SAP Function BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CREATE_HDR - Enter Confirmations for Process Order Header

Parameter Reference Type Length Default Optional Text
POST_WRONG_ENTRIES BAPI_CORU_PARAM-INS_ERR C 1 '0' X Key: Insert incorrect confirmation
TESTRUN BAPI_CORU_PARAM-TESTRUN C 1 X Switch to Simulation Session for Write BAPIs

Parameter Reference Type Length Text
RETURN BAPIRET1 u 470 Return Parameters

Parameter Reference Length Optional Text
ATHDRLEVELS BAPI_PI_HDRLEVEL 180 Process Order Confirmation: Header Confirmation
DETAIL_RETURN BAPI_CORU_RETURN 568 X Return Information for APIs
GOODSMOVEMENTS BAPI2017_GM_ITEM_CREATE 1106 X BAPI Communication Structure: Create Material Document Item
LINK_CONF_GOODSMOV BAPI_LINK_CONF_GOODSMOV 12 X Link: Confirmation with goods movements

You can use this method to create order confirmations for theprocess order.
You can also use it to transfer goods movements that should be postedwith a confirmation.
If no goods movements were specified for a confirmation, then the goodsmovements are determined using the standard logic for backflushes andautomatic goods receipt.
Authorization check

The PostWrongEntries parameter controls which confirmations aretransferred into the error pool.
You can correct and re-post the entries of the error pool by using thepost-processing of confirmations.

Value range

  • 0: No confirmations

  • 1: Only incorrect confirmations

  • 2: Incorrect confirmations and confirmations that cannot be processed
  • because of a lock situation.

    0: No confirmations

    The parameter Testrun controls whether the confirmation data isintended for posting or is only checked in test mode.

    Value range

    • X: The confirmation data is checked in text mode.

    • Access is not locked for any objects.
      • Blank: Once the confirmation data has been checked it is designated for
      • posting.
        Lock entries are set for the objects in question.

        Blank: Test mode

        The table Athdrlevels creates confirmations as confirmations forthe order.
        The confirmed order is identified in the field ORDERID.
        Each entry in the AtHdrLevels table represents a separateconfirmation, which is checked and processed in the sequencetransferred.

        The DetailReturn table provides one of the following pieces ofinformation for each confirmation:

        • Successful posting

        • Exception situation (due to incorrect data or current lock situation)

        • For each confirmation transferred in the AtHdrLevels table, anentry is made in the DetailReturn table.
          For a successful posting of a confirmation, the key of the confirmationis made available in the CONF_NO and CONF_CNT fields.
          Otherwise, all the details for the exception situation are madeavailable in the respective fields and the report text is transferred tothe MESSAGE field. In the case of a lock situation, theFLG_LOCKED indicator is set.

          The Goodsmovements table contains goods movements that shouldbe posted independently of the confirmations.
          The following automatic goods movements can be posted together withconfirmations:

          • Backflushes of components

          • Automatic goods receipt postings for the assembly

          • To complete or correct the goods movements, the data can be transferredto the Goodsmovements table.
            Goods movements are assigned to their respective confirmations using theLinkConfGoodsmov table.
            If at least one goods movement is assigned to a confirmation, then noautomatic goods movement is determined during saving.


            When you are posting goods movements using the confirmation, you cannotuse the entire MM functionality. This applies to the confirmation dialogtransactions and also for the confirmation BAPIs.
            The indicator NO_TRANSFER_REQ = X in the Goodsmovementstable is set to prevent a transport requirement being created when thegoods movement is executed. The inventory management structureBAPI2017_GM_ITEM_CREATE is used for transferring the goodsmovements to confirmation BAPIs. However, this contains some fields thatdo not play a part in or are not supported for confirmations forproduction orders. The indicator, therefore, has no effect.

            The LinkConfGoodsmov table assigns a confirmation to each goodsmovement item.
            The assignment is made through the IndexConfirm andIndexGoodsmov: indexes.

            • IndexConfirm refers to the entry in the AtHdrLevels
            • table.
              • IndexGoodsmov refers to the entry in the Goodsmovements
              • table.
                Items that are not assigned to a confirmation are not taken intoconsideration when you save.
                If you want to prevent goods movements from automatically beingassigned, because none have accrued, then you can prevent this with anentry in the LinkConfGoodsmov table, without making an entry inthe Goodsmovements table.
                In this case, the IndexConfirm field must link to theconfirmation concerned and the IndexGoodsmov field must have theinitial value 0.