Note 174268 - EH&S 2.5B Support Packages: Additional documentation

Component : Product Safety - Environment, Health and Safety

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

report shipping, support package, shipping orders, shipping order, environment parameter, function module, read, parameter values, trace level, language specific, product safety, language support, delivered value, generation servers, program rcvdeven, delivered, description, physical deletion, native language, program rcvddisp, program rcvdrfsh, deletion indicator, function group, report rcvdrfsh, value files, delete, section changes, patch level, described above, function modules, language dependent, generation server, rejected report, customizing enhancements, should, longer needed, dependent hyphenation, value which, previous method, environment parameters, longer required, support packages, template, system automatically, number, logistics system, solutions blended, standard solutions, further information, level, after, shipping deletion, asynchronous starting, following steps, special characters

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