SAP Tables

Table Name Component
WUSL5 Where-Used List: Application Entity Table Controlling
WUSL5A Where-Used List: Exit Modules for the Applications Controlling
WUSL5B Where-Used List: Dependent Tables for Primary Selection Controlling
WUSL6 Where-Used List: Text Tables for the Applications Controlling
WUSL7 Where-Used List: Fields for Database Access Controlling
WUSL8 Where-Used List: Table for Key Reassignments Controlling
WUSL9 Where-Used List: Comparison Fields for Indirect Selection Controlling
WUSL9B Where-Used List: Determination of Field to be Located Controlling
WUSLEXIT Where-used list: Possible exit events Controlling
WVFB DRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FM POS Interface
WVFB2 SRS: received external requirement numbers/phys. inv. nos POS Interface
WWKK Market-Basket Pricing Document: Header Retail Pricing
WWKP Market-Basket Pricing Document: Item Retail Pricing
WWKT Market-Basket Pricing Document: Short Texts Retail Pricing
WWMI Product catalog Product Catalog
WWMIT Prod. catalog texts Product Catalog
WWMV Product catalog variant Product Catalog
WWVT Product catalog variant text Product Catalog
WWWDATA INDX-type table for storing WWW objects WebRFC, Web Reporting
WWWFUNC Release table for function modules in WebReporting WebRFC, Web Reporting
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