SAP Note 930643 - Button disappears when using master data enhancement

Component : Master Data - Master Data

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
When utilizing enhancements for customer or vendor master data without modifications in SAP, issues occur when transitioning from user-defined screens to enhancements, specifically during save prompts. Users observe disappearing buttons and unpopulated mandatory fields, complications further exacerbated when attempting standard screen navigation post-save. The noted buttons for moving forward and backwards or hiding data segments may also deactivate. This functionality is designed for systems implementing specific ADDONs or enhancements, operative from certain ERP versions. Resolution advises applying supplied corrections or importing the apt Support Package, with a workaround of toggling between enhancements for temporary button recovery.

Key words :
user-defined screen, required entry field, suitable support package, user-defined enhancement, standard master data, master data enhancement, master data, standard mode, standard screens, system displays

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