SAP Parameter DIR_TRANS - root directory for transports


Short text
Root directory for transports

Parameter description
A system group is delivered centrally with imports from this directoryor all exports are collected on this directory that is mounted globally.

Work area

Default value
/usr/sap/trans (UNIX)

Who is allowed

Other parameter

201199 Cannot access file &
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1250501Error when you import FS-RI 650 Support Package 2
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556734FAQ Transport: Setup and further information
556941Transport FAQ: Error scenarios
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1436189EWM 7.00: Check Monitor
717803Enhancements to the SAP NetWeaver 04 ERECRUIT 300 upgrade
678221RADNTLANG program termination with TYPELOAD_NEW_VERSION
329223HR-IN: Additions to new installation of HR-IN 1.0
610417R/3 Enterprise 47x110 SR1 upgrade with KJCPH 2.0A
793099Enhancement to installation FSPM 2.00 WEB/AS R/3 6.20
817188Installation of xRPM 200_640
685557IS-OIL/IS-MINE/IS-CWM: Language for 472
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569260Upgrading to Solution Manager 2.2
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644512AFS: Support Packages and CRT
1003992Error upgrading from Release EBP 2.0C, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
97660OCS: Further Information Needed
710789Add. info on upgrade to R/3 Enterprise 470x200 w. Insurance
851827CRTs for the add-on IS-CWM
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1062089SAP IS-M LOCJP 6.00:LOCJPISM 100: Installation Information
970539Upgrade to SAP R/3, SAP ERP with DMIS_CNT 2006_1
1019124 CATFORD CDP SPL-CA 1c: SPLXCRM 503 install. on CRM 5.0
1144047Installation / Delta upgrade of SAP AFS 603
706819Additions for upgrade R/3 Enterprise 470x200 w/ IS-M 4.72
548434BSEG: CA-JVA / DEL-IS-OIL and SAPKH46B44 / SAPKH46C35
706818Additions on IS-M 4.72 R/3 Enterprise 470x200 installation
104664@19@OCS info: Applying patches from CD
702549Addnl info for upgrade R/3 Enterprise 47x200 with IS-PS-XT
1095296Upgrade to SAP R/3, SAP ERP with DMIS_EXT 2007_1
1498033Upgrade to SAP BASIS 620 with GRCPINW V1000_620
970534Upgrade to SAP R/3, SAP ERP with DMIS 2006_1
1018921CATFORD CDP SPL-CA 1c: SPLXERP 603 install. on SAP ECC 600
1042083Installation manual for PROLOGA add-on
437186CA-JVA: Error in SAPKIPJ704/SAPKIPJ705
1152898Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver with DMIS_BSC 2008_1
776578HR-CEE 105_500 Add-On Upgrade from 100_470 Obsolete
108813Additions to the add-on upgrade IS-AD 2.0A (4.0B)
601757Error upgrading from Release 2.0C, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 to CRM 4.0
1500691Upgrade to SAP BASIS 700 with GRCPINW V1000_700
483307IS-OIL/IS-MINE: Error in SAPKI4CH25
28781Central transport directory NT/UNIX
547613BSEG: Error in SAPKH46C35 and SAPKH46B44
830591Installing ERECRUIT 600
1501881Upgrade to SAP Netweaver 04 with GRCPINW V1000_640
983640SAP ECC AFS 6.0 add-on installation
778121SAP ECC AFS 5.0 add-on installation on the upgrade IS-PS-XT 5.0 to R/3 ECC 5.0
706821Additns for upgrade R/3 Enterprise 470x200 w/ IS-U/CCS 4.72
721669Add. info on R/3 Enterprise 47x110 SR1 - IS-DFPS 471 upgrade
665128IS-OIL/IS-MINE/IS-CWM: Installation 472
630696Installation of the add-on CCIS 100_46C
120503CRTs for IS-AD (as of R/3 4.0B)
614927SEM-BW 350 and FINBASIS 200 : Upgrade to BW 3.1CONTENT
717802Installing ERECRUIT 300