SAP Program WVXPRA08 - Transfer of an Entered Document Schema from TWPA to TWRPGP

Transfer of the document schema (field KALVG) entered in Customizingtable TWPA (General Parameters for Retail Control) to the newCustomizing table TWRPGP (General Parameters for Pricing).

This XPRA report has two tasks:
It generates an entry in table TWRPGP
When this entry is created, the report copies a document schema enteredin TWPA, if one is available
Restart Capability and Security
This report can be started safely even after release upgrade. For everyclient checked, the report first checks whether an entry already existsin table TWRPGP (this should be the case following a successful releaseupgrade). If such an entry exists, no further changes are made to thedatabase for these clients. This ensures that parameters entered intables TWPA and TWRPGP are not changed by this XPRA during a later run.This also means, however, that this report can also be restarted iferrors occurred during the release upgrade.