SAP Table MKPF - Header: Material Document

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
MBLNR X MBLNR CHAR 3 10 0 Number of Material Document
MJAHR X MJAHR NUMC 13 4 0 Material Document Year
VGART VGART CHAR 17 2 0 T158V Transaction/Event Type
BLART BLART CHAR 19 2 0 T003 Document Type
BLAUM BLAUM CHAR 21 2 0 T003 Document type of revaluation document
BLDAT BLDAT DATS 23 8 0 Document Date in Document
BUDAT BUDAT DATS 31 8 0 Posting Date in the Document
CPUDT CPUDT DATS 39 8 0 Day On Which Accounting Document Was Entered
CPUTM CPUTM TIMS 47 6 0 Time of Entry
AEDAT AEDAT DATS 53 8 0 Changed On
USNAM USNAM CHAR 61 12 0 USR02 User name
TCODE CHAR4 CHAR 73 4 0 Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels
XBLNR XBLNR1 CHAR 77 16 0 Reference Document Number
BKTXT BKTXT CHAR 93 25 0 Document Header Text
FRATH FRATH CURR 118 13 2 Unplanned delivery costs
FRBNR FRBNR1 CHAR 125 16 0 Number of Bill of Lading at Time of Goods Receipt
WEVER WEVER CHAR 141 1 0 Version for Printing GR/GI Slip
XABLN XABLN CHAR 142 10 0 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
AWSYS LOGSYSTEM CHAR 152 10 0 Logical System
BLA2D BLA2D CHAR 162 2 0 T003 Doc. type for additional doc. in purchase account management
TCODE2 TCODE CHAR 164 20 0 TSTC Transaction Code
BFWMS BFWMS CHAR 184 1 0 Control posting for external WMS
EXNUM EXNUM CHAR 185 10 0 Number of foreign trade data in MM and SD documents
SPE_BUDAT_UHR WAUHR TIMS 195 6 0 Time of Goods Issue (Local, Relating to a Plant)
LE_VBELN VBELN_VL CHAR 207 10 0 Delivery
SPE_LOGSYS /SPE/_LOGSYS_MD CHAR 217 10 0 Logical System of EWM Material Document
SPE_MDNUM_EWM /SPE/MDNUM_EWM CHAR 227 16 0 Number of Material Document in EWM
GTS_CUSREF_NO /SAPSLL/SCREF_SPI CHAR 243 35 0 Customs Reference Number for Scrapping
FLS_RSTO FLS_RSTO CHAR 278 1 0 Store Return with Inbound and Outbound Delivery
MSR_ACTIVE MSR_ACTIVE CHAR 279 1 0 Advanced Returns Management Active
KNUMV KNUMV CHAR 280 10 0 Number of the document condition

1516684MKPF fields added to MSEG - Performance optimization
36353AC interface: Summarizing FI documents
1598760FAQ: MSEG extension and MB51/MB5B redesign
832689IS-REA: FAQ - Performance in declaration system
1638997Performance: CKMDUVMAT selection with new fields in MSEG
350578ArchiveLink in inventory management
1116598Archiving of POS (Point-of-Sales) documents using MM_MATBEL
1567602DB dependent steps to support the redesign of MB51
1167439Activating additional business transactions
1499411GR reversal for stock transport order and document flow
821722Performance of the join on MSEG and MKPF
1439319Account-based doc. missing for GI for stock transport order
73907Specl development: Summarization dependent on doc type in FI
892296Enhancements in update statistics in BRCONNECT 7.00/7.10
921164MB51: Improving the runtime using database hints
921165MB5B: Improving the runtime using database hints
636442Inconsistencies between FI and MM-IM
1228011Enhancement to update of ACCTIT
1115641Customizing settings for substance volume tracking
1020462Recommendations for selection criteria
486477MM-IM Law on Tax Reduction: Separate authorization check
1026638GR Output Integration with MM-SUS Scenario for R/3 <= 47-
918992MB5B: Improvements/additions to Note 902157/4.70
918991MB51: Improvements/additions Note 902675/4.70
543505Reference fields are not filled
207608GI:Documnt flow w/ idntical predecessor & successor
645356No summarization of FI documents from MM due to BSEG-XREF3
545137FAQ Interface - summarization
424014BAPI: Goods receipt for the outbound delivery
396892DEL-IS-OIL 4.6C: Deleted IS-OIL fields
166016INFO: CO document in cross-company code postings
422168MIRO-performance in repricing/fees/document selection/..
358454Redesign: Delivery document flow for goods movement
339448MIGO: settings of table control
361014Meaning of message M7352
359056Improvement of document flow update