SAP Transaction XK02 - Change vendor (centrally)

Related Notes
359769Remove Escheat Code default in change vendor(XK02)
826759Maintaining VAT Registration Number-Vendor/Customer/Plant.
1243544Missing authorization check for called transactions
146753Printing international address versions
409564Variant transaction for customer/vendor master record data
70661Extras -> Address versions (customers/vendors)
502646Navigation after duplicate check
534321SAPMF02D/SAPMF02K: Return from parameter transactions
502543SAPMF02D/SAPMF02K: IBAN entry has no effect
164601Changing customer/vendor terminates due to missing address
513391Variant transaction in the vendor master
495675SAPMF02D / SAPMF02K: Incorrect error message F2106
49957MR08:Cancellation with one-time vendor not possible
930643Button disappears when using master data enhancement
145753Address data truncated in forms/correspondence
1235076BAdI: Transfer prices
1463662BOMBOS transfer for supplier with deletion flag
656729SAPMF02D/SAPMF02K: BTE 1321/1421 w/o IBAN changes
396357CD: Bug in FUNCTION changedocument_read_positions
1655488Oil adjustment note for Core Note 1235076
307580AM 010: Abend due to missing address
1414872Completing role /TDAG/RCS_TEMPLATE
164653Customers/vendors refer to same address number
400249Determining / changing / checking tax jurisdiction codes
394091Partners are not transferred from vendor master
1306639BP_CVI: Optnl creation of BP from cust./vend. w/ active CVI
163454Addresses for master data missing after upgrade
191470Purchase order as an e-mail
1404221Corrections for SAP Product and REACH Compliance (2)
1026638GR Output Integration with MM-SUS Scenario for R/3 <= 47-