SAP Program WXPRA_BUPA_MIGRATE_SBLOCKS - CRM BP: Migration (SMO)KNVV blocking Reasons in CRM Tables

XPRA report: data transfer of distribution channel-dependent blockingreasons from the consolidated data base (CDB).

The data fields Order Blocking Reason, Delivery Blocking
Reason and Billing Blocking Reason were introduced to CRMBusiness Partner in Release 2.0C.
A status of the general status managment exists for each of thesefields.
In order to fill the fields (KNVV-AUFSD/-LIFSD/-FAKSD), the relevantdata is read from the CDB (table SMOKNVV) and is written into the CRMtable CRMM_BUT_FRG0100.
Therefore remote communication with the R/3 System is not necessary.
The report must be started for every upgrade of CRM to 2.0C or to laterreleases from a release earlier than 2.0C if an R/3 system exists thatis connected with CRM, or if CRM Mobile is being used.
If the system is rebuilt, it is not necessary to carry out the report,since its function lies in the area of the Initial Data Download.
This is a cross-client report.

During data transfer a check is carried out of the values to betransferred, and the Customizing tables CRMC_BUPA_CBBL, CRMC_BUPA_COBL,CRMC_BUPA_CDBL along with their relevant text tables CRMC_BUPA_CBBL_T,CRMC_BUPA_COBL_T and CRMC_BUPA_CDBL_T are completed.
Missing entries are created, and the texts from the corresponding CDBtables SMOTVFST, SMOTVAST and SMOTVLST are filled.


  • There has to be a consistently filled CDB.

  • Logical destinations must be maintained for all CRM clients.

  • For more information on this subject, see SAPNet under the aliasINSTGUIDES in the Setup and Download Guide.


    The standard variant runs with database update, and across all clients.In the case of terminations, the report can be restarted following theXPRA phase.

    The report transfers error messages to the protocol interface of theXPRA monitor.
    In addition, a statistic is issued for the master data records whichhave been processed for each client.
    The completed Customizing entries are also stated.

    If errors occur, you should manually restart the report following theXPRA phase.