Note 991093 - SAPBINews NetWeaver 7.0 BI Support Package 13

Component : SAP Business Information Warehouse -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

support package, inactive objects, transaction snote

Related Notes :

1140275Report RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL does not run correctly
1086904BW 7.0 BEx: Transactions RRMX/RRMXP
1086902BW 7.0 BEx: Authorization for displaying a workbook
1076838BIA index 'inactive' after parallel roll up & change run
1075101Correction for Note 1040293
1069954BW 70 BEx: cl_rsobjs_view_qv
1069525'Not Assigned' value not transferred in Web
1066988BW 70 BEx: Excel dropdown item view list
1063558BW 70 BEx: SSO ticket
1061664Workbooks are not precalculated correctly while broadcasting
1061607BW 70 BEx: FileExtension & Personalization (Development)
1061605BW 70 BEx: No message when saving work book fails
1061420Hierarchy node key and text values display alignment
1060394Missing values of navigational attributes in reporting
1058995BW 70 BEx: RRMX does not start MS Excel correctly
1050347DT963 - Aggregate creation expert mode
1048311RRMX_WORKBOOKS_DELETE may cause deletion of Global Views
1047781X299 Brain im SAPLRRK0; Form SORTING_PRUEFEN_01-08-
1047022Incorrect "currentness of data" for master data provider
1046217Error for unit of measure conversion
1043278Monitor: Red node with no error message (empty red node)
1042739Characteristic properties dialog submission results in error
1042610Input into GENUNIID field of the table RSRREPDIR
1042367Updaterule is locked in display mode in closed system
1042353Temporal hierarchy join
1041883Program termination SAPLRRK0 SELPN_FUELLEN-02-
1041882Problems when expanding hierarchical structure
1041763Incorrect default values of characteristics in filter
1040873Unspecified error in updaterule maintenance for stock ODS
1040813Format for 'page sizes' in export missing in WAD
1040457Time key figures deliver incorrect values when entering data
1040168BRAIN 502: Invalid filter is displayed
1039979No authorization (EYE 018) for key date variable for date
1039928Termination in CL_RSR_OLAP_VAR and _VREP_F4_RELEVANT-01-
1039792EYE019: Hierarchy node maintenance for 0TCAIPROV not allowed
1039211DYN_CALL_METH_NOT_FOUND when you verify and delete in dialog
1039199BEx Analyzer and statistics: Times too high in default event
1039081RSDDTZA_BIA_MESSAGES_TO_CCMS dumps,RFC authorization problem
1039049Archive file name and offset not in near-line interface
1038948RSRV: Foreign key relationship between facts and dimensions
1038923Correction: RSDS198 if request is in write-optimized DSO
1038769Deletion of BIA index written in statistics data
1038736F4 in non-cumulative InfoCube does not return any values
1038611Delivered target or source not refreshed
1038546"Also apply to results" setting is ignored
1038478Message 'Incorrect FRANGE row in FORM/DIM/FAC...'
1038455Correction: DTP requests missing from monitor detail tree
1038369No authorization object for data archiving process
1038044RSZDELETE: cancel button does not work
1038008Attributes are restricted incorrectly
1037902Sequence of variables for multiple queries
1037881P13:BATCHDATA: Deadlock during PSA writing to table
1037813Assignment from DTP to RDA daemon is lost
1037789Problem with intial value and GJAHR conversion exit
1037546BIA internal runtime statistics not written
10374473.x DataSource (hierrarchy): Data request, display
1037433Number of records in an RDA InfoPackage request
1037405P13:SDL:Hier InfoPackage and RSOSOHIE entry after import
1037290Execute BI accelerator functionality test as a program
1037180NO_UPDATE_RULES exception when transporting
1037040No DAP impact if you change InfoObject/InfoProvider
1036861Changes to IF_RSPLS_CR_CONTROLLER
1036643Message BRAIN 404 when you refresh a query
1036581RDA daemon terminates with OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO
1036433Deleting formulas and routines in update maintenance
1036257Improving runtime for query selected using InfoAreas
1036242Filter after leaf and nodes: Leaf is displayed twice
1036236Zu löschen
1036140DB6: Reclustering aborts in MDC space check
1035916How to change a characteristic constant
1035792P13:SDL:No access method activated when InfoPackage activate
1035727Message R7 682 during transport of transformations
1035721Query Designer:Setting for changing only originals available
1035683Query Designer: Correct transfer of key figure structure
1035633Query generation takes extra long time
1035562Attachment size (Excel) is cut to half in unicode system
1035558Enterprise search: Connector for BI
1035527P13:SDL:Time-dependent delta using incorrect time interval
1035345Term. BRAIN 299, system error CHECK QCUBE-01- in plan query
1035311Message x062(RSDS) when you import Web service DataSource
1035214P13:Manage:PSA process:Request set red too early, terminate
1035160Collecting and transporting Web temps: too many collected
1035025Correction: 'Detail' button displays DTP request in monitor
1034860Time reference lost when reading master data
1034856InfoSource remains in not saved status
1034849Variable dialog displayed but all variables are personalized
1034839Hierarchy is not deleted completely
1034835DataSource: Conversion exit during migration/emulation
1034798P13:SDL:New DataSource uses incorrect conversion exit
1034795P13:PC:Deleting DTP req w/delete overlapping req proc type
1034692P13:PC:DSO activation checks completeness of incorrect DS
1034602Correction: Collective error "DS not available in version A"
1034496Deletion of BW object from Role Menu deletes other objects
1034386P13:MON:Incorrect time conversion on header tabstrip
1034372Termination in program SAPLRRI9 and form MOVE_VRNID-02-
1034331NW04s: BRAIN 285 'Variable contains too many default values'
1034325RSTRAN 510: Referential integrity and ref characteristic
1034225Checking compound values
1034206MDX: Variables in the default value of the query
1034200TIME_OUT occurs during the update
1034180Multi-dimensional budgeting not possible
1034123500 Internal Server Error when you use same exit variables
1034051Termination: 'CL_RSUOM_UOMT_RUNITME' 'READ_BASE_UOM_SID-01'
1033978Correction: Loading Unicode files from application server
1033970(SP13) Problems when you use an InfoSet as the source
1033967P13:PC:Ipak-F4 also displays real-time/push packages
1033898Importing broadcast settings: Deleted registrations
1033872Input help leads to UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION termination
1033856Incorrect error messages when hierarchy is activated
103382870SP13: Incorrect transformation cannot be deleted
1033690Switching from ALV grid to BEx Analyzer causes X_MESSAGE
1033676CX_RSR_NOT_AUTHORIZED_HIERNODE not caught correctly
1033673Integer figure truncated after entry
1033636Unnecessary statistics data is written
1033601Auth. for executing report (REP) instead of filter (SOB)
1033537DataSource (RSDS): Language selection is missing
1033495Termination in BEx Analyzer and filert items
1033320RSPOR_SETUP: (Part 3) Adjustments to the template installer
1033222Various probs when removing data w/ data archiving process
1033141RSAU 461 Syntax error during loading using update rules
1033137Texts of hierarchy nodes not dispalayed in Query Designer
1033134Incomplete F4 list of InfoProviders
1033124P13:REQARCH: Inconsistent requests not hased/archived
1033083'Not assigned' not displayed for remote master data
1033050DataSource: Missing D versions after importing BI Content
1033047DataSource: Error message RSDS 035 when activating Content
1032950Sorting according to value and hierarchy: SORTING_PRUEFEN-03
1032894P13:REQARCH/HASH: Inconsistencies when archiving and hashing
1032816PERFORM_CONFLICT_TAB_TYPE when loading to write-opt. DataStr
1032765Archived area in DataStore object not protected
1032665P13:SHIP:Content:InfoPackages not complete in D version
1032590Error request is not created in case of excpetions
1032291Object version not paseed on / errors collecting content
1032261RSPOR_SETUP: Comparing Support Packages
1032200Perfromance problem in copying and verification phase
1032185Process continued despite error in near-line service
1032151Displaying default settings for objects in RSDDSTAT
1031996System error in SAPLRRK0 and MEGA_SORT_14-01- with EMPTY
1031974No rule for fiscal year variant for 0FISCPER3
1031916Logging for statistics recording terminates
1031812Dump or internal error occurs when choosing conversion
1031744Correction: 0TCT_MON_IS_01 references 0TCTREQNUM
1031743BRAIN 299 in program SAPLRRK0 CHAVL_TO_SID-01-
1031741Suppressing the postable part of a hierarchy node
1031620System error in SAPLRRK0 and KRANGE_TO_SRANGE-01-
1031604Constant date for reading master data entries
1031537P13:RDA:Dump occurs when real-time req updated in InfoObject
1031531P13:SDL:Old DS: Inactive old UR and only PSA load: termnatn
1031459Refreshing a changeable exit variable with entry
1031408BIA: Restarting initial indexing after it terminates
1031148BIA Monitor: Necessary reorganization is not possible
1031111BIA index not deleted when you delete InfoCube
1031108Empty archiving request is not confirmed
1031086Incorrect parameter names when you call transaction RSRR_WEB
1030988Consistency check: RH 207: Non-included nodes
1030987Activation of transformations dumps
1030980InfoObject not unique when replacing from query result
1030977Cannot navigate any further after missing authorization
1030735RSRV BIA tests, message "Error while reading data for..."
1030657System error in CL_RSR_RRK0_CURR and FILL_CUDIM_02-04-
1030656Ready for input using disaggregation and data slices
1030639Key figure tree is not displayed in SEM CPM
1030561Fixed node filter that contains only one leaf
1030478Transformation metadata display
1030185Closing RDA requests using process chain
1030080EYE 007 "No authorization" for hierarchy authorization
1029822Error handling with real-time data acquisition
1029746BRAIN 299 in SAPLRRK0; form DELETE_FST-01-'
1029689Attributes are restricted incorrectly
1029417A query with ACTUALDATA > 0 reads in vain to the database
1029354P13:DSO activation terminates and changes manage req to red
1029296Texts in input help for attributes of special characteristic
1028816Internal note as prerequisite for other notes
1028815Text variable is not updated when you refresh again
1028737Incorrect node values for delta pairs/hybrid provider
1028623Drilldown characteristics are added automatically
1028583Invalid new element, level too high: 2 but expected 1
1028556BIA: incorrect data after compressing/deleting requests
1028468'No Parallel processing' not displayed for all InfoProviders
1028450Using key date logic in lookup for data in near-line storage
1028442Termination RGC_PFLEGEN_08-01 when you expand a node
1028428Loop in form SORT_END_TRUE_03; SAPLRRK0
1028427Correction: No exclusive selections from PSA
1028423Correction: Dump due to FM RSSM_GET_REQUEST_ATTRIBUTES
1028394P13: RDA: Manually setting terminated requests to red
1028066Characteristic dependencies not taken into account correctly
1028037Too much data is requested with UNION
1027933Optimization when using constants and Boolean operators
1027837"Read master data" for key figures
1027707DataSource: Terminations despite func to restore srce system
1027665Activating InfoObject and BI Accelerator: Message R7B 275
1027614Reloading the transformation program immediately
1027456Several assigned characteristics are not read
1027443Switch from ALV to Business Explorer: INHERITED_ERROR
1027325P13:Content:Transfer dumps if DataSource not active in M ver
1027322P13:PC:PSA:Dump with write-optimized DSO and PSA process
1027119Suppressing footer: E-mail text is not inserted
1026977Lock on RSRHIEDIR_SHORT for 0INFOPROV when query is executed
1026944New cache mode with no directory for BI 7.0
1026843Exception aggregation or replacement path loses unit
1026806Technical changes to CL_RSDRC_MULTIPROV
1026792P13: AWB: Dump in navigator after you copy InfoPackage
1026770Field has incorrect length in open hub destination
1026761Master data reading is not updated
1026759Correction: Meth attributes changeable despite display mode
1026749Hierarchies: Consistency check for duplicate nodes
1026721Messages not transferred when you enter new rows
1026591Web Template saving not possible in system with object lock
1026574IP: Unlocking data when you switch to 'Display'
1026565P13:SDL:PSA:Scheduler for posting PSA and InfoPackage
1026561P13:SDL: Switch that is no longer used in the scheduler
1026473Changes to the InfoSource are not transferred
1026288P13:PC: Proposed default chain and DTP process
1026236Exception CX_RSMD_RS_INVALID_INPUT not caught
1026235InfoObject # does not exist in InfoCube # (version A)
1026157Extended BIA consistency checks
1026143BEx WAD input help: Customer exit variables not displayed
1026008No data returned in a very specific situation
1025971Termination X299: program SAPLRRHI; form TIMEINTERVAL_GET
1025969P13:PSA:Status manager tries to analyze inactive DataSource
1025963VirtualProvider: Error BRAIN 299 occurs in program SAPLRSOA
1025944RDA daemon does not suspend, DTP request remains open
1025943RDA daemon terminates with ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT
1025939DataSource: Missing transport connection in replication
1025934Correction: Conversion language is not ready for input
1025835Executing broadcasting settings terminates with DomReadError
1025766P13:PC:You can now trigger events without delay
1025647Correction: Execution user not used for trigger w/ subchains
1025563P13:RDA:Creating a new real-time request without commits
1025542java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "10-"
1025527Error in module RRK_VCUBE_GET_CURRENT_HIEDIR
1025501Hierarchies: You can save inconsistent hierarchies
1025500Operator CP and variables in the query default value
1025493Dupl totals rows not requested in universal displ hierarchy
1025454DB6: Error activating DataStore/InfoCube/DTP with DB2 9
1025373Unassigned statistical data in BEx Analyzer 3.x
1025317P13: RSSM_HASH_ENTRIES_CREATE slow and uses a lot of memory
1025276Template Migration: Error in Web Item Analysis
1025224Fiscal year 0001 is not accepted
1025153Termination in delete phase when using DataStore archiving
1025030Impact handling for transformation - DataSource/InfoObject
1024929Incorrect object in Data Warehousing Workbench
1024926Dump when you choose "from source"
1024905Using Javascript=X property in BW Web inside framesets
1024900Connection terminates in BEx Analyzer
1024816DataStore data fields are overwritten
1024741X299 in CL_RSDRC_SELDR_SRVS; form SELDR_TO_SLICER-01-
1024591No valid data found and you cannot enter new data
1024554Improving performance in queries in SAPLRSEC_CHECKS
1024459Input help in char relationships,less than 4 characteristics
1024419You can only enter 17 characters for text variables
1024379Termination when you expand hierarchy node
1024333Problems when you transport transformations with routines
1024109Sign reversal is ignored when you execute views
1024106Variables not ready for input are displayed several times
1024055System error in SAPLRRI2 / CUDIM_FUELLEN_CHFP-02-
1023857Error in universal display hierarchy and ...
1023817Deletion of a rule in a non-standard group leads to dump
1023681Error creating new lines
1023583DataSource: Creating in source system, error message RSDS180
1023565P13:Compress: Selecting requests with empty aggregates
1023464Hierarchies:Consistency checks for interval nodes
1023404System error in CL_RSR_RRK0_ATTR_C and SET_INPUT_OFF-01-
1023382Web applications called from a Role Menu causes errors
1023363Data row/column restriction in precalculated documents
1023257Specific exception when you start an inconsistent query
1023231P13: Delete report for PSA fast access tables
1023165Process chain with archiving step terminates with RSPC 057
1023113DataSource: You cannot select "Transfer" property for field
1023088Dump when maintaining transformation for DataStore object
1023029Termination in RST_TOBJ_TO_DERIVED_TOBJ_SID
1022989All data displayed when non-exist nodes are entered
1022936Problems with 0RECORDMODE with write-optimized DataStore
1022861Program termination when executing planning sequence
1022652Exception ignores property 'Time of Evaluation'
1022649P13:Planning:APO:Closing open APO requests periodically
1022601Several authorization logs created for query
1022555Rollup lock is not released in time
1022481Exception cx_rs_input_invalid in method SET_RETURNFLS
1022459Value exceptions, date key figures & ready-for-input status
1022455Termination with input help in F4 mode Q
1022432SQL select runs for long time in change run
1022371Query w/o key figures on a MultiCube does not read data
1022365CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER '#' is not a number
1022275Attributes not displayed with F4 help
1022259Warning "Different hierarchies..." (BRAIN 087)
1022228You cannot exclude compound values
1022205Screen field for data archiving process is too short
1022120BIA CCMS: RSRV- and RFC test not in current results
1022075BI accelerator monitor e-mail message notification
1021972Function group RSNDI_SHIE: Updating interval nodes
1021951Deleting parameters leads to a dump
1021871F4 mode Q does not work for time characteristics
1021849No authorizations for nodes at different levels
1021837Performance of the source system tree
1021829Incorr format for date when using time-dependent variables
1021563P13:Cont: DataSource not checked when activating InfoPackage
1021523Wrong values in RKF in multiprovider query with BIA
1021463Long query runtime for queries with display hierarchies
1021452Initial value '#' causes problems for time characteristics
1021337Exit not processed during check on variable values
1021258Master data reading class for tech. characteristics w/ texts
1021250P13:Content:Single InfoPackage transfer finds no D DataSce
1021173RSTT termination when assigning attributes with long names
1021167P13:Manage: Date/time not displayed correctly
1021163P13:Management: Attempting to delete green DTP requests
1021150Correction: Semantically grouped multiple request extraction
1021120Authorized # value not output by F4 help
1021051Messages are missing from the variable runtime
1021007DataSource: Relaxing of error restrictions
1020991Fixed node filter is not taken into account
1020813RSTRAN 000: Invalid aggregation Info No entry for InfoObject
1020747Planning functions: Errors Support Pacakge 13
1020715Program error 'Missing text' in CL_BICS_PROV_CONVERTER
1020531Variable (replace from variable) is not replaced
1020491DataSource: Error msg in the after import/during replication
1020473P13:PC:Compress:RSMPC 165 if you compress empty InfoCube
1020303P13:HASH:Dump in RSSM_HASH_ENTRIES_CREATE - invalid pattern
1020218RSTT: Incorr. display and selection in job and pkg. maint.
1020209P13:BATCH: Deadlock on RSBATCHDATA with new PSA load
1020180BI SP 13 for BIA revision - compatibility check update
1020173DB6: Creating aggregates in blocks for BI 7.0 and 7.10
1020120P13:DSO: Restarting terminated, deletion w/o ODS request SID
1020091Logging impact
1020059Inconsistent filter in input-ready query
1019927P13: Content: Transferring objects under NODESNOTCONNECTED
1019921Data inconsistencies due to parallel deletion runs
1019819Data verification for MDX in RSTT
1019818BRAIN 299 in CL_RSR_RRK0_PARTITION with read mode A
1019806COMMIT for inconsistent transformation
1019764"InfoCube/InfoProvider 1... does not exist" during transport
1019734cl_rsq_dc_support - delta caching - InfoSets
1019674Read modes that are supported by OLAP for unknown char
1019607P13:Ipak:Content:F4 help in Ipaks provides no RDA-Ipak
1019605Formula framework: Incorrect call of transport system
1019578Messages when collecting content
1019539Key figure category 'date' BExAnalyzer displayed incorrectly
1019457P13: Writing IPak D versions calls too many DataSources
1019456P13:Deleting req generates dialog box despite NO dialog ind
1019334Termination: Program SAPLRRS2 & form FAC_CHAVLVAR_REPLACE-2-
1019167P13:CR: Enhancements for the stability of the change run
1019163Abbruch "INHERITED_ERROR" in form "RANGE_HIERA_SET"
1019114Problems when you transport data archiving processes
1018820Correction: Password not scrollable in RSTPRFC
1018814Termination VALUE_GENERATE-01 for variables with compounding
1018804Ready-for-input status
1018732You can access InfoCube without authorization
1018657P13: P20: Not all ODSR requests are displayed in PSA
1018544Variant is ignored when you fill precalculated value set
1018540DELTACAHCEC and preparation of partitions
1018528OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO for near-line access
1018439Irregular line breaks in the mail causes loss of formatting
1018365Parameter OPEN_IN_NEW_WINDOW missing from SET_TEMPLATE comnd
1018298Process type RDA_CLOSE missing in transport request
1018114Additional date restrictions for deleting statistics data
1018089P13:PC:Enhancements: process type, initial filling of BIA
1018019Hierarchy node selection without hierarchy in web F4(7.X)
1018011DB6: Reclustering: Error activating transfer rules
1017916Bursting: Navigation attributes are ignored
1017899P13:Relevant error messages not populated in PSAPROCESS
1017831Contains Pattern on text not supported for NUMC InfoObject
1017818Incorrect client when BEx called using a URL
1017660Variable screen runtime performance improves slightly
1017625DB6: Save query scenarios
1017609"No conversion possible" but all numbers are converted
1017570Performance improvement for RSDDV "Display all BIAs"
1017552MultiProvider with aggregation levels: Data not current
1017492Error when you save workbook in BEx Analyzer 2004s
1017475Switch from ALV -> BEX: Termination in GET_COB_PRO-01-
1017401DataSource (RSDS, SHDS, ISFS, SHFS): Buffering tables
1017348Transformation in the Content system cannot be activated
1017248Property "Process Variables on Refresh" does not work in BEx
1017223P13: Useability - there is a CheckMan error
1017084CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER in BW7.X on large appl server
1016994Performance: Exit variables in authorizations
1016993P13:BATCH:Mass maintenance for parallelism settings
1016874P13:BATCH: Parallel processing settings and default/enqueue
1016844Hierarchy nodes are processed as variable nodes
1016830Hierarchy is not activated correctly
1016814Special characters in the Key of F4 values not transferred
1016813Special character "+" is replaced to %2B in variable screen
1016781BIA indexing performance with unequal data distribution
1016686Inexplicable error if CL_RS_OLAP is called repeatedly
1016632Unnecessary instantiation of characteristic relationships
1016599RSRV check "Check definition of logical index" incorrect
1016481Data Warehousing Workbench: Display is set up twice
1016340Formula: Function SUBSTR
1016317SP13:PC:Start type 'Date & time' gets scheduled wrong
1016252ASSERTION_FAILED during generation w/ InfoObject assignment
1016226Error with input help in BExAnalyzer
1016214Broadcasting wizard: Variable values of mandatory variables
1016180No text for hierarchy node input help
1016099Transformations missing when collecting content using InfoS.
1016067Improving performance for MDX and DataStore object
1016054Text variable with replacement path and exception cells
1016008Values for new lines are not scaled for updating
1015999P13: DTP: Request is RED after deletion request terminates
1015994P13: SDL: Entry field for BEX variable has only eight digits
1015906_CHECK_READ_MODE-01 with input help for hierarchies
1015832Incorrect namespace for InfoSource
1015572DataSource in WebService source system: Missing D version
1015531Rules with a unit cannot be created
1015496Missing log for deleted rules after import
1015450Termination when refreshing a workbook
1015444Termination SERIALIZE_DIM:01 in BExAnalyzer
1015402Query Designer: CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB as of SPS 10
1015341Display hierarchy is deactivated in the jump destination
1015079Content version of aggregates is not deleted
1015074Error in module RSB_API_OHS_DEST_READ_DATA
1015065P13: CTO: Inactive objects are collected (e.g. 0DB*)
1015063P13:PSA:PC: F4 help for PSA tables displays incorrect texts
1015041Termination _CLEAR_TABLES-01-
1014808Termination in module RSEC_GET_AUTH_FOR_USER,SAPLRSEC_CHECKS
1014784RSRV:Warning instead of error when comparing BIA/database
1014713DataSource: Origin
1014662Correction: Dump DYNPRO_SEND... for RSPC_API_PROCESS_RESTART
1014618Exception CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL in CL_RSMD_RSH
1014551Multiple language capability of analysis authorizations
1014465MultiProvider metadata is inconsistent
1014354Error when you save the default workbook
1014126Creating aggregates in blocks (database-dependent)
1014118Characteristic values displayed twice in the filter dialog
1014112Incorrect attributes in the input help
1014105Improved transport behavior of query elements
1014088P13:SDL: InfoPackage to Delta flag in PSA scheduler
1014087P13:DSO:PSA: Posting write-optimized DSO from PSA
1014052CORR: File routine does not work for DTPs
1014044P13:DTP:STATMAN:DSO:Write-optimized DSOs and RSBODSLOG entry
1014017Long query run times due to automatic RSTT user deactivation
1013951OLE DB for OLAP: New external MDX parser
1013795P13:rsm1635:Lock issue on RSSDLINIT during parallel init
1013712InfoObject does not exist in InfoProvider
1013698Entries in empty cells are rounded to 0 decimal places
1013661Correction: Error with conversion exits
1013629Combination proposal, char relationships, dependent chars
1013584Ready-for-input status and Calculate Result/Single Value
1013571Errors with variants in BEx Analyzer
1013536P13:DTP:STATMAN: Status RED immediately after first error
1013437InfoProvider missing as free char in input-ready queries
1013417Preparing EQSID SORTED TABLE
1013400InfoCubes incorrectly ready for input in MultiProvider
1013370Transformation check in transaction RSBBS
1013367System error in SAPLRRK0 and FIX_FILTER-01-
1013361Unauthorized termination BRAIN A174
1013249RSRDA: Improving usability in Support Package 13
1013239Repair X/Y table in RSRV, effect on BIA
1013220Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED occurs in _GET_REQ_FREE
1013214'*' is displayed despite operator NDIV0
1013212Additional corrections to Note 1002682
1013186Input-ready query rejects new rows without message
1013168RRMX: Excel processes do not end
1013148Correction: Semantic groups during Content activation
1013100Scaling factor ignored
1013095UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION for queries with hierarchy variables
1013024P13:STATMAN: PSA fast access table is not refreshed
1013023BEx Analyzer: Sort icons do not work
1013002Display formula metadata (Support)
1012971Exception evaluated at incorrect hierarchy level
1012928Correction: Lowercase letters in message class
1012869RDA daemon stops when an overload occurs
1012865R7 105 when activating the transfer rules
1012858Display non-posted values, hierarchy and nav attributes
1012600BRAIN X299 occurs in SAPLRRK0; form CHECK_NAV_INIT_NODE-01-
1012599Termination CX_SY_STRUCT_ATTRIBUTES occurs
1007749DataSource replication: Shrt dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
1003576Excel download: Repetition lines in print area
9882650EXPLAIN_TEMPLATE is not available
959565Activating and filling a BIA index as a process type
934281No 'Star Transformation' for a Hierarchy Changerun
929602RSPOR_SETUP: " Java classes with different vers
896852Indicator for automatic date conversion is changed
878744Complete filter cannot be displayed by checkbox item
870451OLAP statistics deactivated during preliminary calculation
856783RSDBC - Incorrect selection for time-dependent InfoObjects