SAP Program XPRABD21 - XPRA 'XPRABD21' corrects the TBD21 table

As of Release 3.0D some of the IDOC types are being extended. Thismeans that in some IDOC types additional segments and fields willappear. It is important that these new fields are not sent in messagesthat were reduced before 3.0D became available. Therefore the extendedsegments and fields must be written to the TBD21 table (ALE: IDOCreduction).
The XPRABD21 program is responsible for this.
Data affected: TBD21.
The following sources of errors are possible:

  • The tables do not exist.

  • There is not enough free space left in the database for the TBD21
  • table.
    • There is a problem with the connection to the database.

    • If an error occurs, then deal with the problem and then restart thereport.

      The program can be restarted without any preconditions.