SAP Job Injector

You will find in this article two ABAP tools for injecting jobs in SAP from Excel files.

Simple injector

Download program ZTREXPI100

Input file : Tab delimited text

 Zone Length Description
 JOB  32  Job name
 USER  12  Execution User
 TYPE  1  P(Program) or S(Script)
 PROG  100  Program or Script
 PARAM  100  Variant or parameter

A set of controls is performed by the program before creating jobs in status “Scheduled“.

Program ZTREXPI100

Mass job creation and planification


This program is more advanced than the first since it allows to inject and release the jobs according to scheduling criteria specified in a text file.

– File containing job definition :

 Zone Length Description
 JOB  32  Job name
 USER  12  Execution User
 TYPE  1  P(Programme) or S(Script)
 PROG  100  Program or Script name
 PARAM  100  Variant ou parameter

– File containing scheduling criteria :

 Zone Length Description
 JOB  32  Job name
 TARGETSYSTEM  40  Target server (cf SM51)
 TYPE  2  Planification type : DH (Date/Hour) ou EV (on event)
 SDLSTRTDT  8  Execution date (AAAAMMJJ)
 SDLSTRTTM  6  Execution time (HHMNSS)
 PRDMONTHS  2  Period in months
 PRDWEEKS  2  Period in weeks
 PRDDAYS  3  Period in days
 PRDHOURS  2  Period in hours
 PRDMINS  2  Period in minutes
 CALENDAR_ID  2  Factory calendar
 BTC_PROCESS_ALWAYS  1  Run sundays and during holidays (blank or X)
 BTC_DONT_PROCESS_ON_HOLIDAY  1  Do not run sundays and jours fériés (blanc ou X)
 BTC_PROCESS_BEFORE_HOLIDAY  1  Schedule to the previous working day(blank ou X)
 BTC_PROCESS_AFTER_HOLIDAY  1  Schedule to the next working day
 EVENT_ID  32  Event
 EVENT_PARAM  64  Event parameter
 EVENT_PERIODIC 1  Event periodic

Excel files for data formatting are available Here

Program ZTREXPI200