCDS_MERGE_DUPL_REF_POINTS with MAX,MIN key figures
1358255P22: SDL: Misleading, confusing dialog box
1358049Insufficient authorization in integrated planning
1357997720:Improvements in display of cube-request-archiving
1357958Currency translation error
1357539Issue with multiple single value hierarchy node variable F4
1357455P22:Writing logs when deleting master data request
1357433Child-parent relationships in hierarchy are read incorrectly
1357370No authorization check for editor
1357367F table 0 partition is missing from BW Oracle aggregates
1357168Error R7 024 maintaining process variant for PSA deletion
1356655Reference point query for non-cumulative queries
1356638Enhancement RSDRC_CONVEX_Hull
1356633Planning function processes too many records
1356483720: Archiving requests (not yet compressed) from InfoCubes
1356401GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE when you execute a query
1356288Filter cannot be created in the Planning Modeler
1356040Hierarchy and authorization: Nodes indented too far
1355972Correction: DECFLOAT for non-replicating systems
1355888P22:DTP: Generated programs are not deleted
1355739P22:PC:ROLLUP: Long runtime if no aggregates exist
1355669X299 BRAIN in SAPLRRK0; form LRECH_AGGR_BNR-02-
1355660Several entries in table RSDDSTATAGGRDEF are not deleted
1355366P22:DTP: After-import dump OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO
1355328Correction: Incorrect collector processes are masked
1355209Correction: Database problems during SELECT on RSPCCHAIN
1355124P22: No explicit DELETE authorization check
1354875BI 7.0(SP22) Missing and incorrect checks
1354814Incorr. data for master data provider and key figure attrib.
1354610Data Source DB table: Short dumps occur during extraction
1354341Syntax error in the generated CUBE write program
1354212HIER: CL_RSR_HIERARCHY_BINCL_THJ does not exist
1354150P22:DTP: Parallel batch work process checked too early
13540017.02: Checkman accessability
1353746CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL: Input-ready query terminates
1353682Termination when reactivating a special BW aggregate
1353675P22:RSBATCH: Dump ID_NOT_EXIST if header has no CTRL entry
1353605P22: Manage: DTP requests with USTATE = 0 and selections
1353231P22:AWB: Attribute change run: Do not delete SM37 logs
1352969P22:DTP: After import of DTPs with deletion/use
135289070SP22: DTP_AUTO_RESTART when used with open hub destination
1352835BI 7.0(SP22): Saving and activating for non-cumulative cubes
1352790SP22: Deadlock in parallel master data update in DB4
13524657.01SP05:New PSA deletion considers PSA having OBJSTAT 'INA'
1352432F4 help: Limit hierachy members in selection screen
1352413SP22: Short Dump in Master Data update in CL_RSDMD_FACTORY
1352273P22:PC:ODSPROCESS: No information about run in process chain
1352023SP22:Create routine in process type Delete overlapping reqs.
135183970SP22: Real time DTP with Full Data load possible
1351780Correction: DS missing from detail/Dialog box saving image
1351544SP22: Technical Settings for Errorstack tables
1351303Query with open time selection intervall shows no data
1351034720: Accessibility
1350967P22:STATMAN:Manage:DM flag not set/data update via delta DTP
1350851RAISE_EXCEPTION during master data read
1350677Performance optimization of selectors in Web interfaces
1350397X299 BRAIN in CL_RSR, form GET_COB_PRO-01-
1349947Structure element not displayed because parent is suppressed
134991170SP22: 'Repair' option doesn't work for DTP
1349892Correction: ABAP does not continue for manual status change
1349595System error in program SAPLRRS2 and form GET_SID-1-
1349543P22:SDL:Routine selection not moved to the left
1349251720:SDL:BAPI:DF migration tool: Information message RSM1 071
1349183P22:DTP: After import of full DTPs that overlap
1349105P22:DTP:STATMAN: Complete deletion and delta only once
1349103720:REQARCH:DTP: Optimizing perf. when archiving requests
134879770SP22: SY530 - 'An exception has occurred' creating DTP
1348794Correction: PSADELETE does not find DS if emulated with SAP
1348675Correction: Too many InfoPackages found
1348575System error in CL_RSD_MULTIPROV and form CHECK_ATRNAV-01-
1348474Performance improvement when loading query w/ hierarchies
1348303P22:SDL:PC:Auth:Authorization check for HIERSAVE
1348132P22: Message RSMPC 162 is confusing and long text incorrect
1348126P22:DTP:DTP terminates with error: No batch available
13481237.20:SDL:BIA-only data targets generate confusing message
1348092Corr.: Hierarchy cannot be selected when loading w/o PSA
1348038P22:SDL:Field for generic delta hidden from selection
1347606SP22: Processing of datapackage gets terminated
1347438Health check could check fewer chains
1346920Check for archived areas with UPDATE RULES
1346610Correction: Errors occur for generic BW delta
1346286RSRV: BRAIN 165 error when loading a test package
1346235Stateless templates cause "400 Session timed out" error
1346179THJ: Dump during change run/incorrect aggregates
1346049BI7.0 (Support Package 22) Number of packages is initial
1345842Read accesses using RSDRI do not use BWA (for example, APD)
1345686BRAIN599: Creating hier auth when parent char has chaconst
1345497REQARCH:DTP:Too many data records are archived
13453317.01SP05:RSDODSO 201 during PSA deletion in Process Chain
1345224Correction: DTP is "changed" when you switch tab pages
1345223BW RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ not cleaning up 01 tables it created
1345194MultiProvider for Explorer: Error due to non-cumulatives
1345164Correction: ALV is not emptied when leaving groups
1345039Wrong field name (INFOOBJECT) for file hierarchy DataSources
1344779Correction: Multiple PSA references in variant from content
134446470SP22: DTP fails with RSBATCH026 error message
1344362SP22:No popup when master data is deleted from Maintenance
1344135Termination GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED during RRI navigation
1344053Empty var. value incorrectly filled after backwrd navigation
1344040SP22: Improvement to tool RSAR_RSTSODS_DUPLICATES
1343835Currency conversion state is not saved in query view
1343541BI7.0(SP22) Dump occurs when copying a transformation
1342955BI7.0(SP22): Incorrect message: 0 data records transferred
1342703RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES incorrect traffic light displayed
1342525SP22:RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_RUNS shows wrong timestamp
1342475Reloading from near-line storage performed with GROUP BY
1342255Correction: RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_ERRORS returns duplicate msgs
1342179Correction: Generic delta loads obsolete data again
1341694BI7.0 (Support Package 22) Dump during open hub maintenance
1341421SP22:Flexibility in switching off Appl.log for RNDI update
134100470SP22: Short dump "NO_LOCK_FOUND" in program "SAPLRSENQ"
1340972Small optimization for cache: Constructor
1340922Follow-on to Note 1287382
1340823System error in program CL_RSR_OLAP_VAR and form BAD_STATE
1340461Personalization of a variable is not displayed
1340295Correction: Generic delta remains after mode reset to full
1340225Wrong user details in properties of a workbook
1339773Rounding and decimal places for AVG & STD excpn aggregations
133926970SP22: DTP filter fieldnames with infoset as source
1339215BI7.0(SP22): Check missing for initial rule
1339165Package RSMDP: SELECT statement without ORDER BY clause
1339123BIA - Dump CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE when indexing
1338941SP22: Improvement to RSAR_PSA_PARTITION_CHECK
1338465P22:DTP:LOG: Performance problem when messages are added
1338416P22:DS:IPAK:SHIP: Shadow content activation DS/IPAK
1338332MDX: Fixed filter and dynamic selection of point nodes
1338216Performance Optimization MultiProvider for BO Explorer
1338076SUMXT displays incorrect values in a specific situation
1337512You cannot insert several rows in ALV planning folder
1337487HIER: Cleaning up the virtual time hierarchies
1337188Values for 1CUDIM not correctly displayed in input help (F4)
1337174BI7.0 Deleting a request loaded using RDA
1337102Aggregation authorization (colon) incorrectly displayed
1337057BI7.1(SP01) Dump when processing a transformation
1337033Correction: Server empty when scheduling in active version
1337032Correction: No CURR proposal for ASCII
1336744Incorrect data: One hierarchy in two characteristics
1336315P22: Enqueue lock is inherited to separate task/sm12 lock
1336206DataSource: Missing content mappings after replication
1336177P22:SDL:"Delete entire content" indicator saved immediately
1336064Korrektur: Short dump in execute_synchronous
1335796Attribute texts of char. nodes in hierarchy are empty
1335666Selective deletion on ORA F table with too many partitions
1335646Correction: Request turns green too soon in parallel posting
1335591P22: Slow performance deleting TESTDATRNRPART_ tables
1335587P22:PC:DTP:DTP target InfoObject not evaluated in change run
1335231DataSource: Type/release not changed in content system
1335226Elimination of internal business volume: ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY
1335071DataSource: Error message during Content activation
1334780Query metadata error due to incorrect variable handling
1334093Correction: Delta with 0 records resets pointer
1333902Correction: Generated program is too large
1333896P22:DTP:PSA: Reading from PSA does not find last request
1333794Program error: ASSIGN with length 0 in program SAPLRRSV
1333676RDA: Formal corrections that are not immediately relevant
1333656Master Data Lookup in Transformations - Short dump
1333641Termination when executing a query on a MultiProvider
1333217P22:Performance: Deletion of request master data is too slow
1333114BI 7.0(SP22): Dump occurs when creating Content
133310470SP22: Lock error during DTP loading in extraction step
1333049P22: Performance: Index: Slow access to RSSTATMANPSAT
1333048P22:PC:DS: InfoPackage in PC can be activated if DS inactive
1333047P22: Unclear dump with inconsistency between BW and OLTP
1333046P22:SDL:Dump in dialog box for init requests on empty button
1332948Overflow for the operators SINH, COSH, and TANH
1332794RSRV:Usability:Back button in main screen is not necessary
1332759BW analysis: LOCK_CNT < 0 in table RSDRHLRUBUFFER
1332090MultiProvider Snapshot for Business Objects Explorer
1331836Incorrect Authorization in F4 for compounded info-object
1331804P22:PC:PSA:WO-DSO: Dump during PSA update of empty request
1331751Input help for virtual characteristics
1331594Message BL 209: Message not found (in main memory)
1331544P22:HINT:Slow performance when accessing RSMONFACT
1331463P22:SDL: Content activation: InfoPackage has no time stamp
1331449SMIGR_CREATE_DDL generates incorrect index
1331249Problems with non-cumulative values and selections
1331246Subsequent correction to Notes 1291158 and 1264048
1331179Correction: Deleting before AND leaves AND orphaned
1331069Correction: CHNGLOGDEL cannot be activated
1330944P22:REQUDEL:Performance:Time-consuming check too slow
1330936Data volumes between Java and ABAP too big
1330875P22:RSBATCH:DTP:Dump:Attempting to process same pkg. twice
1330791DB6: DSO activation causes short dump
1330790Correction: Start of a chain waits indefinitely
133073870SP22: Transport full DTP without filter overwritten
1330568Enhancements for process chain APIs (INFO/STATUS)
1330447ASSERT incorrect when RRI jump targets are activated
133035870SP22: Filter routines are executed when Cube is Managed
1330317InfoPackages for DSs missing when collecting for system copy
1330227Problems when you activate InfoObject during upgrade
1330166MD usage in DSOs not considered during deletion
1329949No ref. points when a non-cumulative InfoCube is compressed
1329869Names of the new partitions after Reapartition - Updated
1329708BI7.0(SP22): Creating w/ currency translation causes errors
1329539Correction: Dump if error DTP does not exist
1329236GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED when executing query w/ deleted key fig.
1328587Syntax error in formula (R_TRIM)
1328550Field mapping incomplete for report-report interface (RRI)
132841870SP22: Delete DTP requests from Open Hub Destinations
1328134Follow-on to Note 1089516
1328064INLIST for TMX statement filled w/ chavls instead of sids
1327974Wrong data in queries of DSO 0PERS_WTE
1327958Performance: Long runtime for variable to popup
1327860Role Menu item - inconsistent query navigation state
1327741Precalculation of data may cause deadlocks in RSZELTDIR
1327202Available SAPGUI is used for RRI jump
1327172Performance problems RSDD_RSTMPLWIDTP_GEN_ALL
1327149Syntax error in class CL_RSCRT_RDA_TOOLS
1326961doubled cache entries cause query to dump
1326759Large 06 tables when there are many EXCLUDING conditions
1326657X299 BRAIN in CL_RSR, form GET_COB_PRO-
1326649Performance problem in CL_RSD_DTA ($$DEFAULT query)
1326646Characteristic values not accepted for date
1326361BPC: Changing the status of the data
1326359Exception aggregation NGA and remaining node
1326291New Master Data Deletion - Usage check in Characteristics
1326211BW change run: Repairing a terminated predecessor
132619570SP22: DTP refresh in RSA1 does'nt show latest state
1326058A125 BRAIN: Component SLUnnn already exists
1325697Correction: RSPC142 when you collect content
1325303Incorrect error handling when writing to InfoCubes
1325237Runtime problems when metadata for characteristic is changed
1325040No data or incorrect data in a specific situation
1324812Planning functions: Negative figures in statistics
1324753Excluding nodes leads to incorrect filter selections
1324576BWA: Use check sparse for all attributes
1324550BI7.0(SP21): No check for different length
1324520Correction:Runtime trace during SAPI extraction is incorrect
1323908SP22: Short dump on Viewing the Errorstack
1323532Subsequent correction of Note 1311591
1323302Error when creating ALVL with non-cumulative key figure
1323262Correction: Processes are collected as existential
1323191P21:BAPI:BAPI_IPAK_START check takes too long
1323057Program RSCDS_NULLELIM does nothing to BW aggregates
1323054Function RSDU_TABLE_DROP_EMPTYFPART_ORA deletes pkg. dim.
1323018Corr.: Performance of status determination for health check
1323015Correction: RSPC031 during transport of metachains
132253770SP21: DTP error when compress is running (Lock)
1322347BEx Web: Incorrect aggregate for hierarchies
1322145BI7.0(SP21): No confirmation for parameter API
1321807SP22:Insertion through Master data maintenance incorrect
1321800Activation of DataStore without Myself
1321540P21:SDL:Non-SAP source system & conv. exit - field too long
1321520Replacement of text variable does not work as expected
1321456RSO_CTC_PREPARE_BI_SYSTEM_DWB creates Myself without user
1321326Error in program SAPLRRI2 and form EXPLAIN_BNR-01-
1321294Correction: TBTCO is deleted when you delete Myself system
1321179Integrated planning: Error measure for alpha optimization
1321091Performance: Many hierarchy nodes authorized
1320556710SP08: Performance CL_RSBM_LOG_COMPONENT method ADD_MSG
1320492Deletion of hanging requests in BIA
1320422IP: Additions
1320309Quantity conversion not possible
1320042P21: No entry in TS field of table RSBATCHDELDATA
1319933Correction: Deleting non-existing chains via transport
1319870Correction: Subchain cannot be repeated
131958470SP21: Previous request state incorrectly read
1318978Formula with exception aggregation loses dimension
1318968Formulas: Not enough reference data is read
1318882Entwicklertest zum Analytischen Index
1318855Displaying negative values (sign in front)
1318776P21:SDL:RDA: Hiding package size settings
1318775P21:SDL:DS: Parallelization for flat file upload only
1318622P21:PC:RDA:SDL: Init InfoPackage green if daemon running
1318605InfoPackage: Input help with incorrect status (PERI6, PERI7)
1318438P21:DTP:PC: Change of instance when DTP in PC repaired
1318433A125 Brain: "P_S_E" has no component called "PROV"
1318423Auto repair for mand_unique_set
1318307SP21:Manual Read of records from PSA in Monitor incorrect
1318230Adjustment of messages
1317683SP21:Insertion of Records in non partitioned PSA not handled
1317669Incorrect key date during currency conversion
1317485Error Handling in Consistency Check for DB Vs BIA
1317365BIA-only cube: Dump when generating the write program
1317205OIP: Enahncements in BI
1316933Variable replacement: Hierarchy node variables
1316902BI7.0(SP21) Request ID for initial data
1316668Statistics cannot be deactivated globally
1316599Automatic deletion of RDA repair process chains
1316587Arithmetic overflow in statistics
1316311Error during DSO activation of data in open RDA request
1316303BEx Web: Termination when changing hierarchy
1316290P21:REQARCH:Number of records in spool log of deletion run
1316284P21: Dump occurs in FM RSBATCH_WRITE_APPL_LOGS: Empty table
1316227Remove mandatory Flag for NAVIGATIONAL_STATE_ACCESS
1315961"No authorization" for postable hierarchy nodes
1315936APD: Log display
1315879RDA loading process is not stopped (RDA_RESET)
1315785Correction: RSM37 takes a long time
1315784P21:PC:SDL: Loading proc. returns instance to process chain
1315770P21:SDL:HIER: Flat file hierarchy header and hier. selection
1315714MDX: MDX and THJ hierarchies
1315110"Referential Integrity" setting is not migrated
1314994RSZDELETE: improved where-used list determination
1314721"Standard text" setting does not apply to all languages
1314644Corrections: No error message when generating BWREMOTE
1314628~900 Index not getting created in Dialog Mode
1314522Correction: Activating process variant generates log
1314222QDEF: Incorrect error messages from transport system
1314156P21:Manage: Poor performance dur. access to RSICSDELSTATCTRL
1313895P21:DSO: Change log deletion does not find all requests
1313458Excluding hierarchy node variables
1313033P21:BATCH:No description for DTPs in parallelism maintenance
1312850Key figures in formulas: Exception aggregation MAX/MIN
1312841SP21: Application component for export datasource
1312486BI7.0(SP21) Dump due to duplicate entries when loading data
1312362P21:SDL: Content transfer even for later DataSource version
1312339RSECADMIN - RSEC131 Characteristic does not exist
1312300BI-IP: Button group / dropdown box with buffer data
1312239P21:Manage:QM action on cube in planning mode not allowed
1312151P21:DTP:DM:Deadlock on RSBODSLOG when loading in parallel
1311796OLAP-Cache invalidated in Partitionmode > 0
1311698Installing or creating TRFN with master data LookUp
1311150variable personalise and depersonalise
1311093Enhancing the input help for 0INFOPROV (Note 1107072)
1310779MDX: Command search
1310767BYD Korrektur ... ein bisschen wie OSS 1143947 (TRY/CATCH)
1310740DataSource: PSA lost during Content transfer
1310710SP21: Changelog tables are created with wrong size category
1310504HIER: Virtual timer hierarchies and fiscal periods
1310333DataSource: D version missing after importing SHDS deletion
1310262XMESSAGE or Dump L2_01-04 in program SAPLRRK0
1310172DB6: Incorrect message text when reclustering InfoCubes
1310082P21:Manage: Unnecessary select on RSMONICDP/memory overflow
1310058Nodes are displayed as fully compounded or as #: ABAP fix
1310029Names of the new partitions after Reapartition
1310008HIER: Ancestors_Get should return root node
1309949Correction: Changing the method AFTER_IMP for RRCD and RRQD
1309742Display of unit for key figure attribute
1309619Process variants for PSA deletion cannot be saved
1309588Incorrect values during area selection for variables
1309141Incorrect data under special circumstances
1309028Text for hierarchy variables not dipslayed
1308992Subsequent corrections for Note 1156681
1308928Correction: RS_SHMP/SHIP_AFTER_IMPORT not in framework
1308924Error in the OLAP cache statistic
1308901Optimization for refresh of Variables dialog
1308779RDA: Size of BI_RDA* job logs
1308522Hierarchy node with the name ROOT_H or REST_H
1308474Empty BW aggregates have NUM_ENTRIES > 0 in RSDDAGGRDIR
1308384Output filter DSL
1308307Query displays a number in exponential format
1308291Corrections to the message handler
1307871DTP Extraction: No Authorization when no KeyFigures
1307418trace code checking OLAP cache invalidations
1307383Termination TEST_SELECTIONS-1-
1307155Large memory requirement for FM RSD_ALL_META_IOBJ_GET
1307118Statistics: Wait times in F4 counted for OLAP initialization
1307098Incorrect warning BRAIN 376
1307052New module for checking implemented functions
1306815BIA - Expected size of fact table is determined incorrectly
1306810Correction: No check for ALPHA with numeric field
1306723BI7.0(SP21) Read using API returns error (3rd party)
1306561Bucket name in uppercase; explain query terminates
1306488Hiding the TCURR and T006 entries in the input help
1306210Remote hierarchies: Performance for input help
1306005Correction: Incomplete short texts in dialog box
1305724Unassigned WAs in CL_RSR_CACHE_DO_SPID
1305369Error creating aggregates on big infocubes (> 2 bio rows)
1304970Correction: Polling indicator w/ interrupt leads to deadlock
1304343BI7.10(SP08) Problems with merge (Content)
1304251Input-ready planning data disappears after you save
1304143Runtime error TABLE_INVALID_INDEX in _SET_NCUMTIM
1303947Preparations for virtual hybrid for Release 7.02
1303852Formal Corrections (Checkman) on OLAP Cache
1303815Deadlock for parallel loading of master data
1303743Msg. BRAIN 380 duplicated (source crcy same as target crcy)
1303371Corr.: Deletion using RS_DELETE_TLOGO also w/o destination
1303202System error in program SAPLRRK0 and form FILTER_01-10-
1302991Incorrect Hierarchy display
130269170SP21: Get data request by request, source WO-DSO
1302670Preperations for Release 7.02 (embedded OHD)
1302663BIA: Snapshots for recovery no longer required
1302517Termination in program SAPLRRI2 and form LRECH_F_VAR2-03-
1301726Call of method SET_CHECK0 does not work
1301644Generation of Auths: Hierarchies with Time Depend. Structure
1301590No data for EIB with VirtualProvider
1301370P21: Enhancements for remote hybrid InfoProviders
1301365P21: Dump in RSB2_OUTBOUND_REQUESTS_GET when pulling SID
1301311Technical correction
1301216BI7.0(SP21) Notification in error scenario unexpected
1301178BIA - Optimizing the performance of metadata mass changes
1301094SP21:Error during activation of DSO in a Process Chain
1300942ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY system dump accessing a list of queries
1300921Oracle: Defragmentation of index is unsuccessful
1300895Correction: Reading variants more quickly in RSM37
1300757P21:SDL: Source system deletion and info message RSM1 632
1300437Hierarchy deactivated during RRI jump from a leaf
1300331BAPI DataSource: Emulation, migration with CHAR-PSA
1300255CP (*) does not work with all conversion routines
1300114System error in program CL_RSR_LFMM and form GET_FISCVARNT
1299863Correction: Access to DataSource template during emulation
1299791Bex Web 7.0: Improvement in deletion of personalization
1299443ASSERTION_FAILED during BI Content installation
1299342P21:REBUILD:PSA posting terminates because Qualok is too big
1299219RDA health check incident shortly after daemon assignment
1298907Statistics: User wait times assigned to incorr. handle type
1298804BIA - shortdump during indexing: COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW
1298759SP21:Improvement in error message RSAODS003
1298247P21:REQARCH: Second write job not allowed to be started
1298204MDX: DESCENDANTS w/LEAVES incorrect data + COVARIANCE + rank
1298092Correction: Chain and process not displayed in batch log
1298052BI7.0(SP21): Problem when calling the transport framework
1298041Performance optimization for hierarchy access
1297629Overflow error in transaction rsrt (rsrcache)
1297619BRAIN 299 in CL_RSDRC_MULTIPROV; form _SET_CHARET_M-01-
1297611Single rule test: Syntax check warning leads to termination
129748670SP21 & ByD: Keine Änderngn f.Bntzr DDIC erlaubt
1297333Input help for date missing from "Older than" field
1296979Correction: BWREMOTE has no authorization for archiving
1296669System error in program CL_RSR and form GET_CHANM-01-
1296578Corr: Record no. missing when errors occur during CSV split
1296423Unassigned elements in hierarchy aggregation
1296360Unit or currency is not displayed
1296197MultiProviders with several non-cumulative providers
1296047Authorization problems with calculations %RT and SUMRT.
1295841P21:DTP:STATMAN: Filling LOGID in RSREQDONE for DTPs also
1295776P21:REQARCH:Dump X001: Error when FM <XYZ> is called
1295731Enhancements in selective deletion for request archiving
1295688Missing long texts for messages
1295348P21:DTP:WO DSO: Setting Active pointer during para. loading
1295249DB6: Error executing BI query with SUBSELECT
1295190OBN on InfoSet queries does not work
1294774BI7.0(SP21) Error when you call RSB_API_OHS_DEST_SETPARAMS
1294748Bausteine zum Umschalten der Destination für ByD Upgrade
1294667BI7.1(SP08) Error in transformations with conversion
1293833Thousand separator is not displayed correctly
1293788Query Designer: some Key Figures are not available
1293742Variant for Process Type BIAINDEX not modified after Import
1293698P21:DSO: Too many requests for activation and no termination
1293444Correction: 3.x error handling when loading to WO-DSO
1293346MDX: ClosingPeriod and OpeningPeriod
1292845Problems with numeric variables (replacing them with a key)
1292834P21:PC:DTP:REQUDEL: Delta load request with full DTP update
1292792Invalid versions of a BI authorization displayed
1292612Incorrect initial value is master data read class
1292603Copying single values: Invalid combinations
1292531Exception aggregation NHA or NGA
1292354Follow-on correction for Note 1264210
1292293Query on InfoSet: Exception in AUTHORITY_02
1292280P21:BATCH: Dialog server group permitted in uppercase only
1292153P21:SDL:PC: Create request: Dump in RSSM_RSSELDONE_WRITE
1292051P21:BATCH: Performance prob. in RSBATCH_DEL_MSG_PARM_DTPTEMP
1291908Input help (F4) problems for values with multiple spaces
1291838Optimizations in BICS
1291836Umsetzobjekt für Prozesskette 7RR... fehlt
1291700DataSource: Termination in after-import due to CTO_CHECK
129143170SP21-DTP:PC-Invaild DTP pulled when infopackage selected
1291323Inner loop index jumps.
1291107Creation of Hierarchy Auth: RSEC050 "Hier. does not exist"
1291045System error in CL_RSD_MULTIPROV and CHECK_ATRNAV-01-
129103170SP21: Transport RC8: No changes for user DDIC allowed
1290982Restriction in Variables dialog ignored in F4 help
1290951Performance: Long runtime in RSEC_AUTHORITY_CHECK_...
1290949Dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED for Query on InfoSet
1290429MDX: Using descendants function with parameters
1289863Formula variable from key is not replaced with VRNID
1289771Error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED during OPEN HUB extraction
1289699Attributes are not sorted in the property dialog
1289698MDX: Introducing the IsLeaf operator
1289004DB6: Avoiding lock escalations on 06 tables
1288989RSECADMIN: Texts for navigation attributes are not displayed
1288949No data after expanding node
1288883The delta part of an InfoCube delta pair is not cached
1288755Export to BEx Analyzer: Termination GET_CHANMID-02-
1288643P21:MON:Too many selects on RSMONMESS for multiple packages
1288628Development: Deleting replicated switches
1288593Problems with BW change run in a specific situation
1288583BRAIN A125: Component CUDIM does not exist
1288505Perf. probs. when calculating w/ attributes on FSI provider
1288439Error in the CELL-SUMABLE indicator
1287843prequery inhibits OLAP cache utilization
1287841BI7.0(SP21) Impact when calling RSB_API_OHS_DEST_SETPARAMS
1287678DataSource: Replication fails without error message
1287433values with double quotes (") not filled back from F4
1287382Extending BW objects on Oracle with large tables
1287306BI query: Sporadic DB deadlocks when query is executed
128682370SP21: Switch to standard DTP clears CONTREL/CONTTIMEST
1286703Displaying customer exits in the authorization log
1286666P21:PSA:SDL: Update from PSA using the scheduler
1286388BI7.0(21): DTP extraction from DataStore without aggregation
1286324Activating 0d_NW_ BI Content objects
1286295SP21:D0313 error during PSA Maitainance for a request
1286089An exception with the type CX_SY_STRUCT_COMP_NAME occurred
1285988BIA Backup & Recovery: Do not delete replicated snapshot
1285839Text presentation settings ignored/wrong display filter text
1285770P21:SDL: Authorization check for update rules
1285690Obsolete entry NO_UPLOAD_<logsys> in RSADMIN
1285404BEx Web 7.0: Corrections in bookmarking functionality
1285270Unexpected message in monitor when formula error occurs
1285139Error - RSM 2716 while updating Master Data using a DTP
1285053DB6: Corrections to index creation of "Save Query Scenarios"
1284942CTS pop-up screen is not closed during query view save
1284672Technical queries InfoProvider/!InfoProvider are not deleted
1284565The same request is rolled up several times
1284416BI7.0(SP21) Transformations deleted following after import
1284376P21:DSO:RSBODSLOG:DTP: Updating old data mart administration
1283881IP: For internal use
1283447Content objects are not indexed
1283322Repartitioning corrupts the Indexes
1283291Runtime error in CL_RSR_RRK0_MULTIPROV_BUFR; _reorg_else
1282768Error ">> Row: 299 Inc: IF_RSDRV_VPROV_INT_QUERY~DEFINE"
1282566Errors in aggregate check program RSDDK_CHECK_AGGREGATE
1282438P21:AWB:Administration without authorization terminates DWB
1282278Correction: GET_STATUS delivers green although still active
1282206RDA requests not deleted from RSCRT_RDA_MONDAT
1282124CCMS dispatcher does not include process chains
1281935Loading process using Web service (push) too slow
1281819P21: PC: May take long time to start variant maintenance
1281574Exception aggregation of a non-cumulative key figure in MP
1281440Corr.:Chain maintenance terminates due to transport errors
128092170SP21: Internal error in Data Warehousing Workbench
1280824Display master data, constant selection, expand nodes
1280560BIA Popup fails as GUI is not available
1280486Zero suppression for pre-query is ignored
1280464Different display of query view in BW 7.0
1280317System error in CL_RSMD_RSH and _FILL_HIERNODE-03
1280180BIA - Consistency Check Center - Fast Check:"NON"
1280064Incorrect formatting for formula variables
1279893Correction: RSM37: Duration 0 for active jobs
1279805RSBBS(RRI):Node selection transferred to target when leaves
1279713P21:Dump in LRSENQF11 when loading req. w/ automatic index
1279586Deactivating RDA health check in RS_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN
1279430Structure member texts are not displayed
1279074P21:SDL:Assignment to real-time InfoPackage after transport
1278960Usability: Status change dialog box
1278869Follow-on correction for Note 1080251, EIBV
1278749Key value not displayed for hierarchy node
1278650P21:COLLISION_OBJECT=ERSMONICDP;MC601 during parallel load
1278443BI7.0(SP21) Error in InfoSource migration
1278390BI7.0(SP21) Internal error - Setting the conversion type
1278268No data in transient InfoProvider (Classic InfoSet)
1278191Removing the incorrect flag LOOKUP
1278078Incorrect variable value is displayed after refresh
127755070SP21: DTP status remains yellow in process chain
1277481BRAIN 299 Program SAPLRRK0 in Form CHECK_NAV_INIT_BACK-02-
1277442No new data after repartitioning (SID field is empty)
1277256GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED for master data providers
1277245BW change run batch start dialog box cannot be closed
1276981Precalculation Server: Support for Excel 2007 file formats
1276354SP23:PSA maintenance: No Negative Key figures of type 'INT4'
1276256Universal display hierarchy and zero suppression
1276251Termination with BRAIN 299 in RRSV_IN_EX_CONVERT
1275838Incorrect texts are displayed for planning sequences
1275732BI 7.0 (SP21): Plus/minus sign in external format
1275544Correction: TADIR not converted by BDLS
1275491Termination MEGA_SORT_H-04- occurs for remote hierarchy
1275344Node/leaf disappears when hierarchy is collapsed
1275318Correction: Scheduled jobs deleted when you delete old logs
1275269Termination:CL_RSR_RRK0_MULTIPROV_BUFH form _GET_PROVBIT-01-
1275248Selective logging on OLAP cache activities
1275193The elimination of internal business volume does not work
1275005Context menu - Error TXT_N_MISSING change presentation (key)
1274864Process is not scheduled if job is missing
1274540Internal server error occurs when you call the input help
1274533Program RS_EURO_CONVERTER abends on DB6.
1274089Threshold "Compare size of fact tables with fact index"
1274030No error if content activation is incomplete
1273985Exceptions w/ cell restriction # are not used
1273954P21: REQARCH: Automatic archive reload for deletion request
1273843P21:SDL: F4 help for InfoPackages without text in DWB
1273663Correction:No PSADELETE/PSAPROCESS for system copy transport
127358470SP21: ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump in get_static_buffer method
1273509CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR during service parts planning
1273484BI 7.0 (SP21): Enhancement for transformation check
127342270SP21: Where used check for REQU requests without popup
1273355DB6: Error during selective deletion
1273353Incorrect information message
1273323Executing planning sequences: Authorization check
1273271BRAIN 643 hidden BEX Var screen while check
1273099Variant goes to chargeable node instead of leaf
1273044RDA daemon does not correct obsolete status
1273024Variable values and filter values from bookmarks are lost
1273005Correction: D version written despite errors in variant
1272927Long run-time accessing BW 7.x from SEM
1272738P21:DSO: Activation and automatic updating
127263670SP21: DTP transports after system copy
1272511Correction: Red and green cannot be joined with OR
1272338No RFC destination maintained for the BI Accelerator
1272280Variant Maintenance screen shows name of another variant
1272277Korrektur: BWREMOTE hat keine Berechtigung für CTS
1272242Verifying variables again in I_STEP = 2
1272222Double entries in hierarchy authorization maintenance
1272142SP21:Creation of PSA PARTITION TRACE
127197870SP21: DTP Debug request: Field list cannot be changed
1271976Improving runtime for planning function of type forecast
1271970Message BRAIN 313 issued at front end
1271940DB6: Compatibility RSDU_TABLE_TRUNCATE - Online Table Move
1271768Variables are not displayed in the Java Web template
1271743Zero values are treated as normal values
127173070SP21: Transport full DTP with OLAP or selection routine
1271563Follow-up optimization error for aggregation exception AVG
1271536BI7.0(SP21) Incomplete log message
1271534BI7.0(SP21) Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X during rule maintenance
1271513Syntax error after migration of transfer rules with formulas
1271454Correction: Pseudo D version remains after deletion of SS
1271412Executing RSDDTZA_EXECUTE_BIA_ACTIONS in the background
1271409BI objects are not collected during Role transport
1271376P21:BATCH:Host/group not transported with parallelization
1271347BIA - Delete snapshot: Get Most Recent Snapshot ID - Number
127132470SP21: Error DTP text incorrect after transport
1271242MultiProvider with InfoSet and reading of current data
1270901BI7.0(SP21) Problem during activation of DSO type
1270897BI7.0(SP21): Open hub destination not deleted
1270238P21: Deleting PSA requests from the PSA administration
1269790P21:PC:No update in RSMDATASTATE_EXT for Rollup and Compress
1269398Case-insensitive search in input help (F4)
1269088P21: RSBATCH_DEL_MSG_PARM_DTPTEMP runs for a very long time
1268933SP21:Error 5 when inserting into the PSA
1268839Dump when you enter a target InfoObject that does not exist
1268571Read mode D uses up too much memory
1268088Termination after F4 on compounded char. with read class
1267220BRAIN A125; X299 APPEND_KHANDLE_1-02-
1267064Error when generating the !-query on a MultiCube
1267001Unauthorized warning BRAIN 184
126677970SP20: POSTING_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT dump when loading data
1266717BI Content LM: Data is not deleted
1266692Termination of batch processes in DataStore processing
1266538Correction: No check for missing field
1266510Poor performances when input help is used on large MD tables
1266361Subsequent correction for Note 1091455
1266351Incorrect values for "Seasonal Linear Regression"
1266170Exception CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS
1265209RSADMIN parameter for displaying key figure attributes
1265072MDX: No data in a very specific situation
1265068P21:PC:SID:High no. of InfoPackages started simultaneously
1265027Incompatible selection for a variable in the target query
1264855JavaScript error when executing 3.x Web template
1264455BW data manager access w/o fact table produces dump
1264254Optimization when reading master data for 0DATE
1264213SET_VARIABLE_STATE: Inconsistent input parameter
1264210Too much (non-cumulative) data in a particular situation
1264187Variables of pre-query not transferred
1264048Minor errors and gaps in formula aggregation
1263835Distribution with reference data: CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW
1263737P21: Condenser settings not transferred to all servers
1263550P21:DSO:DTP: Change log requests not updated using DTP
126331470SP20: Filter Routine delete icon visible unnecessarily
1263030Correction: Error displaying help for process types
1262964P21:SDL:MON: Parallel inits for the same DS/SS terminate
1262472Process type "Load All Hierarchies": F4 returns all IPaks
1262359RDA loading process cannot be stopped
126226570SP20: Error DB768 when DTP request is simulated
1262168Exception CX_RRHI_INCLTAB_LOCKED when activating a hierarchy
1261889IP: Error messages when saving (BCS)
1261454Internal/external conversion is not executed
1261234Analyzer: Variable values for planning function are missing
1261069Termination in LISTCUBE characteristic selection dialog box
1260916RDA daemon does not start automatically after runtime error
1260175Error when you muliply with negative constants
1258535P21:SDL: Repeat request after QM action in monitor
1258465P21:PSA:DTP:PSA data flagged as updated
1257994P21:PC:DTP:PSA deletion with reference to DTP
1254898RSZC: No authorization for Restricted Key Figures
1247947P21: APIs for creating and deleting InfoAreas
1243168BI 7.0(SP21): Problem with status of an open hub destination
1241335BEx Web 7.0: Cancel in Variable Screen removes Variants
1232573EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA dump when exporting data to OLAP Cache
1231089INCONSISTENCY dump in 'Generate all queries directly'