SAP Transactions

Transaction Text
WWND Output Partner Arrngmt - Setlmt Run
WWNZ Subs.Settlem. SetRun - Allowed Field
WWP1 Online Planning in the Planning WB
WWP2 Settings for Planning Workbench
WWP3 Order Cancelation in Planning WB
WWP4 Load Building in Replenishment WB
WWR1 Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus.
WWR2 Change messages Agency Bus
WWR3 Display messages AgencyBus
WWR4 Message access sequence Agency Busi.
WWR5 Message types, Agency Business
WWR6 Message schema (Agency Business)
WWR9 Message proc. program Agency Busines
WWRA Agen.Bus. messages: Create cond. s.
WWRB Ag. Bus. messages: Change cond. sch.
WWRC Ag. Bus. messages: Display cond. sch
WWRD Output partner, Agency Business
WWRZ Ag. Bus. messages - allowed fields
WWS1 Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement
WWS2 Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement
WWS3 Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement
WWS4 Mssg AccessSeq. Subseq. Settlement
WWS6 Message Schema (Subseq. Settlement)
WWS9 Message Proc. Progr.Subseq.Settlemnt
WWSA Subseq.Settle.: Create Cond. Records
WWSB Subseq.Settle.:Change Cond. Records
WWSC Subseq.Settle.: Display Cond.Records
WWSD Output Partners, Arrangements
WWSZ Subseq. Settle. - Allowed Field
WWT1 Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading
WWT2 Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading
WWT3 Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading
WWT5 Trading Contract Message Types
WWTA Messages Trading: Create CondRecord
WWTB Messages Trading: Change CondRecords
WWTC Messages Trading: Display CondRecs
WWVT Merchandise Distribution
WWY1 Web Transaction Tutorial 1
WWY2 Web Transaction Tutorial 2
WWY3 Web Transaction Tutorial 3
WWY4 Web Transaction Tutorial 4
WWY5 Web Transaction Tutorial 5
WWY6 Web Transaction Tutorial 6
WWY7 Web Transaction Tutorial 7
WWY8 Web Transaction Tutorial 8
WXP0 Retail Planning
WXP01 Retail Planning Current Settings
WXP02 Create/Change Manual Planning
WXP03 Display Manual Planning
WXP04 Create Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP05 Change Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP06 Display Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP07 Maintain Planning Scenario
WXP08 Display Planning Scenario
WXP09 Maintain Links
WXP1 Create Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP10 Display Links
WXP11 Execute Link
WXP12 Change Planning Hierarchy
WXP13 Display Planning Hierarchy
WXP14 Maintain Planning Hierachy Version
WXP15 Display Planning Hierarchy Version
WXP16 Maintain Automatic Planning
WXP17 Display Automatic Planning
WXP18 Execute Automatic Planning
WXP19 PlHierarchy: TransData Auto Setup
WXP2 Enter Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP20 PlHierarchy: Master Data Auto Setup
WXP21 Copy Planning Hierarchy Version
WXP22 Maintain Links
WXP23 Display Links
WXP24 Display Links
WXP25 Maintain Assignment for Add. KeyFigs
WXP26 Display Assignment for Add. KeyFigs
WXP27 Maintain Key Figure Parameters
WXP28 Display Key Figure Parameters
WXP29 Maintain Menu Status/Title
WXP3 Disply Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP30 Display Menu Status/Title
WXP31 Maintain Menu Functions
WXP32 Display Menu Functions
WXP33 Maintain Assignment Periods/Seasons
WXP34 Display Assignment Periods/Seasons
WXP35 Maintain Texts for CharAttributes
WXP36 Display Texts for CharAttributes
WXP37 Delete Planning Hierarchy Versions
WXP38 Change PlStep for Programs/Transact.
WXP39 Maintain Manual Planning Variants
WXP4 Delete Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP40 Display Manual Planning Variants
WXP41 Maintain Formula Groups
WXP42 Display Formula Groups
WXP43 Maintain Assignment Layout/FormulGrp
WXP44 Display Assignment Layout/FormulaGrp
WXP45 Display PlStep for Program/Transact.
WXP46 Execute Program/Transaction
WXP47 Transport Time-Bsed Ditribution Key
WXP48 Transport Planning Layouts
WXP48_OLD Layouts w/o manual planning variants
WXP49 Import Planning Layouts
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