SAP Transactions

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Transaction Text
/BEV1/91000152 '
/BEV1/91000153 '
/BEV1/91000154 '
/BEV1/91000155 '
/BEV1/91000156 #
/BEV1/91000157 #
/BEV1/91000158 '
/BEV1/91000162 Billing Type for Message Type
/BEV1/91000171 '
/BEV1/91000172 '
/BEV1/91000173 '
/BEV1/91000174 '
/BEV1/91000175 '
/BEV1/91000176 '
/BEV1/91000177 '
/BEV1/91000186 IMG
/BEV1/91000188 IMG
/BEV1/91000218 IMG Activity: /BEV1/TSSVARI
/BEV1/BO_MIGERP02 Rebate check report
/BEV1/EM0 Material Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EM1 Form for Material Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EM2 Maintenance of Print Indicator
/BEV1/EM3 Maintenance Empties Material Types
/BEV1/EM4 Maintenance of Empties Materials
/BEV1/EM5 Empties: Assign Item Categories
/BEV1/EMA Empties Balance
/BEV1/EMB Archive Monthly Empties Stock
/BEV1/EMC Reload Monthly Empties Stock
/BEV1/EMD Archive Empties Update
/BEV1/EME Reload Empties Update
/BEV1/EMF Delete Reloaded Empties Records
/BEV1/EMN Empties Update Number Assignment
/BEV1/EMS Empties Evaluation
/BEV1/EM_MIGERP01 Empties Migration
/BEV1/NEMB51 Material Document List (w. Empties)
/BEV1/NE_LISTBALPO Empties Balances in Purchasing
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP01 Migration of Driver Master
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP02 Migration of Loading Units
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP04 Migration of Vehicle Master
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP05 Convert Vehicle Key
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP06 Convert Vehicle Type Key
/BEV1/RP_MIGERP07 Migration of Tour Master
/BEV1/SR0 Enter Sales Returns Analysis
/BEV1/SR1 Display Sales Returns Analysis
/BEV1/SR2 Sales Returns Orders List
/BEV1/TSMA Part Load Lift Orders
/BEV1/VDT685B Assi. of Shipment Message/Bill.Type
/BEV2/91000033 Basic Settings for Excise Duty
/BEV2/91000034 Maintain Tax Types
/BEV2/91000036 Maintain Tax-Dep. Material Groups
/BEV2/91000037 Maintain Tax-Indep. Material Groups
/BEV2/91000038 Maintain Procurement Types f. Schema
/BEV2/91000039 Maintain Procurement Types Schema
/BEV2/91000040 Maintain Additional Issues
/BEV2/91000041 Maintain Title Rows of Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000042 Assign Storage Loc. to Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000043 Maintain payroll units
/BEV2/91000044 Define Tax Warehouse
/BEV2/91000045 Define Actual Shrinkage
/BEV2/91000046 Define Theoretical Shrinkage
/BEV2/91000047 Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Loc
/BEV2/91000048 Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Typ
/BEV2/91000049 Storage Types for Shrinkage Rate
/BEV2/91000050 Def. of Entries to Post Subsequently
/BEV2/91000051 Mvt Cat for Mvt Type + Cost Center
/BEV2/91000052 Special Partner Type per Cust. Group
/BEV2/91000053 Mvmnt Category per Mvmnt Type
/BEV2/91000054 Excise Duty Movement Categories
/BEV2/91000055 Procurement Types per Block Schema
/BEV2/91000056 Procurement Types Block Schema
/BEV2/91000057 Maintain Print Format Items
/BEV2/91000058 Excise Duty Print Formats
/BEV2/91000059 Replace Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000060 Properties of Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000061 Define Stock Ledger Groups
/BEV2/91000062 Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000063 Excise Duty - Print Control
/BEV2/91000064 Excise Duty - Text Modules
/BEV2/91000065 Maintain tax rates
/BEV2/91000066 Excise Duty - Program Control
/BEV2/91000067 ED Form Substitution (SAP Script)
/BEV2/91000068 ED Database Access Optimization
/BEV2/91000069 Exise Duty Error Message
/BEV2/91000070 Excise Duty Report Threshold
/BEV2/91000160 Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000161 Obsolete: Do Not Use
/BEV2/91000185 ED Form Substitution (SmartForms)
/BEV2/91000195 List Types for Archiving
/BEV2/91000196 ED Archiving Parameter
/BEV2/91000198 Define Special Partner Types
/BEV2/91000199 Special Partner Types for GR
/BEV2/91000200 Special Partner Types for Vendors
/BEV2/91000201 Special Partner Types for Cust.Group
/BEV2/91000202 EU: Affiliated Non-EU Countries
/BEV2/CS_EMCS_NO Maintain Number Range: /BEV2/EMCS
/BEV2/CS_REG_CON_CER Certificates for Temporary Consignee
/BEV2/ED IS Beverage: Excise Duty
/BEV2/ED00 IS Beverage Area Menu ED
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