SAP Function BAPI_PROCORDCONF_GET_TE_PROP - Propose Data for Confirmation Time Event Process Order

Parameter Reference Type Length Default Optional Text
PROP_GMOV BAPI_CORU_PARAM-PROP_GMOV C 1 SPACE X Indicator: Propose goods movements for confirmation

Parameter Reference Type Length Text
RETURN BAPIRET1 u 470 Return Parameters

Parameter Reference Length Optional Text
DETAIL_RETURN BAPI_CORU_RETURN 568 X Return Information for APIs
GOODSMOVEMENTS BAPI2017_GM_ITEM_CREATE 1106 X BAPI Communication Structure: Create Material Document Item
LINK_CONF_GOODSMOV BAPI_LINK_CONF_GOODSMOV 12 X Link: Confirmation with goods movements
TIMEEVENTS BAPI_PI_TIMEEVENT1 316 Process Order Confirmation: Time Event Confirmation

You can use this method to make default data for time events forphases of process orders available.
As well as the confirmation data, the goods movements, which can bedetermined according to SAP standard logic on the basis of the number ofphases for backflushes and automatic goods receipts that have yet to beconfirmed, can also proposed.
Enter the phases for which the data should be proposed in theTimeevents table.
The phases can be identified in the Timeevents tables in one ofthe following ways:

  • By the confirmation number in the Conf_No field

  • By the combination of the following details:

  • Order in the Orderid field
    Phase in the Phase field

    The parameter PropGmov controls whether, in addition to theproposed time event data, goods movements for backflushes and automaticgoods receipt are also proposed, depending on the quantity that is stillto be confirmed.

    The DetailReturn table transfers potential exception situationsthat have been determined for confirmations to the Timeeventstable.
    For each of the time events in the DetailReturn table, an entryis made in the DetailReturn table. If, due to incorrect data, anexception situation has occurred for a confirmation, that is noted inthe DetailReturn table.

    If no exception situation was determined, then an entry with initialvalues is made in the DetailReturn table.

    Automatic goods movements (automatic goods receipt and backflush) areonly proposed if the parameter Goodsmovements is set.
    The goods movements are then determined on the basis of the quantitiesto be confirmed from the relevant confirmation.

    The LinkConfGoodsmov table assigns a confirmation to eachgoods movement item from the Timeevents table.
    The assignment is made via the IndexConfirm and theIndexGoodsmov indexes:

    • IndexConfirm refers to the confirmation in the
    • Timeevents parameter table.
      • IndexGoodsmov refers to the goods movement in the
      • Goodsmovements parameter table.

        The table returns confirmations as time events.
        The confirmed object Phase can be identified in one of thefollowing ways:

        • By the confirmation number in the CONF_NO field

        • By a combination of the following details:

        • Order in the ORDERID field
          Phase in the PHASE field
          Possible secondary resources in the SEC_RESOURCE field
          Each entry in the Timeevents table represents a separate timeevent, which is processed in the specified sequence.