SAP Transactions

Transaction Text
/CEERE/MMAPLT Areas for property tax
/CEERE/MNUCOK Company code settings
/CEERE/MOBCOVYK Mun.,cad.districts, distr.,mun.regul
/CEERE/RIZBUK Company Codes to Dominant Co.Codes
/CEERE/SPRO Property tax: customizing
/CEERE/TBUKRS Dominant Company Codes
/CEM/ACCESS_SEQ_ENT Access sequence for App ENT usage PF
/CEM/APPL_ATTR_CUST Application attributes definition
/CEM/APPL_CUST Process code definition
/CEM/APPL_EXTN Application extension
/CEM/APPL_VC_CUST Process code definition
/CEM/ATTR Entitlements Attrition
/CEM/ATTR_DEF Parameter definition
/CEM/BATCHLOG Background job analysis
/CEM/BPH_NAVIGATION Navigate to Hierarchy tool
/CEM/CEMI Entitlements Inbound duelist
/CEM/CEMI_EXTN Inbound due-list extension
/CEM/CEMI_SNRO Maintain number ranges
/CEM/CEMO Entitlements Outbound duelist
/CEM/CEMO_EXTN Settlement due-list extension
/CEM/CEMO_SNRO Maintain number ranges
/CEM/CENT_APPL Entitlements application attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATRIC Inter-Company Attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATRPD Partner related Appl Attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATRPH Product Attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATRPT Partner related Appl Attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATRRC Recount Attributes
/CEM/CENT_APP_ATTR Core Entitlements : Appl Attr
/CEM/CENT_ARCHIVE_DE Entitlement Archive Delete program
/CEM/CENT_ARCHIVE_RD Entitlement Archive Read program
/CEM/CENT_ARCHIVE_WR Entitlements Archive
/CEM/CENT_BL Maintain Business Logic Profile
/CEM/CENT_BL_DEF Define Business Logic Profile
/CEM/CENT_B_PURP Define BDOC purpose
/CEM/CENT_DD Maintain Data Determination Profile
/CEM/CENT_DD_DEF Define Data Determination Profile
/CEM/CENT_DOC_TYPE Define Document Type
/CEM/CENT_EESCN_ATTB Maintain scenario key attributes
/CEM/CENT_EXEC_CONT Entitlements - Process enhancements
/CEM/CENT_EXEC_DEF Maintain Execution Profile
/CEM/CENT_EXEC_PRF Define Execution Profile
/CEM/CENT_H_EXTN DRP: Header extension
/CEM/CENT_IC_BEH Dept Ent. : Inter-company behaviour
/CEM/CENT_I_EXTN DRP: Item extension
/CEM/CENT_I_STATUS DRP : Maintain Audit Status
/CEM/CENT_LE Define logical event attributes
/CEM/CENT_LE_DEF Define logical event attributes
/CEM/CENT_MAP_DOC Map Document Types
/CEM/CENT_MAP_PART Map Settlement Partner
/CEM/CENT_PART_DEF Define Settlement Partner
/CEM/CENT_PCRC_MAP Assign reason codes to process codes
/CEM/CENT_PRCODE Entitlements process code definition
/CEM/CENT_PRGRM_ATT Define Program Attributes
/CEM/CENT_PRG_LE_S Process code/settlement codes deter.
/CEM/CENT_PRG_MPCND Maintain Ent. conditions mapping
/CEM/CENT_PRG_MPPTR Maintain Ent. partner mapping
/CEM/CENT_PRG_PROCS Process code/settlement codes deter.
/CEM/CENT_PRG_RSCN Process code/settlement codes deter.
/CEM/CENT_PRG_SCN Maintain Scenario key mapping
/CEM/CENT_PRG_SPR Maintain Settlement codes mapping
/CEM/CENT_PR_REL Maintain process code attributes
/CEM/CENT_RESCODE Define Reason Codes
/CEM/CENT_SCN_RID Entitlements: Adjustment codes
/CEM/CENT_SET_COND DRP: Define settlement conditions
/CEM/CENT_SET_MAPCND DRP: Map settlement conditions
/CEM/CENT_SUBPRCODE Entitlements subseq. process code
/CEM/CND_MAN_GRP_ENT Condition maintenance group
/CEM/COM_PRGRM_ATT Define Program Attributes
/CEM/COM_PRGRM_EXEC Define Execution Profile
/CEM/COND_TABLE_ENT condition table for App ENT usage PF
/CEM/COND_TYPE_ENT Condition types for App ENT usage PF
/CEM/CTFC_ENT Maintain Field Catalog for ENT appl.
/CEM/CTLIST_ENT Det. procedure for appl. entitlement
/CEM/C_VIEW_CALL Call maintenance view
/CEM/DEF_CLR_PR_ST Logistics tracking for deferred
/CEM/EE_APP_ATTR Maintain Application Attributes
/CEM/EE_DUELIST Entitlements Duelist
/CEM/EE_LOCK_MONITOR Entitlements lock monitor
/CEM/EE_ORGSORG Sales org. assignment to LE
/CEM/EE_SCN Define Scenario Key
/CEM/EE_TRACE Display entitlements trace
/CEM/EE_TRACK Entitlements Track Option
/CEM/EM_SCENARIO Entitlements Manager scenario
/CEM/ENT Entitlements Maintenance
/CEM/ENTID_SNRO Maintain No.Ranges: Deposit Entitle.
/CEM/ENT_ACD Account determination
/CEM/ENT_ALL_UI To call different UIs
/CEM/ENT_COND_MAINT Condition Maint for Entitlement Prof
/CEM/ENT_CUST Entitlements Management Customizing
/CEM/ENT_CUST_INT Entitlements management customizing
/CEM/ENT_DATE_PRF Entitlements date rule maintenance
/CEM/ENT_DEF Search Deferred Core Entitlements
/CEM/ENT_HI_MAINT Entitlements Hierarchy
/CEM/ENT_JOBS Display entitlement jobs
/CEM/ENT_MASS Entitlements - Mass Maintenance
/CEM/ENT_MNTR Monitor transaction for Core Ent
/CEM/ENT_PRG_ELIG Entitlements program eligibility
/CEM/ENT_PROFILE Entitlement Profile Maintenance
/CEM/ENT_PR_MAINT Process Code for IC Process
/CEM/ERR_SUMM Display Summarization records in err
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