Note 914304 - SAPBINews NetWeaver 7.0 BI Support Package 10

Component : SAP Business Information Warehouse -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

support package, occur after, transaction snote, error message, system issues

Related Notes :

1022703BEx Web: Mozilla Firefox is not supported
995729History displays BEx Web Analyzer instead of Web application
995728Remote Role Assign.: Web Analyzer instead of Web Application
994490Dump when changing the rule type to "Routine with Unit"
991576Incorrect variable value transferred from line selection
990399Performance problems when documents are used in web reports
988484RC=12 in after import method for objects BTMP and BITM
987559Runtime error in SAPLRRK0 MEGA_SORT_05
987222InfoField item: Exception when you load a Query view
987184You cannot drill down to level xx
987181Data Provider info item does not deliver attribute values
987138Terminations in BEST_WGR in RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES
986981Dropdown: Incorrect disp. w/ data binding variable selection
986639BIA: Incorrect data after roll up
986494Display as hierarchy: Not all data is displayed
986492Program error in class CL_RSBOLAP_CHARACTERISTIC_BASECP
986371Currency or unit assignment is not checked
986362Semantic group for DTP with "InfoObject" data target
986198InfoObject only with InfoArea as DTP data target
986196Error during duplicate record handling of master data texts
986194Duplicated record handling for InfoObject sources of a DTP
985885No data in extraordinary situation
985882X299 BRAIN in SAPLRRK0; form SETXX_FUELLEN_15-02-
985774Compressing non-cumulative cubes creates incorr ref points
985763Formulas w/ non-cumulatives, normal key figures + variables
985722No variable values for variable that is not ready for input
985719BIA: Initial filling terminates with UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
985621RSTT termination ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT in program "SAPLSLVC
985609Active DataStore data lookup in DB and near-line storage
985567Performance if there are complex authorizations
985465New cells are multiplied by the factor 100
985448Error RSAR 245 issued when transfer rules are activated
985287Incorrect termination: BRAIN A174
985226Termination in SAPLRSEC_CHECKS for queries on InfoSets
985225Various problems when activating and executing a DAP
985178Incorrect termination: BRAIN A437
985126Problems with RSADMIN parameter for cache enqueues
985116F4 in mode D w/ master data provider -> SQL error ORA-01722
984801Incorrect data type for unusual figures
984787Performance: Queries with many documents with authorization
984742Printing PCL: Error during print request output
984739URL is created without the BI standard client
984728No data for the .ITEM( COUNT( ... ) )
984538NW04s: System dump using transaction RSZC
984505Correction:Performance extractor AdminCockpit process chains
984439You must enter a conversion
984262F4, dependent variables and I_STEP = 2
984242P10:DSO: Request check for consistency and DSO activation
984229F4 modes for input help as of SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI
984210Correction: BCTCOMP instead of Switches for process types
984134Syst error in program SAPLRRK0 and form LRECH_AGGR_ELSE-03-
984133The operators NDIV0 and NOERR delete unit and currency
984100BIA: Incorrect data after deleting/reconstructing request
983951BRAIN x299 in program SAPLRRK0, form CHECK_NAV_INIT_NODE-03-
983939Termination because transformation is incorrect
983937Dump when you call a transformation without rules
983846Termination in SAPL_RSEC_CHECKS or long running queries
983798P10:P33: Auto rollup terminates after autom deletion request
983775P10:Hier:Many enqueue locks of hierarchy headers;performance
983618P10:PSA: Deleting requests after converting old DS to new DS
983605Query on RemoteProvider: No data or termination
983600A408 Brain during default query on Infoset
983564XSLT_BAD_SOURCE_CONTEXT during library item migration
983478Request terminates with CX_SY_CONVERSION_ERROR
983476NW04s: priorities for query elements are lost after save
983468"GET_NEXT-2-" termination when you activate a hierarchy
983467P10:P33: Delete InfoCube and request started repeatedly
983466P10:PC:PSA:F4 help for PSA selection in PC is slow
983461Processes hang in aggregate processing
983449Termin A122 1COLUMN no valid characteristic of infoprovider
983354System error in CL_RSR_RRK0_PARTITION and BROWSE_02-03-
983326Correction: Missing warnings in DataSource maintenance
983234Explain in BI 7.0
983189Status check for reorganisation of BIA incorrect
983135Correction: Index in PSA of DataSource is too large
983127Improved logging for aggregate jobs
982992MDX: Text is displayed incorrectly
982986P10:ODS:Activation terminates with dump RSBM 105
982727Master data read class for InfoObjekt 0LANGU
982531Date representation in BExAnalyzer 2004s
982527No data for interval variables with exit
982424Font size is too small in enterprise reports
982402Import_Container_Missing and cache entries w/o buffer ID
982328Time variable with replacement path is not replaced
982304Incorrect update of before image- updaterule optimization
982289Reports inside frameset does not have javascript feature
982255Enhancement of message Brain 045: Variable now required
9821917.x-DataSource debugging using endless loop
982158Enhancements made to the BIA monitor for SPS 10
982120BW7.0 compression of requests terminates with SQL error
982116Characteristics of structure components are not analyzed
981891Termination CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE in change run
981860Currency translation keys missing in F4 for unit conversion
981856Some used objects not collected or missing from transport
981828No authorization for assigned inactive hierarchy
981825Message R7 053 when you choose the value help
981806RSUOM 065: No quantity conversion possible
981797Incorrect message type for error in exit variables
981686Recording queue times in BW 3.x variable screen
981660X299 BRAIN in SAPLRRK0, form NACHLESEN_01-02-
981594P10:P33:Selection screen in Monitor gets cancelled
981343You cannot call inverse transformation outside DTP
981278Error in WAD with SP9: Namespace Manager or XSLT context
981256Data for InfoSource is not aggregated
981248Correction: Backup for system copy only for old objects
981125Message texts for filter and variables in modeler
981121Termination during change run: SYSTEM_NO_ROLL
981104New functionality of transaction RSZC
981061Error in key figure def w/ excluding sel for compounded char
981054BIA indexing: Termination due to locked master data
980943Changes in hierarchy node value help
980905Error handler terminates for sources w/ multiple segments
980850Aggregate proposals from query runtime statistic
980780Input readiness is saved incorrectly
980725Error in global routine for type D InfoObjects
980709P10:DTP:DSO: Merging full and delta DTP requests in DSO
980615Invalid rules are not deleted correctly
980418FGV 004 when you execute value help for time characteristic
980390Migrating update rules: Reading master data
980320Query terminates on BIA with CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW
980264RSDMD: Data Loss while using Master Data Maintenance screen
980259Correction: Source requests extracted several times from DS
980040No data displayed in very special situation
9799770LOGSYS not filled despite InfoObject routine
979972Excel download: Square before line break
979769Migration of rules causes short dump
979766Content versions are not deleted int after import
979626WAD: Invalid DataProvider of type 'filter' (E21)
979562Content version of the transformation is not deleted
979561Formula is not saved in BI Content
979533BRAIN X299 in program SAPLRRI2 and form REP_CUID_WGR_L-03-
979524PDF creation for MIMEs in MIME repository and Web item text
979487Error RSAA 561 when deleting routines
979398BRAIN 299 in program SAPLRRI2 and form FEMZ_FUELLEN-98-
979393P10:PC:Variant maintenance and dropdown box deletes a line
979391P10:MON: Reversal request in monitor terminates
979212X299 Brain in CL_RSPLS_DELTA_BUFFER_B; form READ-06-
978988P10: Req in write-optimized DataStore that cannot be deleted
978960Duplicate record handling when you load master data with DTP
978867Parallel processing of aggregate jobs
978782Transfer rules are not displayed in input help (F4 help)
978772P10: Parallel SID generation terminates with deadlock
978726BRAIN 643 in 3.X variable screen cannot be changed
978639Exceptions with characteristic restrictions
978616P10:P33:ENQ:Many lock attempts on table RSREQDONE
978548Improving performance for report RSIMPCURFILE
978530Calculate Results As is not used
978505P10:Deleting requests from write-optimized DataStore objects
978433P10:P33: Rebuilding & rollup: Lock request does not wait
978428No data when filtering for '#' and constant selection
978359X299 Brain in CL_RSR_RRK0_HIERARCHY; _RESOLVE_NODES_03-01-
978327Calculating with hierarchy attrib plus/minus sign reversal
978219Short dump in DTP filter from source 3.x DataSource
978210P10:STATMAN:Long running Select statements for PSA processes
978168Zero suppression causes CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW
978141Field selection in DTP for error handler not correct
978112Unit may be mapped to currency and currency to unit
978000When you change rule type to constant, inbound fields remain
977972Termination with node variable that is filled by user exit
977945P10:BATCH: Lock is not removed when termination occurs
977917Error for formulas with attribute variables and constants
977912X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0; NACHLESEN_INIT_NODE-01-
977881Background processing of broadcast settings: MESSAGE_TYPE_X
977873Error occurs when several requests are uploaded in parallel
977849Error in default mapping
977843Transformation is deleted in after import
977841Activation despite error
977784Unauthorized message BRAIN W204
977691P10:DTP:Dump when you execute a new DTP for a new DataSource
977671BIA: Indexing performance for fact indexes has been improved
977624You cannot print from editor
977612Excluding selection options are not processed correctly
977498Incorrect target or source type is not recognized
977494Transformation with InfoSet as source - dump when you save
977492Incorrect description when collecting transformations
977454Exception 'invalid read mode' occurs
977342RSAR 535 error when data is activated in the DataStore
977225Query on remote char terminates with ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT
977214GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in SAPLRRK0, Form sx_to_fdata_04
977202Formula maintenance despite termination
977161Enqueue locks with parallel scheduling of InfoPackages
977072Extending the DataStore log to include preparation/postproc.
977045Exception 'INCONSISTENCY' after transporting queries
976980Problems with aggregates - see symptom
976697Browser:Empty page on bursting tab "Recipeint determination"
976689Various terminations after deactivation of hierarchy
976630Process chains with "Data change" type: no log
976600P10:PC:PSA:F4 sel of new PSA tables deletes old selection
976553Activation of a Web service DataSource with namespace
976550Correction of the validation of the exception aggregation
976547Analysis item: Key figures are always repeated
976546No data in a very very special situation
976475Problem when you execute Web template after restart
976443Variant processing: No conversion into capital letters
976426Info field item: Crash when you display dynamic filters
976340"No authorization" BRAIN 804 with customer exit variables
976326No aggregates for non-cumulative vals with redef excptn aggr
976323Loading data into DataStore object results in dump
976259Virtual hierarchies not available for selection
976132Long runtime with time-dependent hierarchies
976101P10: GET_RELATED: InfoPackages do not return process chains
976049Incorrect authorizations with query elements
975991Filter items abort when the data provider is not authorized
975956Check on rule not complete
975937P10: REQARCH: Wizard: Do not update archived requests
975873Variable Screen, F4 help, Cancel 2004s BI JAVA (SP 9) SPS 9
975728Techn. name in SAP GUI variable screen not displayed
975675Transformation cannot be activated
975626P10: SDL: New DS:InfoPackages with old data target selection
975513X299 Brain in SAPLRSDRC_SPLIT; Form RETFL_N_SET-01-
975486Icon for master data as transformation source and target
975471Dump when you update incorrect master data
975468Hierarchy node variables with node as default value
975349No data when you expand a node and several hierarchies
975348MDX: No data in a very particular situation
975342"You do not have sufficient authorization for InfoProvider"
975337BEx Web: Incorrect drilldown level for hierarchies
975208System error in SAPLRRK0 and MEGA_SORT_14-01-
975201P10: SDL: Hash val calc of requests w/ selctn w/o field name
975189No values issued in input help
975164RRI: Variables, can be changed during navigation
975162Incompatible filters cause system error
975157Error messages with aggregates not displayed in log
975102An error message occurs when you check an InfoSpoke
975092P10:SDL: Loading master data/texts terminates w/ DS not exst
975021Special handling for InfoSets during aggregation
975008DB6: Corrections in SP10
974854Analysis authorizations: Various issues
974833DataStore (activation): Columns initialized without rule
974456P10: PC: RSSM_EVENT_RAISE dumps with message type X
974400Termination TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED for aggregates
974396No data in a very very special situation
974378Characteristics added automatically for input-ready queries
974248P10:SDL:AWB: Renaming InfoPackage to AWB for new language
974209BIA: Enhancements delivered with Support Package 10
974184Error when activating ODS data (RSAR 535)
973990No data in a very very special situation
973977Hierarchy node F4 does not restrict for MultiProviders
973969Compression of non-cumulative cubes terminates
973914Termination: "No InfoProvider exists with name "&1"
973696COB_PRO-ATRNAVFL and ATRTIMFL disappear in the MultiProvider
973625BEx Analyzer and date fields that are ready for input
973623RSPC: Save as Picture fails when PC name contains '/'
973505Calculation before the aggregation and formula variables
973420BEx Web Apps ABAP: Web item table moved for BW 3.x
973350$ symbol on behalf of an InfoProvider
973304Termination when you write into fact table using DTP
973258P10: RSSM_SHIP_PSEUDO_DVERSION_WRI: Cache not invalidated
973253Query key date is ignored for OLAP cache
973176BI content transfer: Missing transformation D version
973160P10: P33: BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS called repeatedly
973102Error handling for invalid characteristic values from exit
973010No difference in transformation for currency translation key
973007Error for version of source or target that does not exist
972916Migration: Without options, default settings become active
972911Generation analysis authorizations: Long texts are truncated
972901P10: BATCH: Call of batch manager with process chain log ID
972777Error message BRAIN 283: TempJoin requires hierarchy
972708Surpressing messages from variable processing
972649Problems in connection with relational_browse (read mode Q)
972592Refreshing a query with replacement path from query result
972523BEx Analyzer and characteristic settings
972494P10: PC: F4 Help for PSA tables returns too many hits
972465Check for the InfoObject assignment is incorrect
972178X299 SELECT_SIDS_3 for navigation attributes in MultiProv
972175P10:P33:BAPI_IPAK_GETLIST:Enable CP selections
972173CURRENTMEMBER with regard to another axis in FILTER
972109Activated DataStore requests are not updated
972088Not all rule parameters are available in routine
972083Error when you use third party Open Hub Destination
971953Exceptional fiscal periods are not accepted
971938Error in formulas with attributes and calculated values
971934No first global area for migrated transformations
971837Time dependency in the MDX execution
971772Analysis Item goes to the beginning w/ hierarchy navigation
971750BIA index: RSRV check shows incorrect data
971746P10: SDL: Canceling requests, Zombie request, APO request
971745P10:Dump in RSS2_DTA_TO_DTPTP w/ PSA process/reconstruction
971695Missing log entries for transformation
971665P10: SDL: Checking the DataSource type in the scheduler
971616Personalized values are not read
971614Display system messages only once a day
971611Formula variable in CKF before or after the aggregation
971584ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT in the DTP program generated
971531WAD: Analysis Item: Exception rendering error message
971468Termination when executing a query during the compression
971452Incorr counters in MDX for COUNT and WITH MEMBER [Measures]
971433XSLT_BAD_SOURCE_CONTEXT with item migration
971390P10: MON: Simulation dumps with exception "ERROR" raised
971385P10: P33: PC: PSA process: empty fields PSATABLE/DATATARGET
971380Error message states that hierarchy could not be found
971372Query terminates when you try to display aggregates
971295A222 Brain after upgrade to 7.0
971277Variables with default values in reusable filter
971227Too much data for NON EMPTY and constants in WITH MEMBER
971219Currency translation when calculating prior to aggregation
971207Dump for transformations with routines with unit
971181P10: P33: PERF: Long runtime, job BI_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG
971164Performance of RRT_GET_DIM_CARDINALITY
971065Locking problem in a particular situation
971051Characteristic routine edit dumps / shows unspecififed error
971020Error in after import when changing and checking formulas
971017Characteristic that references a time char does not restrict
970981Negative runtimes when you run traces
970966Routine text does not exist - routine cannot be maintained
970932Asterisk (*) in customer exit does not work
970928Export to portal: File ending is missing
970918Error in VALUE_TO_SID:NO_HRY_REF in class CL_RSR_REQUEST
970895P10: P33: SDL: Several similar Init selections can be create
970794P10: PSA: Deleting PSA requests takes a long time
970793DataSource: Selection fields for direct access
970792P10: SDL: Unnecessary popup during Init request generation
970779MDX exceeds 32K: CX_SY_CREATE_DATA_ERROR
970778Dropdown box item: Width (WIDTH) is not analyzed
970777MDX error in CURRENTMEMBER and UNION
970771BI Accelerator monitor messages to CCMS
970756Problems with Notes 967514, 956616, 961671
970755Unauthorized termination Brain A206
970726P10: SDL: Pull enabled Web DataSources
970723Input help for hierarchy nodes displays unauthorized values
970650P10: DSO: PERF: Activating multiple requests with a lot of d
970648P10: Complete deletion terminates w/ 'Action was cancelled'
970647P10: P33: No update from PSA with immediate start
970583Saving views in the Analyzer
970475P10:P33:DUMP:ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY in include LRSM1F08
970410Correction: No synchronous update to subchains
970330P10:P33:CRT:Batch job remains after daemon is stopped
970130X299 Brain in CL_RSR, Form GET_COB_PRO-01-
970107DataSource preview: Short dump
970105P10: P33: Saving TID/server/WP runs on processing
970007No authorization for InfoProvider
970002Which BEx Analyzer version is called by RRMX?
969958P10: RSSM_SHIP_PSEUDO_DVERSION_WRI dumps with deadlock
969953P10: No dialog box in postprocessing/automatisms
969843Error during transport of Enterprise report (query)
969817Message Text Missing in Error and Warning Messages in WAD
969791MD DEL internal corrections III
969712Correction: Direct access: No Message from exctraction
969642P10: STATMAN: Deleting data target and enqueue of all reques
969578RRI jump in SAP NetWeaver 2004s SPS8/9 does not work
969491RKF: Problems with constant selection
969305Termination when variants and views called w/ compound char
969285P10: Administration of the data target and logon languages
969237Missing rows/columns for NON EMPTY and constants
969224A125 Brain type G_S_Ennn already exists
969194Inconsistencies: BI SP and BIA revision are incompatible
969065P10: P33: Creating/changing hierarchies in the InfoPackage
969025Incorrect values are displayed for F4 mode "Q"
968905Runtime error in CL_RSD_DC_SUPPORT_SUPER=>CREATE
968864Repartitioning tool does not generate the DTP update program
968852P10: P33: Setting the QM status using report/function module
968823Hierarchy with HIESID & and SVER & was not found
968815Correction: REMOTE process ends with invalid status
968744Data entered is not transferred
968672Setting the filter value causes a termination
968632Single step display when you write master data with DTP
96851710:SDL:Content enhancements in shadow tables of InfoPackages
968502DataSource content activation without remote activation
968428NW04: BW objects not extracted from Role Menu
968369X299 Brain in CL_RSPLS_DELTA_BUFFER_B , form __CHECK_ALL-02-
968366P10: Manage: Switch from cubes and DSOs:cube indicator empty
968350I_STEP 2 values of the exit variables disappear
968347CELL PROPERTIES in XML/A and multidimensional output
968345MDX: CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL exception for ISEMPTY
968292_CHECK_READ_MODE-01 with input help for variables
968272Cannot delete cache mode due to termination
968271Termination CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE in cache entry display
968210Direct access to InfoSet: Inconsistent input parameters
968178Corrupt variable value or variant
968153The key is not displayed by the input help
968036Access to compound characteristic values leads to error
968032MD DEL internal corrections II
967999Success message after error when you delete source system
967998N_S_RKB1D INFOCUBE not set on local variable screen
967984Problem with time-dependent attributes
967940RSAU273- Error when displaying the content version
967922X299 Brain in CL_RSR_OLAP; Form IF_RSR_OLAP~SET_INPUT-04-
967904WebService DataSource: Delta methods FIL0, FIL1 are missing
967890Query with interval variable does not find any data
967829Incorrect buffering for node variable
967794P10:SDL:New DS and flat file InfoPackage with incorrect tab
967737Deleting reusable objects with BEx Query Designer 2004s
967722RSPOR_SETUP... function modules: Interface enhancement
967689Planning functions
967679Routine for time-reference characteristic cannot be created
967640DTP error handling with time overlap of master data
967604P10: P33: Too many Selects on RSREQDONE during delta check
967590Cache is not used when exchange rates are missing
967541MDX: Data is not displayed
967514No data when you expand node
967331Generated Java script cannot be executed
967319Authorizations with customer exit variables
967316Incorrect authorizations in BEx Query Designer 2004s
967312Authorization maintenance: Check and correction of errors
967296Correction: NUMC not allowed for CHAR with UDC
967229No data when you expand a hierarchy node
967228X299: System error in SAPLRRI2 and FST_VAR_01-01-
967205Global parts of routine not copied from content
967203NW04s: RSZDELETE does not delete referenced workbooks
967202Termination _GLUE_INTERVALS-4- when you activate a hierarchy
967100P10:Activate DTP requests from full and delta DTP in DSO
967027Dump when you activate transformation with conversion
966996Correction: Deleting green link also deletes red link
966983X299 brain in CL_RSR_RRK0_HIERARCHY; form _RESOLVE_NODES_03-
966868Problem collecting transformations
966864Deleting transformations is not transported
966810Runtime for SAP GUI variable screen
966754Hierarchy nodes not authorized if one leaf and compounded
966725Termination when deleting hierarchy in RRINCLTAB_REBUILD
966708Dump in RFC call from SEM to BI 2004s
966660You cannot create formula
966651Error in non-cumulative cubes: Time conversion not possible
966594P10:PC:PSA process dumps with OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED
966582Incorrect authorization message for query attributes in WEB
966581Error in exceptions with - sign
966563Content development: Missing D-version after activation
966414Invalid MDX command with <property>
966238Term ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY; SAPLRRK0; empty_copy_dat_n_01
966232Termination GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in method RESOLVE_NODES
966188Incorrect totals row in hierarchy
966182Corrections in manual planning (planned query)
966154P10:Reconstuct and PSA process in a PSA object too critical
966137Correction: Unnecessary Selects for RSDSSEGFDT with AWB
966136Correction: Error handling switched off for error DTP
966134Correction: Dump when you delete a Decision process
966133Dump in Data Load Monitor (transaction RSMO)
966131Correction: Object InfoPackage not found in RSOR
966086BRAIN A125, "OR" statement is not defined"
966084Problems with InfoProvider selection in the columns
966067P10:Status manager entries deleted after requests deleted
966064Too many/few values in F4 if there are only hierarchy auth.
966061P10:Initially filling aggregates and fast access tables
966055UUID (only relevant for BI 7.1)
966043BEx Analyzer: Calling queries with RRMXP
966042Quantity object for InfoObjects: Incorrect dimension name
966002Integration of write-opt DataStore in DTP error stack
965976X299: System error in SAPLRRS2 and CMPVALUE_GET-01-
965972Time-dependent master data - no data is read
965923Error message RSTRAN 251 when collecting content
965898Second global area is not transported
965897Check of open hub destination
965879BIA index filling: Database error during reading
965860Values missing after repeated execution of F4
965847Input help for special characteristics results in exception
965808Termination when you use several hierarchies in dropdown
965786Broadcast setting: Changing variable assignment
965724P10:AWB:Administration in PSA/change log of an ODS
965706Assigned unit is deleted when the rule type is changed
965705Internal error when calling a transformation
965684Characters are ignored when you restrict the search in F4
965681Search for '#' using input help does not return any values
965638Abnormal behaviour of search functionality in item selector
965637Slow performance when selecting Hierarchy Nodes
965599DataStore object: Inconsistencies after deletion of requests
965507P10: Minor problems
965494Display of the text type set in RSD1 in nodes
965374P33:P10: Message RSM1 523 in RSMONICDP and red requests
965316Cells not ready for input after you expand a node
965260Problems occur when you migrate update rules
964998Correction: Timeout calculation is sometimes incorrect
964966Formula variables with replacement and authorization check
964758Various terminations with display of unposted values
964756Formula variables with replacement from difference in BI 7.0
963332P10:P33:SDL:BEx variable with empty output deletes row
961491P10: InfoSource overview in the AWB and new DS/DTP
952012Inverse transformations in RSBBS
950831RSTT new windows: Standard package/job maintenance
950567DataStore object: Activating requests without condensing
942236RSPOR_SETUP: "Number of registered processes exceeds...
931838Using queries with variables in the Report Designer
881282Filter block selection displays wrong block values
597100Table interface returns incorrect cell coordinate